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    God/Goddess Games

    August 8, 2012 by Kitkat714

    Hello Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus!!!! I, Zeus will be hosting a games of my own with Gods and Goddesses as tributes!!! The Gods and Goddesses will be turned into child form,They will have Female and Male partners from earth to join them, the remaining Team will be Victors. Oh yeah, the children tributes will have the same powers as their God or Goddess Partner, but in weaker amounts. Let the reapings begin!!!


    No on my profiles.

    No sponsorship only advice.

    There are no districts.

    You may post only one tribute.(God/Goddess/Child)

    Up to 3 powers for a God/Goddess.

    Post interesting tributes.

    When you make the lunaii for Poseidon's child tribute make sure he or she has a fish tail, and for Ares's tribute make sure you add blood red scars. …

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