The Tzhaar Games

Welcome, fellow Hunger Games fans! This is my first time making a game, but I gurantee, you will not be disapointed. 

Rules: These rules will be taken as strictly as the Captioal, so don't test it.

1.I've seen this way to many times-NO OVERPOWERED COMPETETORS. Nobody's perfect, so why should your charcter be perfect?

2.The Tzhaar are a powerful race built on nothing more than combat. Their power is given through combat, so it will play a key role in these games. The rules of the Tzhaar Fight Caves are simple:Be the last one standing. Sounds simple, right? I swear I heard it from somewhere...

3.You may choose to make a charecter sprite, but it is not neccesary. However, you must put a a discription from your charecter, or I will decide what they look like.

4.You must state the following:

You charecter's look

Their weapon(s) of choice

Their main fear


Career or not

Cornucopia Bloodbath strategy (If they do not particapate, simple put "NA")


Weaknesses (If you do not include this, I will consider it an overpowered charecter)

Distric Number (1-12, meaning only 24 will get in)

5.There are NO FIREARMS IN THESE GAMES, like all other games.

These are the rules, and as I said before PLEASE follow them, or I will not allow your player to participate.

I will gurantee the following weapons:

Sword, trident, spear, lance, raiper, mace, club, flail, bow and arrow, throwing knives, regular knives, vials of poison, 2h sword, chakram (sharp, Indian throwing disks), battle axes, throwing axes, shields, sickles, pepper spray, nightstick.

I will gurantee the following items:

Roll of plastic, numarous game (You know, moose, deer, geese...), string, copper wire, sleeping bags (4), tents (2), metal detecor (1), heat-resitente gloves (1), night-vision glasses...specs..visors...WHATEVER YOU CALL THEM (3), injection needles, planks of wood, medicine, battle armor (1, I'd like to see how this goes down)

Any signature weapons will be automatically added. The arena will be a mountian-like inviorment, with a vast forest, many northern animals like bears and wolves, and a path that goes upwards, onto a a mountian-like area that can easily look over the rest of the arena. I will try to get on this this weekend, if I get enough people. First come first serve, so please show up. Goodbye, and may the odds forever be in your favor, Xil!

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