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    250th Hunger Games

    District One

    District Two

    District Three

    District Four

    District Five

    District Six

    District Seven

    District Eight

    District Nine

    District Ten

    District Eleven

    District Twelve

    A few ideas I have are running rampant in my head. Here are three of the majors...

    Yes. They are all transported to this High School Arena, where they must attend classes, kill in the hallways, and be on time. Here are the rules.

    1. No killing in the classroom.

    If You kill inside of the classroom, you will be severely punished in some way. Maybe you will be kicked out, maybe you will be beaten or tortured, but you do not kill inside of the classroom. However, if someone is in the wrong classroom, you may kill them.

    2. Get to class on time.

    You have five minutes to both ge…

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  • KingKhrystopher

    250th Hunger​ Games

    These are my first Games that I've ever created, so please go easy on me. You can start submitting your tributes now, just fill out the  Tribute Form by clicking on the link.

    The anthem plays, and President Kahn takes the stage. He's followed by a young boy dressed in a white suit, holding a simple wooden box. The anthem ends, and President Kahn begins to speak, to remind everyone of the Dark Days from which the Hunger Games were born. When the laws for the Games were laid out, they​ dictated that every twenty-five years the anniversary would be marked by a Quarter Quell. It would call for a glorified version of the Games to make fresh the memory of those killed by the districts' rebellion.

    President Kahn​ goes on to tell …

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