My friend and I decided to do a movie. These will be diffrent ages from 10 to 18 can go in. One person from each district. We need tribute names and info. Please help!


Name District Age Gender Main Weapon Best At
John Jewels 1 11 male sword nothing
Jac StoneWell 2 13 male heavy rocks strength
David Eectricity 3 12 male hand to hand combat knife. climbing and fast runner
Tiona Payton 4 17 Female sword killing, hunting, and cooking people
Izzy Fox 5 12 female spear killing.
Jay Trans 6 11 male Knife running away in scardum



7 13 femle knife  being wimp, being dumb
Sel Fabrica 8 14 female needles sewing patchwork
Alex Wheatly 9 14 female none being  wimp.
Haylie Reynelos 10 13 female none stealth
Ann Mellark 11 10 Female knife, camouflauge, and spear agility, hiding, and plants
Katniss Mellark 12 14 Female bow and arrows , knife. agility, fighting, stealth , and climbing.

Tribute Weaknesses

Name District Weaknesses
John Jewels 1  allergic to tracker jackers
Jack StoneWell 2 not having people intimidated by him
David Electricity 3 fire
Tiona Payton 4 alliances
Izzy Fox 5 running (has asma)
Jay Trans 6 running
Hykeekee Duhamo 7

anybody who doesnt wear make up.

Sel Fabrica 8 careers
Alex Wheatly 9 careers
Haylie Reynelos 10 allergic to copper
Ann Mellark 11 mutts
Katniss Mellark 12 tracker jackers

Tribute Appearences

John Jewels 1
Jack StoneWell 2
David Electricity 3
Tiona Payton 4
Izzy Fox 5
Jay Trans 6
Hykeekee Duhamo 7
Sel Fabrica 8
Alex Wheatly 9
Haylie Reynelos 10
Ann Mellark 11
Katniss Mellark 12

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