• Kiki and Emma

    Summer Camp - Users

    January 3, 2014 by Kiki and Emma

    Okay, so this is about a summer camp. You all got sent here for being bad teens. Secretly, two of you are killers. Those two campers, the killers, pick off one person to kill every night until the rest of you figure out who it is. Everytime someone gets killed the campers need to comment who they think did it, the person with the majority of the votes will get killed. We will let you know when you guys get out one or both of the killers. You can't ask to be a killer, Emma and I will choose. There are 36 (we will add more if needed) (NO MORE) campers in all, 4 counselors, 1 for each cabin. We will also be choosing the counselors. 



    Each cabin is kind of like a clique. You DO NOT get to choose which one you're in but we will try our be…

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  • Kiki and Emma

    Hey this Emma and Kiki here. This is the first Annual wikian awards games. This is not like the prom it's very different.

    • Okay there will be twelve categories, and there will be a first, second, and third place winner.
    • The setting will be spring break in Miama and the place with be a big ass hotel.
    • In the games you guys will be in alliances, We will be choosing them, but you MAY tell us who you'd prefer to be with. We probably won't listen to you, but you can still try c:
    • You may be with somebody you hate or like don't complain or you will ruin in for your partner.
    • The alliances will be arranged in different names and colors.
    • We will be in the games, but we won't win.

    Catagories 3rd place 2nd place WINNER
    Sassiest user Wes Caylin Dani
    Best writer  Nick K…

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  • Kiki and Emma

    Heyy Emma and kiki here for everyone who was offended by the blog i am going to give you all warm fuzzies to make your day even better and i will put people on even if you're not on the blog that Joan's brother posted. Emma wrote a-j and Kiki wrote k-z (aside from ourselves, we wrote each other's.)Let us know if you want both of us to write something about you

    You're the best fangirl of this wikia i love how you talk about les mis, Aaron tviet and firefly and other stuff you fangirl about. 

    You are wonderful. You are not boring i know you want chat too be civil but your a really awesome person on chat and you're always welcoming everyone. You're just a perfect person to be a role model. 

    Alice..Alice.. Your really fun and you're an amazing me…

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