Hey everyone! I'm starting my 2nd Hunger Games: The 1075th Hunger Games!


It has been 1000 years since Katniss and the other surviving victors started The 2nd Rebellion and stopped The Hunger Games, and the Capitol is planning on starting The Hunger Games again. Hearing about this, the districts started critiquing the Capitol again. To avoid anymore uprisings, the Capitol decides to make a deal with the districts: They say that they will have the Capitol have tributes, too. The districts say that they will accept this IF each district only has 1 tribute, not having 2 for each gender. They also said the Capitol will have to have 4 tributes. 2 boys and 2 girls. Knowing this is the right choice, the Capitol accepts.


1. You can have up to 3 tributes.

2. It doesn't matter if your tribute is a boy or a girl.

3. Capitol tributes can compete.


District-Age-Main Weapon-Gender-User

1- Azalea Winters-15-Throwing Knives-Female-Aerialchinook 

2- Amalia Golding-13-Sword-Female-PastVictors

3- Ace Watts-12-Cresent Sword-Male-Pippycat

4- Luna Woodland-12-Bow and Arrow-Female-Rayplayslol70

5- Avery Blake-18-Machete-Male-Meoryou

6- Zoey Oakley-14-Axe-Female-YourFavoriteSalmon

7- Silvia Peck-16-Sword-Female-RayPlayzlol70

8- Cynder Fabric-15-Sword-Female-YourFavoriteSalmon

9- Ember Willows-13-Throwing Knives-Female-Pippycat

10- Eli Winersin-14-Axe-Male-YourFavoriteSalmon

11- Mia Roe-18-Bow and Arrow-Female-Meoryou

12- Celicia Fen-15-Bow and Arrow-Female-Pippycat

CM1- Marcoa Rains-17-Spear-Male-Aerialchinook

CM2- Freddie Peck-12-Awl-Male-RayPlayzlol70

CF1- Cerise Black-16-Bow and Arrow-Female-Pippycat

CF2- Penelope Bigg-13-Knife-Female-Meoryou


Careers Alliance: Azalea Winters (D1), Amalia Golding (D2)

YourFavoriteSalmon Alliance: Zoey Oakley (D6), Cynder Fabric (D8), Eli Winersin (D10)

1st Mixup Alliance: Avery Blake (D5), Ember Willows (D9), Mia Roe (D11)

2nd Mixup Alliance: Ace Watts (D3), Luna Woodland (D4)

Rayplayzlol70 Alliance: Silvia Peck (D7), Freddie Peck (CM2)

Loners: Celcia Fen (D12), Marcoa Rains (CM1), Cerise Black (CF2)




Main Weapon:



Bloodbath Strategy:


The arena will have 8 sections:








Abandoned City

The Cornucopia will have 16 paths that lead to the cornucopia, each with a different kind of surface. Each tribute will be placed in the one that repents their district.

District 1- Cement

District 2- Rocks

District 3- Wires

District 4- Water

District 5- Solar Panels

District 6- Glass

District 7- Logs

District 8- Vines

District 9- Wheat Field

District 10- Chickens

District 11- Pots

District 12- Coal

All 4 Capitol Paths- Metal that is sticking up.

The Cornucopia will contain Food,Water,Sleeping Bags, and 16 Weapons (The weapons are every tribute's best weapon.)


Each tribute starts out with $120

Money from Training Score:

1= $10

2= $20

3= $30

4= $40

5= $50

6= $60

7= $70

8= $80

9= $90

10= $100

11= $110

12= $120

Money from events in The Hunger Games:

Surviving The Bloodbath: $120

Kill Somebody: $30 for each death that person kills

Be in the Top 12: $30

Be in the Top 6: $60

Be in the Top 3: $90

Be in the Top 2: $120

Things you can buy


Kirki $15

Trident $30

Knife $45

Sickle $60

Sword- $65

Bow and Arrow $75

Machete $90

Spear $105

Axe $120


Jacket $60

Sleeping Bag $120


Rope $40

Comoflauge Paint $80

Potion (Heals Any Injury) $160


District 1: Azalea

I wake up, already knowing today is the reaping. It is hard to believe that we haven't done a reaping in 1,000 years. I had a bunch of mixed feelings in my head. I was hoping to get reaped, because I want to prove that I'm not crap like everyone says I am. But I don't want to get reaped, because I know these, "Games" determine life or death. This then brings the memorys of my brother, who I told some of my friends in preschool died in The Hunger Games. Since they were little, they bought it. Obviously, they don't anymore, though, and I get bullied by everyone in school about it now. After I finished getting dressed, I go to a resteraunt to get some breakfast, and leave for the reaping. When I got there, all the kids seemed sad that there is another Hunger Games, but also relieved that only one of them was going to get picked. Since this is the future, we don't have a escorter put their hand in the bowl, and decide who is reaped. Instead, they put the names inside a machine, and the machine chooses one of the names to be selected.We then hear a voice come from the loudspeaker: President Snow XX. " Welcome, District 1! The time has come to select one tribute to compete in the first games in 1000 years: THE 1075TH HUNGER GAMES! Now that everyone's name is inside the machine, its time for someone to get reaped!" Oh, I fogot to mention: The machine looks at the faces of the possible tributes, and when the machine looks at one certain face, it will show the face of that person on the screen. However, it only looks at every face for a moment, and then moves on to the next. When it is about to select someone, it will slow down, and look at the remaining faces longer. When it selects a face, it will stop, and start to play the Panem national anthem.The machine then starts to look at all the faces. The machine slows down, and I have not seen my face yet. This is bad to most people, but I got the same mixed feeling I had before. Then, the machine looks at my face, and stops. The national anthem starts to play. I was reaped. I then make my way up to the stage, and a chair suddenly appears right behind me to sit in. "Our tribute: Azalea! Congrats." says President Snow XX's voice. I am then brought into the Justice Building

Arriving At The Capitol 


I'm going to wait on the perade, so I deleted what I wrote. Don't worry, though. Everyone is still going to wear the same outfits, and I will try to have the same storys.

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