Hey guys. This is my first time creating making a game so please no harsh comments when I mess up sometimes. But feel free to comment any suggestions you may have for my games betterment. 

I'm sorry but there will be no reapings or any training in my games. I will start with giving the tributes their private training scores (based upon the quality of the tribute) then immediately head to the games. 


Posted the tribs. 3 more to go. To those who reserved the spots please enter them as soon as you can. Thanks and may the odds be ever in your favor.

P.S There are alot of careers, to those who will send tributes can you at least make them Anti's. Too much careers is boring


  • Only 3 tributes per user (I may increase this if necessary)
  • Please no Wikia contributors (Create an account to join)
  • Reservations are only for 2 days, anymore than that I shall give that spot to another
  • No Profiles and Links please 
  • Do not get mad at me when I kill you tribute/s
  • No fighting here okay? 
  • I have no pre determined winner, I decide that by seeing the quality of the tribute and his/her role in my games. And of course the activity of the the user.

Tribute Template







Weapons:(1-3 only)

Strengths:(1-3 only)

Weaknesses:(must be the same amount of strength/s)

Fear/s:(1 is okay)

Backstory:(Please do not underestimate the importance of this)


Strategy for Bloodbath:

Possible Alliances:


Name District Gender Age Height Weapons Strenghts Weaknesses Fears User
Archer Pierce 1 M 16 ? Sword Strong, coordinated, knows the wilderness Not very fast Friends dying Captainsv
Juna Moonray 1 F 16 5'10 Knives, bow Good blocker, fast, good doder Paranoid, slow swimmer, slow climber Death Tehblakdeath
Tony Dirver 2 M 12 4'9 Dagger, cat claws, Hand-to-Hand combat Speed, strength, stamina Immature, does not think, has many fears Everything to fear LivesInDistrict1
Victoria Hunter 2 F 18 6' Throwing knives, dagger, mace Healing, speed, strength Kindness, stamina, does not like killing Water LivesInDistrict1
3 M
3 F
Brandeis Phthalo 4 M 18 6'2 Axe, trident Strong, great swing and throw, swimming  Slow, over confident Ophidophobia The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
Chione Nereus 4 F 18 5'7 Trident, net Fast, swimming, Trident fighting Not confident, physically weak Hellenologophobia The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
Finale Spectrus 5 M 14 6'2 Dagger, crossbow Motivation, precautious, natural skill with crossbow and daggers Growing weaker everyday, easily depressed, horrible stamina Athazagoraphobia, Chronophobia Mistfire333
Kokoro Hitogoroshi 5 F 17 5'9 Dagger, teeth, poison, strangling Fast, knows about weak points, teeth can be a weapon Can't stay quiet, dodging, insanity small wriggling creatures, anything/anyone stronger than her Mistfire333
Blade Spectrus 6 M 12 5'1 Crossbow, swords Speed, strength, agility Sleeping problem, climbing Careers, death Tehblakdeath
Hadley Fern 6 F 15 5'5 Bow and arrow Problem-solveing, running, swimming Working with other people, loud, climbing Animals Abbeylover
Hibernius Rashid 7 M 18 6'1 Knives, scythe Fast, stealthy, strong Swimming, liar, climbing Being caught WiressFan21
Hazel Underwood 7 F 12 4'11 Throwing knives, crossbow Stealth, fast, accuracy Weak, small, breathing Spiders WiressFan21
Yoshi Holiday 8 M 14 5'6 Sword, throwing knives Smart, strong, hunting Slow, swimming, climbing Fire MyWorld
Zanella Tulle 8 F 15 5'5 Spiked mace, poison blowguns, sword Plant and insect identifying, making a shelter Swimming, climbing, careers Heights ~glitterday~
Daniel Lores 9 M 16 5'6 Dual swords, spear, shield Trap making, survival skills, defense Climbing, offense, hesitates to kill Him dying/Sister dying WitchAndWizard
Hailee Lores 9 F 16 5'6 Throwing knives, scythe, traps Quick thinker, no qualms about killing, offense swimming, defense, cant leave twin Her Dying/Brother dying WitchAndWizard
10 M
Emma Brynne 10 F 16 5'5 Throwng knives, knife Swimming, fast, loyalty Physically weak, jealousy Being an outcast, being alone
11 M
Dianna Johansson 11 F 17 5'8 Axe, knife Climbing, stealth Swimming, killing Drowning BaconCanadian
Tails Power 12 M 15 5'6 Throwing knives, sword Fast, great accuracy, swimming Strength, trusts easily, hiding Bees MyWorld
Winter Hourglass 12 F 12 5'3 Technology, coil net Intelligience, climbing, speed Plant identification, Bi polar, hunger Letting emotions get the best of her, gore


Jolt Everest 13 M 15 5'7 Sword, blowgun, bow Stealthy, good aimer, speed Jumpy, not ready to kill, clmbing Arachnophobia, reapophoia Tehblakdeath
Sabrina Prescott 13 F 17 6'7 Dagger Fast, climbs trees easily, agile Hiding, decision makin, can get lost Death or severe injury Xbilliex
Fume Hilltop Capitol M 18 6'2 Macuahuitls, Zhua Running, stamina, strong Focus, jumping and throwing, annoying Losing family members YoungGuy5
Serenity Alegra Capitol F 18 4'9 Spears, axes Fast quick, speedy Swimming, making friends Be killed by someone weak YoungGuy5


Careers: Tony Driver, Victoria Hunter, Juna Moonray, Zanella Tulle, Chione Nereus, Brandeis Phthalo, Winter Hourglass, Serenity Alegra, Fume Hilltop, Archer Pierce

Anti-Careers: Kokoro Hitogoroshi, Dianna Johansson, Tails Power

District 7 Alliance: Hazel Underwood, Hibernius Rashid

Spectrus & District 10 Alliance: Emma Brynne, Finale Spectrus, Blade Spectrus

Lores Alliance: Hailee Lores, Daniel Lores

District 13 Alliance: Sabrina Prescott, Jolt Everest

Alone: Yoshi Holiday, Hadley Fern


The arena is set in a form of a clock.

There are four zones in the arena, with the cornucopia in the middle 

The Green Zone- Green zone is a thick forest type zone. It has numerous plants that are both edible and can cause death. Animals can be hunted here for food also. There is a small stream in this zone where tributes can get water. It has muttations here.

The Brown Zone: Brown zone is a desert type zone. There is a small oasis in this zone where tributes can get a drink. There is no source of food here. It has no muttations.

The Blue Zone: Blue zone is a River type zone. It is a big stretch of water. Fish are edible here and it is the best place to get drinking water. It has the second numerous place of muttations next to the Green zone.

The White Zone: White zone is a place where it is very cold and windy. This place has no edible food and there are only a few ponds of water. It consists of numerous bridges, looking below the bridges there is the oblivion as no one can see the bottom of it. No muttations in this zone too.

There will be $500 per tribute to spend on items


Axe: $180

Sword: $180

Mace: $180

Trident: $250

Bow and Arrows: $200

Throwing Knives: $175

Knife: $150

Blowgun: $175

Sickle: $180

Spear: $200

Dagger: $150

Crossbow: $200


Burn Medicine: $100

Painkillers: $125

AntiBiotics: $150

Antidote: $100

Food and Water:

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $75

Bread: $60

1L of water: $20

5L of water:  $90

Soup: $55


Matches: $50

Sleeping Bag: $90

Wire: $75

Rope: $80

Poison: $90

Jacket: $85

Training Scores

District Name Score District Name Score
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8
9 9
10 10
11 11
12 12
13 13
Capitol Capitol

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