Authors Note: Okay. This is my first fic. In this AU, Peeta and Katnis die in the 75th. Finnick won.

"Alliana?" my mom calls, "Come on! You have to get ready!" She walks into my room and sees the blanket laying on my desk. She lifts it and sees me underneath. "All, we need to go," she says. "Moooooooooom, I'm scared," I whine. "All, this is your second Reaping. Your name is in that Reaping Ball two times. You. Will. Not. Get. Called. Now lets go," she orders. I get up and look at myself in the mirror. I see a girl with a blonde pony tail and teal eyes in a dark green dress. I follow my mom out of the door and towards the center of District 4. When we get to the Square, I go stand with the other 13 year old girls. I find my best friend in the crowd. "Sophia!" I call. She immeadiatly turns and sees me. "Alliana!" she comes straight towards me. She's 14, only a few months older than me, has dark brown hair, and she's REALLY tall. We stand side by side, talking, until the Disrict 4 escort, Gallien Forhill, walks up the steps to the stage. "Alright. Let us start with the boys this year." I'm relieved. She reaches her hand in the ball and pulls out a slip. "Robert Seckinger!" A kid in my and Sophia's year at school steps forward. His sister looks horrified and his brother looks happy that it wasn't him. I think his brother's name is Mallie. He shoots his brother a look that says 'Please volenteer."  By the time he reaches the stage, his sister is in hysterics. Then Gallien says, "Ladies!" She reaches her hand in and retrieves a paper. "Sophia Kotowski!" Sophia goes pale, as does her 8 year old sister. In a moment of complete strength, I would have gotten teary-eyed. This was not a moment like that.

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