Four years ago, De'Nada Dreader fell to her death, leaving a single winner of The Eleventh Annual Hunger Games, Rhea Dust from District Twelve. Rhea discovered the plot and is now working on her own plot, a plot to take down the man who killed her friend, These are The Fifteenth Annual Hunger Games!

Each person gets the male and female tributes from Two or fewer districts. Thirteen recently fell back in line over the four years since last so the capitol reaps their children now. The Capitol must submit two children every quell. You can reserve a district but reservations last 1 day. I'll try to update as much as possible (unless I'm gone). I will do Reapings, Training Scores, and lastly The Games The games will be done in a point of view style, I saw ghost point of views and I will not do those. I will do the best I can, I am an okay writer but if need be excuse my grammar.

Twist - President Leven, had decided to add one added twist every five years, to keep the districts more in line. The twist of this year is, no alliances until the second gong rings. You must kill or try to kill anyone. The phrase in the envelope that signifies these reads as, "Because friendship and bonds are such a powerful thing, no tribute may make alliances, if they do they will be killed by a forced hand!"

In the comments for the tributes leave:

Name, Age, Gender, District, Skills, Weapons, Strategy, Weaknesses, Token and History.

Prologue POV: Rhea Dust, D12

I sit in the victors village, its lonely here, I have A girl who doesn't like to leave home and Peeta Mellark to talk too, though he will be dead by old age soon, and can barely talk as it is. His daughter visits him often, and it has been nice to meet her, but she says after his wife Katniss Mellark died he hasn't been the same, and neither has her brother. She knows soon enough he will pas and she will have to move, I have offered many times for her to live with me, My family decided to stay away from the village, but I wanted to move, so its been lonely. She doesn't want to live with me, or at least doesn't want the hospitality. I move to thinking about De'Nada, how could they, I think. I sit on a swing placed in the back yard of my home, "I want the presidents head," I say quietly.


  • Grey Wolf (TC)
  • Cindy Regar (TC)
  • Sensation Powers (D1)
  • Minea Creama (D1)
  • Gregory Krylov (D2)
  • Anna Krylov (D2)
  • Radion Plonmot (D3)
  • Gigaa Lokler (D3)
  • David Sea (D4)
  • Lily Waters (D4)
  • Ash Green (D5)
  • Torrent Wave (D5)
  • James Howlett (D6)
  • Liza Sunwing (D6)
  • Jeff Redwood (D7)
  • Jenny Grove (D7)
  • Coaco Cream (D8)
  • Vanilla Cream (D8)
  • Bulgar Millet (D9)
  • Kasha Farro (D9)
  • Jake Tucker (D10)
  • Molly Brechin (D10)
  • Fall Sky (D11)
  • Holly Honey (D11)
  • Max Thomas (D12)
  • Kitty Thomas (D12)
  • Shadow Titan (D13)
  • Lucky Love (D13)
District Male Female Creator
The Capitol Grey Wolf (16) Cindy Regar (16) Nate777
District One Sensation Powers (17) Minea Creama (17) Brony10
District Two Gregory Krylov (12) Anna Krylov (12) Brony12
District Three Radion Plonmot (16) Gigaa Lokler (16) TotalDramaRox97
District Four David Sea (15) Lily Waters (12) Prezziesnow9704:)!
District Five Ash Green (18) Torrent Wave (17) Anon....
District Six James Howlett (17) Liza Sunwing (15) StormyNight01
District Seven Jeff Redwood (13) Jenny Grove (15) Nate777
District Eight Cocoa Cream (17) Vanilla Cream (14) Jabberjay78
District Nine Bulgar Millet (17) Kasha Farro (13) Necterine411
District Ten Jake Tucker (17) Molly Brechin (16) Firecatcher3
District Eleven Fall Sky (17) Holly Honey (13) Moviepopcorn123
District Twelve Max Thomas (16) Kitty Thomas (14) Fantasyfilm99
District Thirteen Shadow Titan (17) Lucky Love (16) Jabberjay78

Importanish Non-Tributes

  • Rhea Dust - District Twelve - Victor of The Eleventh Hunger Games/Mentor
  • President Leven - Ruthless President of Panem
  • Caio Franklin - District Thirteen - Mentor/Past Victor
  • Abbi Thread - District Thriteen - Mentor/Past Victor
  • Emmet Vanderwolf - Distrcit Twelve Escort
  • Lion Coy - District Eleven - Mentor/Past Victor
  • Alice Coy (nee Wonder) - District Eleven - Mentor/Past Victor
  • Virgina Pona - Ditrict Ten Escort
  • Rhett Zekrom - District Seven - Mentor/Past Victor
  • Rosemary Milligan - District Seven - Mentor/Past Victor
  • Robin Miller - District Six - Mentor/Past Victor
  • Ashes Mackay - District Five - Mentor/Past Victor
  • The Mysterious Woman - District Five - Mentor/Past Victor
  • 'Mudkip' - Distrcit Four Escort
  • Artimis Trout - District Four - Mentor/Past Victor
  • Ron Williams - District Three - Mentor/Past Victor
  • Tessa Roberts - District Three - Mentor/Past Victor
  • Fiona Trinket - District Three Escort

The Arena


The arena is rounded with a mountain in the middle. Around the mountain is wasteland, you can see for miles. The mountain however seems to have its peaks chopped off so the top is flat with a dense forest on the flat. In the centre of the forest is the cornucopia. The tributes start in the middle of the forest. At the edge of the wasteland is small weapons and survival kits for those who are willing to venture out, there are also tents and food at the edge. The water surrounding the arena is one hundred percent drinkable. There is one breed of mutt, it is known as the tribute mutt, it is designed to look like the tribute and is designed to search for its human counterpart. It is vicous and is bear like.

The Uniform

All tributes are wearing navy plaid shorts, a black belt, a black t-shirt, a beanie, and a gray hoodie, with a neon green and black pair of skateboarding shoes.


Part One

28. Lily Waters: Committed suicide before the gong rang (Day 1)

27. Minea Cream: Decapitated by Anna Krylov (Day 1)

26. Torrent Wave: Stabbed in the back by Cindy Regar (Day 1)

25. Jake Tucker: Knife to the heart by Cindy Regar (Day 1)

24. Gigaa Lokler: Arrow to the throat by Gregory Krylov (Day 1)

23. Max Thomas: Mauled by Grey Wolf (Day 1)

22. Grey Wolf: Stabbed in the back by Vanilla Cream (Day 1)

21. Holly Honey: Mauled by the Tribute Mutt (Day 1)

20. Vanilla Cream: Electrocuted by GameMakers (Day 2)

19. Shadow Titan: Stabbed in the stomach by Bulgar Millet (Day 2)

18-1: Waiting for the second gong...


Authors Note - All of my personal Tributes will be victors, exept De'Nada Dreader of five who will be a mysterios woman. Also Rhea Dust victor of my last games will be a victor.


District Thirteen

A large man and a petite woman, victors of past games came up on stage, thier names were Caio Franklin and Abbi Thread. The new District Thirteen escort, a plain looking woman with yellow and orange curls came up on stage and said in a raspy voice. "Hello District Thirteen!" She smiled briefly and looked at two galss bowls, without wasting time she skiped over to the girls name bowl and pulled a small sheet of paper out, she walked back over to the podium and said in a less raspy voice, "Lucky Love!" A girl with pink hair walked on stage, Caio Franklin sighed, She ran over to Abbi and gave her a hug and walked to her place on stage. The woman had already drawn the males name and said, over the speaker, "Shadow Titan!" A boy with greenish hair poking out of a beanie walked up on stage, he looked at the crowd all forced to be here and sighed, he and Lucky walked to center stage and shook hands.

District Twelve

Three victors take thier places, Rhea Dust the most prominent victor in many years, Char Siminth a lonley boy who never went to the victors villiage, and Isabella Reshiram a girl who keeps to herself. Emmet Vanderwolf, a man who has mutton chops and is tall comes on stage he gives a breif hello to the victors and walks on stage, he tells a joke about how he has been hoping for a better district for years, though most people know he has stayed at District Twelve for a reason. He walks to the girls bowl and walks back he says the name prominently, "Kitty Thomas." the girl gasps, and walks on stage. Emmet walks to the male bowl, he pulls a slip and walks to the podium, "Oh god," he says under his breath in a frantic tone, "Max Thomas." Kitty looks at her brother hobble onto the stage Emmet walks over to Kitty and says low so no one can hear, "This was rigged or something, I am so sorry." He takes a seat and the sibilings shake hands.

District Eleven

Two victors take seats, a young woman named Alice Coy (nee Wonder) who won at twelve who has matured into a beautiful woman and a man Lion Coy sits and puts his arm around the woman, his wife, at least some victors can recover from thier torment. A paunchy man with rasberry colerd hair and a thick rasberry mustache walks on stage, "Hello, you know, this is my best district ever, you know why." He says in a happy go lucky tone, "The fresh fruit!" he chuckles happily and some of the people in the crowd laugh but most just continue thier hate in thier heads. He walks and picks a name from the female bowl and returns to a glass podium, "Holly Honey!" A yound girl who is as cute as a button walks up on stage, the crowd yells in anger. "Are thier any volunteers?" the escort asks, the crowd shouts out and Holly pipes in, "Stay, not for me will you die." He walks to grab a male name and walks back, "Fall Sky," the escort says, with a hint of annoyance in his voice. Fall, a tall man walks on stage and sighs, he puts his hand out to Holly and she extends hers, and they shake hands.

District Ten

Two of the past victors walk on stage, Chuck Goodman who has since become one of the main farmers despite being rich now. And the there was Anna Marie Rouge a young girl who had lost her arm in the games and was now just a blithering insane now. A skinny frail woman walked on stage holding a cane in her hand, her name was Virginia Pona and she had been District Tens escort for years, Virginia as she took her place reached in a glass ball that had been placed right next to the podium for her ease. She read aloud in a kindly voice "Molly Brechin!" The girl walked up on stage with a kindly smile and stood next to the old woman. The woman reached into another bowl and pulled a name, "Jake Tucker!" Molly gasped, Jake walked on stage head held high with a straight face, him and Molly shook hand, Molly could barely hold back the tears.

District Nine

Two victors take the stage, Cane Favero a crazed man pre games and after, and Kitty Woodlock, a beauty who is rather shy. A dark skinned man with purple curls walks and all of District Nine goes quiet, "Hi there," he says in a low voice. He struts over to the girls bowls pulls two slips and puts one back, he returns to the podium and says the girls name loudly, " Kasha Farro!" a girl walks up avoiding eye contact with many people, she is tearing up and people know it. The escort walks over and grabs a boys name, he returns and says "Logan W-" but is cut off by a boy yelling, "I volunteer!" most of the crowd gasps. Bulgar Millet a Capitol hating one, walks on stage head held high, smiling. He shakes hand with Kasha who was composed herself and the crowd claps.

District Eight

People gather in the square ready for yet another reaping, the two past victors are already sitting, Levi Cohan an orange haired man with a frown on his face, and Emma Frost, decorated in her usual white attire. A shaky man with red hair and a thick beard walks on stage he grabs a females name without an introduction and stutters his way through her name, "Van-ill-ill-a Cre-Cre-am!" he says and a tough looking girl walks up she is prepared for these games and people know it. The shaky man walks back to the podium he says in his monotone, "Co-coa-coa Cre-Cre-am!" The girls brother walks onto the stage shaking, "Oh god no," he says lowly and he shakes hands with the sister he loves who hates him.

District Seven

The victors take the stage Rhett Zekrom and Rosemary Milligan, both are great people but were overshadowed by more popular things however, Rosemary is being forced to go to the Capitol for call girl duties, little to others knowledge. A gruff man takes the stage people know him as the 'Lumberjack' he is very friendly and people like him despite his job as an district escort. He without skipping a beat has two slips of paper one a girls name one a boys name, he looks out and sighs as he reads off the name, "Jeff Redwood!" the male from the District came up and the 'Lumberjack' patted him on the back. "Jenny Grove," she sighed as she took the stage, and 'The Lumberjack' gave her a firm hug. "Now shake hands with this young man," the escort said the two walked to center stage and shook hands.

District Six

The two victors step out of a car and walk to the stage, Robin Miller a young woman who the capitol treated like a doll every year when she arrived for mentoring. And Sebastian Vire a boy, a recent victor. A young man with gold skin walks onto the stage, "So lets get down to buisness," He quickly pulls two names and walks back, "Liza Sunwing and James Howlett," he calls the two walk on stage he motions for them to shake hands, and the girl, Liza says in a thick russian accent, "Nice to meet you James."

District Five

The victors walk on stage, a man Ashes Mackay a man who burned down everything around him to win. Then there was a mysterious woman with a cloak over her head and hair over her eye, few people knew who she was. A young woman with blonde hair and strangley normal looking for a girl so far up the distrcit ladder, then around her flicked a a cat like tail. She walk to the female bowl reached into it and pulled a name right off the top, "Torrent Wave," she said in a purr. She walked to the boy bowl after Torennt had reached the stage, "Ash Green," she said still purring. A man walked on stage he looked at the audience and sighed.

District Four

The past victors walked on stage, Artimis Trout a non-career who won with his likeable personality and deadly skills, and Navy Cray a shy girl who won her games the year before Rhea. A man with blue make-up and an orange Mohawk took the stage, "I am new, call me 'Mudkip'," he said and smiled briefly. He walked over to the girls bowl and pulled a name, he returned to the podium, "Lily Waters?" a small girl walked onto the stage, "How old are you?" 'Mudkip' asked. "Twelve," she said. He walked to the boys bowl he pulled a name, "David," he looked back at the paper, "Sea." The boy came up and 'Mudkip' asked for volunteers and none raised their hands, he looked at Lily, "Shake hands I guess."

District Three

Two victors walked on stage followed chubby mayor, the male victor had a thick beard and speckticles, with blonde hair, his name was Ron Williams. The female victor, Ron's fiance was named Tessa Roberts. The escort had a pink wig and spoke in a peppy voice, she was young most likely new, "Hello District Three, I am Fiona Trinket, I was the District Four escort." She walked over to the female bowl stuck her hand way into the jar and pulled a name, she returned to the podium, "Gigaa Lokler," a girl took the stage and smiled briefly. "Radion Plonmot," she said, already back from the bowl with boys names. The boy walked up, and without being asked shook Gigaa's hand.

District Two

I walk up the steps to my home, its cold in the air, "Anna, its time," I call. Me and my sister walk to the town square, she is silent during the walk as usual. I am guded into a back section for twelve year olds, as is Anna. I watch as the two victors Chisel Jaws, a bulky man who used brute force to win, and Suko Yoshida an annoyance if there ever was one, she won her games with out even killing, sad. I watch as our district escort, a pasty faced man with a ever increasing sized balded spot, why he just didn't get it fixed is a mystery, he reaches the podium and says a few words, I see him walking to a bowl, I nudge my sister and she knows, we throw our hands into the air, and I yell for the both of us, "We volunteer!" We hear scoffing and laughing, we make our way to the stage shake hands and are headed out in a matter of minutes.

District One

I slide out of my bed I walk to the mirror and flex, "Still looking sensational." I smile and throw on a button up dress shirt and tie a red satin tie. I walk down the stairs and enjoy a great meal of steak and eggs, I get a sick feeling in my gut, I shrug it off as excitement for the reapings. I step out the door into the cool air, its nearing winter. I walk ten or so steps ahead of my family, I reach the square, I watch Minea Creama the most beautiful girl on earth step into the seventeen year old section, I follow but I am the last boy to get in and Minea is already surrounded by boys who she just giggles with. I watch the victors Draco Petra and Silk Vendetta take the stage, my mentors, thought were so many more victors Draco and Silk were picked as mentors till death. I hear Minea name called I look at her flagging away boys. I then here my name, the escort a skinny altered woman smiles as I reach the stage. I slip my hand into Minea's handshake, "Let's get this started!"

The Capitol

The air is cold today, winter is coming, I scamper up the steps to my home on Avenue Eight, I run to my room, under the bed I see them, two knifes, I used those to kill them, I smile. I shove the knives back under the bed and get dressed in my usual attire, I am out of the house before my family, I catch boys gazes as I walk I wink and blow kisses. I reach the Training Center square and stand in my designated section, I look around almost no adults, of course all sleeping in as their children get picked for death, or the sweet victory of winning. I see our glorious president walk on the stage he is thin, tall, and has a wicked goatee. Goatees are for winners beards are for the good guys. He opens an envelope with preselected names, for his ease of course. "Cindy Regar," I smile and walk on stage the president eyes me, he gives a quiet seductive purr, I smile and give a louder purr right back, I have them all around my finger, but then again the president is a womanizer. "Grey Wolf" is the next name he calls a boy walking on four legs until he reaches the steps to two legs walks on stage, he scares me. The president waves me to shake hands, I do and Grey's nails dig into my flesh, I smile right before the blood escapes my hand. The victors Talon Worldly and Luna Lovegood drag us apart, Talon takes Grey off to get cleaned, and I head for the infirmary with Luna.

Training Scores

District Male Female Male Score Female Score
The Capitol Grey Wolf Cindy Regar 12 12
District One Sensation Powers Minea Creama 10 9
District Two Grigory Krylov Anna Krylov 9 9
District Three Radion Plonmot Gigaa Lokler 8 5
District Four David Sea Lily Waters 7 6
District Five Ash Green Torrent Wave 8 5
District Six James Howlett Liza Sunwing 7 9
District Seven Jeff Redwood Jenny Grove 5 7
District Eight Cocoa Cream Vanilla Cream 5 10
District Nine Bulgar Millet Kasha Farro 15 6
District Ten Jake Tucker Molly Brechin 8 6
District Eleven Fall Sky Holly Honey 7 4
District Twelve Max Thomas Kitty Thomas 3 8
District Thirteen Shadow Titan (17) Lucky Love (16) 9 6

Reasons - Bulgar, he went off on a rant about how The Capitol was terrible, threw some weapons at the gamemakers and said that he would love if the president died, so fifteen, he will be lucky to not suddenly combust before entering the arena.

Max - after being led into the room he just went and continued his knot tying practice he had worked on all of day one, then went on to work on knife throwing, which he had gotten semi good at, the gamemakers approved of his effort giving him a three instead of a predicted one.

Cindy and Grey - The Capitol loves the Capitol, instant twelves.

The Games

Part One: The Solo Run

POV: Ash Green (D5)

I stand on a plate and Chuck Templesmith yells out to the viewers and the tributes, "Let the Fifteenth Hunger Games Begin!" I looks to my left to see Lily from four shaking, she looks around her, she looks panicked and scared, before the gong can ring out she steps forward letting an explosion loose. I am splattered with blood and body parts, I am stunned and the gong rings out, I take a second and without thinking I grab a bottle and am off and out of the forest running for my life.

POV: Liza Sunwing (D6)

I look to my right to see the girl from fours body parts flying into the air, I think a moment, I hear the gong I sprint twenty yards and grab a sleeping bag and jerky and I am running before I can get hit with weapons. I run through the forest and only stop to take a quick breath. This is going to be a long games, I slide down the mountain just trying to get away. Before long I am down and out I see another tribute at the top of the mountain, I continue running.

POV: Torrent Wave (D5)

I am in the midst of fighting, and right in front of me I see Minea cream get beheaded by a career, what's her name oh right its Anna from one, Minea was a career to so its no surprise she was murdered with the quell in place. I grab a small book bag and I am sprinting away, "Yes, only twenty-six to go," I feel a huge jagged pain in my leg, a knife is in my leg, I fall to the ground. "Twenty-five sweety," Cindy Regar says and she takes a knife and and stabs it into my back.

POV: Molly Brechin (D10)

I feel a collar around my neck, I will put off looking at it until later, I look and see Cindy twenty feet from me pulling a knife from Torrent's back. "Oh ****," I say. Cindy gives me a dead stare and sprints for me, I look around me, I am frozen. "Die Molly!" Cindy yells. I step backwards and am pushed down by Jake, I am back up on my feet and I see Cindy twist her knife in Jakes chest, "Jake!" I run right before the tears start to enter my eyes.

POV: Sensation Powers (D1)

Well there went my love, I sigh, looking at a dead Minea. I look around me The Careers who still are killing separately will come back to the cornucopia, and until that second gong we will be killing out own, I grab a two sheathed katanas and hook them on my belt, I grab a backpack and throw a jacket, a sleeping bag, and a gallon jug in my bag and I am headed off, but before I can get out of the cornucopia clear Gigaa from three pounces on me, I am panicked, she takes a knife and raises it, She suddenly fall on me, dead. I see an arrow in her neck I see Gregory from two with a bow which he casually tosses to the side. Me and him bonded in training, no surprise he would save my life, but then again what about the quell. I see him chuckle, I push the dead girl off me and look at him. "If anyone is gonna kill you its me, He grabs a mace from the ground and charges, I laugh as I run for my life.

POV: Cocoa Cream (D8)

I see my sister holding a knife running after the boy from twelve, he is slow and before she can get him Grey Wolf does, he pounces and the boy from twelve looks to be dead, but not before Grey can chew at his flesh, I look at Vanilla she smiles, and stabs Grey in the back, Grey fall onto the dead boy, dead. How could she kill like that, she is my sister, my innocent harmless sister, I see her eye me she laughs and throws her knife at me, It misses and lodges into a tree, I grab it and run, my sister is a career, and she wants to murder me.

POV: Holly Honey (D11)

I am out of the cornucopia, most people are, all but the careers still murdering each other and going their separate ways. I broke my arm getting out of their, sadly I will have to deal with it, "Hello!" I call, I pull a knife from my belt, attract other tributes, right. I see a shuffle in the bushes I stay still from it emerges myself, but bear like, the thing has claws and a snout with viscous looking teeth, It snarls and runs for me, it chomps down on my throat before I can scream.

POV: Jeff Redwood (D7)

Still alive and well, I think. I hear the cannons sound, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. Eight dead, twenty of us are left, I sigh. I continue walking on my way, I got out of the cornucopia unscathed and with two hatchets. I walk until I come up on a cliff, it is a plumit of fifty feet, I look out all I see is white ground, and water, sweet water. I run to a place where I can safely descend, and I begin my strategy to win.

POV: Vanilla Cream (D8)

"Well this sucks," I say to myself, I am the only 'career' left at the cornucopia, I scared 'em all off. But the part that sucks is Cocoa knows I want him dead. I root around in the Cornucopia, I find some matches, a pot, and some canned stew and am cooking and eating in an hour. The day still has a few hours left, I wonder if anyone else is going to die, and hopefully Cocoa will be dead at my hand. I eat and wait, as the hours pass it begins to get dark, the day of killing is over, yet I feel as if the games are yet to begin. I let out an evil laugh.

POV: Kitty Thomas (D12)

My brother is dead, I look to the sky and I see the seal of Panem flash out of the sky, The dead are Grey Wolf, Minea Creama, Gigaa Lokler, Lily Waters, Torrent Wave, Jake Tucker, Holly Honey, and of course my dead brother Max. I sit high in a tree looking down at Cocoa, he has no idea I am here, and I plan to keep it that way. I climb quitly higher in the tree, I make a bed and go to sleep, Tommorow will be even tougher.

End of Day One.

Hate vs Love

POV: Cocoa Cream (D8)

Betrayed, thats what I feel, she is my sister, I love her, yet she threw that knife with the intention of killing me. I look up into the sky, the day is new, the sun is rising yet I feel terrible, I feel like I was rammed with a bus no two buses. I hold the knife stained with Grey Wolf's blood, she killed a boy out of fun, I hear a ruffle of leaves and behind me I see Vanilla, "Hey Sis," I say and I stand still holding my knife, "Hey Bro," she says mockingly. She jumps on me she is holding an axe, "Vanilla, I loved you, my only sister," I say and she hold her axe high in the air, "and I hated you!" she swings down, but she misses me.

POV: Vanilla Cream (D8)

Oh god, I think looking at my axe flung into a tree, "I trusted you," Cocoa says. "I Still Hate You, However, you seem to avoid death easily, you could be usefull," I say. "What are you saying?" Cocoa takes a step back, "Ally?" but as soon as the word escapes my mouth i start to sieze up, electricity fills my body, my ears start to bleed Cocoa says something I can't hear, he stands still, "Help me you idiot," I lose me vision, "Help Me!" I say as I feel my voice die out. I feel pain, unbearable pain, then just like that I die.

POV: Kitty Thomas (D12)

The cannon sounds, I look down at the scene Vanilla electrocuted by gamemakers, but how? I grab a collar around my neck, I see. Cocoa says what I believe to be his final goodbyes, and he grabs her backpack and goes. I climb down, I examine her dead body, feeling static whervver I touch, I find two knives and jerky. I pull the Axe from the tree and head in the opposite dirrection of Cocoa.

POV: Bulgar Millet (D9)

I am tired, I hold back panting just for the sake of staying quiet. I walk along the cliffs, I hold a knife I retrieved from the cornucopia in my hand ready to strike. "I need that second gong," I hear someone say from the trees, "Hey!" Shadow Titan descends from the tree, "Hello, Bulgar," he says. I take a step back, he pulls a sword from a sheath, "Hows your day been?" he asks. "Good, yours?" I return. "Just dandy," he strikes, he misses me by an inch, and I return the attack with a blow to the stomach. Shadow falls, not dead but hurt badly, "Sorry my friend, I wished to be your ally after the second gong," I say sadness in my voice. "Strange same here," Shadow gets out, he grits his teeth, "Take my sword, I no longer need it," he says. I unclip the sheath and grab the sword, "Thank you," he smiles and closes his eyes. The cannon sounds, I have just killed a great young man.

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