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  • I am King Kong or Nicki Minaj.... can't really choose
  • KingKongQuisha

    Da Gangsta Gamez

    January 27, 2013 by KingKongQuisha

    Yo! This is Lily right now. But this is a BRAND NEW joint account and the people behind it are Lily, Bella (Foxeh), and Andy!! So, basically these are gonna be a games but with a totally new and different twist: INSTEAD OF TRIBUTES, THERE ARE GONNA BE GANGSTERS AND INSTEAD OF DISTRICTS THERE ARE GONNA BE STREETS!!!

    Example: Verquonica Shaw Street 2 Female

    We will have reapings, train rides, chariot rides, and trainings!! All of these parts will have different kinds of surprise twists in them!

    • All gangsters and gangster names MUST be ghetto; anything you enter in the comments that's not ghetto will not be entered into the games
    • MUST have a lunaii/regular real life picture with each entry 
    • 2 gangsters max for each user (amount may vary)
    • Reservation…

    Read more >

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