• Klaxman13

    For Rosie

    March 31, 2011 by Klaxman13

    I step outside into the light

    the sun is bright, I close my eyes,

    the summer caught me by surprise,

    and now I'm left here waiting.

    For you to tell me how it is

    If I could only get a kiss

    If I could make you take a risk,

    on a boy who wants this,

    and now the sun has sunk below

    the evening wind now starts to blow,

    I catch the scent of your perfume,

    it lifts me higher than the moon.

    I'll be fine if you stay by my side . . .

    "Never felt this way in my whole life

    never had this feeling before tonight

    can't get you off my mind

    'cause you shine girl

    oh you know you shine.

    "Your eyes are brighter than the sun,

    they make me see that you're the one,

    Your smile takes my breath away,

    and leaves me with nothing to say,

    you aren't like any other girl,

    that I've met in this who…

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