• Peeta and Katniss 4eva! XOXOXO
  • I'm the fireball of the party.-Lyrics from Fireball by Willow Smith
  • Rue and Katniss <3
  • She says I do! :)
  • The odds are not in anyone's favor.
  • That got them both out of the arena.
  • That's hard...considering you were never in the Hunger Games, reader!
  • I am the girl on fire.-Katniss
  • They just wanted to go home. :(
  • True.
  • Peeta and Katniss all the way.
  • These are some characters from Catching Fire.

Cathing Fire would be rated a 9.9 out of 10 for me. It was the best book i've read since Hunger Games. It is a little bit better than Hunger games. As for Mockingjay, I haven't read it, so how the heck would I know. Summary: Kaniss and Peeta are done with the arena....or so they think. Katniss and Peeta go on tours to each District and suprising things happen to them. In District 11, the people do the sign of peace, and once Katniss and Peeta leave the stage, they hear guns going off. People in the crowd are getting shot. When Katniss finally is at home, bad things start developing. The mockingjay is a sign of rebellion, Gale gets whipped for bringing in illegal hunted turkey, Katniss finds out that District 8 is having a rebellion, and the scariest of all....Katniss and Peeta have to go back in the arena for the Quarter Quell! Since Katniss got lots of help in the 74th Annual Hunger Games, Peeta will be getting lots of help in the Quarter Quell. They find out how Haymitch won, met legendary Finnick and more others, and get ready to fight to the death with their alliances. There are no winners in the Quarter Quell, so who will get out of the arena and who won't? (Back to reality) So if you haven't read Catching Fire, I suggest you start reading it now, even if you haven't read the Hunger games. Enjoy!

Posted by: Khami Auerbach

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