" 'Go To Sleep" - Jeff The Killer 

"You Shouldn't Had Done That" - BEN Drowned

"Pop Goes The Weasel" -Laughing Jack

"Spread The World" -Smile Dog.jpeg

"Wanna See My Head Come Off" -Abandoned By Disney


"I Died" -Lost Silver

"Try To Make This Intresting For Me Tom" -Sonic.exe

"Happy Hunger Games, And May The Odds Ever Be In Your Favor" -Effie

Welcome to the Creepypasta Games! It is the 12th Quarter Quell (300th Hunger Games), And For This Quell's Twist, The Capitol Is Going To Put This Year's Tributes Into The Arena Along With Some Of The Scariest Characters From Famous Creepypastas! This Year Is Going To Be Hard To Survive In, So Make Sure Your Tributes Are Ready!

How This Quell Is Going To Work

The Tributes will be put into a arena with a total of 24 sections, each containing a creepypasta character waiting for somebody to kill. The Creepypastas will be put into a arena at sundown on the first night. There will be a bloodbath, and all the other events of The Hunger Games. There will also be mini cornucopicas in each section of the arena (a smaller version of the cornucopica that matches the creepypasta it repesents.) The Creepypastas are like superheroes: Beatable, but barely. So try to be cautious, especially at nighttime. 

Sections Of The Arena

01- Jeff The Killer

This is the home of Jeff The Killer. It will look like the streets of a suburb part of a town. The Mini-Cornucopica will be located in the living room of the house that looks just like Jeff's house.


Jeff The Killer

Danger Level: 3/5

Mini- Cornucopica:

Contains a knife and cake.

02- BEN Drowned

This is the home of BEN Drowned. It will look like Clock Town, but sort of... Stranger. The Mini- Cornucopica will be located in the swordsman school.


BEN Drowned

Danger Level: 4/5

Creepy Mask Salesman

Danger Level: 3/5


Contains a Sword and some water.

03- Slenderman

This is the home of Slenderman. It looks like a forest, but with a bunch of buildings and cars everywhere. The Mini- Cornucopica will be located in the bathroom.



Danger Level: 5/5


Contains Black Suits to blend in the dark, and Spears.

The Others Will Be Revealed Soon (Will Be Earlier Then Planned If Somebody Guesses It Correctly). Guess What It Is In The Comments. Here Are The Hints:

04: Who lives next to the sponge that lives a pinapple under the sea?


06: Is named after a gardening material.

07: Where are yo eyes, bro?

08: Has the same name as 07.

09: WHOS A GOOD DOGGY?! :D I'm gonna check my email now.

10: Kids commited suicide just by hearing this tune. :(

11: Disney commited suicide.

12: I'm not going to Western Pennsylvania. Not With A Tunnel Like That.

13: Disney... Again...

14: Who is a Brony by any chance?

15: I went into a Silver mine, and then I got lost. Also, Pokemon.

16: Dont play the Sonic game! Or, ""he" will come after you.

17: Spongebob... Stop staring at me like that... You are making me nervous.

18: Jeff has a girlfried?! D: HAHAHAHAHA No. Just messing with ya. She hates him.

19: I don't have a penpal... Unless you count the online ones.

20: Little Girls, Pirates, Coves, and Screaming! :D A perfect kids show.

21: Blonde Chick gets killed by a monkey.

22: Phineas and Ferb, and suicide!  

23: The letter Y put on a mask.

24: Mining, Mining, I LOVE MINING! :D

The Tributes

Our Tributes
District Male Female
1 Lauren Lopez
2 Jem Nightsade
3 Luxray Maganium
4 RESERVED Emilia Oswald
5 Luxio Sertralium Zoey Proasheck
7 Kim Carret
8 Saibi Deller Clotho Thraetal
9 Harvest Cropper
10 Artemis Moonsilver
11 Tobias Drew Kathleen Papyra
12 Electra Lucid
13 Renya Remirez


Jeff's Knife- $3

Ben's Fire- $8

Slenderman's Tenticle- $20


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