This is my First Games, but I named it the 42nd. Leave a Tribute name, age, and District Suggestion in the Comments, and I'll pick 24 of my favorite. After the names and Training Scores are released, The Arena will be released to the public, followed by the Games. May the Odds be Ever in your Favor!


(M):Nathan Powers Age 18, District 1

(F):Sparkle Green Age 16, District 1

(M):Bryce Ocelot Age 17, District 2

(F):Ivy Curldem Age 15, District 2

(M):Johnny Linder Age 17, District 4

(F):Alyssa Campbell Age 14, District 4

(M):Kyler Quist Age 16, District 5

(F):Peppa Rannoch Age 14, District 5

(M):Mhoss Fleete Age 16, District 6

(F):Topaz Cytonn Age 14, District 6

(M):Aydan Monarcha Age 12, District 7

(F):Keyllu Vetra Age 15, District 7

(M): Austin Hoffmin Age 16, District 10

(F): Jade Hoffmin Age 14, District 10

(M): Sage Redfern Age 14, District 11

(F): Everly Cleff Age 17, District 11

(M):Rowan Oarak Age 16, District 12

(F):Zoey Gerifson Age 18, District 12

6 more Tributes will be here soon, along with the training scores!


A large island that contains the Cornucopia, surrounded by 12 smaller islands that each have something that may or may not help a tribute survive.

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