• I live in Mori Detective Agency or Cross Academy
  • I was born on November 28
  • My occupation is to lie around all day and listen to BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH
  • I am a boy, because I have to tell you because Julian thought I was a girl. THE NERVE! Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you Julian
  • Kwankwan44

    I know that every one of you are obsessed with the Hunger Games.

    But, what happened before that?

    What was your life before that?

    Was it a complete nothing?

    Was it fun?

    So here's my story:

    My life was preoccupied with homework, school, music, and Pokemon. I was a normal, everyday person before I read the Hunger Games.

    And my life changed from there.

    Comment on what your life was before!

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  • Kwankwan44

    149th Hunger Games

    March 3, 2012 by Kwankwan44

    HeWelcome to the 149th Hunger Games.

    I'll change the title LATER.

    Anyways, enter your tributes today.


    Sorry for all my unfinished games :P

    Speak now.....

    District Name Age Escort Place
    D1 Boy Lee Yang 12 Haybernathy 10th
    D1 Girl Lily Star 13 Haybernathy 20th
    D2 Boy Wilden Criss 17 QuinnQuinn 22nd
    D2 Girl Distinique Roochar 18 QuinnQuinn 2nd
    D3 Boy Max Blonde 15 Foxface911 19th
    D3 Girl Cherri Blonde 15 Foxface911 13th
    D4 Boy Johnny Rez 18 ~ilovepeeta~ 12th
    D4 Girl Caty Lobb 18 ~ilovepeeta~ 11th
    D5 Boy Sparks Jones 17 iluvgale 10th
    D5 Girl Rose Jones 16 iluvgale 16th
    D6 Boy Cobra Cruise 18 Everdeen 18th
    D6 Girl Raile Rouge 13 Everdeen 15th
    D7 Boy Vince Avietr 16 StarFighter10 24th
    D7 Girl Falta Kivery 17 StarFig…

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  • Kwankwan44


    February 10, 2012 by Kwankwan44

    Last years Hunger Games left everyone gaping! Let's see what happens this year! Our new shipment of tributes will arrive! Soon.

    To Users: Please sign up in the comments!

    To Panem: May the odds ever be in your favor.

    District Name Age User Place
    D1 Girl Puhnk Pink 14 ilovepeeta 9th
    D1 Boy G-Man 18 ilovepeeta 22nd
    D2 Girl Selia Hawthorne 16 Rueflower 13th
    D2 Boy Marcan Collcoin 17 Rueflower 21st
    D3 Girl Yuki Cross 15 H.G.F VICTOR
    D3 Boy Zero Kiryu 18 H.G.F 18th
    D4 Girl Allie Rose Evans 13 Tris Prior 19th
    D4 Boy Will Pryor 14 Tris Prior 20th
    D5 Girl Rose Jones 16 Iluvgale 10th
    D5 Boy Spark Jones 17 Iluvgale 15th
    D6 Girl Vinniati Courtyard 16 S.C.K 23rd
    D6 Boy Fatim Black 18 S.C.K 16th
    D7 Girl Shelby Dawn 12 Moon Beam VICTOR
    D7 Boy Thai Dawn 16 Moon Beam 5th

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  • Kwankwan44

    106th Hunger Games

    January 31, 2012 by Kwankwan44
    Ok, nothing is really happening.... So.......

    THE 106TH HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please enter your tributes.

    District Name Age User Place
    D1 Boy Will Pryor 14 Tris Prior 15th
    D1 Girl Allie Rose Evans 13 Tris Prior 18th
    D2 Boy Wilden Criss 17 QuinnQuinn 19th
    D2 Girl Distinique Roochar 18 QuinnQuinn

    D3 Boy Adam Marks 15 ArleneLoveTHG 10th
    D3 Girl Silver Copley 16 ArleneLoveTHG 14th
    D4 Boy Waves Odair 16 Iluvgale 12th
    D4 Girl Anneliese Tides 15 Iluvgale

    D5 Boy Bolt Wayne 12 H.G.F 7th
    D5 Girl Celia Fortech 12 H.G.F 13th
    D6 Boy Jason Lin 15 genesis1000

    D6 Girl Drenna Adreline 18 genesis1000 17th
    D7 Boy Vince Avietr 16 StarFighter10 5th
    D7 Girl Calises Eisleve 17 StarFighter10 24th
    D8 Boy Winter Snow 14 s.c.k 23rd
    D8 Girl Autumn Jong 17 s.c.k 8th
    D9 Boy Na…

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  • Kwankwan44

    Ok, I'll look for Victors from every game, and enter them in here.

    House 1: Crystal Glow

    House 2: Artemis Elto

    House 3: Jay Wayland

    House 4: Kathrina Loula

    House 5: Ginny Amber

    House 6: Derrick Chan

    House 7: Troy Bolton

    House 8: Yabbah Do

    House 9: Evi Tech

    House 10: Nylon Demin

    House 11: Harriet Peacock

    House 12: Shay Flax

    House 13: Kajama Odair

    Every week, a new victor will come to Victor's Village! I will place a poll here to vote. The vote will start on Monday Night and end Friday night. It will take until night to pick a new citizen.

    I wake up. Man, I don't know why Apollo always gets his alarm clock in the morning. I quickly rise up and run to his room. I tackle him.

    What's all this noise coming from House 2? I'm guessing Artemis and Apollo got in a …

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