Amount of each thing you can do...

  • TAKEN tributes
  • D9 stylists
  • D4 and 9 mentors, escorts, and interviewers

Introducing the FIRST ever Hunger Games Tributes

District + Gender Name [First + Last] Age [12 - 18] Weapon [s]
1 M! Noah Everest 13 Smarts, Knives, and Throwing Axes
1 F! Chloe Madison 14 Hand to Hand Combat, Bow and Arrows, Throwing Axes
2 M! Drake Mordan 15 Sword and Axe
2 F! Jackie Devilin 16 Bow and Arrows, Blowgun, Decent with Throwing Knives
3 M&  Onyx Blight 18  Knife, Teeth, Brick
3 F& Shelby Light 17 Whip, Stick with Stone on Top, Axe
4 M! Smick Odair 18 Trident, Net, Throwing Knives, and spear
4 F! Diamond Pearl 17  Knife and Axe
5 M#  Raven Mockingjay  16 Scythe, Throwing Knives, Mace
5 F#  Venus Mockingjay 15 Anything Throwable, Bow and Arrows, Teeth
6 M Morolith Dmintry 16 Mallet, Hammer, Kopis
6 F$ Winter Graceful 18 Axe and Throwing Knives
7 M  Lucas Hyek 17  Sickle, Throwing Sword, Mace, and Axe
7 F# Amber Shelly 15 Axe, Bow and Arrows
8 M! John Madrick 17 Machete and Club
8 F% Ashley Birdfil 14 Axe
9 M% Tyler Clifton  16 Knife and Bow
9 F$ Avril Winter 14 Knife and Wire
10 M  Tyson Ashwood 17 Knive and Trident (Pitchfork)
10 F%  Ava Beggs 17 Bow and Arrows, Spear
11 M  Ruck Davis 17 Sword and Spear
11 F$  Fye Underbrush 13 Knives and Plants
12 M$  Mason Everwood 18  Spear, Bow, and Traps

12 F$

Annleigh White 12 Bow and Arrows and Knives
  • No one has trained since these are the first ever and they didn't see it coming
  • The most powerful districts are 1, 2, and 4
  • The weakest districts are 3, 11, and 12
  • Every Tribute is sorta scared to fight to the death since these are the First Ever Hunger Games
  • Tributes are all sorta weak from the war, but that doesn't mean that Careers like 1, 2, and 4 are weak like most hey are still strong, but not as strong as they were before the war
  • alliances are by symbol


For Tributes...

Name [first + last]-

District + Gender-

Age [12 - 18]-

Weapon [s]-

Strength [s]-

Weakness [es]-


For Stylists...


District that she/he works for-

Interview M-

Interview F-

Chariot M-

Chariot F-

For Mentor, Escort, and Interviewers... *You have to make all three

Name [for each]-

District [same for each]-

Age [for each, has to range from 20-90]-

Stadegy For Tributes [only for mentor and escort, they can have diffrent stadegies]-

What they will make people or want people to think of the tribute during Interview [only interviewer]-

Indroducing the tributes clothing for the FIRST ever Hunger Games

Stylist Name District Working For Male Interview Female Interview Male Chariot Ride Female Chariot Ride
Andrew Shaw 1 black tux with studded gems and gold tie black dress studded with gems and gold tie Gold drenchcoat with gems down the side gold dress with gems around the bottom
Eldido Greenfire 2 black suit, gray tie red and gray dress flowing cloak, gold flames sewn on back same as male
Clio Leo 3 pink suit, leather jacket, black gloves, and 3 rings on hand a pink dress, leather jacket and gloves with metal geary suit, spiked hair, silver ash, glass rings geary tutu, gold fish nets wrapped around her, hair in high ponytail, bracelets on hands and arms
Saphia Cobalt 4 azure blue tux, gold tie, black shoes aquamarine dress, gold heels, hair straightened blue fishnet wrapped around the body, gold and silver stars on net  blue fishnet wrapped around body, silver and gold stars in hair, hair is curled
Aurelia Cantalope 5 pear shaped bright pink costume same as male  grey trousers, matt black shirt, silver tie, cord belt, silver blazer short pink strapless dress, little mirror fragments in it
Beth Lakewood 6 Dark green suit and brown shoes peach colored mini dress and headband, on top has an apple dark brown suit, black shoes dark green tutu, gold headband, hair in bun
Alpha Hunt 7 all brown shirt that has 7's seal on it in black, jeans, brown ear peircings all brown dress with 7's seal in black, denim leggings, brown necklaces, hair in bun skin tone morph suits with sawdust sprinkled on them that doesn't cover the head skin tone morph suit that doesn't cover the head that is covered in sawdust
Lacey Fabrick 8 purple suit, blue shoes, mohawk puffy blue-purple dress, fishtail braid big puffy top, diffrent fabrics, cotton gloves, purple leather shoes  puffy blue-purple-green dress, hair straightened, pink shoes
Lucy Jay 10 Bottom top, ripped jeans, and spiked hair Bottom top, jeans, cow girl hat White tux with all black shoes White and gold top, short jeans, boots, and hat
 Ying He 11 blue shirt with brown pants and shoes indigo dress that looks like the bottom was ripped off with yellow shoes overalls, shirtless, shoeless plaid dress, shoeless, hair in 2 braids
Huie White 12 Red tux, black shoes and tie Pink dress with black shoes and jewelary, hair in curls Black mining outfit that has the cuffs blown off and pants are ripped, shoeless Black dress that has holes and ripps through out it, dusty gold flats, hair in high bun

Indroducing the mentors, interviewers, and Escorts

District Working For Mentor Name Mentor's Stadegy Escort Name Escort's Stadegy Interviewer Name Interviewer's Making it look like..
1 Daniel Johnson (36) Be tough and unforgiving to tributes Christina Hathgate (29) Be kind and supportive to tributes Bart Beckworth (39) Be carimistic and kind to both tributes
2 Trever Benson (20) be harsh, never give tributes a break until they have memorized every defense maneuver Juliana Benson (21) be nice and kind unlike her brother Adriana Mental (27) don't be mean, but keep tributes on their toes
3  Groge Loke (60) Don't tell them anything, he doesn't care Gracie Grace (33) Make them lovable. Make the girl look pretty and the boy look strong Techa Cable (20) Make jokes and the usual things
5 Elfirendo Mockingjay (31) Grab a bag and weapon then run, kill everyone so you can win Jinxy Joker (89) Make the capitol love the tributes and make the tributes so evil that they will kill anything in their way Assla Assault (29)

M- He is very vulnerable and will take down anything in his path

F- weak, not hurtful at all, stupid, and dumb

6 Crooper Green (40) Make the tributes know the basics Lady Blue (33) Make the Capitol fall in love with 6 Leto Hero (53)

M-make him look tough

F-make her laugh and smile

7 Jack Tree (21) don't go to bloodbath, use plants and food around them Linda Tree (20) make tributes look ready Oak Filler (22) make fun of them in a funny way
10 Mink Bell (30) Make them strong and make them look strong Kelly Q (22) Make them act like the capitol to get sponsers Ajax Pan (44)

M-make the capitol love his strength and make it look like he loves them

F-make her feel at home and comfortable

11 Quimby Olives (41) Give them many sponser gifts and teach them well for the games Ige Blue (81) They are all great tributes but she must make hers the best Outbeater Unger (34)

M-humorous and likes to mess around

F-tough, rude, bloodthirsty

12  Willy Higgins (72) Let them die in the bloodbath but if they make it out then he will give gifts Effie Trinkett (20) Make the tributes look lovely and shine Fee Lee (24)

 M-The tribute is too protective and is too weak to say it

F-The tribute is stupid, weak, dumb, usless

Reapings [1 - 12]

D1's Noah's POV

I grab my best clothes and throw them on. I look at my shattered mirror and race out the door. Since the war everybody has been shaken. Even though we are the 2nd best district around people are scared for the games. I sure am not. I hope Chloe makes the best disision about not volenteering. She is probably the thing I love most and I am not giving her up to a game where kids fight to the death. Chloe is in her white dress with frilly pink laces today and I can't help but stare. "Hey you! Nice clothes, you know that you could have picked up luxury clothes last night?" she says smiling her way through the day. "Yeah I just had to get enough sleep to be prepared for volenteering you know?" I answer. She frowns and I know that there is something wrong. "What?" I ask. "It's just I was going to volenteer and only one comes out you know?" she says glumly. She hasn't frowned since the bombs blew up her house a week ago.

D1's Chloe's POV

I act natural as I pull into the square. The people called peacekeepers are pricking children's fingers and finding out their name. When the man grabs my hand I try to slow down the shaking. "What is wrong dear?" he asks in a rude tone. A female peacekeeper walks up behind him and takes his spot. She than grabs by wrist, jabs it with a needle, and I soon feel the shaking go away. "Thanks." I say to the lady who is pricking my finger. She nods her head and goes to the next kid. I watch Noah walk to his section and notice that he wasn't kidding. He is going to volenteer with me. Our escort walks on with our mentor who looks rather dizzy and plays a video about the war. After it is all done she talks about what happens in the games and things. "Chloe Madison! Come up dear you are our female tribute!" she calls as she reads off of a tiny slip of paper. I look at Noah's frusrated face and decide to blow him a kiss. "Karl...." our escort begins to say when she is interupted. "I volenteer!" I watch our mentor clap and say "What a great female you are!" "I am Noah Everest your male tribute from 1!" he shouts. He shakes hands with me and we then hop on the train.

D2's Jackie's POV

I dress in my blood red dress because I want to scare people off during the reaping. I know that I can win, I mean really how hard is it to kill kids? Drake walks in and says "I am volenteering. Are you?" I think about or at least I am acting like I am. "Yeah. Now go away!" I say as I do my hair. When I look outside I see him walking towards the reaping. He stares at Regina Ree and I suddenly feel jealous even though I know that he never will cheat. "Leaving now!" I call to people who don't exist. I run to catch up with him and suddenly I am tripped. I fall in the mud and my dress is ripped. I scream in pain and I know that I feel nothing. My hair is crusty and dry now and I absolutely hate it! "What happened to you?" Drake asks giggling. "It is not funny! I will kill you in that arena!" I yell. I soon notice that I shouldn't have said that because peacekeepers are now dragging me to the station where you prick your finger. They say that I am the female tribute due to harrasment. I laugh and think that now I actually can kill him in the arena.

D2's Drake's POV

I watch Jackie walk on stage smiling. I shake my head and notice that the escort is coming out with our mentor who looks wierd in a bright blue hat. Our escort plays a video and then tells us some boring rules. "We already have our female tribute! So on to males!" our mentor says cheerfully. "Drake Mordan please come up here." our escort says. I know that I wasn't reaped because I wrote a letter to the capitol saying that I volenteered. I walk up and look at Jackie's bloodthirsty appearence. She obviously wasn't hurt by the war like most here in the districts. Wow, this was a boring reaping. I shake hands with Jackie and I think she might really want to kill me. We hop on the train and begin to eat the fancy food that has been set for us.

D3's Onyx's POV

D3's Shelby's POV

D4's Diamond's POV

D4's Smick's POV

D5's Raven's POV

D5's Venus's POV

D6's Winter's POV

D6's Morolith's POV

D7's Lucas's POV

D7's Amber's POV

D8's Ashely's POV

I notice that my family expects me to volenteer because I was joking around about it last night. I run out the door in my pajamas out to the reaping. My friend stops me half way there. "Hey!" I scream. She whispers in my ear, "Your clothes." I suddenly loose her thought while she gawks at John Madrick. I roll my eyes like I don't care, but inside I am doing what every girl does. I reach the reapings and then I get what she meant. I was wearing my pajamas.

D8's John's POV

I smile as I watch a video about people coming out of the Dark Days.

D9's Tyler's POV

D9's Avril's POV

D10's Ava's POV

D10's Tyson's POV

D11's Ruck's POV

D11's Fye's POV

D12's Annleigh's POV

I wake up to see that my parents still haven't returned from the war that ended a week ago. I know that they aren't coming back I just imagine that they are still there. The Capitol defeated me by distroying them and my brother who was in battle as well. They made it where I took terrasse to be able to eat. My pink dress is stained with blood, dust, and mud from the war, but it sorta looks good on a girl who fought herself out of a war without family. I grab my knife from the table and wrap it in a tiny blue pouch. I remember my brother saying that if a Capitol gaurd comes near me that I have to kill him with this knife, but he didn't expect to have left me forever. I hate the Capitol and as I look around at the sad and scared faces of District 12 I hate them even more. Not only did they take my family's life, but many others. A boy who is most likely 18 is walking down the street scaring off others 12ers. He eyes me like I am just like the others. He starts walking again and I start to hate him. HE THINKS THAT I AM JUST LIKE THE OTHERS!!! I hate people like that. A four year old walks up to me and asks me if I have food. "No, I don't have food now go back to your parents.", I answer. She begins to pout and and I know that she didn't buy it. I keep moving when peacekeepers push me to the ground. I scream and notice the boy who thinks I am weak is laughing at me.

D12's Mason's POV

I laugh at a twelve year old who I can tell is weak. She shoves the peacekeepers to the ground and runs at me with a knife. "You think I am weak, don't you?" she technicaly is screaming at me. "Yeah everybody does!" I answer rudely. She shoves me and I sorta feel hurt when I notice a girl with wavy blonde hair and seam eyes that look just right. People look at me like I am crazy because turns out that is 20 year old woman with pink everything. Gross. I walk to my section and notice that people are crying. I laugh at the wimps that are around me. I turn to see Snob with her arms crossed. Effie Trinkett (yes that is her name) walks on leterally dragging Willy Higgins on stage. She tells us rules, shows us a video, then says "Ladies first!" I watch the girls carefully sizing them up, finding out who should go in with me. "Annleigh White!" I notice a strong girl walk on stage then I notice that it is Snob or in real life Annleigh! She glares at me from the stage when I shout "I volenteer!" I walk up stage, tell her my name, then shake hands with Annleigh. She squeezes my hand tight. I notice that my hand is stinging in pain. I give a yelp then I hear people weep even more. WOW! I blew it for myself. We get on the train and I soon notice Annleigh off to the side shivering in fear.

Chariot Rides