Hey everyone! Today I am starting my first Hunger Games: The 42nd Hunger Games.


The rules are that you can have a maxinum of 4 tributes, and only 2 people (1 male and 1 female) can be in a district.







Appearance: Skin Color:

                     Eye Color:

                     Hair Color:

Back Story:




Bloodbath Strategy:



District/Gender Name Age Weapon(s) User



17 Ax YourFavoriteSalmon



16 Wire Ax, Dagger Rayplayzlol70



16 Sword, Throwing Knives MyWorld
2/F Thalia Combe 16 Long Bow, Crecent Throwing Knives Nommyzambies



13 Throwing Knives, Hammer, Blunt Weapons Tehblakdeath



18 Sword, Ax ViniciusDeAssis1999



16 Trident, Sword, Sickle Pippycat




Trident, Dagger


Akumi "Tenshin"



Greatsword, Throwing Knives, Trident,





13 Mace, Spear, Bow and Arrow Pippycat



18 Ax Icanhasnofriends



15 Spear, Dagger Rayplayzlol70



17 Ax, Hachet Nilby001



12 Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow, Dagger Pippycat





Throwing Knives





17 Throwing Knife, Dagger, War Hammer





17 Throwing Knives, Ax MyWorld

Savannah Darnell

12 Blowgun, Knife, Double-Sided Knife Pippycat



14 Axe, Sword, Spear YourFavoriteSalmon



14 Ax, Bow and Arrow, Knife YourFavoriteSalmon



17 Knife Icanhasnofriends



14 Blowgun Yoonie



18 Sword, Ax Icanhasnofriends



14 Bow and Arrow, Dagger MyWorld


  • =Leader

Career Alliance: District 1 Male (Copper), Distrcit 1 Female(Mallory), District 2 Male (Luigi), District 2 Female (Thalia), District 4 Female (Amy), District 5 Male (Tenshin)

The Golden Trio: District 5 Female (Amber), District 7 Female* (Fawn), District 9 Female (Savannah), District 6 Female (Snowflake)

The Livestock Alliance: District 3 Male (Textil),District 10 Male (Eli), District 10 Female (Eliza), 


The arena takes place in a tundra. The Cornucopia is in the lower part of the tundra, where there isn't as much of snow.

The Cornucopia will have 4 parts, each part containing a different type of item.

Northern part: Weapons

Southern part: Beding

Eastern part: Food/Water

Western part: Other


Every tribute starts out with $150 

How To Increase You Money From Sponcering

Training Score:

1= $13

2= $25

3= $38

4= $50

5= $63

6= $75

7= $88

8= $100

9= $113

10= $125

11= $138

12= $150

Kill Someone (Within 1 Day):

1= $30

2= $60

3= $90

4= $120

If You Survive The Bloodbath: $75

If You Survive A Week: $200

If You Reach The Top 12: $60

If You Reach The Top 8: $120

If You Reach The Top 4: $180

If You Reach The Top 3: $200

If You Reach The Top 2: $240

Weapons and Cost

Kurki- $4

Trident- $5

Knife- $9

Sickle- $13

Sword- $22

Machete- $35

Blood Water- $47

Fog- $53 

Tracker Jacker Nest: $61

Neck Snapper- $70

Bow And Arrow- $74

Spear- $78

Axe- $79

Boulder- $83

Nightlock Berries- $87

Pet Mutt- $91

Beding And Cost

Jacket- $80

Blanket- $90

Sleeping Bag- $100

Food/Water And Cost

Empty Bucket- $7

Bucket Of Water-$14 

Dried Fruits- $21

Frest Fruits- $29

Fish- $36

Fried Fish- $43

Chicken- $50

Fried Chicken- $57

Dried Meat- $64

Roasted Meat- $71

Soup- $79

Bottle Of Milk- $86

Bottle Of Juice- $93

Loaf Of Bread- $100

Other Things and Cost


Camofluage Paint- $132

Potion (Heals Any Injury)- $198



Copper: Unknown

Mallory: Copper's Mother

Luigi: Unknown

Thalia: Unknown

Textil: Beetee

Clare: Wiress

Issac: Unknown

Amy: Mags

Akumi/Tenshin: Teleois

Amber: Unknown

Darius: Male Morphling

Snowflake: Female Morphling

Jayson: Unknown

Fawn: Unknown

Sonic: Woof

Naomi/Noam: Estelle

Brandon: Unknown

Savannah: Unknown

Eli: Unknown

Eliza: Unknown

Mortarian: Unknown

Lilly: Seeder

Elder: Seeder*

Emily: Seeder*

Seeder*= Since District 12 didn't have any victors yet, Seeder volunteered to mentor Lilly,Elder,and Emily.

District 1: Copper and Mallory's Reaping P.O.V.

COPPER GETTING READY: I woke up on a beautiful morning. The sky was blue, not a cloud in sight. However, I knew today wasn't going to be a good day for everybody. Because today is the reaping. I wasn't too afraid of being picked, for I have been training my whole life, and my mom and grandpa were past victors of The Hunger Games. A amazing smell came up my nose. I instally knew it was breakfast. Ever since I was accountable for being selected to be a tribute, my mom made special breakfasts on reaping day worried it make be the last meal she cooks me. She will stop by next year, though. Because I am going to volunteer next year. I head downstairs to have my breakfast. On the table was a huge piece of steak. It took me 30 minutes to eat the whole thing. My Dad then came in to say goodbye and good luck to me, since he works down in the shops all day. After breakfast, I go into my room to changed. I put on a brown shirt, and blue jeans. My mom then told me that the reaping is in 10 minutes, and that I have to leave now. I gave my mom a hug, and started my way down the road. I then heard someone say my name, I turned around and saw my grandpa. He told me that if I get reaped, that I should stay calm, and things will be easier. He then gave me a golden lock-it. I opened it up, but there was nothing inside. Grandpa then told me that my victory picture will be in the lock-it, and that it will be a good luck charm in the reaping. We then said goodbye to eachother, and I continued walking to the reaping.

MALLORY GETTING READY: I woke up to see my roommate's bed was empty. I figured that she must had got up and went downstairs. You are probably wondering why I have a roommate when I'm only 16. Well, my parents were killed by peacekeepers when I was 3. I was too young to remember why they got killed. I am now living in a orphanage. I went downstairs to have breakfast. When I got down to the dining room, the first thing I noticed was everyone's face, and covered in fear. And why wouldn't they be? Today is the reaping. Nobody spoke the whole time. After 10 minutes, the cook came and gave us our breakfast. Soup, as usual. When everyone finished, we went to our rooms to get changed. I put on a green shirt that was a little too small for me, making my right shoulder completly visible. I then put on a small yellow dress. After I was dressed, I died the front of my hair a pinkish purple color. After everyone was ready, we got onto the orphanage's bus. I sat alone in the back, for I didn't really have any friends. I then gave a small sigh, and then the bus took off.

COPPER ARRIVES AT THE REAPING: When I got to the reaping, more than half of District 1 was there. But I wasn't too surprised, since I walked while others rode their bicycles or drove here by car. I saw the escorter, standing at the microphone, waiting for everyone in the district to arrive. I then heard the orphanage bus pull in, and kids of ages 12 and over rushing out. I decided to chat with my friends until everyone was here.

MALLORY ARRIVES AT THE REAPING: When the bus parked, everyone came rushing out. Because I was in the back, I was the last one out. I then looked around, seeing everyone in the district right before my eyes. Because we are the richest of all the districts in Panem, Nobody looked like they were poor. I then got Into the line of all the other 16 year old girls. I had no need to talk to anybody, and looked at the stage, our young escorter who I had a crush on until I was 10, the mentors in their fancy chairs, the peacekeepers in their white suit. I just stared at them until the reaping started.

MALLORY GETS REAPED: The escorter then welcomed everyone in the district, and said the time has come to choose who will be selected for the 42nd annual Hunger Games. I really didn't pay attention until he said, "Ladies first", and went to the girls reaping bowl. I bet every girl here is praying that they don't get pick. I then joined them asking god to please not have me be chosen. Then the escorter grabbed a piece of paper, and announced the name: "Mallory Percistance!" When I heard those 2 words, I'm pretty sure I blacked out for a second in terror of my name being called. I then made my way up to the stage, still with a huge adrenaline rush in my throat. I then stood next to the escorter, in his dark red suit. I then looked at all the boys, wondering which one will go to the game with me. "Now for the boys!" says the escorter. I watch as he makes his way to the bowl. When he picks out the slip, I look st it, hoping that the sun will make me be able to see who was picked before it is announced. Sadly, the sun didn't help at all, so I waited. Then the escorter announced, "Copper McPrice". I saw the boy shocked at first, but then shake the fear away. He walked up to the stage, but seemed quite... Calm. He didn't show any sign of fear. Only afraid for one second. "Our tributes: Copper McPrice, and Mallory Percistance. Let's give a applause for our tributes!" He then started clapping, but he was the only one who did so.We shape hands, and then I was then brought into the justice building.

COPPER GETS REAPED: When me and my friends were done chatting, we watched our escorter make his way to the girls bowl. He picked 1 of the slips, and said, "Mallory Percistance!". I then watched a teenage girl walk up to the stage. She was from the orphanage. I saw her in the window of the orphanage when I take walks in town. "Now for the boys." Says the escorter. He puts his hand in the bowl, and selects a piece and paper. "Copper McPrice!" he says. I got a short shock of fear, but it only lasted for one second. I knew I was going to go next year, so why not now? I walked up to the stage, in a orderly, calmly fashion. "Our tributes: Copper McPrice, and Mallory Percistance. Let's give a applause for our tributes!" says the escorter. However, he is the only one who applauded. We then spoke hands, and we were then brought into the justice building, and waited for our familys to say goodbye.

COPPER SAYS GOODBYE: I was brought into a small room in the justice building. I was alone, waiting for my family to come and say goodbye. The peacekeepers brought my mom and grandpa in. My Mom and Grandpa said that someone else was here to see me. It was my Dad. He came to say his goodbyes, and left to continue working. My Mom then said that she will be a mentor for Mallory, and that I can talk to her whenever she is not busy. Grandpa then told me to use my best skill to fight in the arena, but only fight people who get in my way. I tell Grandpa that I will do exactly that. Seconds later, time was up, and Mom and Grandpa left. I then take a little nap, and awoken by a peacekeeper telling me it is time to get on the train.

MALLORY SAYS GOODBYE: The peacekeepers brought me into a small room. Since I didn't have any friends, I figured nobody will come, and I'll just sit here alone until the train arrives. But someone does come: My roommate. She wishes me good luck, and tells me to be as careful as possible. For the rest of the time, we chatted about what we will do once I leave. When she leaves, I'm all alone again. I wait for a few minutes until the peacekeepers tell me it's time to get on the train.

District 2: Luigi and Thalia's Reaping P.O.V

LUIGI GETS READY: I was awake ever since 6:00am waiting for the reaping... I destroyed the statue of our district first victor, so I was going to volunteer this year as a punishment. However, I don't mind this at all... I can't wait to get into that arena and kill as any people as possible. I don't even eat breakfast, I run out the door and head to the reaping.

THALIA GETS READY: I woke up in the late morning. The house was full of silence. I went downstairs to find that my parents are gone. I must have sleeped in, and they went to work. I then remembered that something was happening today, but I was too sleepy to remember what. I went over to the calendar. I looked at today, and it said, "REAPING". That word woke me up, and I quickly ran up the stairs to put my clothes on. I put on a brown dress with tan stripes. I then put a brown hair-band on my head. I then have a few chips for breakfast, and ran out the door.

LUIGI ARRIVES AT THE REAPING: I arrived at the reaping, and I was one of the first ones there. I looked at our escorter and her weird looking dress. I went into the back of the plaza, because I don't like other people. I just sat on a wooden bench until the reaping started.

THALIA ARRIVES AT THE REAPING: I did a small jog all the way to the plaza. When I got there, 25% of the district was there. I hanged out with my friends until it was time for someone to be selected.

THALIA GETS REAPED: Everyone was in a rush to get in line. I could barely squeeze myself in the line. "Welcome, Welcome!" said the escorter. "The time has come to select 2 young adults to be in the 42nd Annual Hunger Games! First, we will do the ladies." I covered my ears so I could not hear someone get reaped. When the escorter reads the note, nobody goes up. Did the person not come? They should know it is against the law. But then everyone started staring at me. Then I realized the worst had happened: I was the one who was reaped. I made my way up to the stage, trying to look calm. "Now the boys." Said the escorter. She picked a slip and read, "Johney Re-" "I volunteer as tribute!" A tall boy interrupts. "Well, it seems we have a volunteer!" The boy makes his way up to the stage. "What is your name?" The escorter asked right before giving the microphone to him. "Luigi Wilkins." He said. "Our tributes: Luigi Wilkins and Thalia Combe. Let's give a round of a applause!" The escorter announces. Half of the district claps, and we shake hands. We are then brought into the justice building.

LUIGI VOLUNTEERS: I dozed off into my thoughts for about an hour. The next thing I see is a girl on stage, and the escorter making her way to the boys bowl. When she starts to say the name of the tribute, I quickly volunteered. She then asked my name, and for once, I told the truth. She then announced our names, and asked for a applause. I heard some clapping, but I wasn't looking at the crowd, so I don't know how many people clapped. Thalia and I then shook hands, and we went inside the justice building.

LUIGI SAYS GOODBYE: My family arrives. They say goodbye, and then took off. Who wouldn't want to leave quickly when your son is a criminal? I then looked at the ceiling until it was time to get on the train... Thinking of what being a tribute will be like...

THALIA SAYS GOODBYE: My parents arrive to say goodbye to me. I cried knowing this will probably be the last time I see them. I gave them a bunch of hugs. My parents then told me to be strong and have a good heart, and that that will help me win the games. I said I promised I will. They then left. I cried into a pillow until it was time to go.

District 3: Textil and Clare's Reaping R.O.V

TEXTIL GETS READY: It is once again a stormy day in district 3. I look at my window watching each and every rain drop fall from the sky, onto the roof, then falling again and land on the ground. I turn on the TV and eat some cereal. I turn the TV to the news channel to see if anything was going on today or yesterday. The news that is on is talking about... The reaping. This was shocking, because usually reaping day takes place on a day when all of Panem is not raining. I hate the Hunger Games. The way how children die so young. Like kids fall just like the rain drops. I go upstairs to get ready for the reaping. I put on my necklace, a black shirt with gray stripes, and brown pants.I put on my rain jacket, and leave.

CLARE GETS READY: I woke up to the sound of rain. That and that today is the reaping. I got ready quickly, and spent the rest of the time praticing of what I will do if I get reaped. Rule 1: Kill all of the careers Rule 2: Stay away from people who want to kill, unless if you sneak attack them Rule 3: Stay alive, and be as cautionous as possible. I probably wnt over these rules 100 times, because it is now time to go.

TEXTIL ARRIVES AT THE REAPING: I arrive in the wet plaza. Almost everyone in the district is there. I almost laugh, because the escorter was panicing. He obviously didn't expect the rain coming...

CLARE ARRIVES AT THR REAPING: Running through the rain, I arrive at the reaping. I hear the sound of laughter. I look up at the stage, to see the escorter panicing in the rain. I can't help but to laugh myself. It is weird how something that can decide life or death can be turned into a comedy act.

CLARE GETS REAPED: The man in his now soaked suit makes his way to the microphone, and announces that it was time for someone to get reaped. He walks over to the girls bowl, and picks out a slip. "Clare Greystone!" When I heard my name, I was pretty scared. When I walked up to the stage, I went over my 3 sets again in my head. However, the fear makes it hard to remember. When I get up to the stage, I look around to see everyone in the district, looking at me, sad for me to go. I think some people were crying, but because of the rain, it was hard to tell. The escroter then walked to the boys bowl. "Texttil Archeus!" I then see a red head boy make his way to the stage and stand next to me. "Our tributes: Textil Archeus and Clare Greystone." The escorter didn't  even ask for a applause. He just told us to shake hands. We are then brought into the justice building.

TEXTIL GETS REAPED: I watch as the escorter goes to the bowl and says the name of a tribute. "Clare Greystone!" I see a unfamilar girl walk up to the stage, and look at everybody. The escorter then made his way to the boys bowl. "Textil Archeus!" Hearing my name was shocking. My family is known as the lucky family, since nobody in my family tree was ever reaped. But I guess the Archeus Family Luck has expired. I made my way up to the stage, and stood next to Clare. "Our tributes: Textil Archeus and Clare Greystone!" We then shook hands, and went into the justice building.

TEXTIL SAYS GOODBYE: I sat down and tryed to relax on the couch,but it didn't really help. I was pretty worried that I was going to be the first one in my family to compete. I see my family come in to say goodbye and good luck... And that was it. They couldn't say anything, really. Iam the first one to go. They just don't know what to say. I then look at the ceiling until it is time to get on the train.

CLARE SAYS GOODBYE: I walk around the room, thinking about a bunch of thoughts that came to my head. What am I going to go at the Capitol? Will I have a alliance? And most importantly: Will I die? I bet everyone else who was ever reaped in Panem wondered that. My parents worked at the factories, and I'm almost positive that the companies won't let them come to say goodbye. I was right, because it was time to get on the train.

District 4: Isaac and Amy's Reaping P.O.V

ISAAC GETS READY: It was reaping day. I knew that ever since yesterday. I wasn't worried about myself though, I was worried about Axel. He is a autstic kid, and won't stand a day in the arena. Inface, he would probably want to move on his petistole, and blow up. I was also worried about Karina. She has been wanting me to volenteer for years, mostly because she doesn't care if I die, and she wants the money. But I'm only going to volenteer if Axel gets picked. That was final. I went to go check on Axel: He was running around in his PJs his room, with not a worry in the world. "Get dressed, Axel." I told him. "Why?" he asked. "Today is reaping day. You can come now." I told him. Axel got dressed, and looked extremly happy. Hee doesn't exactly know what the reaping is. He probably thinks its some cool party for the big kids. I closed the door, and went down stairs. I made breakfast, got dressed, and head out the door, with Karina and Axel right behind me.

AMY GETS READY: I woke up at midnight, knowing today is reaping day. I looked up at the ceiling, wondering if it will be me this time. If it is going to be me. I then hear a knock on my door. I go downstairs to open the door to Andy, my boyfriend. "Hey Amy." He said. "Hi. You can't sleep either?" I asked. "No. Its just... Disapointing. The Capitol is just so cruel." Andy responded. "I know but we can't fight it. They are too strong." I said. We then don't talk for a while, instead, I make us something to eat, and we watched some TV. Most districts can't afford a TV, but District 4 is one of the more, "richer" districts. "I got to go." Andy says. "The sun is coming out, and my family will be waking up soon." "OK." I say back. He then walks out the door. I then get dressed. I then head out the door. 

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