District/Gender Weapons Mentor Escort Training Score Age
CloudberryX 1 male spear Lily Beet Shimmer Glimmer 7 16
RosalindX 1 female bow and arrows Lily Beet Shimmer Glimmer 6 15
ZanderX 1 male Dagger Lily Beet Shimmer Glimmer 7 18
CranberryX 1 female bow and arrows Lily Beet Shimmer Glimmer 8 16
BrickX 2 male morning star, sword Wince Red Rockie Boony 10 17
KiwiX 2 female knives Wince Red Rockie Boony 5 10
CadberryX 2 male sword, teeth Wince Red Rockie Boony 10 16
RasberryX 2 female throwing knives Wince Red Rockie Boony 10 16
ComptonX 3 male spear, traps Beetee Clarissa Areda 7 16
EmberX 3 female wire, blow gun, small knife, slingshot Beetee Clarissa Areda 6 15
DevonX 3 male spear, electricity Beetee Clarissa Areda 8 14
IsabelleX 3 female electricity Beetee Clarissa Areda 6 14
CaliasX 4 male trident Alanias Dylan Night 9 16
BoysonberryX 4 female trident Alanias Dylan Night 8 16
SeawaterX 4 male trident Alanias Dylan Night 4 17
BlackberryX 4 female throwing axes Alanias Dylan Night 9 16
BlakeX 5 male sword, knives Henry Power Annasho 9 17


5 female knife Henry Power Annasho 7 12
LukeX 5 male trident, bow and arrows Henry Power Annasho 9 17
LilyX 5 female throwing darts Henry Power Annasho 5 9
CiaranX 6 male bow and knife Congo Hanson Deedee Gilbert 8 14
SheeSheeX 6 female none Congo Hanson Deedee Gilbert 0 2
JeromeX 6 male sword Congo Hanson Deedee Gilbert 6 11
SezdarlaX 6 female Dart gun, gun, throwing mace Congo Hanson Deedee Gilbert 9 17
AberX 7 male Throwing ax Huowee Shodonna Likee 8 14
SieneX 7 female throwing ax Huowee Shodonna Likee 5 11
JabinX 7 male electricity, knife Houwee Shodonna Likee 7 13
KachangX 7 female electricity, ax Huowee Shodonna Likee 4 12
NickX 8 male bow and arrows Stryker Flavius Mark 6 17
EbonyX 8 female Bow and arrows, dagger Stryker Flavius Mark 11 16
WayneX 8 male dagger Stryker Flavius Mark 5 4
CocoX 8 female sword Stryker Flavius Mark 5 14
JoeX 9 male bow and arrows, knives Ben Pot Jaclen 4 12
JaniceX 9 female sword Ben Pot Jaclen 7 15
AlexX 9 male none Ben Pot Jaclen 2 3
AngieX 9 female knives Ben Pot Jaclen 1 2
CowX 10 male sword and ax Pigtunia Farm Titena 6 17
KatrinaX 10 female Throwing knives Pigtunia Farm Titena 7 17
AndrewX 10 male none Pigtunia Farm Titena 5 14
JaneX 10 female knunchucks, knife Pigtunia Farm Titena 6 12
RuckX 11 male sword, spear, throwing knives LeeAnn Jons Unina Idol 9 18
AloonX 11 female spear LeeAnn Jons Unina Idol 2 5
CalemX 11 male battle axes LeeAnn Jons Unina Idol 8 15
JellicaX 11 female knives LeeAnn Jons Unina Idol 5 7
DanyX 12 male axes, knives, sword Katniss Everdeen Trifle Trinket 8 17
Madi 12 female sword, axe, and spear Katniss Everdeen Trifle Trinket 11 10
TobyX 12 male sword, spear Katniss Everdeen Trifle Trinket 7 13
Kayleigh 12 female slingshot, bow and arrows, throwing axes, throwing knives Katniss Everdeen Trifle Trinket 12 10
Name District/Gender Weapons Mentor Excort Training Score Age
ToxicX 13 male trident Reed Hinjan 7 18
HanceyX 13 female ax Reed Hinjan 8 11
FumesX 13 male none Reed Hinjan 6 15
AngelicaX 13 female ax Reed Hinjan 7 17


Interveiw Costumes Chariot Costumes

Ms-white tuxes

Fs-pink tight dresses

Ms-like Marvel's but silver and looks like glass

Fs-like Glimmer's but silver and looks like glass


Ms-ruby red tuxes

Fs-ruby red dresses

Ms-roman gladiator suits that reflect like metal

Fs- roman gladiator suits that reflect like metal


Ms-gray suit with a bunch of gadgets on a belt

Fs-a gray dress with earrings all the way to the top that have tiny gadgets hanging from them

Ms-a white tux hanged down with gadgets

Fs-a white flowing dress hanged down with gadgets


Ms-green tuxes with blue bow ties

Fs-blue dress with a white wavy ruffle like waves

Ms-a short sleeved shirt and pants that are made of nets

Fs-dress made of nets


Ms-a brown shirt with the sleeves roled up with black pants

Fs-a brown dress that looks like it had the bottom ripped off

Ms-a suit made of wires and cables

Fs-a dress of wires and cables


Ms-black suit

Fs-brown dress

Ms-a conductors' outfit

Fs-a conductors' hat with a blue and white striped dress


Ms-orange suit

Fs-orange dress

Ms-all brown outfit with tree branches wrapped up the legs and arms

Fs-all brown outfit not dress with tree branches wrapped up the legs and arms


Ms-blue top and pants

Fs-purple top and pants

Ms-a bunch of fabric stitched together lazily to make a tux and pants

Fs-a bunch of fabrics stitched together lazily to make a long fluffy dress


Ms-beige pants with light yellow top

Fs-beige dress with light yellow shoes

Ms-a tux made of grain and a halo made of grain

Fs-a dress made of grain and halo of grain


Ms-white shirt with black pants

Fs-white top with a black skirt

Ms-farmers suit with bright colors dyed through the males' hair

Fs-farmers suit with loads of jewelery


Ms-yellow tuxes

Fs-yellow dresses

Ms-blue overalls and plaid shirt

Fs-pink overalls and plaid shirt


Ms-red tuxes with black ear peircings

Fs-short tight red dresses with black jewelery and headdress

Ms-miners' suit on to represent miners that is on fire with ear peircings on fire

Fs-black dress to represent coal that is on fire, girl 2's hair in a braid down her back and also has mockingjay wings on the back but girl 1 doesn't, both have headresses on fire


Ms-dark green suits

Fs-dark green dresses

Ms-camouflauge suit with toxic air around in the air with gas masks on

Fs-camoufluge dress with toxic air around in the air with gas masks on

Tributes Template

Name [first only]=



Mentor Name [optional]=

Escort Name [optional=

Training Score=

Age [2-18]=

What I do....

I do reapings, train rides, chariot costumes, training, private lessons, interveiws, games, and victor interveiw.

Twist of the Quell

The president walks out on to the stage and pulls out a card `As you probably well know this will be the very last Hunger Games' he says. People all around Panem want to know what the twist is. `The twist is that four people of any age ranging from 2 to 18 can go in .' the president smiles at the screen as he says the rest `Luckly these are our last games!' The tv then goes blank, ever since the war the capitol has shrunk in size but has tooken over all of the districts even 13. Parents around Panem thought their younger ones would be safe after these games, but they were all wrong. The tv suddenly shot back on, `There will be 2 victors! And they all will be performing before their interveiws!' the president says frowning. But all the other people think that that means that their children might come out. The tv shoots back on and the president walks on stage with a very popular child and Katniss Everdeen. The child is only Kayleigh Mellark, who has been on tv ever since she was born. Peeta runs on stage to protect his child but, he is tooken off stage. `How was your journey? In prison!' the president screams at the child. `Uhhhh....' the girl studders.`Nice?' she finishes. Katniss steps in front of her child and yells, `Stop it! You have hurt her enough!' Peeta runs and grabs Kayleigh. As the tv turns off, people know that they have tortured the one of their last kids of the victors because they thought that they were making a rebelization. The 10 year old has been tortured for months and has finally been seen. ZAP! How many times are they going to turn it back on! `You know Kayleigh has been tortured 12, so don't go making a rebelization! Now look at little Mellark! Oh... I think she looks better don't you?' the president says as a video of the child being abused is being played. In the background Katniss and Peeta are bending over their last child alive. They had 4 children, Prim-the oldest-died of whipping protecting her younger brother, and Finnick-the middle child-died in the games. But, Kayleigh and her paternal twin, Madi are still alive. Kayleigh is sneaking up behind the president holding her aim tight. Her bow is jet black with a matching arrow in place. She then shoots but, misses and hits the camera man. Peacekeepers grab her parents away and she screams. She is strapped to a chair and is being whipped, the camera looks to the ground right when blood splatters all over it. People in 12 have their faces covered, while thinking about the 10 year old girl, and if she will make it.

How do you like it? How do like President Winter? How do like the Mellark Family?

District 1 Reaping-Rosalind

I wake up a hour early and jump in my bright pink ruffle dress and white shoes. `Nice outfit sweetie.' I turn around to see my mother hovering over the doorway. I finish putting my hair in pigtails and say `Thanks. You want to leave early?' She nods and walks me out. As I stare she talks to women who come to my house every day. Sometimes I call them stalkers and other times I call them family friends. My brother runs up behind me and pushes me to the ground. I scream as I look at my muddy dress. People try to help but it doesn't work it smears and rips the dress. When I volenteer I will look horrible. I cry all the way there, when we reach the square I prick my finger and push my brother into the mud. `Leave me alone twirp!' I scream. He cries and walks back to my mother. Cloudberry smiles at me and looks at my dress. I feel like telling him that it isn't funny but, I am not going to tell a cute boy like him to shut up. I go to my section and look at Cranberry, her mother talks to mine. I hate her. Period. If she volenteers I will freak. Shimmer Glimmer walks on stage and before she plays he video of the skulls and people walking in pain I freak. But she doesn't play the usual video, she plays the video of Kayleigh Mellark being tortured. Some people laugh, others try to hide their giggles, and some hide their faces. `Hann.....' Shimmer Glimmer is starting to say the tributes. `I volenteer!' I scream. `I volenteer! I don't take it back!' Cranberry says. I roll my eyes and walk on stage. `Oh... we have some volenteers.' Shimmer says as she frowns. I wonder why she is sad. `Zander and Feetcher!' Shimmer says forcing a smile. `I volenteer!' people turn their heads at Cloudberry and watch him take Feetcher's place. I stare, we shake hands, and I wink at him. He gives me a disgusted look. I jump on the train and the last thing I see is my brother laughing at me. I realize that my dress is still covered in mud and ripped, oh, I am not impressing Shimmer Glimmer yet.

District 2 Reaping-Raspberry

I wake up and have a stinging pain in my hand. I run out of the house, across the street, into Cadberry's house, into his bedroom, and wake him up. `Did you do this?' I shout. He still is waking up, but I still continue to yell. `I didn't do that! Okay, I thought we were friends!' he shouts back. He covers his mouth and I start to feel bad for yelling at him. `I am soooo sorry! I really am if you don't believe me then, well, to bad!' I say as I walk out the door. He throws me bandages and I wrap my hand up. As I get home I notice what I did. I still get dressed in my light blue dress and highheels. I twirl and look in the mirror, `You look nice.' I turn to see Cadberry waiting at my door. `Hey. Have I told you I am not........', we are then interupted my mother and I stare at her till she goes away. We walk out talking and telling each other our nightmares. Well some what. We prick our fingers and go to our sections. I look at he people around me. Rockie Boony is holding Wince Red by the hands to her seat. Oh poor, Wince Red she has been acting stranger than before. The thing is is that she used to get drunk and tried to kill other people who lived in the victors village. She won at 14 and is only 23. She went crazy when her tribute got really close to her and well died in 2nd place. She plays the video of Little Miss Perfect Mellark being tortured. I laugh and this little 10 year old starts to cry. Oh, what a waste of tears. `Kiwi and Fiona!' Rockie says. I rush in front of Fiona and scream `I volenteer, I guess.' I shrug my shoulders and Fiona frowns the whole way back to her spot. Kiwi is trying to act like the careers, but that isn't doing well. `Yorick and Ging.' Rockie says with a pout. `I volenteer!' `I volenteer!' I hear 2 people scream. I then notice one of them being Cadberry. We shake hands and walk towards the train. The last thing I see is everyone blowing us kisses.

District 3 Reaping-Devon

Isabelle is bending over my bed. As soon as she sees I am awake, she asks me if I am volenteering. `No, why would I?' I answer. She grabs her yellow dress and I grab my gray shirt and pants. I push her gently through the door out on to the streets. Father is soon following. He says that we will most likely be safe inless we volenteer. A boy pushes a girl to the ground. She then grabs a knife from her chest and throwed it at him. He grabs it out of his hand and then tells her that a sister doesn't hurt her brother. Wierd, they're brother and sister. Clarissa Areda speeds by us. She is our crazy excort. We prick our fingers and leave. `Welcome to District 3's reapings!' Clarissa says with a grin as big as her face. `Ember and Isabelle!' she shouts. I freeze and watch my teared up sister take to the stage. `Compton and...' `I volenteer!' I scream before I even know who it is. `Devon. It is Devon.' I say before she asks me what my name is. I need to get Isabelle and myself out of these games. I jump on the train. I look around and see my father walking away.

I am skipping to D12 sorry...... District 12 Reaping-Kayleigh

I roll onto my back as Haymitch screams at me like I am stupid. But to him I am. `Why? Why did you try to shoot the president?' he screams all the time in his old 60 year old voice. `Ohhh! Stop, why do we have to put this on? I just got tortured for months, what is the big deal?' I say to my mother who is appling medicine to my back. She dresses me in a blue dress and white shoes. Life here is hard. I am always awaken by my mother screaming or father trying to kill Haymitch. `Do your hair Kayleigh Everdeen Mellark!' father tugs my hair and grabs my hair tie out. He yells at Madi, but doesn't to anything to her. I had my hair in a sloppy bun because I don't want to wear my hair in the usual braid.. `Peeta! Get off of her!' my mother screams at him. I don't even notice that he is on top of me holding a knife to my face. A 10 year old doesn't deserve that! `Fine! I might just volenteer! So I don't have to die from my father killing me!' I snap at him. I might be rude like my mother, but I also have trackerjacker venom in my blood from him. Mother does my hair in a braid and wraps me in her father's old hunting jacket. Yeah it has shrunk over the years. I grab a knife and walk behind my father. `Don't do that. I have thought about it before.' I turn to see my mother and Haymitch. `I bet you have.' I answer. We then go outside and start walking towards the square. Haymitch is like a body gaurd who scares people off. I push him out of the way and grab out my knife. My sister grabs me and takes the knife away. `Hey! Give that back!' I scream as I push Madi to the floor. `Uhhhh, get off of me!' she shoots her words harder than her weapons. I take Haymitch's knife from his pocket and throw it at her. It barely misses her chin. `Ha! You missed. Jerk!' Madi screams. `Like I meant to!', I shoot a arrow at her arm, `Ha! Who is laughing now!' I shout. She is bleeding pretty bad, because I got her right in the shoulder. I help her up, sometimes I wonder if we are sisters or people who hate each other. Her white dress looks more like a red dress now, but oh well. I hand back Haymitch's knife. I wanted to kill my father then and there. Why does she have to do that? Keep me from killing my father who can be nice and normal to well, crazy and rude. `I need to get going.' my mother parts from us. I prick my finger and walk to my section. Madi gives me a glare. People stare from all sides. Her dress looks like it was made that color now. `Bloody Madi!' I mumble as I walk by. `You better watch out Mellark!' she shouts back. Trifle Trinkett walks on stage with mother. She plays the video about skulls and people walking around. Wait that isn't the right video. I know that video well because it is about me being tortured. My mother turns pale on stage and soon begins to cry. Madi giggles at it, but then I turn around holding the knife to her throut. She soon stops laughing. `Boys first this year!' Trifle says with a grin on her face. `Dany and Toby!' A boy with flowing blonde hair who looks like he is 17 walks up. The boy next to him has ginger hair and freckles who looks 13. `Madi and Kayleigh!' Trifle shouts with glee. I walk up without shuddering a bit. Madi is crying I know it. I am not going to take the chance of checking though. I jump onto the train and see Haymitch shaking his head outside standing by my father who looks like vanilla icecream. We then speed towards the capitol.

Train Ride D1-Cloudberry

Lily Beet said that Rosalind has to change her dress and I agree. We watch all the reapings from the other districts. I watch as the Victors' Child, Kayleigh, walks up on stage. The other female is crying what a woos. I still don't get why Rosalind winked at me! I hate her, she might be cute, but I still hate her! Zander is cool and all but I wish he would shut up time to time! Cranberry is nice and is really hot! I don't know why Rosalind hates her, but I don't care. Lily talks to Zander about his mouth and then tells Rosalind to at the least act like she is friends with Cranberry. Apparently Cranberry tried to murder Rosalind when they were 10. 0 hour later... I soon hear cheers coming from outside. We pull into the capitol and as we walk out I wave and shoot Rosalind a look. She smiles and says `Of course I don't like you I want to be allies, sweetie.' She scares me because doesn't she know that we are both careers?

Train Ride D2-Brick

I walk to the dining area and grab Raspberry's arm dragging her along with me. `What are you doing!' she shouts, but I don't know either. I push her onto the table and she screams. Cadberry runs into the room and pushs me away from her. `What the hell are you doing to her!' he yells. She groans softly on the table as he walks away. Before I know it I am naked standing by the table taking her own garments off. What the hell am I doing? I soon know once I am on the table naked with her bare skin touching mine. Kiwi walks in and sees us. I tell her to go away or I will kill her in the bloodbath. I soon fall asleep on the table. 1 hours later.. I get off the table and get dressed. Raspberry is fully awake and says `What happened? Were you drunk? Did you just sleep with me?' `No, I don't drink and yes I believe I did.' I answer. She doesn't push me or try to get away when I grasp her in my arms. She gets dressed and walks out to talk to Cadberry. She soon comes back in and leaps towards me. She kisses me for minutes. I hear cheering and I know that we are at the capitol. I push her away and she asks me `What Brick?' `We are at the capitol.' I walk off the train with Kiwi on my shoulders. Cadberry and Raspberry are holding hands, but I see that she is uncomfortable.

Train Ride D3-Ember

I frown as I see District 12's Reapings. Compton is laughing at the ginger haired boy named Toby and the girl who was crying named Madi. Devon and Isabelle have been crying for 2 hours now and haven't grown up yet. `Yeah guys your both in the games. Grow up!' I shout. They begin crying harder than ever. Compton walks them out to the dining area and then leaves them there. `Your welcome.' he says rudely. `I never said I wanted them to leave so I don't have to thank you.' I say. Devon comes out of the dining area, but he isn't crying anymore. `Where is your sister?' Compton asks rudely. `Eating.' he answers. 2 hour later.. Isabelle comes out looking rather cute now that she isn't crying. She holds out purple cookies and an avox if he wants one. He eats one of them and he then drops down dead. `What were those?' Devon asks. `Nightlock cookies. I made them because he gave me soup with a fly in it.' she answers. We jump off the train and walk towards the tribute hotel.

Train Ride D4-Boysonberry

Blackberry is watching the reapings while curling up with Seawater. I watch them from a far. Calias is opening his mouth and talking bad about every tribute. Seawater walks towards me after Blackberry goes to the bathroom. `What do you want?' I say trying my hardest to be polite. `You want to come with me?' he asks. `Sure.' I answer. He takes me to the dining area and tries to disrobe me. I push him away and run. Seawater grabs me and throws me to the floor. `Boysonberry!' he screams. I jump up on my feet and run. Calias helps me and pushs him back to the floor. After 3 hours of that.. We hear cheers and we know that we are in the capitol. I walk out smiling and waving.

Train Ride D5-Allie

I see Blake and Luke laughing at the reapings, for example Rosalind's muddy, ripped dress or the bigger guy named Ruck fom 11. I watch, but I don't talk about it. I try to explain to Lily that it will be okay and that 5 is trying to do a nightlock trick at the end. 4 hours later.. Blake asks Luke and me for an aliance and then I ask `Why didn't you ask Lily?' He thinks about it and I know the answer. `Cheers.' Luke softly says. `Yes, no, duh. You know it is the capitol, Luke Odair.' Lily says.

Train Ride D6-Jerome

I smile as I see younger children walking on stage at the reapings. That means I might get out and I could live a happy life! Sezdarla laughs at people who cried as they walk on stage. She shivers when she sees Ruck. I am thinking about asking him as an ally when I see Kayleigh Mellark walk on stage. She is the one I want to ally with. 5 hours later.. I hear SheeShee crying, I feel bad for her she probably is the youngest tribute. Ciaran is trying to tell her that she will live, but she has watched her share of the hunger games and knows that only one comes out. We hear the cheers of the capitol, he jump out, but see nobody. Well I don't like being watched anyways.

Train Ride D7-Aber

Oh, poor SheeShee from 6. Siene, Jabin, and Kachang are worring about her, but I am not worring one bit. Waaaa Waa. To bad for her, right. 6 hours later.. I smile at the tv. I made Kachang watch 11 and 12's reapings over and over again. I think that I should ally with Dany from 12, and Calem and Ruck from 11. I know that Dany is going to protect Kayleigh though. I wonder what will happen in the games this year. We jult to a stop an then we hear the cheers of the capitol.

Train Ride D8-Nick

Oh, I hate the capitol. They put my girlfriend in these games with me and I am disgusted. Coco and Ebony are chatting like maniacs and watching the reapings. They comment things like Ruck's big abs, Rosalind's dress disaster, or Madi from 12 crying. This bothers me for some reason, I don't know why exactly. Ebony picks Wayne up and puts him on her lap and smiles at him. `Coco can you come with me?' I ask. `No, I am talking to Ebony.' she answers. 7 hours later.. She turns around around and looks at me. She is probably wondering why I have been in the dining area staring into space for hours. I hear cheers and walk slowly towards the door and walk out right before it stops.

Train Ride D9-Janice

Alex and Angie have cried and cried and cried! Apparently theyr'e brother and sister. Joe is watching the reapings seeing if anybody is a threat. `Cloudberry..nah. Aber....maybe.! Ruck....yes, yes in deed! Kayleigh....def. Madi....looks tough but crys like a baby! `Oh, shut up!' I yell. 8 hours later.. We eat and wash up. I think about the lives of Alex and Angie. Will they make it out alive? Will they even make it out of the bloodbath? I know the answer to both, but I still question it. Cheers, I hear the cheers that mean that there is no turning back. I get off before anyone else and the crowd screams. They stay mute for Alex and Angie. I roll my eyes at the lack of cheers.

Train Ride D10-Katrina

I sit around the tv and stare. Compared to last year I think I can win. Pigtunia Farm and Titinia are smiling at the table and tell us which people we should ally with. The funny thing is is that Pigtunia allied 8 people in one alliance, so whatever I do I am not taking alliance advice from her. Titinia actually was the one who escorted Pigtunia and many other victors for my district. Cow and and Andrew have been replaying the 11's reapings and gaping at Ruck. They smile at Kayleigh and think about allying her, but Titinia said that it is a bad move if you want to stay alive. 9 hours later.. Jane tells me that she is asking Kayleigh to ally no matter what Titinia says. I smile and nod at her nicely. We hear cheers and screams in a few minutes. Andrew jumps out with Jane coming right after him. Cow looks at me then sweeps me off my feet. I smile at him and then lean in..... `What the **** are you doing?' he screams. `I just thought..' I stutter. `Forget it!' he yells and then he laughs at me. `What?' I ask. He leans in to kiss me when some avoxs push us off the train.

Train Ride D11-Ruck

I look at Aber and Dany, I want to ally with them for sure. Calem says `I want to ally with them too.' I look at Jellica and Aloon they look so innocent, so harmless. Kayleigh from 12 will probably save them from the bloodbath and then ally with them. If she doesn't I will kill her. 10 hours later.. I have eaten for hours now and everyone is staring. I don't care, I wipe my face as I start to hear cheers. I grab Aloon on my shoulders and carry Jellic while I get off the train. Calem grabs Aloon off my shoulders and carries her off the train.

Train Ride D12-Toby

Madi had to wash up as soon as we get on the train. Kayleigh has been calling Madi `Bloody Madi' I laugh each time. Madi threw a knife at Kayleigh's head, but Kayleigh dodged it easily. Kayleigh just then throws a butcher knife at Madi hitting her in the other shoulder. Madi then has to take another shower. `The reason that it is like this is because Madi is my twin sister and I have always been more famous. She tries to kill me so she can be popular.' Kayleigh says about Madi. 11 hours later.. Madi has been fired up at every body and has attacked Trifle Trinkett. She jumped on an avox and punched him to death. I feel bad and start to frown as I hear cheers. Kayleigh, who has been hiding in the dining area for hours, pops her head out as she frowns. She grabs a knife, closes her eyes, then throw it at the door. Madi tells me to wrap my arms around her as they walked out. Dany holds Kayeigh close and kisses her as they walk out.

Train Ride D13-Angelica

I kiss Toxic while Hancey kisses Fumes. I can't kill my boyfriend and Hancey can't either. I get in the shower and the next thing I know Toxic is in the shower with me. I don't hesitate when he grabs me tightly. 12 hours later.. Hancey has talked for hours and Fumes has been trying to kiss her for hours. I hear screams and groans. I walk out and see people smiling and waving their hands slowly. They all have bags under their eyes and some are asleep.

Some months later......

Message from the capitol..... `I am sorry, but we can't make the arena for another week.'


Kayleigh-This keeps me from dying for another week!

Raspberry-I can't go into the arena, I'm pregnant and Cadberry is going to be a father! Or was it Brick?

Brick-I need to tell Raspberry that Cadberry isn't the father. Why did I do that to her? Why did I slam her onto the table and undress her.

Luke-I look around me at the other faces, they all look scared, but I am sad. I don't get to win for another week!

Over the next week

Brick-I told her yesterday and she yelled at me than kissed me. It was weird and I think that she has brain problems because she then kisses Cadberry.

Raspberry-I run towards the door and scream. I run for a knife so I can kill myself and Brick's baby. I don't care that he loves me, I really don't.

Kiwi-I run after Raspberry and throw her to the ground. She looks at me like I am crazy. I grab the knife in her hands and hand it to Brick.

Cadberry-I look at Raspberry and think about her doing it with Brick. Is it posible? Did they actually do it?

Allie-I smile when the news of a career being pregnant because that gives me more of a chance of winning. Blake kisses me on the cheek and I blush.

Luke-I look at the tv and scream. I know that I shouldn't be, but I have to.

Blake-I kissed Allie and it felt wonderful. I can't believe that I will be killing her soon.

Kayleigh-Madi is growling at the tv and Toby is just staring. Dany walks toward me and I smile at him. He whispers something like `Don't think about killing me in the arena are you Mellark?'

Madi-I hate Chris Flickerman and Cristrain Templesmith. They probably made her sleep with him. I take it back after they play what they saw on the train ride.

Alliances (uncomplete)

Alliance 1 [careers]-Cloudberry-Zander-Cranberry-Rosalind [1]-Calias-Seawater-Boysonberry-Blackberry [4]-Madi [12]

Alliance 2-Brick-Raspberry-Cadberry-Kiwi [2]

Alliance 3-Devon-Isabelle-Ember [3]

Alliance 4-Ruck-Calem [11]-Dany [12]

Alliance 5-Allie-Luke-Blake [5]-Kayleigh [12]-Jane [10]-Joe [9]-Nick-Coco [8]

Alliance 6-Toxic-Fumes-Hancey-Angelica [13]

Alliance 7-Ebony [8]-Katrina [10]-Siene [7]-Sezdarla [6]

Rest are on their own until you make an alliance

Day 1-Bloodbath

Aber [7]

I am finally in the arena, I see Siene, Kabin, and Kachang [7] looking at the careers. I see a throwing ax, but it is in front of Boysonberry [4]. Luckly she doesn't use that weapon, she only uses a trident. Oh, nooo! Three tridents are laying right in front of Siene [7]. Siene finds out once she looks around at the weapons. 45, 44, 43, 42, 41.... I look at the clock that is now on 30. Kayleigh [12] is eyeing three axes that are melted together that makes it where there is three blades. She looks at me and I smile at her than turn it into a grin. She laughs than mouths the word `Mine.' 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GONG!

Kiwi [2]

I run with Raspberry and Cadberry [2] to the forest while Brick [2] fights to get us weapons. Raspberry can barely walk so we really are carrying her. We probaby have been walking for two minutes when Brick shows up holding one sleeping bag, two backpacks, two swords, 10 knives, and two packs of dried fruit. We let Raspberry rest and Cadberry takes me on a walk back to the bloodbath.

Kayleigh [12]

I run and grab the triple ax, some arrows, a bow, two packs of knives, one slingshot, and one backpack. Isabelle [3] and Katrina [10] sneaks up behind me, I then hear their voices saying `Allies?' I then turn around holding my ax tight in my hand slicing them both in the stomach. They both land on their knees and bend over the ground. I grab my bow and load an arrow and shoot it at Aber. It hits him in the shoulder and I scream `What the?' I then run into the forest. I hear footsteps and then I throw a knife at a girl who was running out of the trees. I bend down to see that it is the girl from 11. Jellica? I am starting to think she wanted to ally because a person was following her. Luke from 5 pops out from the same spot she did. `Oh it's just you. Did you kill her? Allies?' he asks. `Yeh, I killed her and sure.' I answer. Blake [5] and Allie [5] walks up behind me. They both throw a knife at me. I grab them out of the air and throw them back `Here you might need these to kill Luke's other ally.' They get my message because they walk over to me smiling.

Coco [8]

I run into the forest with Nick weaponless I need to find Kayleigh. She promised us that she would ally with us. Jane [10] and Joe [9] come up behind us and ask us to ally with them. None of us are hurt, they agree that we need to find Kayleigh. We come across them a few minutes later. We hear 11 cannons and smile. We look in the sky and see Isabelle, Katrina, Janice, Jellica, Fumes, Siene, Aloon, Wayne, SheeShee, Compton, Alex, and Angie. Mostly all younger kids died. We then decide to sleep.

Day 2

Raspberry [2]

I have been hurting for weeks and I take back volenteering. I know I can't win. I curl up next to Cadberry and go to sleep. BOOM! I wake up and scream. I get up to my feet and start walking when I hear another BOOM! Cadberry and Brick walk me back over to the trees that I am sleeping at. They tell me that it is all right nothing happened.

Ruck [11]

I just killed Sezdarla by stabbing her to death and Dany [12] killed Andrew by decapitating him. Calem frowns when his kill escapes. I hear a scream coming from not very far away and we run towards it. It is District 2 female . I grab Kiwi's neck and snap it in half. She is still alive and throws a knife at me hitting Calem in the head. He dies in seconds BOOM, Cadberry runs up and chases us away.

Allie [5]

Luke says that we need to move our camp. BOOM! We are hunting when the careers attack us. Kayleigh loads her bow and shoots it at Zander. Luke grabs his trident and throws it into Seawater's head. I stab Blackberry repeatingly. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! I look to see Jane bending over a girl who is obviously not a career. It is Lily from my district. I see Madi from 12 slice Coco's leg off. She screams at Madi who is telling the careers to run.

Devon [3]

Ember and I look into the sky and watch the sky. I see Sezdarla, Andrew, Calem, Zander, Seawater, Blackberry, Lily in the sky. Ember kisses me and asks me what's wrong. `Isabelle lived with me my whole life.' I say.

Day 3

Toby [12]

BOOM! I watch Jabin fall to the ground coughing up blood. Kachang forces herself to stand. Her wounds from are fight are making her weak. I cut her leg off, one of her arms, and her forhead. She grabs her ax off the ground and throws it at my head. I fall to the ground, but I'm still alive. I grab my spear and throw it at her head. BOOM! BOOM!

Cow [10]

Run, I think, run! Devon and Ember are chasing me. I throw a stick at them and throw rocks at them. BOOM! I turn and see Madi from 12 killing Ember. BOOM! Devon is beant on the ground with a Boysonberry's trident in his head. I soon have the same one in mine. BOOM!

Rosalind [1]

Hancey is quivering while holding her weapon. She cut my eye rather bad and cut off Cloudberry's arm. She throws the ax into Calias's head and he falls. BOOM! I grab my last arrow out of its sheath and shoot it at Toxic's head. He sees me and throws his trident at me. BOOM! He is dead beant on the ground, but the trident isn't slowing down one bit. It hits my stomach and I laugh. But I am bleeding badly. Hancey throws an ax at my head and I hear the BOOM out of the darkness. Meaning one thing I'm dead.

Cranberry [1]

I look at Hancey running away and frown. She killed Rosalind and now she will pay! Compton [3], Jerome [6], and Ciaran [6] come out of the trees running. I shoot one of my arrows at Jerome hitting him in the neck. BOOM! Ciaran trips then out of the blue, bunny mutts attack him and I hear the awsome sound of the cannon go off. Compton gets away, and soon enough the mutts are at my heels. Luckly they feed on head flesh. Cloudberry gets them off of me and the careers or really Cloudberry, Boysonberry, and me walk back to the cornicopia.

Cadberry [2]

We look in the sky and see Jabin, Kachang, Toby, Ember, Devon, Cow, Calias, Toxic, Rosalind, Jerome, and Ciaran. Some careers actually died today. Kiwi is still alive, but is in lots of pain. Raspberry is asleep leaning on my shoulder. Brick is unharmed and wants to just finish Kiwi off.

Day 4

Kayleigh [12]

I hold Coco's hand as she bleeds. My grandmother might be a healer, but I sure am not. Her eyes close and I soon hear BOOM! Nick bends down next to her and cries. Ruck walks up behind him and I scream. Ruck slices his sword across his stomach. Luke throws his trident into Ruck's shoulder. Allie is pushed to the ground and she screams. I watch in horror just watching. Blake helps her up and I notice his smile. BOOM! I see Nick's dead, bloody body. Jane is struggling to get free from Dany. I shoot my arrow into his leg. He looks at me in disappointment. Ruck throws me against a tree and holds my throat. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! Dany is dead, but who is the others? Joe decapitates Ruck and I breath in hard. BOOM! We run as fast as we can to catch up with the others.

Ebony [8]

I killed Cadberry and Kiwi from 2 just seconds ago. I look and see Madi from 12 kissing Aber from 7. I smile and throw my dagger at her eye. She doesn't even flinch. She pulls it out and throws it at me. It misses and I notice a girl who I swore died in the bloodbath come up behind Aber. Is it Siene? Yes. BOOM! Aber is on the ground and Siene is running away. But she looks as good as new. Better than anyone else in the arena. She just killed a person from her own district. Madi looks at me and grins. An arrow is in my neck and I am bleeding bad. I see Kayleigh from Madi's district grab the arrow out of my neck and put it back in her sheath. Madi throws her ax at my head, but Kayleigh snatches it out of the air and says `Let her bleed.' They laugh and then go back to their alliances.

Siene [7]

I feel great, BOOM! Angelica and Hancey from 13 pop out of the woods. I throw my Aber's ax into Hancey's neck. BOOM! I grab it out and throw it into the Angelica's head. BOOM! Katrina [10], Isabelle [3], and Devon [3] walk out of the woods and I chop off Katrina's head. They ask to ally and I say yes. I see Joe from 9? Isabelle asks for my ax and throws it at him. BOOM! I see Luke and Devon take the ax from his sister and throws it at him hitting him in the leg. Boysonberry throws a trident in his head and then BOOM! I look and see Allie and Kayleigh sitting in a tree in shock. I wouldn't blame them two of their allies are dead.

Blake [5]

I tell Jane, Kayleigh, and Allie to run. They don't take a minute to complain. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! Brick, Cranberry, and Boysonberry are dead. Madi runs after me obviously weak and then she throws three spears one landing in my neck the other two landing in my spine. `Blake!'I hear Allie scream, but she know that it is too late. BOOM! BOOM! I see Devon and Isabelle with knives in their heads. BOOM!

Jane [10]

I turn and see most people dead, but soon it turns dark. I know that the capitol doesn't want the games to end on day 4. We sit and wait for the sky to be filled with faces. Then it happens, we see Coco, Nick, Dany, Ruck, Cadberry, Kiwi, Aber, Ebony, Hancey, Angelica, Katrina, Joe, Luke, Boysonberry, Brick, Cranberry, Boysonberry, Isabelle, Devon, and Blake. 12 people died in the bloodbath and 20 died today. `There will be a feast tomorrow!'

Day 5

Raspberry [2]

I feel uncomfortable and I can't sleep. Siene and Cloudberry are walking towards me. I scream as Siene chops my arms and legs off. I begin to cry as they walk away. BOOM! Siene is running from Cloudberry's body towards me again and she throws her ax into my head. BOOM!

Allie [5]

Jane told us that she doesn't want to keep the alliance any more. I could die and so could Kayleigh. Kayleigh tells me that Jane is right and she climbs a tree. I watch her jump from tree to tree. It goes dark in a few seconds. I guess they changed it so they can set up the feast. I hear a scream coming from the trees and then it goes light. I start to run towards the scream. I bet it was Kayleigh.

Kayleigh [12]

I feel my face and feel my blood, I can tell that my face has the number 12 carved on it. I scream and notice that Jane is lying above me. I jump down and walk away. I start to walk towards the feast when Alie's knife is in my back. I run and then I see it my bag. I see Jane and soon enough my arrow is in her heart. BOOM! I know that this will be the last day in the arena.

Madi [12]

I grab Siene's arm and throw her into the cornicopia. She screams as I slide my sword across her shoulder. She is telling me that she won't hurt me and soon I say `I know you won't. But I can still hurt you!' I cut her throat and watch her die. BOOM! Allie walks behind me and soon enough she is beant on the ground with Kayleigh's ax in her head. BOOM! I watch my sister and finally notice that we are the only ones left. She loads her slingshot with nightlock. I grab my spear. `Congrats Madi and Kayleigh from 12! You are our victors!'

Our Victors Ceremony!!!!

Haymitch, Peeta, Katniss, Kayleigh, and Madi are standing on the stage smiling. The five ever victors for 12! 4 of them are related by family the other one by friendship!

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