Hey this Emma and Kiki here. This is the first Annual wikian awards games. This is not like the prom it's very different.

How the games work

  • Okay there will be twelve categories, and there will be a first, second, and third place winner.
  • The setting will be spring break in Miama and the place with be a big ass hotel.
  • In the games you guys will be in alliances, We will be choosing them, but you MAY tell us who you'd prefer to be with. We probably won't listen to you, but you can still try c:
  • You may be with somebody you hate or like don't complain or you will ruin in for your partner.
  • The alliances will be arranged in different names and colors.
  • We will be in the games, but we won't win.

The Catagories

Catagories 3rd place 2nd place WINNER
Sassiest user Wes Caylin Dani
Best writer  Nick Keap Kekai
Best collab account Kiki and Emma RainAndFire WeAref..ya
Funniest user Sky Caylin Erlend
Best Coder Kekai Alice Emma
Most innocent user Kiki Connor Liza
Sluttiest user Dani Erlend Cass
Best ship Kikiy (Kiki x Sky) Kierani (Kiki x Dani Dap (Dani x KEAP)
Best Newbie from May-August Rowan Mist Justin
Best Tribute  Trick Kronos Arc
Best Female Wikian overall Cass Liza Kiki
Best Male Wikian overall Erlend Sky Kekai

7 people who voted but did not win anything who are still going to be in the games: Ian, Dustin, Kaeghan, Annie, Jade, Rayneh, Blake.  THE WINNERS ARE ALL PEOPLE WHO VOTED, IF YOU DID NOT VOTE YOUR NAME WAS SKIPPED OVER. IF WE HAD MULTIPLE WINNERS OR TIES WE TOOK IT TO RANDOM.ORG




Best Writer:

Best Collab account:


Best Coder:

Most innocent:


Best ship:

Best Female wikian overall:

Best Male Wikian overall:


Alliance 1: Kiki, Dani, Sky, Keap

Alliance 2: Wes, Cass, Alice, Caylin, Ian

Alliance 3: Emma, Liza, Rowan, Annie, Jade, Rayneh

Alliance 4: Kekai, Mist, Erlend, Justin, Dustin

Alliance 5: Connor, Nick, Kaeghan, Blake 


    Emma was excited for spring break and it was only like five am, but she did not give a shit because she made sure that they arrived at dawn so she had to wake Kiki up. "Kiki, Kiki it's time to go set up the hotel remember it's spring break!" as Emma starts dancing around trying to wake Kiki up. Kiki just moaned and slowly got her ass off her bed, "Emma why the hell did you have to wake me up. It's only dawn like oh my god Emma.." Kiki said as she was getting dressed. When Kiki and Emma were done getting ready they headed down to the pool where everyone is waiting for them.

When Kiki and Emma first walked in everyone was unpleased because Kiki and Emma were late for their own spring break party, Emma giggled while Kiki was trying to calm people's tits. "It was meant to be you're not your god can't get anything right guys.." Keap says in a snarky voice. "Why isnt Julia invited!?" yelled Kekai. Alot of bickering was going on and Emma was just laughing her ass off, so Kiki had to stop it. "GUYS..can you not just like have fun" she said as she jumped in the pool. Soon, everyone else did too.

Everyone except a few people, like Dani were in the pool. "Can you guys not splash me?" Dani asked, annoyed with everyone except Kiki and Keap (Because she loves them). Suddenly Alice screamed at the top of her lungs, causing Kekai to stop complaining to Mist about how Julia couldn't make it. "WHAT. THE. HELL?!?!?!?!" Sky yelled, obviously startled by Alice's sudden outbreak. People stared at Alice while Cass was trying to calm her down, and Caylin was taking a video of it on her phone trying not to laugh. When Alice finally caught her breath and Caylin stopped laughing her ass off, Alice said only one word. "............Food."

The waiter walked up to the teens carrying a huge ass platter of food. Alice ran and got there first taking all the bacon and oreos and stashing them in her bag. Everyone else scrambled out of the pool to get a taste except for Kiki, Caylin, and Dani who just rolled their eyes and continued to gossip. Justin stayed behind to try and hear what Kiki and Caylin were saying so he could tell Dustin. Dustin always loved to blackmail people. Caylin just then said "....he's so hot right?" and Justin wondered who she was talking about. "Isn't he your wiki crush?" Kiki asked. Caylin cut Kiki off, turned around and saw Justin. She slapped him as hard as she could and strutted away with Kiki and Dani. 

  Meanwhile. Cass has been preggo for six months so baby Wass is like coming any minute now. While Cass and Caylin were talking all a sudden Cass's water broke. "Oh my god Wes my water is breaking"  Cass pleaded for Wes too get his ass over here but, everyone kept skinny dipping expect for KEAP and Dani because they were doing other things. After like a minute Wes ran to Cass when Sky was finished his banana he threw the banana peel infront of Wes. Wes slipped and went back into the pool. When Wes got out of the pool it was pretty much too late because the fetus already slipped out of Cass's womb. When Cass went to take a look of the baby she nearly fainted because the baby was missing an eye and it's penis is where is nose is supposed to be. Everyone took a look at the baby. Wes was the most upset because of their child but he had an idea, "Hey guys let's go play baby bump. It's like tag but with a baby!" Wes explained. Everyone just went with the idea and played baby bump. Kaeghan was it first, but took him awhile because he was a slow swimmer until Caylin shouted out "Comeon Queefghan whatcha gonna do gurlll what ya gon do..." as Caylin kept on like singing, Kaeghan threw the baby at Caylin's head the baby hit Caylin so hard that she fell backwards but she did, she pulled an Elissa and grabbed the pool ledge. She dragged herself back up and aimed for Kaeghan's testies.

Kaeghan fell to the ground, his face twisting in pain. Caylin and many others were laughing their asses off. Liza ran to Kaeghan's side and was about to help him up when suddenly Erlend pushed her out of the way. "DO YOU NEED CPR?!?!?!?!?" Erlend yelled lunging towards Kaeghan. As Liza got up everyone could tell she was pissed off. "ERLEND YOU LITTLE SLUT." she said as she ran for Erlend. Connor and Nick got knocked over in the process of Liza's rampage. When Liza finally caught Erlend she put him in a choke hold and told him to beg for mercy, Erlend replied with, "Or you can suck my dick." That was Liza's breaking point and Connor ended up trying to pry Liza off Erlend. "LIZA. GET. OFF. OF. HIM." Connor struggled to choke out. After about ten minutes of Connor's meaningless efforts Liza finally let go. She looked around and saw everyone laughing on the ground. With a quick bow she walked back to the pool and left Erlend gasping for air. 

During the entire fiasco Kekai and Jade were talking in the pool. "Let's go swim out in the ocean" Jade suggested. "But......ocean rocks......." Kekai trailed off with a terrified and distant look on his face. "Stop being such a pansy." Jade said as she got up and rolled her eyes. Kekai wasn't going to let anyone call him that, he had way too much pride, so he followed her. As Jade jumped in Kekai did too. Emma was already in with Rowan and Rayneh and called out for Kekai and Jade to join them. Kekai swam over but just as he was about to reach them he felt a sharp pain. "OWWWWWWWWW" Kekai yelled. Blood pooled around him. Jade screamed as she watched a piranha swim off with Kekai's dick in his mouth. Jade just shrugged and replied "We all know it was a strap on" Dani came over and added, "Smaller than Keap's too."


As night fell, everyone headed back to their rooms. Most people shared a gigantic room with a few others. Dani, Keap, Sky, and Kiki all shared a room as they were all known for the cutest ships. So basically they were too perf for you guys. Wes asked Emma if she would like to share a room with him and Cass. Emma politely said yes and left with Wes and Cass. What Wes didn't know was that was going to be the biggest mistake of his life. Nobody knew about Emma's "little problem". She liked to hide it from people because she was embarrassed, and quite honestly she didn't even think about it when Wes offered. At around 3 am Emma got up, like she always does, and walked outside. She jumped in the ocean and started swimming in the exact spot where the unexpected piranha attack happened. As she came back out of the water thirty minutes later she didn't realize something had become attached to her bathing suit. When she got back into the room and decided to change she noticed something very small on her bikini bottoms. She reached around and pulled it off. It's was a horrid sight and if she hadn't had such great vision it would have been passed over from being so small. She threw it and screamed, unfortunately for Wes, it landed on his face. As he jerked out of bed the thing fell off his face. He was very puzzled until he picked it up. He yelled and started chasing Emma when he realized it was Kekai's unattatched dick. 

Everyone ran outside to see what was happening as soon as they heard all the commotion in the halls. They all got out just in time to see Emma struggling to get away from Wes. Her last, frantic attempt was jumping in the water. Big mistake. Wes jumped right on top of Emma and dunked her under the water. Justin jumped in after Wes and tried to help Emma. Just as Justin thought he was finally going to get Wes off of Emma he fell back into Nick who was also trying to help. The two boys teamed up and finally got Wes off of Emma. After that disaster, Rainie told Emma she could stay in their room. By the way things had already been, everyone knew, tomorrow was going to be a long day so they walked back too there rooms so they can go back to sleep.

Meanwhile in Blake's, Kaeghan's, Connor's, and Nick's room they were laughing about the Emma and Wes incident. "Emma so deserved that you should have seen her face, next time that bimbo should get her facts right" says Blake. Nick walked to the micowave and glared at Blake while he was making popcorn. "Why would you say that? Emma almost got killed you know." Connor and Kaeghan stared at nick as they nod their heads in agreement. "Atleast Emma didn't get hit by a baby in her testies" Kaeghan replied, while holding an ice pack on his penis because Caylin threw the baby so hard that Kaeghan's penis was like a blueish purple color. "I am so bored can we just invite the other people so we can have a party." says Connor, Kaeghan, Nick and, Blake argeed so they decided to call their hotel rooms.

"Hello? Do you know what time it is?" Kiki grumbled as she answered the phone. "Get up. Get Sky, Dani, and Keap up. Party in our room." Connor replied quickly. Kiki suddenly brightened with joy and became bubbly and bouncy. "GUYS. GUYS. GUYS. WAKE UP." she yelled. "WHAT KIERSTEN?" Dani screamed. "Shut up and wake up Danielle. SKY. KEAP. GET. UP." Kiki replied. Sky pulled himself out of bed and shot a look at Dani. "Why are you giving ME the mean look? Your girlfriend is the one who woke us up." Dani asked. "Because I need  SOMEONE to blame and I'm not going to blame Kiki." (it's bc Kiki is perf) he replied. He then added, "Besides it's not like you and Keap were SLEEPING anyways." "Will you guys just get up and go" Kiki replied as she was finishing getting dressed. 

"Hello? It's like 3 in the morning." Rowan groaned as she answered the phone. "Get Rainie, Raynah, Annie, Jade and Emma up. Party is in our room it's like in two minutes" Connor replied. Rowan gets all antsy and excited also hyper. "WAKE UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP There is a f**cking party and we're invited now get yo ass off your bed" she yelled. "WHY SHOULD I WAKE UP!" screamed Jade while she getting a midnight snack which was DAP elephant cum yogurt and caused Kekai's room and Cass's room too wake up. "Well it's a party in the morning and way too go jade you woke everyone up!" yelled Raynah. All a sudden there were a lot of knocks on the door causing Annie, Emma, and Rainie to wake up. "Why is there knocking on our door i was having a good sleep dreaming about Aaron tveit until Jade started yelling, and now people are knocking on our door too?!?"  says Annie, "Get Emma out here... i need too tell her something" added Wes as he was outside the door. "Shit I need to hide" says Emma has she was about too hide but it was too late. Rainie started too let everyone in "Go ahead everyone charge at Emma" instead of charging at Emma everyone just started to complain because of the noise. "It's too loud...i am trying too sleep with my julia doll here." Kekai complains, "I am sick of your bullshit" said Caylin and "I WANT MY FOOD" complained Alice. Everyone starts too complain but Annie steped up and acted like the big kid, "EVERYONE SHUT THE HELL UP THERE IS A PARTY IN CONNOR'S ROOM." Everyone forgot about what happened and stopped complaining. Finally they all ran to Connor's room.

After around 5 minutes of pounding at the door, Connor let everyone in. "WHOA. I ONLY CALLED KIKI AND EMMA'S ROOM!" he screamed, overwhelmed with everyone being here. "Too bad. They woke me up so here I am, and here I will stay." Dustin said while sitting on the couch. Everyone just stood around awkwardly for a moment until Alice yelled "LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED.....wait....there is food right?" Someome started playing music and everyone just sorta danced around and socialized for around an hour or so. "OHMYGOD GUYS. LET'S PLAY BANG OR NO BANG." screamed Emma. Almost everyone agreed with her suggestion except for a few "o no"s from the crowd. "Alright. So Kekai, bang or no bang with uhm.........hmmmm..... LIZA?" Asked Ian. "Uhm.. no bang." Kekai replied while staring deeply into his Julia doll's eyes. "O no." replied Ian. "Bang or no bang with Keap, Dani?" Ian asked nonchalantly. Dani snorted, "It's not like I haven't already so, bang." Ian just shrugged and took another sip of water. "How about you Keap, bang or no bang with Dani?" asked Connor. "Bang." Keap relpied and went back to talking with Sky. "Hey Connor, bang or no bang with Raynah?" Liza asks and winks. "No bang, sorry." Connor blurts out. "Hey Sky. Bang or no bang with Kiki?" Emma practically shouts at Sky. "Bang, definitely." Sky says while grinning over at Kiki. Kiki just blushes and turns away. "So, Kiki, bang or no bang with Sky." Kaeghan asks Kiki while wiggling his eyebrows. "Uhm, bang I guess" Kiki says and then tries to hide her bright red cheeks. "Emma. Emmmmmmma. Emmmmmmmmmmmmma." Justin shouts trying to get her attention. "WHAT?" Emma screams. Justin smiles innocently and asks "Bang or no bang, me?" Emma just shrugs. "Bang."

Justin gasps as Emma says Bang, "Ew why you want to bang me" Justin says as he slowly backs away from Emma. "It's because you have fire tits and bang or no bang is getting so boring let's play truth or dare" said Emma. Everyone agreed except for Berry who appeared, "BERRY BITCHET in the house". Almost everyone was pissed because Berry was not invited and some were excited for Berry to be here. "Emma were not going to play truth or dare" Berry takes a long pause, "Were playing extreme truth or dare bitchets..  soo Dustin truth or dare" says Berry as she is winking at Dustin. Dustin picks dare and Berry dares him to twerk in Annie's face. When Annie heard that somebody is going too twerk in her face she tried to run back to her room but Berry blocked Annie from escaping to her room. Berry then tied up Annie to a chair. "Okay the twerking begins now" says Ian as he turns on the music. As the music starts Dustin starts twerking in Annie's face. A few twerks later Dustin by mistake farts in Annie's face, as Dustin farts Annie vomits on Dustin's ass. Everybody starts laughing expect for Dustin and Annie because of what happened. "Okay i think i am done here, Justin truth or dare" Dustin asks. "Truth", "Okay Justin who do you think is the hottest girl here" Justin did not take a pause or anything, and his awnser was Kiki. Nobody cared expect for Sky, "You better stay away from my woman. Kiki is mine and Dani's and a bit of Emma's because Emma is Kiki's secert lova!" Sky yells, "K man calm your moobs okay Raynah truth or dare" Raynah picks Dare and her dare was to grab Liza's ass. When Liza heard that Raynah was going to grab her ass she sat down making sure Rayneh wouldn't touch her. But Wes wanted this to happen so he picked up Liza, "GRAB IT QUICKLY!" yelled Wes when Raynah heard him she ran like hell and grabbed Liza's ass for a couple seconds and stopped.

Berry starts too get antsy becuase she had to annouce the awards in five minutes. "Okay guys just one more and we have to go to the deck because awards start like in five minutes okay" Everyone waited for Raynah too ask Truth or dare. "Okay Annie Truth or Dare?" Annie starts to think about it because she does not know what to pick, "Scerw this i pick truth!" yelled Annie, "Okay is it true that you have feeling's for Justin not on this wikia" Annie just froze and turned red. "Well no i dont have feelings for him, can we just go for breakfest for awards" Everyone argeed and went to the elevater to go to the deck. Some were excited and some nervous.

Part three: AWARDSSSSS aka The last day....or is it....

As everyone bounded down the steps of the large building to the deck all of the girls were pulling out compact mirrors, and checking their hair. The guys rolled their eyes as all you could hear was: "HOW DO I LOOK?", "DID MY EYELINER SMEAR?!?!", "OHMYGOD. MY HEEL JUST BROKE.", and "DOES THIS DRESS MAKE MY ASS LOOK TOO BIG?" Finally everyone arrived except for Rowan, Dustin, Justin, and Blake. When all the girls started to shut up and sit down Berry pulled out the microphone. "Hello ladies and gentlemen of The Hunger Games Wiki!" She announced, nervously walking around the stage. All of the sudden Rowan swung in on this vine-like wire that made her look like she was flying. Dustin followed behind her. They were wearing superhero costumes and humming to what sounded like a theme song. All eyes were on them, wide with surprise. Rowan then landed, followed by Dustin. "I AM TWERK WOMAN!" calls out Rowan, she then points at Dustin. "THIS IS BOOTY BOY!" Nobody knew exactly what was going on but people started hollering for them to come off stage. After about five minutes Berry went up behind them and pushed them off. "Oops..." She says, and then continues with Awards. 

"We will start with Sassiest User, you will come up and get your awards EXCEPT for the best collab and best tribute, the third place winner will be called first, followed by the second, and then the first." Some people clapped and some cheered, but most were just anxious. "Our third place winner is Wes, our second is Caylin, and our first place winner is Dani!" Berry calls out excitedly. Dani smirks and goes out on the stage with her two runner ups. "Thank you all for this award that I obviously deserved, because I'm perfect!" She says and then bows. Cheers erupt in the audience, and the winners go to sit back down. "Next, we have Best writer. Our third place winner is Nick, second is Keap, and our first place winner is Kekai!" announces Berry. They all go up on stage but none of them say anything, they just bow and sit back down. "Ok, now we have our Best Collab accounts, third is Kiki and Emma, second is RainandFire, and first is WeAre.... you know!" Berry continues. "Now we have our Funniest User, third place is Sky, second is Caylin, first is Erlend!" They all go up on stage and Erlend says, "Thanks guys, I might not touch your guys' eyes now......might." Everyone laughs but no one is very shocked. "The Best Coders are, Kekai, Alice, and Emma!" Everyone applauds but the three are too lazy to go up. "Our Most innocent users are, Kiki, Connor, and Liza!" The three go up and congratulate each other. "The sluttiest users are, Dani, Erlend, and Cass!" Cass ran on to stage and tapped on the microphone "TESTINGGGGGG. MK IT WORKS, SO GUYS, YOU ALL THINK I'M THE SLUTTIEST?!?! REALLY? AWWWWWWWW. THANK YOU GUYS!" she practically screams. Everyone finally removed their hand from over their ears when she was safely back in her seat. "Ok, then let's continue. Best Ships are, Kiky which is Sky and Kiki, Kierani which is Kiki and Dani, and Dap which is Keap and Dani!" None of the 4 went on stage because they were too fab for the stage when it comes to them all being together. "The Best Newbies are, Rowan, Mist, and Justin!" Rowan jumped back onto stage in her costume and started humming her theme song again, until Justin shoved her off....again. "Our Best Tributes are Trick, Kronos, and Arc." says Berry, clearly worn out from this entire experience. "And now we have our Best Female and Male Wikians, in third we have Cass and Erlend, in second we have Liza and Sky, and in first we have Kiki and Kekai!" Sky and Kiki walk up to the stage holding hands, while the rest just run. Everyone tries to bow at once but most just end up tripping over each other. 

After the awards everybody went too the airport, It was Crtha's first time flying a plane. She was scared all a sudden something went in Crtha. Crtha started too have foam come out of her mouth and her eyes were turning black.Crtha was turning in too a demon. She was ready too crash the plane. She was too busy laughing when she realised that Emma was beside her "What the hell Crtha...why are your eyes black" asked Emma. Crtha was worried she knew that Emma may tell everyone so she made her nails grow as long as kitchen knifes and slashed Emma on the back. Emma letted out a bloodcurling scream, Crtha walked over too "Okay Emma i wouldnt kill you if you tell anyone i will make you go too hell" Crtha Threatened her while she was stroking her nails back of Emma's neck lightly. "Fine i wouldnt tell now please dont hurt me!" Emma pleaded and pleaded, it was no use Crtha just laughed and then she knocked out Emma with a crowbar and dragged her too the plane.

Meanwhile on the plane everyone was waiting until the plane took off, "So where is Emma" asked Blake everyone shugged while they kept on talking but Mist heard "Oh Emma i dont know where she is". While everyone was chatting,sleeping and making out Mia the flight attendent said it was time too take off. Everyone started too cheer because they were finally going home. "So Kiki i am really going too miss you" Kiki looks up too him looking sad that she may not see Sky again "So do you want too make out in the bathroom" asked Kiki as she twirled her hair around and winked at Sky. Sky argeed and they walked down the path too the airplanes bath room. When they arrived at the bathroom they saw Emma's body in there. They just screamed and pushed Emma out of the washroom. When they were in the washroom Sky started it by kissing Kiki on the neck Kiki was liking it but when Sky tried too take off Kiki's shirt they noticed that the plane was shaking like crazy. They were stuggling too get out they tried too scream too try and get people too try to get them out.

While everyone was relaxing they noticed the shaking too. "What's that shaking Wes baby" Cass asks as she was looking up porn on her tablet and having some drugs, "I dont know baby" soon the Plane was starting too lean over. Everyone started too scream. People were moving around with there seats going up and down. Crtha turned on the intercom, "I HOPE YOU HAVE A FUN RIDE BISHES" Crtha started too go crazy with the wheel and started too make the plane upside down. 

All hell broke  loose. Everyone was screaming and some people like Mist and Kekai were already dead. from hitting there heads too far. "WERE ALL GOING TOO DUCKING DIEEEEEE HOLYYYY S***" as Cass holds her big breasts hoping that they will not explode due too alot of boob jobs that she had in the pass, Dani just looked at her "Thank's for the info captain obvious" she says sarcasticly while she was hanging on for her life. The plane started too be on fire many people were getting burned and electrocuted by the plane. Rowan and Kaeghan were crying with eachother before they know it a part of the plane was broken off and Rowan was send flying out and the airplane wing inpaled her really hard that Rowan was cut in half. Kaeghan was pissed about it so he went on the seat that Rowan went and died the same way as Rowan. Soon alot of the pieces of the plane was about too break down and many people started too flyaway due too the air sucking them out of the aircraft.

The only people who are still alive are Alice,Dani,Kiki,Justin,Cass,Ian,Caylin and Oli the flight attendent. They all ran for the parachutes hoping that they will alive but big mistake! the aircrafts floor was two week and Caylin was sucked in the floor. Kiki was holding on too Caylin as hard as she can "CAYLIN HOLD ON YOUR LIKE MY BESTFRIEND DONT DIE!" and then Dani was trying too pull up Caylin too, but the air was too strong for them. Caylin was sucked out of the aircraft. The hole was getting bigger and bigger because it was on fire. Everyone decided it would be a great idea that they should go too the aircrafts bathroom everyone ran for it and everyone made it expect for Justin because he tripped and his tits were on fire "LOOK AT MY FIRE TITS EVERYONE EMMA WOULD BE SOOO PROUD" and he died because of his titties were burnt. When everyone was in the bathroom they realies that it was a big mistake "O no" everyone looked Ian and reliased that there going too fall for there deaths. Oli tried too move sideways but Cass's boob went in his face "Can you not" Oli tried too say but he was already dead from suffacating on Cass's boob. The stall was about too hit land the last words that everyone heard was "O no" and BOOM everyone was dead.


When Joan the President of the capitol one of the unknown island's grab the bodies and stated too revive people. Everyone started too wake up "Everyone you guys are in the hunger games now start training" and everyone gasped.

Part four Training

Name Score Reasons
Cass 10 She was skilled in almost everything she was suppose too get a 11 but she lost points for getting prego again with Wes.
Wes 11 He was really strong in stations he is pretty much the strongest tribute in the games sooo watch outttt but he lost points for getting somebody preggers
Rowan 7 Rowan was good with climbing she also good at knowing survival skills and plants.
Kaeghan 2 Kaeghan was good at all the speed stations but lost points for eatting a lubey oero by mistake he is right now in the medic's office laying down.
Kiki 11 Kiki did an amazing job at everything expect the edible plants station because she refused too eat anything....
Sky 12 Sky he was too smart...He killed a trainer by mistake.
Dani 11 Dani she almost got like a 1 but she killed a trainer too because the trainer was not hot enough and the trainer dun goofed..
KEAP 8 KEAP did good he got a 8 for doing Capitol kids homework  and he knows how too cook well ;)
Emma 9 Emma she was good at thorwing Lubey oero's thats all
Rainie 6 Rainie was going too get a 12 but she got in a fight with the trainer and she got a six. Rainie is really skilled with frying pans.
Ian 4 Because he wanted a four.
Kekai 13 (trollface) Kekai got a 13 for rebelling and he was trying too get a 1 but he sucked at it and the gamemakers were 2smart4him
Rayneh 5 She did okay....
Blake 10.5

Blake was skilled with thorwing knifes and any thorwing weapon he has a good chance too survive the bloodbath.

Caylin 9 Caylin was good at alot of stations and the gamemakers like her attitude.
Mist 6 Mist sucked at the sword station he cut off his manhood by mistake.
Annie 3 Annie only stayed in her room and watched Les mis and looked at Aaron Tviet's sweet ass
Jade 5 Jade only made DAP elephant cum yogurt the game makers liked it.
Connor 7 Connor was really smart.
Nick 4 Nick lets just say sucked at stations....
Alice 6 She was skilled with sperm rockets
Erlend 6.9 The gamemakers did it for lulz
Dustin 6.9 He begged for it
Justin 0 His tits got on fire again.

The games part five

Dustin's POV 











As the gong goes me and my allience try too escape the bloodbath. All a sudden Rayneh from allience three already got a knife and tackled me. I tried too scream for Kekai he did not hear me at all, "Kekai is not coming for you" Raynah laughs eviliy as she was about too plunge the knife in too my neck. 

As i closed my eyes waiting too accept my fate i saw Crimson liquid coming out of Rayneh's neck slowly her he ad went off BOOM! it turned out that kekai beheaded her for me because i saw blood on his axe when i was about too thank him he put his hand on my mouth and try too find our allies before it's too late.

I tried too run as fast as i can in this arena you have too be fast because there is piranha's in the water but they are just eating my feet like a meal.

I see that i am going too die soon so i just fall in the water waiting for the Piranha's too eat me but Justin just had too scoop me out out the water and our allience ran too find shelter before it's too late.

Dani's POV

I got this in the bag me and KEAP are going too win this together. We did not have too run at all because first of all alliance one is 2fab4uall and plus the cornucopia is at a island that were on right now.

All a suddenly i hear a cry for help. I just ingored it but of course KEAP told me too get my ass over there.When i ran over too the cornucopia i saw Connor for allience 4 putting Kiki in a headlock. My heart was breaking when i saw her in a headlock Kiki is not just a friend too me she is my best friend i loved Kiki too death.

I ran up too Connor and beheaded him BOOM! my sword Kiki ran over too me and gave me a big hug. We go contiune and kill people who are not in our allience.

Then I saw Nick trying too ran but i grabbed a Piranha and  shoved it down this windpipe "AHH----" Nick got cut off because the Piranha ate his vocial chords and it kept on going until Nick could not breathe BOOM!

Cass's Pov

Oh my god i dont care if i die i just want too have sex with Wes or have a threesome with a Piranha "So Wes want too make some white water" i asked and Wes argeed too.

I started too take off my chothes off and Wes did too. First i tickled his pickle then he tickled mine. It was like we were making pickle pies even thought pickle and pie's dont mix. Jay would know that because he is the pie god like duh. Me and Wes kept on going like a grizzly and a Salm... Piranha. It was getting bloody but me and Wes didnt care until Erlend from my behind, thinking it was funny too shove a road sign up my ass.


It turned out that he didnt want too kill me it just he wanted too join in so it was now a foursome. It was wild as hell,Wes was bleeding thought his holes and erlend was biting on it. 

I was enjoying it too much there was piranha bites every in my body i had too pass out from blood lost but i didnt all i could hear was "CASS!".


Caylin's Pov


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