Game Log

Day Casualties Districts out of the game



  • Drake (Male)
  • Bri (Female)


  • Beau (Male)
  • Zannah (Female)


  • Cley (Male)
  • Amandla (Female)


  • Vandell (Male)
  • Arielle (Female)


  • Jon (Male)
  • Nia (Female)


  • Scott (Male)
  • Brill (Female)


  • Lawrence (Male)
  • Milina (Female)


  • Luke (Male)
  • Sophie (Female)


  • Sean (Male)
  • Jeana (Female) X


  • Carson (Male) X
  • Tia (Female)


  • Neil (Male)
  • Skai (Female)


  • Mikael (Male) X
  • Janie (Female)



Mikael (District 12 boy) felt the beads of sweat evaporate into his palm as he touche his forehead. The sweat mixed with tears, and he struggled to keep them down. It was time to put on his game was time for the games to begin. He would not be the first to die...he was going to win. He was going to win the Hunger Games, and no tribute was going to stop him. He would find Janie (District 12 girl) and escape.

As the tube rises higher, the fear grows inside of him. This couldn't possibly be all transpired so quickly. He was reaped...mother was crying......the first few nights spent sleeping in a royally fitting silken bed - so different from living in district twelve - and then arriving at the capitol and meeting the tributes, he and Janie training alone while the others pointed and laughed....once he got into the arena, he needed to run. But not efore he found Janie.

The tube continue rising, and light began to appear overhead. Mikael began to panic...but now was not the time. He would stand firm. Just like that, everything snapped into focus. The bright new world materialized in front of him. A sudden blistering wave of heat hit him straight in the face, so different from the cool atmosphere of the capitol. He opened his eyes...all he could see besides the tributes that lined on either side of him was sand..miles upon miles of sand...and suddenly, all of his spirits dropped, his heart in his throat. The arena. The bleak, dust winded bleak and barren...where he would be spending the next few days fighting for his life.

If I make it that far...


Mikael glanced around....where was Janie? Where was she?!


He glanced at the cornucopia. usefull materials


But he would not be going there.


Janie was his first priority...he had to find her...he had to.


There was a blur of motion as tributes sprinted from their platforms. In the confusion, Mikael fell to the ground, but quickly picked himself up. He would not die today. Janie... and then he saw her. On the opposite end of the cornucopia, hands over her thigh which seemed to be bleeding heavily. They locked eyes for a second as Mikael staggered forward, but he got no further. He watched Janie's eyes widen in fear and scream soundless words as the knife bursted from his own abdomen. Blood blurred his vision, and he saw her reach out to him as he fell to the ground, his gaze now fixed on his attacker, smirking under the gleaming sun. The cannon went off, and was the first to do so.



Janie (District 12 Girl) watched as her lifelong friend's eyes gloss over. She watched as he fell to the ground, blood trickling into the barren desert ground. Her screams came out louder than she expected, and before she could stop herself, she grabbed a nearby immobile knife, lunging at Mikael's killer. She didn't care what happened to her, as long as that person died.

In District twelve, a frail and stalky woman watched the small television screen as the games kicked off. Tears formed in her eyes. The pain....the pain was too much. But she would stand strong...and would her daughter.

Such a strong girl.......

For the mother knew what was about to happen. Her daughter - a usually frail and quiet student - lunged at her target, knife in hand. It was so strange to see such events playing out...but standing there, the mother felt proud...proud of her daughter.

Janie's knife sliced through the air, narrowly missing her target's ear. Her target (Brill, District 6 Girl) dodged just in time, tripping Janie with the sole of her boot and snatching her knife as she stumbled forward. Janie fell to the sands, frantically dragging herself backwards, tears forming in her eyes. She wasn't ready to die...and she wouldn't as her attacker was suddenly knocked hard to the left by another tribute and tackled to the ground. In the confusion, Jamie took her loophole opening and pushed herself to her feet. A nearby clump of almost leaveless trees formed in the distance as she sprinted from danger, the cornucopia far behind her. She was strong, and brave. And she would survive. She would survive. She had too.... for Mikael. And for now, she was safe.



Zannah (District 2 girl) felt no remorse, no cringe, no emotions as she knocked a bullet into the boy (Carson, District 10 boy) that kneeled before, bleeding from injuries. Injuries that she had caused. She smiled to herself as his corpse fell to the ground. She enjoyed it.....her bloodlust urged her to take on more tributes. She wanted to hear them beg for their lives...

A second tribute attempted to strike her from the back, sprinting from the inside of the cornucopua, carrying two small daggers. She dodged the attack with ease, putting three quick shots into his gut as she whirled around to face him. He was still standing, firm and ready for bloodshed.

"Bullet Proof Vest" Zannah smirked to her District 2 partner. "Nice..."

"Yeah..." Beau (District 2 boy) replied, blocking several attacks at the same time. "Thanks for denting it...."

The two careers stood back to back, cutting there way away from the cornucopia. Zannah's goal was too meet up with the other careers. A skinny pale looking tribute (Jeana, District 9 girl) attempted an unprepared and poorly executed attack at her, but recieved an easy shot to the forehead. Blood showered Zannah, and she wiped it from her eyes as the girl's body fell backwards, her brains literally scattering over the desert plains. She cocked her gun, recieving only two two small clicks. She was growing short on ammo.

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