Kiki White

aka Kayleigh Ann

  • I live in District 11
  • My occupation is Feild worker, Tribute, Victor, Hunter
  • I am Female
  • Kiki White

    You can find me on another wiki though!

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  • Kiki White

    100th Hunger Games: Movie

    December 15, 2012 by Kiki White

    My friend and I decided to do a movie. These will be diffrent ages from 10 to 18 can go in. One person from each district. We need tribute names and info. Please help!

    Name District Age Gender Main Weapon Best At
    John Jewels 1 11 male sword nothing
    Jac StoneWell 2 13 male heavy rocks strength
    David Eectricity 3 12 male hand to hand combat knife. climbing and fast runner
    Tiona Payton 4 17 Female sword killing, hunting, and cooking people
    Izzy Fox 5 12 female spear killing.
    Jay Trans 6 11 male Knife running away in scardum



    7 13 femle knife  being wimp, being dumb
    Sel Fabrica 8 14 female needles sewing patchwork
    Alex Wheatly 9 14 female none being  wimp.
    Haylie Reynelos 10 13 female none stealth
    Ann Mellark 11 10 Female knife, camouflauge, …

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  • Kiki White

    2nd EVER Hunger Games

    November 5, 2012 by Kiki White
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  • Kiki White

    1st EVER Hunger Games

    October 29, 2012 by Kiki White

    • TAKEN tributes
    • D9 stylists
    • D4 and 9 mentors, escorts, and interviewers

    District + Gender Name [First + Last] Age [12 - 18] Weapon [s]
    1 M! Noah Everest 13 Smarts, Knives, and Throwing Axes
    1 F! Chloe Madison 14 Hand to Hand Combat, Bow and Arrows, Throwing Axes
    2 M! Drake Mordan 15 Sword and Axe
    2 F! Jackie Devilin 16 Bow and Arrows, Blowgun, Decent with Throwing Knives
    3 M&  Onyx Blight 18  Knife, Teeth, Brick
    3 F& Shelby Light 17 Whip, Stick with Stone on Top, Axe
    4 M! Smick Odair 18 Trident, Net, Throwing Knives, and spear
    4 F! Diamond Pearl 17  Knife and Axe
    5 M#  Raven Mockingjay  16 Scythe, Throwing Knives, Mace
    5 F#  Venus Mockingjay 15 Anything Throwable, Bow and Arrows, Teeth
    6 M Morolith Dmintry 16 Mallet, Hammer, Kopis
    6 F$ Winter Graceful 18…

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