250th Hunger​ Games

These are my first Games that I've ever created, so please go easy on me. You can start submitting your tributes now, just fill out the  Tribute Form by clicking on the link.

R​eading​ of the Card​

The anthem plays, and President Kahn takes the stage. He's followed by a young boy dressed in a white suit, holding a simple wooden box. The anthem ends, and President Kahn begins to speak, to remind everyone of the Dark Days from which the Hunger Games were born. When the laws for the Games were laid out, they​ dictated that every twenty-five years the anniversary would be marked by a Quarter Quell. It would call for a glorified version of the Games to make fresh the memory of those killed by the districts' rebellion.

President Kahn​ goes on to tell what happened in the previous Quarter Quells. "On the twenty-fifth anniversary, as a reminder to the rebels that their children were dying because of their choice to initiate violence, every district was made to hold an election and vote on the tributes who would represent it."

"On the fiftieth anniversary," the president continues, "as a remi​nder that two rebels died for each Capitol citizen, every district was required to send twice as many tributes."

"On the seventy-fifth anniversary," the president continues, "as a reminder to the rebels that not even the strongest can overcome the Capitol, tributes were reaped from their existing pool of victors."
"On the One-Hundredth anniversary, to show that the rebels are at the mercy of their peers, as well as the Capitol, each District had to present 8 tributes, and the Districts had to vote for one District to provide 12."
"On the Two-Hundredth anniversary, as a reminder that the rebels' efforts will always be doubled, yet they will still fail, the Districts were forced to provide 48 tributes, and there were 24 Hunger Games held all at one time, and the last Victor standing in the Arenas would be brought to a Final Arena, were they were forced to kill the remaining 23 Victors."
"And now we honor our tenth Quarter Quell," says the president. The little boy in white steps forward, holding out the box as he opens the lid. The president removes an envelope clearly marked with a 250. He runs his finger under the flap and pulls out a small square of paper. Without hesitation, he reads, "On the Two Hundred and Fiftieth anniversary, as a reminder to the rebels that you shall forever be at the mercy of the Capitol, there shall be 5 twists to the Games instead of One."
The crowd began to scream, crying in joy and in fear. The boy held another box towards the President, which he opened, and pulled out three cards. "The first. As a reminder that Jakob De'Call, and his ring of male Graphite workers were the ones who brought the women into the rebellion, tributes will be male only."
The crowd began to chant, "Girl Power!", as he began to read the next.
"The second. As a reminder that no one, not even those protected by rules, can be safe, tributes are to be Reaped from the ages 19-30 from now on until the next Quarter Quell."
The crowd cheered even pounder, crying, "No more Children!"
"The third. As a reminder that the rebels were cut off from the Capitol when they rebelled, with no help from the Capitol, there will be no Cornucopia in these Games. Sponsors will be the only help to you. However, your favored weapon will be in the Arena somewhere; you just have to find it."
The crowd began to yell, "Do it Yourself!"
"The fourth. To remind the rebels that hope must grow and be nurtured, even at the cost of lives, Districts will be forced to supply 4 tributes, however, 4 tributes may survive the games."
The crowd began to yell, "Keep up the Faith!"
The President selected the last card, and smiled horrendously.
"And finally, to remind everyone that not even your peers can be trusted in the Dark Days, the person Reaped, will not be placed in the Hunger Games; that person will choose which tributes go into the arena; and, also, there will be no volunteers!"
The crowd started crying, "Ooh!'s and "That's cold!"
The President stares at the camera. "Let the 250th Hunger Games begin!"


You may start submitting tributes, please go to the Tribute Form. There will be a max of 4 tributes per user, and two max per District. If they have friends or family, please say so.

District​ 1

1. Eric Anderson - 24 - Daggers
1. Liam Azalea - 26 - Bare Hands
1. Aidious Heart - 26 - Katana
1. Gary Stu - 25 - Anythang

District​ 2

2. Rodeo Baldius - 21 - Gavel
2. Makinme Butterflix - 27 - Hands
2. Caspian Mahoney - 19 - Sword and Chakram
2. Ineeda - 23 - Hands

District 3

3.Falish Ligh - 30 - Hands
3. Kinda Power - 30 - Hands
3. Tony Johnson - 27 - Bare Hands
3. Vesper Graymark - 23 - Scimitar

District 4

4. Sean Clay - 29 - Hands
4. Ian Samuels - 30 - Kobu Jutsu
4. Jake Thompson - 22 - Spear
4. Izz Likalil - 29 - Mace

Dist​rict 5

5. Kyson D'Vorah - 21 - Throwing Stars
5. Quentin D'Vorah - 25 - Hands
5. Eatthis  Ass - 28 - Hands
5. William Reynolds - 30 - Hands

District 6

6. Rapequan Thomas - 19 - Bare Hands
6. Taken Fromya - 23 - Bare Hands
6. Giveto Mey - 22 - Hands
6. Betesha Thomas - 19 - Hands

District 7

7. Thesil Oakland - 27 - Flail & Spiked Mace
7. Ryan Seacrest - 22 - Dildo
7. Basil Axford - 27 - Mace
7. Hayden Fulgore - 26 - Hands

District 8

8. Taven Delacour - 27 - Sais
8. Francis Lin - 26 - Bare Hands
8. Tanner Junkie - 24 - Bare Hands
8. Andrew Stark - 26 - Hands

District 9

9. William Lansing - 24 - Gun
9. Ainsley Harriot - 30 - Meat Cleaver
9. Tommy Brady - 19 - Hands
9. Yvette Gors - 23 - Hands

District 10

10. Quentin Louvre - 30 - Bow and Arrow
10. Cylus Orgins - 25 - Butcher Knife & Hatchet
10. Rick Ashley - 20 - Knives
10. Bailey Ashton - 19 - Staff

District​ 11

11. Ray Xerxes - 19 - Scythe And Katana
11. Ivy Liquir - 21 - Sickle
11. Oran Pettigrew - 22 - Hands
11. Tryna Grow - 24 - Hands

District​ 12

12. Terence Washington - 25 - Kunai
12. Ka'Davis Jones - 21 - Chained Scythe
12. Kabo Jacobs - 20 - Throwing Knives


As it says. I'm hirin' Gamemakers. I have an idea for what might happen, but I'll need help fully developing. Anyone can join! So long as you meet the following requirements:

Possess Creativity

Know correct grammar and writing mechanics (I need to know what you're saying)

Don't show favoritism (Just because you like Salliequaniesha doesn't mean she gets special treatment)

Can have fun

List of Gamemaker Spots​

1. Swimmerboy7701

2. WhiteShadow052


Tribute Forms

If your character is a Gary Stu, they might die early.

You may insert 6 Tributes, at maximum, but no more than 2 for each District. Remember, the criteria are that they must be ages 19-30 and male.

Name - 

Age - 

Weapon - (No more than two, can fight with bare hands if you want)

Personality - 

Sexuality - 

Relationships - (Spouse, Boyfriend/Girlfriend)

Family Members - (Just names and relationship)

Feelings about being selected - 


Face - (real life picture, but description will do.)

Body Type - (above)

Bloodbath Tribute? (If you'd like, make up some for me please)

Alliance - Will they ally up?

Arena costume - (I will select a costume seen in the game Mortal Kombat X for your tribute to wear in the arena, so reserve one or say IDC, which means you don't care [And please only say it in a special form. For example, if you want Scorpion in his usual clothes, say "Scorpion MKX Default." Remember, any uniform with masks will help protect your tribute's face and nose.)


A few ideas I have are running rampant in my head. Here are three of the majors...

High School

Yes. They are all transported to this High School Arena, where they must attend classes, kill in the hallways, and be on time. Here are the rules.

1. No killing in the classroom.

If You kill inside of the classroom, you will be severely punished in some way. Maybe you will be kicked out, maybe you will be beaten or tortured, but you do not kill inside of the classroom. However, if someone is in the wrong classroom, you may kill them.

2. Get to class on time.

You have five minutes to both get to class and avoid being killed. If you don't make it to class on time, the doors will be locked shut and you will have to fend off whatever horrors the Gamemakers decide to send your way. Maybe it's gas, maybe it's mutts, you have to fend it off for 30 minutes or die.

3. The only food and water are in the cafeteria and in the halls.

The food will be stored in the cafeteria, and is to stay in the cafeteria. No food is to be taken out, or you will be killed on sight. There are twenty four water fountains spread through the school, and with every two people that die, one is turned off and their locations switched. They are the only source of water, other than the liquid in the cafeteria food.

4. No killing shall be done in the dorms.

The dorms, like the classrooms, are safe. Unless they are in the wrong dorm, they cannot be killed. There are eight dorms, and you must find yours, or die trying.

5. There are four GPS systems.

You can have access to a GPS system. But you have to take the EOC Test to get it. The first four to take it and make a B- or higher grade get them. The GPS will show you where everyone is and where all the classrooms are, and if you scan your wrist, it will show you where to go to get to your classroom. It will also uncover secret passageways to go through to avoid others, so make sure to study up! The test will change every day, so don't try to get the answers from someone else; we aren't that dumb.

6. Do your homework.

Your homework is important. In order to "graduate", you need to do it every night, or you will be sent out into the hall until you do. However, the homework isn't all that hard. It will be done on your TribuTab. Take note that the homework, when completed, will give you a clue about the EOC Test, and the Arena in general.

8. You have to go through the E Wing to graduate, and walk across the stage.

The E Wing will open when there are 8 spots left, and if you wish to graduate, you must travel through it, past all of the pods, and answer the final question on the doorway. Then, you will walk across the stage, accept your certificate, and the lifter will take you out.

9. If more than four people survive, the ones that do not make it first will be taken out, but only as Capitol Citizens, and will not be considered Victors. However, they will be exempt from work or school, and get some compensation for their time.

The Labyrinth

If you've ever watched The Maze Runner, you'll know what the Maze will, for the most part, look like. It will change every night, and be a massive structure built for the Games. Tributes will start out in the Centre of the Maze, and have to survive inside of it. In the Centre, there is a fountain of water, and where the feast shall be held. There are four sections of the Maze, where it stops being a Maze and is simply an expanse. The first is a forest, which contains mutts, weird fog, and strnge plants. The second in an abandoned city, with streets and a few buildings as well. The third is a snowy glacier, with polar bear mutts and such. The last is a desert, with cacti and more. The Centre, as time changes, will turn into an ocean, which has a swirling whirlpool. Tributes will need to jump into this when there are 12 tributes left.

The Maze breaks off and falls into black ooze for every day that the Hunger Games go on. Also, pieces break off when tributes die. The places outside of the Maze break off first, but  as time goes on, branches of the Maze will break off, pushing the tributes closer together, and to the Centre, until they have to jump inside.

Once inside there will be weapons galore, as well as mutts, where they will have to fight off the mutts and each other until only four are left.


Everyone starts out with $500. You must sign up to be a sponsor, or you will not be able to buy anything. Sign up for sponsor in the comments. That way you can send in gifts for any tributes.

Bread - 50

Water - 75

Fruit - 75

Any Weapon - 200

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