• Kelfaless

    A Serious and confusing note.

    Hey, I'm Kelfaless. I had an idea of making this blog by myself. That means don't give me your tributes and expect them to be here. You can, and they will be in the second of my Hunger Games. Please, give me ideas from your experience so that I can be a good user. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!! With that, let the Hunger Games begin!


    Name: Pren Jackson

    Home: Dristrict 12, The Seam.

    Age: 13

    Weapons: She can handle a knife well.

    Personality: Calm, generous, and shy.

    History: She has a father and an older brother, both who work at the coal mines. She has a little sister, and her mom died of illness. She has a few friends and has good grades at school. She has an extra job caring for animals to afford food for the family. w…

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