Heyy Emma and kiki here for everyone who was offended by the blog i am going to give you all warm fuzzies to make your day even better and i will put people on even if you're not on the blog that Joan's brother posted. Emma wrote a-j and Kiki wrote k-z (aside from ourselves, we wrote each other's.)Let us know if you want both of us to write something about you


You're the best fangirl of this wikia i love how you talk about les mis, Aaron tviet and firefly and other stuff you fangirl about. 


You are wonderful. You are not boring i know you want chat too be civil but your a really awesome person on chat and you're always welcoming everyone. You're just a perfect person to be a role model. 


Alice..Alice.. Your really fun and you're an amazing mermaid. Thats all i have too say oh wait you are also really funny and nice too users i don't know what to do when your not on this wikia. 


You are funny i am glad that you joined we wouldn't know what to do if you did not join and you are one of the best users here. 


You are fabulous idc if you left but your just famazing and smart i hope you come back soon bby .


Caylin <3 you are sassy in a very good way. You're funny and  a amazing person too pm with. When new users get to know you better you turn out to be a famazing friend.


Colin.. Colin.. you awesome potatoe king you better get yo ass on chat k. Your amazing and potatoey.


I know you have rough times and think that people do hate you but you are one of the most smartest users here you deserve the most respect here Connor.


i don't know you well enough i see that you're a fun user and that your friends with a lot of people. One day i hope you become a chat mod or even...a admin someday i know that you would be a good chat mod.


I miss you. Your sooo weird but in a awesome user i still remember Wee-Snawww XD i wish you came on more and so do a lot of people </3


Callam is perfect and funny, he has amazing hair and he's a first class twerker.


Dani.... Even though your stubborn ily as a good friend. You don't look like a frog k you're one of the prettiest people here don't listen what people think there unless if there saying something nice about you. I know youre a wonderful user here. Kiki: Dani bby<333333 you are my best friend here and ily so much, our pms>>>><3 we have had so many good times and you're gorgeous k so sh, your attitude is so funny like omfg XD you're just perf.


You're the best wikia son i ever had. You are a star child even though sometimes i have to whip you if you're being a bad boy.


When you first came here i thought you were rude...when the days passed you changed my mind you're fun to talk to and kinda nice even though you laughed at me a lot at the weakest link but inside i am still laughing about how horrible i did in the challenges lol.


Erlend you perv. You're one of the perviest people here but you make chat fun to way too much. You make awesome games and you nice too newer users even if you creep them out. 


Emma...goodness girly, you are the best secret lova a girl could have! You're so amazing and funny. But you're also sweet, caring, and compassionate. You're too gorgeous, like share some plz. ilysm<33


Omg gruff i cant belive i forgot you. Your just so gruffy and awesome ily. Your funny and a great friend.


I don't know you very well but idc i think as you a interesting user to be around...


I know you're not here but idgaf you are a great user and a fun and musical person we wish you were still here we miss you Gareth <3


Gurl ily you're one of the best admins here along with Annie. She has the best games ever the paingames and she is soo funny and sometimes pervy <3


I believe you i believe it was your brother i am sorry that i believed to you did i hope you stay on this wikia more your a funny user and very creative.


You're a nice guy  thats all. lol jk you are amazing and you're a great writer I hope some day you finish your games and you're the best toothbrush ever hopefully i will make a toothpaste account soon xD


Omfg get your ass on chat we miss you i can write a whole paragraph about you omfg but your a awesome sauce writer and your very awesomeee sauce... we miss you come back k.


You're amazing ok, you're sunny and super nice. Just plain awesome!


Kiki you are like the best secert lova everr your so damn pref Emma be jelly. Your one of my first and best friends here i enjoy our pm's when we pm xD.


Omg son. ily<33 You are so funny and creative. You are weird in an amazing way XD and your "obsession" with Hell demons or whatever is actually really interesting no matter how ugly Beezlebub (did i spell it right? e.e) is. You're the best son ever no matter how often I threaten to disown you XD


You're so funny and adorable like omfg. You are nice to people even when they aren't nice to you and I have so much respect for you because of that. Like you're so sweet too.


The potato queen everybody! This chick right here is PERFECT, but she's also perfect. Our pm's are so funny and she's such a great person. SHE IS ALSO GORGEOUS AND NEEDS TO STOP SAYING OTHERWISE OK. She is amazinggg I just love her like so much<333


This. Girl. Is. So. Freaking. Crazy. Lily!! You were one of my first friends back a year ago and still one of my best friends on here today<3 I love you so much like you're perfect and amazing and omfg. You have been there for me through thick and thin and you're just fab.


There's one word I could describe ALL of this girl. Perfect. Her face. Her personality. Her voice. Her tumblr. JUST HER. Mia is amazing and so funny. She is perfect and nobody should ever tell her otherwise, because you would be lying.


I don't know you that well, but i love you already. You are so funny! So amazing and just fabulous too.


Twinny<333333333 I love you so much twinny. You've always been there for me and I want to thank you for that because you're such an amazing Twinny. You are so perfect and like omfg those eyebrows tho c; I remember us having tons of different sayings or whatever. hmmm, sassy finger snap, Alliver, Kirsten, Boooi, Gurrrl. omfg ily k.


You are so funny omg. You're perfect admin material. Serious and also playful and funny at the same time. You do amazing edits and are such a great friend.

Sarah/Miscy bby

OMFG MISCY YOU'RE SO PERFECT<333333 ily so much you're mine tho k c; You're so funny and caring and like... JUST PERFECT. Your face>>>>>>>> <333 And omfg you love Sleeping with Sirens too so that automatically makes you perf. Skype me sometime darling <3


I realize you aren't really here anymore but I HAD to add you. You are such a great friend to me and our pm's are never boring XD Keep being amazing<3


Wes is my bby<33 Weswin is my religion and I'm a priestess c; Wes is the person I tell almost everything to. He's so understanding, funny, pervy (in a good way XD), caring, and omg just perf. He also has blue eyes mk. He is adorable too<3


Zach is so kind and caring. He has such a big heart and he's just amazing and perfect <333

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