Hello! Welcome to KittyTheEmolga's first ever Hunger Games! These Hunger Games will have a deadly twist the could intentionally ruin and sabotage the Tributes chances at winning. These are my first games so please be patient. If I do something wrong please point it out for me. I will be doing Training and Training Scores.


  • These will be normal game conserning tribues. There will be 24 tributes in all. This is my first game so I would like to have really good tributes. I will always limit 2 tributes per person so I could give everyone a chance to get their tributes in my first games
  • Activeness okay so this isn't really important but if you want your tribute to survive you must comment to give them supplies, advice or anything. If this isn't shown your tribute might not have the guidence to survive.
  • Reservations will only last for 1 day since I want this show to start. I will mail you ahead of time. But if you do not make it by then, then your reservation will be taken on and that slot will be open
  • Please do not rage if some of your tributes die early on the game. This is a Hunger Games. And you never know they might return ;)

Tribute Template

These are pretty basic. Please do not overdue the tribute template. If something is marked with an * then it is optional. But people do run the long mile can get in better. So please take your time to fill this out







Appearence (please no pictures):*




District Name Age Weapon
District 1 Male Markey Primal-Omega 18 Tomahawk
District 1 Female Cinder Falcon 13 Spear
District 2 Male Zaphire "Zaph" Beux 17 Dagger/Spear
District 2 Female Ariana Cruz 17 Throwing Axe
District 3 Male Frade Spectrus 14 Crossbow
District 3 Female Kara Flake 16 A Knife
District 4 Male Felix Seaworth 17 Trident
District 4 Female Amaya Nerio 17 Knives
District 5 Male Genner Powow 17 Traps/Hammer
District 5 Female Tronny Powow 13 Traps/Knife
District 6 Male Redlow Fexpo 18 Explosions
District 6 Female Layla Calantha 14 Throwing Spears
District 7 Male Cole Asher 13 Knife/Sword
District 7 Female Alyra Lydonn 16 Awl
District 8 Male Jax Griffin 16 Sword
District 8 Female Layla Twozone 15 Mace/Club
District 9 Male Silver "Clocky" Clockson 16 Double Knives
District 9 Female Ruby Hyrglass 15 Technology
District 10 Male James Boerman 16 Spear/Bow
District 10 Female Zyra Throns 16 Blowgun
District 11 Male Trent Korey 18 Spear
District 11 Female May Morningleaves 11 Machete
District 12 Male Kyle Shrimpson 12 Slingshot
District 12 Female Delilah Brooklyn 14 Throwing Knives


District 1 - Markey Primal-Omega

I wake up instantly to the cold draft hitting my shirtless nude body. I sit in bed thinking about the girl that I tortured last night. The pain, the blood it was all so good. I can just hear her screaming. Sadly she had to die. Nothing works more then a knife to the neck. Her blood was just so good. I felt bad. I did know her well, she lived with me here in the orphanage. It was easy to convince her to come with me in bed, she liked me anyways. It was pity, she was beautiful, but easy to kill and very fun. I always think who to kill next. I mean I framed Hilbert, it was predictable. The peacekeepers will probably find the girls body in her room later today. And I don't plan to stick around. Plus today is my big day. I am volunteering. I will kill the district who killed Cyrtia. I will make them have a slow painful death. I get out of my bed to a piercing scream. Guess someone found her body before. I slip a smile. I then here other people scream.

I quickly jump off my bed and run, trying to hide the smile. I see many people crowding around her bedroom. I then push and shove to see inside. Better then I remembered. Blood everywhere and her intestines sticking out of her stomach. I then quickly run to Hilbert's room. And lucky me, he isn't there. I put on my black gloves and feel their fuzzy cotton against my skin. I clean the knife, then place it in Hilbert's drawer. I can't wait for the peacekeepers to find this. I walk outside to call the peacekeepers and see the horrified face of Sister Josephine. I can't help but laugh. This is so funny. And its all before the reaping. I then go to take a shower. I enter the bathroom and quickly turn on the shower. I feel like warm water of my skin dripping down my body. It couldn't be any better then today. Its a great day and I am so ecstatic. I get out and and take my towel. I go into my room and start to get dressed. I then notice something. The shirt I wore last night; the blood, and Sister Helen took it into the wash. If she sees that I am screwed. I lunge like a madman to the laundry. Once I get lose to the laurendry room I bump into her. She gives me a horrid look and a terrified scream.

I grit my teeth and tell her "Give me that shirt" In a muffled voice she then says "You did it" She then tries to run but I jump on her. I hit her head against the mirror then I hear her scream and without thinking I snap her neck. It was so easy. I quickly smile as I see her body has a quick spasm. I hear Hilbert run towards this room. What a perfect place. He is just running right into my trap. I slyly creep out. I also hear the thud of the peacekeepers footsteps. I run to my room and get dressed. It was so easy and it was last minute. I am defiantly going to win these Hunger Games. I chuckle softly and head outside. The peacekeepers are already arresting Hilbert. I can't help but smile to him getting arrested. That son of a bitch had it coming. Manslaughter in the 3rd degree. All the evidence is already there. I will be damned if it isn't enough. I head down the street to see everyone starting to swarm the Town Center. I stand in the older part. I look up to see that our escort looks like a rainbow had given birth to her. She then sticks her hand in the bowl and screams "Callie-" And instantly a girl volunteers. She walks up and flips her hair. And says her name like someone in a Cover Girl Commercial "Cinder Falcon" And fluffs her eyelashes. The escort then gives a nod and pulls out the next slip of paper. Bored with myself I quickly volunteer before she even says the name. I walk up and say my name "Markey Primal-Omega" everyone gasps. They all know me. I give a wink at Cinder and she quickly looks down. We them walk into the justice building.

District 2 - Zaphire "Zaph" Beux

Gay. Is the only word I hear, from everyone towards me. That word is getting old. But no one wants to stop saying it. Fag, Homo. Queer. Can anyone get enough of these? I dont think so. Today is the reaping day and I can wait to get out of this fucked town and their twisted ways. I heard downstairs to eat breakfest. Not even my parents can respect my sexuality. I walk downstairs to the sweet scent of pancakes. My father is sitting on the table, drinking coffee and reading a newspaper. As I sit down he greets me. I grab some pancakes and start stuffing them down my mouth. Its been so long since I have eaten these. As I am eating my mother tells me "Honey, the nice chester girl called yesterday, you should go out with her" As soon as I hear that fury ignites.

I shoot up and look at her and grit my teeh. "I. Like. Men" I say that. She puts a horried face and slaps me. And starts scream and denieing it. That just added gas to the fire. I shoot up and grab her by the neck and push her up against the fridge. "Dont you ever say that again, or god help me" I let her go and she falls to the floor. Like always my father could careless then if I burned this manision down. He never cares, I dont think he ever will. I take some pancakes and walk out the front door. The cold, dry air hits me like a bullet instantly. I walk out the gate and lock it. I then walk down the street. As I walk down I hear the the momicing. The voices. I hear the people who are there to hurt me. I ignore them. I just keep on walking. But that was a big mistake. Like a bull rammed into a sheep. Something hits me. I lose my breath for a moment till I realize they are attacking me

I quickly regain my breath and balance. I stand still trying to find out whats happening because my head was spinning. I then hear there voices "Come on fag, fight me if you can" I quickly shoot like a meteor and strike the bitch in the gut. I hear a loud ouf as he hits the floor with a thud. As soon as I started I can't stop. I go attack the rest of the gang. One kids strikes me in the mouth. I that just ignites the fire more. O quickly regain every thing and start punching him as hard as I can. I hear peacekeepers coming but I keep going until they drag me away. The peacekeepers throw me in a ditch and tell me to do die in hell. If it wasn't for my commen sense I would killed myself attacking the peacekeeper. I get out of the ditch and take another route to the sqaure. I get there and already see the District 2 girl saying her name "Ariana Cruz" I then just give up. I want blood. I volunteer. And walk up. Everyone snikers and laughs, and once person calls out "Easy Death Fag". I just skip my name and just walk into the justice building

District 3 - Kara Flake

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