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  • I am Magical Stargirl
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    Klefki's User Games

    December 22, 2013 by Klefki♥

    Hi, I'm Kaceyi and i've decided to start Writing again(after the Disabling of my old account). I'm gonna start off easy and go for a User Games, they are fun and easy and people will be able to know if i hate them or not, Plus it will be fun to kill people off. Meheheh. Anyways, Join Please and let the Battle Begin! I worked really hard on the arena and i think this will end up being pretty cool!

    Name :

    District(list 2):

    Gender(No Hot Bread):

    Weapon(only 1):



    Alliance(if none leave blank):

    Name District Gender Weapon Strengths Weaknesses Alliance
    1 Male

    1 Female

    2 Male

    2 Female

    3 Male

    3 Female

    4 Male

    4 Female

    Joan 5 Male Throwing Axes Fast, Hand-To-Hand Combat, Plant Identification Swimming, Snares, Easily-Angered

    5 Fema…

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