Telling you the Tributes...

24 Capitol children will fight to the death......

Capitol Tributes
Name Gender-Age Seawater Ellie Male-13
Ann Snow Female-12
Andy Snow Male-13
Trifle Lovlee Female-15
Raven Mockingjay Male-17
Kiki Norms Female-12
Isaac Presko Male=16
Diamond Pearl Female-17
Joe Croon Male-18
Edith Presko Female-15
Juniperberry Male-16
Orange Female-16
Nick Kobarg Male-16
Kachang Mindi Female-12
Jabin Volts Male-13
Mondi Bakerman Female-18
Ben Witover Male-18

How it started...

It all started after the 100th Hunger Games when the twins won. Their parents decided that the games were done with district children, but not the Capitol's. These are the tributes and I hope you learn your lesson Capitol!
  • Seawater Ellie
  • Ann Snow
  • Andy Snow
  • Trifle Lovlee
  • Kiki Norms
  • Edith Presko
  • Isaac Presko
  • Raven Mockingjay
  • Diamond Pearl
  • Joe Croon
  • Juniperberry
  • Orange
  • Mondi Bakerman
  • Kachang Mindi
  • Ben Witover
  • Jabin Volts
  • Nick Kobarg

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