Okay, so this is about a summer camp. You all got sent here for being bad teens. Secretly, two of you are killers. Those two campers, the killers, pick off one person to kill every night until the rest of you figure out who it is. Everytime someone gets killed the campers need to comment who they think did it, the person with the majority of the votes will get killed. We will let you know when you guys get out one or both of the killers. You can't ask to be a killer, Emma and I will choose. There are 36 (we will add more if needed) (NO MORE) campers in all, 4 counselors, 1 for each cabin. We will also be choosing the counselors. 





Each cabin is kind of like a clique. You DO NOT get to choose which one you're in but we will try our best to place friends with each other. Do not get offended by which clique you're in, we WILL stereotype so if you can't handle that, please don't sign up.

Purple cabin - The arrogants

Blue cabin - The losers

Green cabin - The nerds

Red cabin - The whores






Camper Camper Camper Camper







Gruff Oli Mia






Camper Camper Camper Camper






Julia Sam Claudia Berry






Camper Camper Camper Camper






Panda Aspen Toast Kyle







Camper Camper Camper





Kaeghan Alice


Joan Emma


On this bright June day, Callam should've been hanging out with his girlfriend Beth, but he wasn't. Instead, he was on his way to a Summer camp that was supposed to fix his attitude. Everyone was. After what seemed like forever, the car stopped. Callam's mum tried to kiss him goodbye but instead he turned his head towards the mirror and fixed his hair. "Later." he told her as he stepped out of the car to find people already staring at him.

Dani and Kiki were sitting on a giant rock talking about people, of course. He rolled his eyes and looked at a swarm of nerds.

"Ew." Alice said glancing at the losers.Her crop top started rising as she threw her arms in the air dramatically, "Where the hell are the rest of my whores?" 

Wes and Zach sat behind Alice, talking about American Horror Story. Suddenly, Summer walked up to everyone and said "We're all here. Let's split into our groups. Callam, Rebekah, Wes, and I will be the counselors. Any questions?" She smiled sweetly while several people rolled their eyes.

Eli ran up to her and started with his usual "Summer, Why. The. Hell. Am. I. Not. On. Your. Friends. List??????????" She was about to say something when Dani and Kiki ran up to them. "Ohmygod, do you FANCY SUMMER?" Dani screamed while laughing. Kiki giggled. Oli chimed in with "Summer and Eli sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-" Aspen cut in with "Shut up guys, they're not together."

As Caylin finally looked up from fixing her lip gloss she said "Can we just go to our cabins, you guys are pissing on my parade already." 

The arrogants

Callam led Caylin, Kiki, Dani, Crtha, Gruff, Jay, Oli, and Mia into their cabin. "Well it looks like this is the hellhole we're going to be stuck in for the next few weeks." muttered Jay.

"HOLY SHIT. WHAT THE HELL." Dani started screaming and pushing Kiki back as she tried to get away from where she was standing.

"OHMYGOD WHAT THE HECK IS THAT" Kiki screamed while jumping onto one of the beds to get away from a giant spider crawling up the wall. Caylin's eyes widened and she joined Kiki and Dani on the bed.

Oli and Mia looked up from making out after they heard Dani and Kiki screaming. "Don't be such a girl." Oli said to the three of them.

Gruff decided to join the girls on the beds. After what seemed like ages, Crtha was the one to finally kill the spider. "Now that THAT situation has been handled, let's choose beds." Callam started.

"Hey, dipshit, there's only 6 beds." Caylin shot at him.

"So... some of us are going to have to pair up unless you want to sleep on the floor."

Almost everyone in the room rolled their eyes and cursed under their breath, but eventually Dani stepped up and said "Kiki and I will take the bed closest to the door." Kiki nodded.

"Mia and I will take the one next to theirs." Oli said.

"Caylin and I will take this bed." Crtha replied.

"No Caylin will fucking not. I'm taking my own bed, and I choose THIS one." Caylin said while plopping onto the bed closest to the window.

"I'll share the bed with you." Gruff offered to Crtha.

"Okay." she said as she set her stuff down.

"This is the worst day of my life." Jay said as he sat on the dusty floor of the purple cabin, putting his head in his hands.

The losers

The cabin looked, well you know, crappy. The cabin was a blue and had the word "LOSERRRSSSSS" spray painted on the door.

"I'm not a loser and hopefully this cabin looks better in the inside!" yelled Rainie.

As they entered the cabin, Rainie's hopes went down the toilet. It was the worst looking cabin ever. The beds were worn down, used tampons were scattered around the floor, and there were also maggots everywhere.

"OH MY POTATOES! This is going to be the worst few weeks ever!" screamed Rainie while shestormed off to the corner.

Colin decided to follow Rainie into her corner, but Rainie just screamed in Colin's face. So, he just went to his bunk instead.

"Okay loves, we have like  half an hour to choose our beds and unpack. K whores?" said Summer.

When Summer was about to go out of the cabin, two of the beds collapsed.

"Well that escalated quickly... now we only have like four beds instead of six." Julia said while Rainie was still complaining about how she wasn't a loser, and that she should be in the purple bain instead.

While everyone was complaining about where should they sleep. Justin finally arrived. He was late.

"Hi.... I'm Justin..."

Everyone turned around and laughed at Justin's feminine voice. They were laughing so loud that even the "arrogants" heard it and started to giggle a bit too.

"Okay guys, no need to laugh. You are all losers anyway. Since you guys won't hurry the hell up, I'll choose where you get to sleep!" said Summer.

All of a sudden, everyone got extremely pissed off.

"Okay Julia, you sleep with Kekai, Rainie with Colin, Justin with Sam, and Claudia with Berry. I have my own bed." Summer said as pulled out her blow up mattress and then walked out of the cabin.

"This is going too be the worst sausage fest ever." Sam thought, but then he had a second thought...

"Oh wait, Justin may not have a sausage. Haha."

The nerds

"Holy crap Aspen, are you okay?" Jinx asked while standing right over Aspen.

"Wait...wha- what?" Aspen looked around, wondering what had happened.

"How many fingers am I holding up?" Blake asked.

"4?" Aspen replied while still feeling dazed. 

"Someone help him up." Panda said, while looking down at him still. 

"What even happened?" Aspen asked as Rebekah helped him up.

"Well... I kind of swung open the door and it may have hit you. So, you may or may not have lost consciousness for a few seconds.. haha... funny story, right?" Andy choked out while wiping the bead of sweat that had formed on her forehead.

"What the hell? You doorbanged me?" Aspen jumped off the bed he had sat down on. 

"I said I may have!" Andy replied while thrusting her hands into the air and stepping back.

Kyle grabbed one of Aspen's arms as he lunged at Andy, and Eli grabbed the other. He kept jerking away and kicking at Andy. 

"Let me go!" He demanded. 

"Not until that insane look in your eye goes away." Eli replied.

He jerked his head around at stared at Eli. He flinched and let go immediately. 

"Thank you." Aspen said as he brushed some dust off his pants. 

"Shouldn't we be choosing beds?" Toast asked while semi hiding behind Bekah. 

"No. I will assign beds." Bekah replied. She ended up pairing Jinx and herself, Toast and Panda, and Andy and Aspen together. 

"So, Eli, Blake, and Kyle can have their own beds." Bekah said as Aspen shot her a dirty look. 

"We need to get going." Blake said while looking at the rickity old clock that was barely hanging onto the wall.

The whores

While all the whores were making out with each other, Wes appeared. He had pink sunglasses that made him look really hot. Like damnnnnnn. Most of the whores were falling for Wes already.

"K you hoes, get in your beds!" demanded Wes, as he turned around.

"Okay since you guys are probably going to get knocked up, for these few weeks, we change sleeping buddies each day so we're going to draw names out of a hat!"

Everyone in the whore cabin was having a good time. Everyone was dressed in slutty clothes except for Zach. He was pretty much the normal guy in the camp who didn't fit into any cabin, but had to be in a cabin anyways.

"Like my birthday suit? Just dont choke ladies and gentleman." Joan said as he winked at everyone.

Everyone was having fun until it was almost time to go.

Then, Wes had a idea. "Okay since all of you are dirty whores or hoes or sluts or mansluts we're going to play a game."

Everyone was wondering about the game. Which game was it gonna be?

Everyone gasped, but Wes told them that they would have to wait because the camp fire was in like five minutes. The campfire / First murder As Berry and Claudia tried to get the fire going, Wes took it upon himself to entertain people. 

"Time to play bang or no bang." Wes exclaimed cheerily. 

All of the whores hollered and shouted in agreement but everyone else just kind of sighed.

"Who wants to go first?" Wes asked. 

"I WILL." Joan screamed. 

"So, Zach, would you bang Gruff?" Joan asked while wiggling his eyebrows.

"Uhm.... Yes probably." Zach said while blushing profusely.

Gruff smiled and grabbed Zach's hand, leading him behind the bushes, where they were obviously making out. Almost everyone around the now-lit fire was laughing. 

"Damn, get some." Oli shouted to Gruff.

"Okay. Callam, bang or no bang with-" Annie started to ask, but she was cut off by Callam.

"I think we all know that I would bang everyone and everything." Callam replied as Jade smiled deviously.

"I assure you guys, he's telling the truth." she added.

"LOOK GUYS!" Toast screamed while pointing to a lake that no one had even noticed. 

"Ohmygod, who wants to go swimming?" Kaeghan asked excitedly.

Everyone ran up to the dock and just looked down at the water. It was so clear that you could see the stars reflecting from the night sky. 

"HEY WHAT'S THAT IN THE WATER?" Screamed Caylin to Kekai.

Kekai bent down to get a better look at the water when suddenly, Caylin shoved him in. 

"Oh, wait, it's just you." She said and started laughing about how clever she was to come up with that. 

"Hey look, you're here too." Kekai remarked as he grabbed her ankle and pulled her in with him. 

"CANNONBALLLLLL!" Colin shouted as he dove in. 

Just then, everyone jumped in. The water was absolutely freezing, which was a nice contrast to the hot scorching day. They swam and splashed each other for a good 20 minutes until they heard a blood curdling scream. It was coming from Jinx.

"HOLY SHIT THERE'S A DEAD BODY IN HERE. WHAT THE FUCK?" Jinx screamed as she pushed her way out. 

Everyone ran and struggled to get out of the lake first. People were trampling over each other to get out first. When everyone was finally out they looked into the water.

"Who is it?" Dani asked as she squinted and pushed people to get a better view.

"I think it's Wes..." Crtha said while shivering and shaking.

Everyone started crying onto each other's shoulders and seeked comfort from the other campers. Everyone except for the two people who actually knew what had happened. Everyone except for the killers. 

"People are going to know soon." One of the killers whispered to the other. 

"Shut up dicknugget, they'll hear you." The other one shot back. 

"Just act natural." Killer #2 replied and fake cried into Killer #1's shirt. 

Who do you think killed Wes? Comment 1 name. 

The next day / chosen death 

As all the campers were sitting around and sulking about what happened to Wes, Kyle ran up to the group. His face was pure white and he looked scared as hell. 

"Guys.... Wes didn't drown." Kyle whispered. 

"What do you mean? Of course he drowned." Alice replied. 

"No...well, yes, he did. But, not on his own. There were bruises on his shoulders which indicates that he was struggling to get air, but he kept getting pushed down." Kyle said.

"Holy shit.... that means one of you fuckfaces is a murderer. Damn it, I did not sign up for this shit." Caylin said while backing up until she hit the wall of the purple cabin.

"Actually, there were two killers. One for each shoulder." Claudia said as she came up behind Kyle. 

"Well who the fuck did it?" Caylin shot back at him.

"I have a guess... " Said Zach.

"WELL TALK THEN." Julia screamed as she shook Zach's shoulders.

"Alice." he said. 

Everyone stood in shock. 

"What the fuck? ME?!" Alice shouted.

"Let's vote for who we think did it?" Gruff said. 

"Fine." Alice said. 

"What happens to the person we choose?" Toast asked.

"We kill them." Justin replied with a straight face.

Most of the campers gasped with horrified faces. Several tucked their heads into their hands and tried not to cry. 

"Why am I even here?" Kiki cried as Dani and Caylin hugged her. 

"This is fucked up, man." Emma said. 

The campers ended up voting. Most of them said Alice. Alice swore and kicked her way as Callam and Joan carried her into the lake and held her down. 

"I'm sorry Alice..." Joan said as Callam turned away with a tear running down his cheek. 

"Hello campers. Unfortunately you have chosen Alice as a killer. You were wrong. Have fun, and try your best to be safe.... although...... you guys can't really help it, now can you?" The voice on the intercom said. 

"Holy shit this is some horror movie shit." Caylin said as she hugged Dani and Kiki tighter. 


All of the campers were scared about the killer on the loose but most of the camps think its a prank or a joke.

Everyone gathers up too the mess hall for there breakfest because even thought it was 2:00pm nobody had there breakfest yet since nobody couldnt sleep.

They all sat on there tables some sit with there cabins while some mingle around with other groups there were groups with in groups like Toasty,Summer,Julia,Kekai,Colin,Toastie,Jay,Sam and Liza. They were the love bunch except that Julia and Kekai used to be together and Sam is just forever alone. They were the bestest friends ever and they were a strong group too. The reason that there called the love bunch because Kaeghan and Toastie are together,Liza and Colin are together and Summer and Jay were together also Julia and Kekai were together too.

The leader of that Group with Liza she was the ring leader along with her sister Julia. She was still a loser but a good leader. While she was eating her waffles she saw Colin walk by.

"Heyyy darling guess what i got.." Colin said while brushing like crazy and being scared that Liza may not like the gift.

"What is it dear" Liza asked.

Colin goes into his pockets and hands Liza her gift. She opens it and sees that its the most beautiful neckless ever. It had potato gems on it and it had big hoops also it had a heart in a middle saying "Beenie 4eva bishes".

As Liza set her eyes on the neckless she screamed with joy and then she gave Colin a huge kiss on the lips in front of everyone. Everyone except for most of the arrogants and some of the whores, pretty much the people who think there all 2fab4u didnt fan girl scream.

"Sooo how about all six of us go too the lake" said Summer.

Kekai gave Summer a look so did Julia and Sam.

"What about us!" asked Sam

"Sorryyyy thats what you get for being single if u want too come with us i would suggest u too date Justin" replays Summer.

"Summer when i see a picture they is 1000 words too describe it but when it see your picture i can only see three words and they're I love you "

Summer gives Jay a kiss on a cheek and with that the six of the love birds walked too the camp lake.

After when they were heading too the lake Julia was furious her pale face was turning red like a radish.

"Okay Kekai and Sam we need too do something! With these wannabe couples i had enough with there bull s***!" yelled Julia as she slammed her fists to the table.

"How about we do a prank on them" replied kekai has evil look on his face.

"No kekai were not going too use a Ouija board to summon any demons or ghosts so we all get killed!" Julia shouted back.

"I have a prank... lets get all the other cabins too be involved too!" yelled Sam.

All the cabins heard and they went too there table almost everyone wanted too be apart of the prank too spoil there fun and have revenge.

The lake

The six friends finally arrived at the beach... They were allowed because Summer said so and she runs the "loser cabin". She was pretty biased but the loser cabin didnt care at all.

For an hour they gossiped about everyone and did crap.

"So like Justin totally wants me but he cant have me" said Summer.

Everyone giggled except for Colin because he wasnt that type of person who gossiped about everyone and everything he was way nicer then that. When he had too laugh at liza's friends jokes he had too pretent to laugh.

"Uhhh.. Summer if it wasnt for Justin making that winter formal you wouldnt even have Jay's D.." Toast replied.

Summer just gave Toast a dirty look and gave Jay a kiss on her cheek, "Well he still wants me i remember when him and jay fighted over me".

Summer gives a long pause and waits.

"It was Awesome!"

Toast just rolls her eyes and started too take off her chothes too go skinny dipping in the lake.

"What are you doing Toastie you tits are off limits soo seriously stop!" yelled Kaeghan.

Toast just giggled a bit "Ohhh i am just going too swim do you want too join me?" asked Toast as she only left her bra and underwear on just too only make it PG-13 and let again her tits was off limits.

Soon all the girls then Jay and Kaeghan decided too join in but have there boxers on. When they went in the water they looked like gods and goddesses with there bodies showing. They had good bodies well some of them did.

They were splashing each other and swimming until they saw a bunch of people looking at them and they gasped.

They were the three of the cabins and Sam,Justin,Julia also Kekai. They were ready too attack they had water balloons, slingshots and everything. This was going too be one hell of a war or atleast something.


Too be continued........

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