A Serious and confusing note.

Hey, I'm Kelfaless. I had an idea of making this blog by myself. That means don't give me your tributes and expect them to be here. You can, and they will be in the second of my Hunger Games. Please, give me ideas from your experience so that I can be a good user. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!! With that, let the Hunger


Games begin!


Name: Pren Jackson

Home: Dristrict 12, The Seam.

Age: 13

Weapons: She can handle a knife well.

Personality: Calm, generous, and shy.

History: She has a father and an older brother, both who work at the coal mines. She has a little sister, and her mom died of illness. She has a few friends and has good grades at school. She has an extra job caring for animals to afford food for the family. with school, the job, taking care of her little sister, buying food and taking care of the house, she has little to no free time every day.



Name: Talon Jones

Home: District 12, The Seam

Age: 18

Weapons: He's very strong, and can use a spear and a pickaxe.

Personality: Loud and hard-working.

History: he lives with his mother and father. Lucky for him, he's old enough to work in the mines. He always works hard, and always wants credit for it. Pren is his cousin. He is extremely fit, and has a better chance of winning then other tributes.



Name: Hawk Leon

Home: District 11

Age: 17

Personality: Quick-tempered, modest

Weapons: Mace, swords

History: Hawk is the popular girl in school, however, most people just don't want to be her enemy. She lives with her parents, who work in the feild. She thinks the Hunger Games is just an obstacle that can easily be accomplished.



Name: Racso Tee

Home: District 11

Age: 15

Weapons: sword, whip

Personality: funny, strange and overall creepy.

History: Racso lives with his parents and his brother. He is the class clown at school. With his two best friends, he can be very annoying.



Name: Aiena Console

Home: District 10

Age: 14

Weapons: knives, bow and arrow

Personality: kind, and modest.

History: Aiena lives with her mother and two sisters. Her father left the family when she was 5. She has a lot of friends and a few admirers.



Name: Andy Phillip

Home: District 10

Age: 14

Weapons: spears, swords.

Personality: kind, shy.

History: Andy lives with his mom, brother, and sister. He has a crush on Aiena, but he is too afraid to ask her out. He thinks the Hunger Games will solve his problem, if they can survive the first day. He loves all the little kids and give them toys he once owned.



Name: Linder O'Brien

Home: District 9

Age: 15

Weapons: Amazing at knives.

Personality: quick-tempered, strict.

History: Linder lives with her parents and her brother, Kane, who is also a tribute. Her mother is a chef, and her father is a butcher, so she can cook and use knives well. She is known to be a great leader, and knows a lot about teamwork and respect.

Kane O'brien


Name: Kane O'Brien

Age: 17

Home: District 9

Weapons: Amazing at knives.

Personality: easy going, selfish

History; Kane lives with his parents and sister, Linder, another tribute. His mother is a cook and his father is a butcher. Even though he is a little selfish, he is very respected by lots of people.



Name: Salva Lynns

Home: District 8

Age: 13

Weapons: a sword

Personality: nice, generous

History: Salva lives with her parents. They can't afford school, but Salva is very intelligent. Salva is very honest, friendly, and respectful.



Name: Loro Van

Home: District 8

Age: 12

Weapons: spears and crossbows

Personality: layed back

History: Loro has a few friends, and barely does work. He lives with his brother and parents.



Name: Jackle Natasha

Home: District 7

Age: 18

Weapons: fast runner, axe

Personality: shy

History: she lives with her father. She is very good in the lumber business and makes lots of money.



Name: Seren Tikil

Home: Distict Seven

Age: 15

weapons: sword, axe

Personality: modest.

History: Seren lives with his parents and two older sisters. He takes fencing and works in the lumber business. Unlike Jackle, he is very poor.



Name: Sara Dane

Home: District Six

Age: 12

Weapons: bows and arrows

Personality: generous

History: She lives with her father, and they can barely put food on the table. She has a lot of friends, and always wears a scarf her mother made before she died.



Name: Jaylin Chant

Age: 16

Home: district six

Weapons: sword

Personality: very shy

History: Little is known about Jaylin and his family. most people didn't even know who he was until the reaping.



Name: Tiger Jean

Home: District 5

Age: 16

Weapons: anything with a blade

Personality: ???

History: Rarely seen, Tiger can be very deadly. She has no family, and is very good with weapons.

John Neel


Name: John Neel

Home: District Five

Age: 14

weapons: Hand-to-hand combat, spears.

Personality: peaceful

History: He is the exact opposite of Tiger, with a large family, always peaceful, and never uses weapons. He does, however, know how to fight and is very good at it.

Star F.


Name: Star Flannigan

home: District Four

Age: 18

Weapons: mace, trident, nets

Personality: easy-going, but can pack a punch

History: She lives with her parents, and helps her dad fish. One of her best friends is Armour.



Name: Armour Gran

Home: District Four

Age: 16

Weapons: Axe, trident, sword

Personality: rough

history: Armour lives with his father and helps him fish. One of his best friends is Star.



Name: Sanji Jade

Home: district Three

Age: 15

Weapons: knives

Personality: Sneaky, kind, loving

history: she likes to spy on other people. she makes new inventions just to do that. She has a mother and a sister.



Name: Cal Rose

Home: district Three

Age: 13

Weapons: axe, crossbow

Personality: modest

History: He lives with his father and three brothers. he is a great inventor.



Name: Medusa Clon

Home: District Two

Age: 18

weapons: spear and knife

Personality: adventerous

History: really wants to be a Peacekeeper. She lives with her mother, and her father is a peacekeeper in district twelve. Her father likes Pren and hates Talon.



Name: Snake Bones

Home: District Two

Age: 17

Weapons: you're joking, right?

Personality: Dangerous

History: By far the most deadly tribute, Snake is the head of the thirteen-person-large Career pack. He lives with his father.



Name: Kaylen Ping

Age: 15

Home: District One

Weapons: Mace

personality: generous

History: She lives with her very rich parents. She does give money to other people in her district.



Name: Shine Gold.

Home: District One

weapons: Spears

Personality: Generous

history: Lives with his mother. He is a lot like Kaylen, and they are best friends.


Now, other users can play the role of sponsers in these Games. I makes two different types:

  1. Sponser Games. Here, these tributes are made up by me. You can choose your favorite two or one and give them items they need. There are $2000 per tribute, and any user can be a sponser.
  1. Tribute Games. You give me your tributes and I'll put them on. It's like most Games. If you sponser one of the tributes in this Games (like Sanji), you can have one tribute in the next Games. If you have two, two.

I have made a list of the tributes and who is sponsering them. Like this:


If you only see the tributes name, that means they are open. If you want to sponser that tribute, let me know in the comments page.

Shine-Brony 12

Kaylen-Brony 12

Snake-Earth 12

Medusa-Earth 12


Sanji-Fire Catcher 3




Tiger-Empty box

Jaylin-Fire Catcher 3


Seren-Tiki tooki

Jackle-Tiki tooki









Talon-Kaykay 123

Pren-Empty box


This Hunger Games has the largest group of Careers ever. Here is the list (in order they joined). On Day 4: The Raid, The Careers split into two groups- the Movers and the Stays. The Movers left the original camp and went to the Southern plain. They took on new traditions, such as, "Tribute Hunting" where you search for non-careers one by one. The Stays stayed near the Cornacopia. These Careers kept the tradition of Banner Burning, which is when both tributes of a District die, you burn that District's Banner. The Stays would later evolve into the Careers most know today.

Snake (leader)-Stay













Aiena, Cal and Seren were invited, but refused.

The Chariot Rides

District 1- Kaylen and Shine come on a silver chariot pulled by white stallions. The tributes wave and smile, loving the attention. They look like they are nothing but white. They barely look at each other the entire time.

District 2-Snake and Medusa are dressed in Peacekeeper Uniforms, their chariot being pulled by black horses. They just look ahead, showing no expresion and ignoring the crowd, thinking about who's going to die at the Cornocopia.

District 3- Everybody seems interested in the outfits, that are television screens sewn into the fabric, showing what the Chariot Rides look like on television. Cal and Sanji are waving and holding hands.

District 4-Star and Armour are acting like Cal and Sanji, Armour is fishing into the chariot and is actually catching fish. Star is preparing those on a grill.

District 5- John and Tiger aren't gaining much attention, and neither of them is acting friendly to each other.

District 6-Jaylin and Sara are dressed as medics, holding hands, smiling and waving.

Disttrict 7- Seren and Jackle are cutting litte trees, stoping sometimes to smile or wave. After a while Jackle finds something in Seren's pocket and asks, "What's that?" Seren replies, "It's a tape recorder of the trumpets declaring a Victor. It gives me confidence."

District 8-Loro and Salva look like factory workers, working on sewing machines. Like 7, they stop to wave and smile.

District 9-Kane and Linder are waving, smiling and holding hands.

District 10-the chariot is pulled by horses and cows. Aiena is waving, blowing kisses, etc. and then holds Andy's hand. Andy blushes, and gets embarassed when Rasco laughs.

District 11- There are piles of crops covering the chariot. Hawk is pleasing the crowd, and Racso can't stop laughing at howAndy is reacting with Aiena.

District 12-Talon and Pren are in coal miner outfits, smiling and waving.

Training Scores

























Sponser List





Bow and Arrows: $300 (bow with 12 arrows) and $10 per arrow (not includidg original purchase)

Slingshot-$100 (with 10 bullets) and $5 for every extra bullet

Ax-$300 for a reguular ax, $150 for a hatchet and $600 for a doubeld bladed

Knives-$150 for every knife

Shuriken-$100 each


Crossbow-$300(with 12 arrows) and $50 per arrow (not including original purchase)










Rank 1 medicine (small burns, cuts, bruises, etc.)-$200

Rank 2 medicine (large cuts, large burns, snake bites, etc.)-$400

Rank 3 medicine(extreme burns, very large and infected cuts, stoping blood, etc.)-$800

Sleeping Bag-$250

Air Matress-$300




Fishing Pole-$400


The Arena

The Arena in the shape of an oval, the Cornacopia in the center. There is a small patch of plain surronding the Cornacopia about 20 yards in diameter. Most of the Arena is a forest. There are two more small plain circles- one a 1/4 of a mile south of the Cornacopia and the other 1/4 of a mile north of the Cornacopia. The north one has a small cliff. There are a few caves and rivers in the Arena, too.

The Games

Day 1-The Cornacopia

Everybody has the same thought: well, here it goes. "Let the First Annual Hunger Games begin!" shouts Chris Larsan, the Announcer. Everyone runs toward the Cornacopia. Andy and Racso run to the Cornacopia, and then slide to stop themselves, finding Jackle looking up on them. She already has a sword and a satchel. Jackle then starts chasing the boys around the plain, catching up to them. Seren runs to the Cornacopia and finds very few weapons. 3 knives, a whip, a spear, 2 swords, a bow and 12 arrows, an ax, a mace and a trident. Seren grabs a sword, ignoring the countless supplies, and runs. He is blocked, however, by Armour's large body. Armour tries slshing with his sword, but Seren deflects it. The two start having a duel. Meanwhile, Kane grabs a knife, and runs away. Aiena, Sara and Cal stop by and grab the bow and arrows, sword and ax. they start running toward the woods. Jaylin starts running to the western part of the woods, but grabs a mace while doing so. He spots Kane, and charges. Kane does a backflip to avoid the attack, and Jaylin turns around fast enough to see Kane throw his knife. The knife hits its targets chest, and Jaylin falls to the ground, dead. Jackle is still chasing Andy and Racso, but Racso grabs a whip abd scares Jackle away. Both run into the Eastern woods, and Seren follows. 5 Careers are chasing Cal, Aiena and Sara, when Sara stops. "Go," she says, "I'll hold them off!!!" Aiena can hear Kaylen shout, "Hawk, give me the mace!!" and a beating sound. Cal knows that Sara is dead. Aiena notices that Pren is hiding, and lets her join the little group. Sanji and Salva run into the woods shortly after, and John slowly grabs a spear. Tiger tries to attack him from behind, but he elbows her in the face, breaking her nose. He grabs the spear, starts running and is impaled by the trident Star threw. After an hour, three cannons fire.

That night, while the faces of John, Sara and Jaylin appear in the sky, the Careers celebrate, not knowing that Sanji is watching them.

Day 2: The Banners

Andy wakes up finding Seren leaning on a tree.

"Rise and shine, Andy. Hey, can I ask you a question?" Seren asks.

"Yeah, what?"

"Why are you letting Racso stay in are group? I mean, he laughed at you.

"Yeah well, it was something to laugh about. So-"

Andy shakes Racso awake and points out the giant trail of smoke. It's coming from the Career camp. They agree to check it out when a silver parachute with a large package falls down at Andy's feet. One of his Sponsers gave him a sword. Then, all three head to the camp.

Aiena wakes up to the snapping of a twig. Cal and Pren hear it, too. Somebody else is with them. Before any of them can attack, they are confronted by Salva.

"Hey, I know we're in the Hunger Games, but when I try to join your group, do you really have to shoot an arrow through my throat to see that I'm on your side."

So, in the end, Salva joined Aiena's little group.

When Andy, Racso and Seren got to the camp they looked over the scene. The thirteen Careers were all near a group of banners hanging on sticks that were the size of a full-grown man. 1 of them is on fire, and the other eleven are labeled 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Racso then understands. "Guys, those banners represent the Districts. They're burning down the Six because those tributes are dead."

"They have new gifts," Seren says."Look, Talon and Loro are holding flails. And Medusa and Snake are holding spears. What are we going to do with these guys?"

"We attack," Andy replies. Both Racso and Seren are confused.

"Look, this will be the one chance that they aren't completly armed. We are. Tommorow, we'll do a simple charge while they'll be waking up. The next day, we'll bring them near the tree with the Tracker Jackers. Cut off the branch and boom! It's risky, there are thirteen of them and three of us, but if it suceeds, it would be terrible for the Careers."

The trio decides then that that is there plan.

Day 3: The Charge

Snake wakes up and instantly remembers that he is in the Hunger Games. He shakes Medusa awake, both grab their spears and run out of the tent. The camp had seven tents, eleven banners, tons of food and water, etc. Snake walks into Tiger's tent.

"Hey, Snake, I think the medicine is really working."

"Great to know your nose is all better."

When Snake and Tiger walk out of the tent, Medusa has already awoken Kaylen and Shine. Kaylen and Tiger talk a while more Careers are waking up.

Atop a hill, a whisper could be heard by only Racso and his ally, Seren.


Seren and Racso's other partner, Andy, pull out their swords and run down the hill. Racso takes out his whip and joins them. The Career Pack never saw it coming, butthey acted like they did. They deflected the trios swings, stabs and lashes. Kaylen runs at Andy, mace in hand. I don't think so. This is in Racso's mind when he jumps on Kaylen's back, wraps his whip around her neck, and yanks as hard as he can. A quick snap! And a cannon fires.

"Kaylen!!" Shine shouts. But it's no use: Kaylen's dead.

As the trio runs into the woods, igonring the, "Freaks!!" And the "Cowards!! Come back and get what's coming for you!!!", they are out of breath.

"Well, that went better then I thought. Thanks for saving me, Racso." Andy says later.

"No problem."

That night, as Kaylen's face appears in the sky, Shine talks to Hawk in private.

"Hawk, that brat Racso deserves something for killing my girlfriend. You knew him best, so could you do the big job for me?"

"Shine, all you had to do was ask." Hawk replies, sliding her hand across the mace handle and grinning evily.

Day 4: The Raid

Aiena, Pren, Cal and Salva open Pren's new gift and find a sword. Everybody is happy when suddenly- Boom!! Boom!! Two cannons fire. The group wonders what had happened for a few minutes when Boom!! They decide to let the sky answer.

Seren woke Andy and Racso up for the attack. Okay, I like it, the other non-careers like it, the Capitol likes it, might as well.

With such a pathetic Cornacopia and nothing on Day Two, Andy thought, the Capitol must love the Raid. That's why the Sponsers gave us the two shields, three shurikens, sleeping bag, medicine, tent and double axe.

When everybody was prepared, the trio charged into the camp. Every member of the Career Pack were waiting for them. Racso lashes Loro and injures him. But Loro just runs to Seren and nearly kills both of them with his flail. Talon, Armour and Snake join in.

Linder runs towards Andy, but he kicks her in the face and knocks her out. Kane gets inraged and attacks Andy along with Tiger and Jackle.

Racso Is having trouble with Medusa and Star. He then uses his whip to tie them up together. He bonks their heads with his shield, and both pass out. Then, Racso spots Shine.

Seren can barely keep up with what's going on. Talon knocked himself out, and now Seren is fighting Snake. Seren lunges at Snake, who trips over Medusa and Star. Snake passes out, and Seren hears Armour ask, "Ready for round two?"

Andy throws Kane to the ground and steps on his face for a while. Kane, like others, Kane passes out.

Racso has problems. With nothing but a shield. he's barely hanging on.

Andy takes out Tiger in a few minutes, then gets cahsed by Jackle.

Seren, fighting Armour, finally disarms him. "Your good, but not good enough. You'll never beat someone who does it out of choice." He then kicks Armour in the chest and knocks him out. He sees Loro behind him.

Andy jumps into the Tracker Jacker Tree to get away from Jackle. he digs out the axe. He throws his sword to Racso.

Seren dogdes the flail, and cuts Loro in the chest. A giant wound digs into Loro's skin, and Loro screams iin pain.

Racso finally knocks out Shine, and waves to Andy. He doesn't notice Hawk is right behind him until it's too late.

Hawk grabs the front of his shirt and pins him to the tree. She swings her mace, and Racso knows it's not the stun type.

"Do it now!!" he shouts to Andy. Hawk hits him in the face, crushing his skull, and a cannon fires.

"RACSO!!" Andy shouts, his eyes getting teary, and he cut of the branch. Jackle screams and runs away. So do Seren and Andy. The Tracker Jackers ignore the passed out Careers and Racso's corpse. They go directly to Hawk and Loro.

Hawk screams, but that gets muffeled by the hundreds of Tracker Jackers on her face. Pretty soon, a cannon fires.

Tracker Jackers only go to one place for Loro: the wound on his chest. He cries in agony. He lays down, tortured, for 5 minutes until a cannon fires.

The two surviving non-careers make it to the woods just after Loro's cannon. Andy collects the sleeping bag and tent.

"Should we really take all his stuff?" asks Seren.

Andy replies, "It's the Hunger Games. Do you think the Careers will do the same with Hawk and Loro? Let's find Aiena. she probably has some more allies. We could team up."

That night, while the faces appear, Andy and Seren prepare to leave, when they meet Sanji.

"Hey," she says. "Sorry about Racso. But something else happened."

"What?" Andy and Seren ask at the same time.

"I'll tell you if you let me join the team."

They look at each other, and nod.

"The Careers split in two. Shine and the tributes from 2 and 4 stayed. The tributes from 9, Tiger, Jackle and Talon left. They split when they were burning the 11 banner."

Then, silence.

Day 5: The Split

It had been 4 hours of hiking, and yet Andy woudn't rest. Sanji, along with nearly everyone else, knew Andy liked Aiena, but not this much.

Ever since Sanji told Andy and his friend, Seren, about the Careers spliting in two, Andy wanted to find Aiena. It was taking forever.

2 hours later, Aiena, Pren, Cal, amd Salva were in an offensive stance when Andy came through the bushes.

"Hey, I know we're in the Hunger Games, but when I try to join your group, do you really need to shoot an arrow through my throat to see that I'm on your side?"

"I'm really getting tired of thet," Pren says.

Aiena gives her a glare and hugs Andy. Salva starts laughing at how red Andy's cheeks get when she says, "Hey, Seren."


Then Cal gets a surprised look on his face.

"Sanji? I thought you were working alone."

Sanji explains why she joined them, telling the four people from Aiena's group about the Banners, the Tracker Jackers, the Charge and Racso's death.

"I'm so sorry, you guys," Aiena tells Andy and Seren. "I knew how good friends you were with them."

"You don't understand."

"I should probably tell you about Sara."

Meanwhile, the remaining ten Careers are fighting each other.

The raid drew Talon, Jackle, Tiger and the O'Briens off the edge.Now they were fighting Star.

Star throws Kane into a tree, punches Tiger in the nose, and creeps Jackle out with her stings. Linder throws her knife, but Star catches it and throws it back at Linder. A cut in her arm, Linder falls to the ground. She prepares for her death when a gray, round blur comes out of nowhere and Star disappears. Linder looks up at Talon, holding Loro's flail, as Star's cannon fires.

That night, the seven non-careers are happy to have survived till the top 2/3.

"Sixteen of us left. We still have a chance." Aiena says.

Day 6: the Plan

Andy and Aiena are waiting for Sanji to give her idea.

The two, both leaders of a small group, decided to split leadership. If Andy was to be killed, Seren would take his place. For Aiena, Cal..

Sanji finally explained to them. "I looked at the history of the cameras I hacked while Day 2 was unrolling. It appears that the Movers went to the Southern Plain. One problem: the supplies. Not one animal has ever gone to a Circle, so how do they get the supplies without leaving, which they haven't. I think we should do another Raid to find out their food source. Plus, we can take a few down. Since Andy and Seren are the Careers, Movers and Stays, targets, I, Aiena, Cal, Salva and Pren will go. Can I do it."

Aiena and Andy nod in approval.

"Salva will take the Seren's sword, and I'll let Sanji use Racso's whip. Will do it tommorow.

what a quick day, Aiena thinks. No deaths, and it's already sunset. But tommorow will be a big day.

Day 7: The Second Raid

Kane, Linder, Talon, Tiger and Hawk were eating dinner when the voice came out.

"On the count of three: one, two."

Salva, Aiena, Pren, Sanji and Cal all run to the Careers. The fighting broke out. After a few minutes, the conflict was going intense. Jackle couldn't see Cal, who was walking into one of the tents.

Cal saw a giant bug. He knew it was a bug, but it looked like it walked and acted like a man. Enough to feed 5 people for 3 days.

"What... the..."

"Well, I've struck gold."

cal looks behind him to find Medusa.

Salva, currently fighting Talon, looks at Pren, who smiles at her.

"Wow, this is easy."

Then, a blur in purple, Jackle comes out of nowhere and Pren falls to the ground, a giant cut in her stomach, and a cannon fires.

"Pren!!!!!!" Talon and Salva both shout. Salva bursts into tears, her best friend in the arena, now dead.

"Stay focused!" Aiena shouts.

"That's not necessary," Sanji replies. "Cal found the scource. Retreat!!!"

While everybody runs, Salva says a little good-bye to Pren. Talon starts chasing Jackle, but falls to the ground from Medusa's knife.

"I'll do you a favor. Have Snake kill Jackle. 'Kay?"

The cannon gives her the answer.

Day 8: The Mutts

That morning, Sanji, Cal and Aiena give Andy and Seren the entire story, from Medusa killing Talon, who just before went to kill his own ally. They told them about the bug-man mutt and, lastly, Pren.

"so that's it," Andy says. "There are only 14 of us left, andit's been a week. Pretty slow."

"Yeah, and supplies are running very low." Aiena pitches in. "We have a peice of meat and some dried fruit."

"GET DOWNN!!!!!!!" Seren shouts. Aiena, Sanji and Cal duck while Seren slashes his sword. it falls to the ground. It's a grey monkey, with wide green eyes. There are spikes on its back, and its fingers are blades. Another mutt.

Cal breaks the scilence. "We could eat that."

Day 9: Contact

Aiena wakes up with a scream, and then a cannon.

"Who's that?"

"Only one girl can scream that high," Seren answers. "According to what you said, Jackle killed Pren. Well, Pren was avenged.

"You don't mean that Jackle's dead, do you?" Salva asks, and Seren nods.

"I'm really sorry," Cal says calmly to Seren.

"Seren hates Jackle for joining the Careers. She betrayed him, then her friends, then more of her friends. She should have died two days ago, with Talon and pren." Andy says.

"this leaves us, Snake, Medusa, who prbably killed Jackle, tiger, Linder, Armour, Kane, amd Shine. With them against each other, we should go hunting."

Day 10: The Hunt

Snake, asleep, had a good dream. About Jackle's death.

Medusa had asked me to kill somebody from the Movers. A girl named Jackle. For good reasons.

One: Jackle was one of us. Then, she agreed with her friend, Tiger, to move. Better yet, she leads the Movers. Even ordered them to kill Star.

Two: Her Distict Parner happens to be Seren. Except for Aiena, Seren is any Career's biggest threat. He refused to join the Careers, like Aiena and Cal did, and joined two other brats, Andy and some other kid who was killed by Hawk. Seren seems to have a rivalry with Armour, and wins every time. He was also one of the people who set up the First Raid.

Three: Medusa's dad had a liking for a tribute in these Games, Pren. Pren was killed by Jackle.

So, Snake went out to find Jackle, which was easy.

Linder and Kane charged at Snake, not knowing of how powerful he is. Linder threw a knife at Snake, who caught it in midair. He threw it to the ground.

Snake pulls out his spear and hits Tiger with the butt. He throws the spear at Linder, whose clothes get stuck to a tree. Kane steps back, Bad choice, Snake thinks. He picks up the knife with his shoe, does a flip, and the knife comes scraping through Kane's hip, knocking him out.

Jackle tries to run, but Snake jumps on her. He pulls out a knife, puts it on her mouth, and...

"Snake, get up."

Snake awakes, saying, "What?"

"Shine went to get some food. We forgot about the twelve banner." Aiena woke up, remembering the hunt.

"Guys, get up!!!"

Everybody woke up, wondering what was going on.

"OK, so, it's day ten, 11 of us are dead, and we're the largest group. We need to hunt. Cal and Seren, you're one team, Sanji and Salva, the other. Andy and I will stay here."

Everyone grabs their weapons and leave.

"Aiena, why can't I join them?"

"Because you're the one person that I know best. You're going to be with me when I run away."


Sanji and Salva are running through the woods at an incredible pace. Half a dozen monkeys are after them.

"Oh, how the **** are we going to get out of this?" Salva asks.

"I have no idea!!!" Sanji says back.

Cal and Seren are moving slower.

"What if Sanji's in danger?" Cal asks himself.

"Oh, come on," Seren replies. "Sanji is 2 years older than you. She can handle it. After all, sh-"

"What?" Cal asks, stopping.

They both turn around to find Shine behind them. Shine smiles, and throws a knife. It nearly misses Cal's head, who runs into the woods. Seren tries to run away too, but Shine stops him.

"The Careers kicked me out, want to join an alliance?"

Seren thinks for a moment. "Sure, come on, I need to ask Aiena,"

Sanji and Salva are still running when they hit something. They look up, and find one of the giant man-bugs. It grabs Salva, screams, and 3 more come to take Sanji.

Cal runs in, and gets a small glimpse at what is going on.

"Help!" Sanji screams before the man-bugs carry her away.

"Sanjiii!" Cal shouts, but it's to late. I need to save her, Cal thinks, I need to save her and Salva or... or... or they're dead.

Seren and Shine finally come to where the camp is, and find it empty.

"Aiena!!! Andy!!!" Seren shouts. After a pause, he says,"I can't believe it. My friends, they aren't. They left us for dead."

Later, Andy and Aiena sit near a pond, and Aiena gives Andy a berry.

"Salva found some of these just before Racso killed Kaylen."

Andy bites into one and says, "It's delicous."

The anthem plays, and everyone calls it a night.

Day 11: Betrayals

Andy wakes up in his sleeping bag to find Aiena standing over him.


Andy scratches his head. "You know, I was wondering: why are we running away from the others."

"Because Seren was planning to kill us."

"OK, funny."

"Why do you think he agreed to be with you in the first place.He wanted to hang out with the strongest person who wasn't a threat.


"So, why did the Careers ditch you?" Seren asks a mile away.

"I don't know. Armour just started chasing me," Shine says.

After a few hours of nothing, Seren and Shine start talking about sports, when they hear russeling. Both pull their swords out, and find Caal pouncing on Shine.

"What are you doing?" Seren asks.

"Saving you." Cal replies.

"But he is on OUR side."

"Our side? Are you insane? What about Racso?"

"Hawk was the one who did it. Plus, we need him now that Andy and Aiena left."

Cal laughs.

Tribute placing.

The tributes will be in order of placing. If you see the tributes name, that means they're dead. If you see their District and gender (Like Shine is 1M) that means they are still alive. the third column is the tributes kills.

24 Jaylin none


22 John none
21 Kaylen Sara
20 Racso Kaylen
19 Hawk Racso
18 Loro none
17 Star John
16 Pren none
15 Talon Star
14 Jackle Pren
13 Cal none
12 Shine Cal
11 Salva none
10 Sanji none
9 Armour Sanji
8 Kane Jaylin
7 Medusa Talon
6 Seren Armour
5 Linder Medusa
4 Aiena Linder
3 Tiger none
2 Snake Jackle, Kane, Seren, Aiena, Tiger
1 Andy Hawk, Loro, Snake

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