aka ˈæpkəˈdɛfgiˈdʒɛkɫmɪˈnɔpkɚˈstuːvwɪkˈsiːz

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    However, I have already picked District 3 females.

    No, we did so well that this game is the most serious Hunger Games of all Hunger Games.  112 tributes (8 from each district, four males, four females).  The age restriction from this Games onward is now 12 - 24.  You are free to make a tribute, unless it's going to be a District 3 female.

    • Brown, harmless-looking omnivorous kittens.
    • Mirages.
    • Puppies that will rip out your organs.
    • Mice with extremely sharp claws.  They're also poisonous!
    • Nightlock berries that appear as other foods;
    • The same birds from the 50th Hunger Games, but their beaks are sharper and they look more beautiful.

    • Don't cry because someone (or something) has killed you.
    • Don't be a bad sport.
    • Don't touch any mutts.
    • No "perfect" tributes.…

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