The arena is half a corrupt city and one the other side it’s completely water with a single island. This island has a bunch of useful supplies (mostly food), but the cornucopia has more weapons. The cornucopia it between the ocean and the ruins. The ruins have several loots in it but it will be hard to hide. The island, although smaller than the ruins, it is more designed to hide in, but it’s not likely many will choose the easier way. The island has mostly forested areas but danger lurks there. There is two houses on the island people can find and be relatively safe. Well, maybe. The ruins are old rusted buildings that have mostly been corrupted and many of them are barely standing up.

Character Information 

Three tribute limit 

Character Bio:



Volunteered or was called:

Three characteristics:



Weapon of choice:




Name  Age District Gender Appearence  User  
One Male 
Rayna Johnson 15  One Female Tbh Blingbee
Two  Male 
Genevieve Azarling  16 Two  Female 
Genevieve Azarling RL
The Targaryen of District 4 
Nick Maciachian 14 Three  Male 
Nick Maclachlan AwesomeAiden1
The Manablob 
Three  Female
Four Male 
Emilia Oswald  15 Four  Female 
Emilia RL (new)
The Wayward Daughter 
Five  Male 
Annie Bellhope  17 Five  Female 
Anne Bellhope IRL
The Targaryen of District 4 
Caliban Rweed  17  Six  Male 
1Caliban RL
The Wayward Daughter 
Six  Female 
Seven  Male 
Seven  Female
Eight  Male 
Eight  Female 
Nine  Male 
Nine  Female 
Ten  Male 
Ten  Female 
Eleven  Male 
Eleven Female 
Crimson Typoon  14  Twelve  Male 
Crimson Typhoon 1
The Manablob 
Twelve  Female 



If you would tell me how your character reacts that would be wonderful 


Name  Gender  District  User  Training Score
Male  One 
Rayna Johnson  Female  One  Blingbee
Male  Two 
Genevieve Azarling  Female  Two  The Targaryen of District 4
Male  Three 
Female  Three
Male  Four 
Emilia Oswald  Female  Four  The Wayward Daughter 
Male  Five 
Annie Bellhope  Female  Five  The Targaryen of District 4
Caliban Rweed  Male  Six  The Wayward Daughter 
Female  Six 
Male  Seven 
Female  Seven 
Male  Eight 
Female  Eight 
Male  Nine 
Female  Nine 
Male  Ten 
Female  Ten 
Male  Eleven 
Female  Eleven
Male  Twelve 
Female  Twelve 


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