These are my first games, and i am ready to get these games started!!!!

Please let me know if i should make more!!!

Please dont get mad at me if your tribute dies!!!




Tribute Template:











Bloodbath Strategy:

==  Sponser Items You each get $350==


  • Spear $80
  • Knife $50
  • Dagger $50
  • Trident $120
  • Net $40
  • Sword $160
  • Throwing Knives 12 pack $90
  • Bow & Arrow $80
  • Quiver of Arrow's $40
  • Wire $60
  • Blowgun $75
  • Axe $100
  • Baton $60
  • 12 Rocks for Slingshot $20
  • Slingshot $50
  • Mace $70
  • Whip $20


  • Bread $30
  • Soup $25
  • Tomatos $25
  • Cheese $25
  • Beef strips $30


  • Burn Medicine $60
  • Insta heal (Heal's any one wound) $75
  • Neosporin $50

The Arena 

The Arena consists of varieties  of land and terrian. 

The Arena has 2 forests and a rocky mountain terrian, a desert and the cornicoupa field

MUTTS: Candy pink birds, Wolf mutts

Hunger Games Map


District Name Weapon Training Score Status
1 Cranberry Bow & Arrow 10 VICTOR
1 Cloudberry Spear 9 VICTOR
2 Aiden Knife, Hand to Hand combat, Spears 8 DEAD
2 Rachel Spears, Knife 10 DEAD
3 Elis


3 Katie Bow & Arrows 9 VICTOR
4 Twix

Throwing Axes and Regular Axes



Trident and Net, Spears

5 Nizzelle Dagger 8 DEAD
5 Fiz Axe 6 DEAD


Hand to Hand Combat, Knife

6 Penny Knife 8 DEAD
7 Citrus Throwing Axes, and Regular Axes 10 DEAD
7 Berry Throwing Axes 7 DEAD
8 Quint Spear 8 DEAD
8 Courtney

Throwing knives



Throwing Axes, Snares





Dagger 8 DEAD
10 Britney Knives, and close combat 8 DEAD



Sword 9




Throwing Knives, Nets, Axe

11 Marcus Machette 10 DEAD
12 Jasmine Bow & Arrow 7 DEAD
12 Dexter

Throwing Knives Mace



Aiden POV

I am lifting up towards the arena. I see a bag, a spear and i see rachel about 10 feet away from me. 10....9....8....7....6...5...4...3..2.1. I dart towards the cornucopia and grab a bag and 2 spears. I see the tributes from district 6 running towards me. I am fight Penny, when Ecord just fell to the ground! Rachel got him. Penny ran away and we also see District 7 fighting 5. Rachel and I try to run away as fast as possible.

Rachel POV

10....9...8...7...6..5..4..3..2..1. I dart off my plate and run towards the cornucopia. I grab my bag and a Knife, and I see Aiden fighting the tributes from district 6. I run over to help him. I stab Ecord in the back and penny runs away. “Mabye we should get going!” Said Aiden. 

Jasmine POV 

10....9...8...7...6...5...4...3..2..1. I jump off of my plate and i run straight backwards to the forest. I Hope i can get some sponsors. 

Aaron POV

I jumped off of my plate and ran to the nearest sword. I see the girl from 6 (Penny) trying to run from the district 2 tributes. I run after her and she sees me and tries to stab me but i ducked. I slashed her stomach open and she falls coughing in her own blood. Then i see Dexter (district 12) running and i do the same thing to him as i did to penny






Day 2

Katie POV

I see the tributes from district 2 about 10 meters away and I want to group with them. I walk over to them and apparently they are distracted by something. Then i see the girl from 12 walking. I wait for the tributes to kill her.

Aiden POV

We are walking in the meadow, when we she the girl from 12 walking in the meadow. I look at Rachel, and she nods. I walk in with my spears and throw it into her heart. her gong rings out. We see another tribute, but she doesn't want to kill us. She want to be in out alliance. We accept her and keep walking.

Aaron POV

I am walking with britney when its getting dark, so i take first watch. I see the tributes from 8 when i hear a cannon fire. I guess somebody else died. 

Twix POV

I am mad at the tributes who killed Muzzy. I still cannot belive that she died, we have been training since we were 6! Anyways, i got a throwing axe and a pack at the bloodbath and i decided to go to find water. I need some. My pack had some food and a empty can of water. I am hunting for water when i amd getting sleepy. I decided to enter a cave and sleep there for the night, when i hear another cannon fire. 




Twix is mad

Day 3

Cranberry POV

Me and cloudberry are hunting in the forest. Combined, we got a Bow & Arrow, 3 spears, a knife, 3 canteens of water, and 2 packs of dried fruit. We see the tributes from 8 walking near the river, and we deiced to attack them. I grab my bow and shoot it at  Quint, and I miss! He quickly sees me and throws his spear. He hits me in my arm and I am screaming with rage on the inside! I grab my knife and run up to him and stab him twice in the chest. Cloudberry throws her spear into Courtney's chest and she dies quickly. Cloudberry runs over to me and tries to stop the bleeding ing my arm, but we have nothing to stop it. I need medicine. We see the tributes from 2 charging at us when Cloudberry throws a spear into the girl. We run away as fast as we can.

Aiden POV

We are walking near the river when we see the tributes from 1 kill the tributes from 8. Rachel runs out there and Tries to stab Cloudberry when she instantly threw a spear at Rachel. I Scream and Katie and I run towards her and the tributes from 1 run away. I grab her and hold her hands, when she tells me, to win, for her! I am mad with rage when her gong and the tributes from 8 ring. I look at katie and promise her that we will win.

(P.S) Sorry for the short day with only 2 POV’s. I made them extra bloody, Haha






Aaron POV

I'm walking in the foreset, on my way to the meadow when I see Aiden and Katie crying, thinking, and confussed. So I dont want to mess with them, i walk towards the cornicoupia, because I know that there will be a feast in like 1 or 2 days. I climbed a tree and tied my self to it and I wait for the announcment.

Citrus POV

Berry and I and hunting for food today. Then tommarow we will prepare ourselves for the feast, we know its going to happen very soon. Nightfall is approaching when i hear some mockingjays whistle, but we ignore them.....for now. I take first watch as Berry sleeps

Aiden POV

I'm very sad that Rachel died. She was my friend, my bestfriend. We had so many good times together back in 2. Katie doesent understand how mad and sad i am, because she only knew her for like a day. Anyways, we know that a feast is approaching very soon so we try to find all of the food and water we need, and prepare.


Everyone is fine, but some suspicious signs in the areana indicate that the feast is near


Aiden POV

Katie and I are searching for water when we decied to split up, she goes hunting, I go finding some berries and we meet back at the river in about 2 hours. I found some berries and Katie got us 3 birds and a duck! Then the announcer says "The will be a feast at the cornicoupia at sunrise tommarow, Good Luck! You will need it!" Katie and I look at eachother and we both nod. 

Cranberry POV

Cloudberry and I are making our way back to the conricoupia for the feast tommarow. When we hear some mockingjays.....again. 

Aaron POV 

Finnaly the feast is hear! And i'm already ready to go fight! I hop down from my tree and practice fighting by hitting a tree with my sword. I have to win this


Everyone is fine, the feast is tommarow


Bryan POV

The feast is today and i know i'm ready! I grab my bag and i head out for the cornicoupia, i want to be the first one to get their bag! Ive got my throwing axes and i even made a tribute snare. When the person walks over some leaves they fall about 6 feet onto some poisioned sticks, instantly killing them! I have to win this. I see the plate with the stuff rising. I Charge towards it when i see the the boy from ten running to. He sees me and tries to run after me when I throw one of my axes at him and it cuts his stomach open. He falls and i take another one and run towards him and  i cut his head off. I grab my bag and run. In my bag there was a knife and some dried fruit.

Aiden POV 

Katie and I are chargeing towards the cornicoupia when we see somebody fighting another tribute. I think its bryan an Aaron, when Byran murders Aaron, violently! As he is running we run towards the cornicoupia to grab out bag, and while where at it, we grab Aarons bag too! We try running away when the tributes from 7 already took their bag and is on their way out. Anyways, in out bag their was some armor that katie and I both equiped. I guess that you could consider us careers, but in this game their wasent any careers. 

Berry POV

Citrus is gong to get our bag and I am defeneding her when we see the tributes from 2 are running away from us. I think they saw us, but anyways atleast we made it out alive. In out bag there was some medicine with a note saying, use it wisely

Cloudberry POV

We see the boy from ten's head fly off of his body, and the tributes from 2 running away from 7, while we are retriving our bag, we see Twix again and he is running very fast towards and throws an axe at us and misses, then tries to strike me, Cranberry quickly shoots him in the throat, and we run away. Anyways, In our bag their was some armor which we both equpied. 


Aaron, and Twix died.

In the district 2 bag, there was armor. In the district 1 bag there was armor. In the District 7 bag was medicine and in the District 9 bag was a knife and dried fruit. In the District 10 bag their was medicine


Katie POV 

We are returning to the woods when we find a camp, we take everything and throw it down in the river. Then we wait in some bushes for the tribute to come back. We hear rustling, and Aiden looks at me and nods. I load my Bow and I shoot past his head for a warning shot, then Aiden runs and cuts him and runs. After I catch up to Aiden, we laugh and then we find a cave to sleep in for the night. I decied to take first watch, but before Aiden goes to sleep, he tells me that he loves me! I said "Love you too!" we smile and continue.

Bryan POV

WOW! The feast was rough, and i feel kinda bad for Aaron, nahhhhh, he deserved to die. Anyways, I am returning to my base camp, when I notice that everything is gone! My trap, the food, Even my little chair I made from a log! Then i hear a footstep, and then a supscious sound like a bow was loading. Its very quiet when, BANG! An arrow flies by my head! I quickly turn around and i guess is was just a warning shot, but then i see Katie and Aiden Aiden is running after me with his knife and tries to slash me. My arm now has a huge cut and with that, both of them are gone in a flash!


Bryan needs medicine, everyone else is fine


Katie POV

Aiden and I are going to find that boy and give ask if he wants to go kill the tributes from 7, if he says yes, we are going to do so. Aiden finds him sleeping and we try to wake him up gently by throwing a rock in the river. He wakes up and we ask "Bryan, we want to alliance with you to kill the tributes from 7, do you accept?" He does and we apply medicine to him form the boy from 10's bag and tell him the plan. We are going to kill them tommorow. The tributes from 1 stole Aidens knife and put me in a headlock and start to panick. Aiden vouleenteers to die instead of me and I Scream and Shout, and he is gone, so are the tributes from 1. I scream and hold his hands and kiss him, and Bryan looks and me and says its ok. I am so mad at them, we are going to kill them instead of the tributes from 7.

Bryan POV

I wake up to the sound of the 2 tributes voices and they want to group with me to kill the tributes from 7. I accept and they smear some medicine on me and tell me the plan. We will find them tommorow but for now we are making our way back to the cornicoupia just to make that our camp for now. All of the sudden Katie is in a headlock and Aiden vouleenteers to die instead of Katie and hes gone. Katie is screaming and i look at her and tell her "Its ok......" She wants them dead, so instead of the tributes from 7, now its the tributes from 1

Cloudberry POV

We are walking around the forest when we decied to go back to the cornicoupia just to see whats there and mabye camp there but we are shocked to see the girl from 3 and the boy's from 2 and 9 there, and none of them are fighting. They are in an alliance, they days are drawing to the finnale so we want to kill one of them so the gamemakers dont want them to release any mutts on us. I grab my spear and Cranberry grabs her bow. I steal the boy from 2's knife to use it against them, and we grab the girl and hold her by a headlock and threaten to kill her. With Cranberry watching my back I tell them that one of them are going to die. Aiden vouleenteers for Katie, she screams with sadness and Aiden is gone like that. We say, thats all we wanted, BYE! And with that, we are out of there.


Aiden vouleenteers to die for Katie


Bryan POV

Today is the day that katie wants to the tributes from 1. First we locate them, with stealth. They know that we are coming. We are walking near the river when we see Them! We do as planed and walk towards them with stealth. We hear some rustling in the bushes, but its not them! We are starting to be suspicious when we hear a growl, but we ignore it for now. Katie is going to shoot one of them in the shoudler and I run after them with katie watching my back. I am using one of my throwing axes as a regular axe. 3...2...1...... i run after them and katie hit one of them in the shoulder. They have aidens knife and They also have like 3 spears. They throw one into my stomach and im bleeding very badly. As the 2 try to take high ground Katie applies some medicine, she told me that she would kill them so she take my axe and I take the bow. Shockingly she has a great knowledge of axes, because she hit one of them in the arm! Then we hear a very loud scream. We all stand and look around and see the tributes from 7 were stalking us the whole time. A big wolf mauled one of them and the other is running towards the cornicoupia. We look at the tributes from 1 and we all start running as a pack of wolves start chaseing us. We all get ontop of the cornicoupia and 2 cannon shots fire, then the announcer come on and say

"Congrulations to the winners of the 182nd Hunger Games!" We did it! We made it! Im going home!

Cloudberry POV'

Today we take close watches as the 'career' pack is after us. Next thing you know an arrow hits my shoulder! I rip it out and throw it back. I quickly grab one of my spears and throw it in the boys stomach. As we find high ground The boy has the bow and the girl has the axes and she is charging towards us and she does some great moves and hits Cranberry in the arm. Then we hear a loud scream. We all stand in shock knowing that it wasent Cranberry. The tributes from 7 were stalking us and the boy started running towards the center, and he told us to run. So we are now running from a big pack of wolves and we hear 2 cannon shots. Im guessing that the boy didnt make it. We all work on making our way up the cornicoupia when the announcer comes on and says

"Congrulations to the winners of the 182nd Hunger Games!" We made it! Im going home! Cranberry hugs me with joy and the hovercraft come to pick us up. 


Cloudberry, District 1

Cranberry, District 1 

Katie, District 3

Bryan, District 9

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