“I’m... I’m sorry about earlier, Fray,” I say, swearing.

“Don’t mind it. It’s normal. Last year’s tributes were terrible, that’s why they both died on the first day, first time in the Games history for the District 5 to be eliminated for the day 1. It is actually 1 or both of the tributes survive the Cornucopia,” Fray explains.


Hours passed, until our train reached the Capitol. Not surprised for the Capitol’s view because I always see this in TV, but seeing it first hand is cool, though.

When we reached the training center, Ethan found it very boring, but very cool for me. Then we saw the other tributes. The Careers were obvious because they have trained in their lifetimes, and they’re bigger than me, the smallest slightly bigger than Ethan.

I didn’t wonder the Careers’ eyes were set on me because it looked like they already knew I am the victor’s daughter and Ethan, the wrestlers’ son. I think they see us as threats, which would be my disadvantage, because when the Games begin, they would search on either me or Ethan and surely, they would kill us brutally, the way they wanted to be.

The training days were painful. I don’t know how to handle weapons, deadly weapons, except a slingshot. I’m so good at it. I’m not sure, but maybe, my instincts could teach me to use the axe, or the sword.

One day, while eating my lunch, Ethan approached me, and shared a table.

“My first time to feel tensed,” he says.

“Why? What happened?” I ask.

“I overheard the Penguins (what we call the Careers) yesterday. We’re their first target,” he whispers, trying to reach me without others hearing it.

“What? Why us?” I ask again.

“They’re threatened, that’s why,” he answers, while sipping the orange juice.

“I don’t know how to fight physically, what I only know is to use the slingshot, I’m reaching for it,” I say.

“At least you know how to wrestle. It’s your advantage,” I add, to lessen his tense.

“We never know, maybe they know too,” he says, his tense didn’t lessen a bit.

“Nah, eat your lunch first, stop worrying about them, they’re just tricking on you,” I hold his head and say.

We resumed our lunch, not minding the Games a bit. Even I am pressured. Then the training test came. Before I entered the room of Gamemakers, Fray drew near me.

“Good luck, Bliss. Make them impressed,” Fray says, while eating his burger. “Never make a false action.”

“Copy,” I answer without thinking. Then I suddenly remembered Ethan’s test, he performed before me. “How was Ethan’s?”

“I heard them saying he’s absolutely great,” Fray answers. “Maybe he’s gonna get 10 or 11.”

“Oh... okay,” I say, fixing my hair in ponytail.

When I pierced the hall full of Gamemakers, waiting for me, I took a deep breath. I can do this. I will.

“The District 5 female tribute, Bliss Anterly,” Preigh Coleman, one of the Gamemakers says, while looking at the profile papers.

“Yes, I am,” I answer directly.

“You’re good at slingshots, right?” he asks.

“Yes, I learned it from my best friend,” I reply.

“Your best friend... or your mom?” he asks me with his hazel eyes suspiciously scanning at me.

“My mom never taught me anything. To tell you the truth, she didn’t want me to be here,” I say, with a slight mock. I hate people who interrogate so much.

“Let’s stop this, alright? So show us what you’ve got,” he says.


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