This time, the Hunger Games will be in the format of a Riddle Race.


Please submit your tributes in the comments. With last name and first name. And IT HAS TO BE A PAIR.

District Gender Name Age Gender Name Age Sponsor
D1 Boy Sterking Silver 18 Girl Arlo Pricens 15 KatnissEverdeenandPeeta
D2 Boy Michael Moor 12 Girl Joyce Anders 12 Super.cute.kitten
D3 Boy Ian Bolt 14 Girl Shana Buzz 17 Nate677
D4 Boy Wawa Lake 15 Girl Ariel Boyell 14 QuinnQuinn
D5 Boy Josh Powers 17 Girl Brunette LaBelle 17 everdeen
D6 Boy Nathan Shibuya 12 Girl Red Hood 12 migora4329
D7 Boy Mark Axe 15 Girl Mariana Axe 12 genesis100
D8 Boy Aiden Suzuki 15 Girl Rin Kagamine 12 ME!
D9 Boy Mando Parkins 18 Girl Vivian Kudo 12 churrobits
D10 Boy Kevin Potter 16 Girl Darleen Jobes 12 ilovepeeta
D11 Boy Max Vaz 14 Girl Lillith 12 Skyandbray
D12 Boy Derrek Flost 16 Girl Mallory Hilton 13 hungergamesforever



Event Number Place Killed
24th Disneyland, Panem Josh Powers
23rd D13 Bunkers Ian Bolt
22nd D12 Mines Derrek Flost
21st Capitol Michael Moor
20th Beika City Lillith
19th Nimbasa City Sterking Silver
18th Goldenrod City Wawa Lake
17th Bikini Bottom CANCELLED
16th Mt. Blaze CANCELLED
15th Treasure Town CANCELLED
14th Osaka CIty CANCELLED
13th Seoul City CANCELLED
12th Manila CANCELLED
11th Paris CANCELLED
10th London CANCELLED
9th Central Otona CANCELLED
8th East Berlin CANCELLED
7th Jubilife City CANCELLED
6th Shanghai CANCELLED
5th Village of Heaven
4th Sword-fight Arena
3rd Death Bridge
2nd Plateway

Narration- Ariel Boyell

Ariel Boyell will do the narration.

Day 1

I head towards the nearest tram. Luckily, I find a seat before all the spots are taken. Many people are there, since it's the grand opening. I look and see my hint. The Chipmunk Lodge. I look at the map. The Chipmunk Lodge is in....hmm..... Disney City. I better go, before I get beaten and possibly die. I rush to disney City, where I see the Chipmunk Lodge. Let's see what it says. It says; the Hope City. I check my map. There is no hope city. However, I see Peace Land, and that might be a possible thing. I take the nearest monorail to Peace City. At the monorail, I see another hint; Jubilee. I go to Jubilee Land, which is next to Peace City. I see another hint at the TV Station: Final Hint: The Ordinary Few. That was easy. That ride is in Mountain Land. Unfortunately, I made it there in 18th Place. I see Kevin Potter arrive there last. He must be the one to be killed.


I find myself on a platform containing 22 other tributes. I guess this is the elimination. This is how we're going to be sent off. The winner picks a killing setting, and then picks a tribute. Oh no. It's the guy from 1. He loves to kill. The setting is sharks. I look left and right. Right next to me was Mariana Axe and Aiden Suzuki. The guy from one says, "Hmmm.....who to kill....." They displayed his finger looking for a button. Under the buttons were names." He walks around, trying to pick a button. He almost presses Kevin's, but then at the last moment, he quickly pushes a button than says "Josh Powers". I could hear some screaming, and then silence. He'd been killed. Which is strange because he was in second place.

Day 2

Yes, no games today and tomorrow. All because of two people. Their names were Ian Bolt and Derrek Flost. Bolt Ian and Derrek insulted the Capitol, so Derrek was sentenced to death. Ian, however, was sentenced to the Avox. We first have to listen to Ian's cries and screams as he becomes an Avox on one day. The next, day, we have to see Derrek getting executed, and Sterking, of course will do the honors. Well, I'm writing in my book, and Ian's cries have stopped, so he must have been turned into an Avox.

Day 3

We huddle towards the elimination circle. Derrek, however, is the only one in the circle. Sterking quickly presses two buttons, and Derrek is in and dead like that. -_-.

Day 4

Thank god this. is. the. last. day. we're. in. Panem. But one more race: "THE CAPITOL." I hope I win the race. I quickly rush to the nearest train. I get in, and in it is a hint. Final Hint: The archery. That was easy.....wait......the archery? What are they talking about? I quickly look around me. Only I see nothing about archery. Wait did they mean............. the training center? I'll go and check. I finally went to the training center, and I see no one. Great, it was just a..........Wow.....It says my name right now and it said "You win". Yes!


I'm standing in the winner's chair. I see the face of 20 tributes on buttons. I quickly press a random button, so that it could be done with. It wasn't done. The method I just picked was torture chamber. I quickly pick another random button, and I see the boy from D2 falling into an iron maiden. It closes, and he dies. Oh no. I heard Joyce Anders swearing. She said:


That was so inappropriate and very unnecessary.

Day 5 Now the narration is from Mariana Axe

Beika City? Wow they must have colonized Japan or something. Anyways today's puzzle is weird. We (even the boys) have to wear school girl outfits with a pink wig. Here's the catch.

First, you have to

Call someone using someone else's cellphone.


Look for a harajuku shop and say Hello to the people inside.


Go look for a cafe and ask someone to take a picture of it for you.


Find a park, and hurry back to the station.

Great. I had no trouble getting someone's cellphone, and I called the Capitol but there was tight security in the harajuku shop. I couldn't just go and say Hello to the cashiers without getting shot at least. i risk it and say Hello, and run out of there. Everything else went swell. There was a cafe next to it, and this guy was already photographing people for 10 yen. I had 20 yen, so I just got a picture of myself and there was a park right across the street. I have to say, it was quite easy. BUT. FINDING. THE. TV. STATION. IS. HARDER. THAN. IT. LOOKS. I had to wander around for 30 minutes until I finally find where the TV station is. But one problem. IT. IS. 1. FULL. HOUR. FROM. HERE. Quickly, I ask someone for a shortcut, and they ask me to go through that alley. It was very creepy, but then I found myself RIGHT SMACK IN FRONT OF THE TV STATION. Looks like I was standing near the expressway, and no exit until 50 minutes. I get in, and there are 10 tributes waiting for me. I sigh. Joyce Anders, a girl from 2, smirking. She was the victor. I could have been here first if I hadn't wandered around. Across the park was the TV station. I SHOULD HAVE REALIZED THAT. Bu there are my consequences, a 50/50 between life and death. But I already know who Joyce will kill. Her name is Ariel Boyell. She killed her District Partner last time, and she swore to kill her next. I guess that will definitely happen today.


I find myself almost at the tip of a cliff. There's glass surrounding you, and you can see Joyce's finger movements from the room. I see at the bottom hungry wolves. Muttations. I look around and see Ariel, crying right next to me. Just as Joyce was pressing her button, she slipped and pressed the girl from 11's button I can't explain in detail, because it's too gross. Anyways, the girl from 11 is dead.

Day 6

Nimbasa City. Its glamour and its beauty. Oh well. We're whisked to a buffet. Here's the objective. FIND THE FORTUNE COOKIE WITH THE WIN ON IT. Thankfully, the buffet is closed, and we're the only one's that are there. We quickly open lots of fortune cookies. Some of the tributes start getting REALLY. SICK. Oh well, at least two of us had the right mind to open it and read the fortune. OMG. That District 8 girl (who looked like she was going to throw up lots of pieces everywhere) found it. Oh great. I get the same risk.


I'm loaded into the elimination room, and I'm in a cannon. I look above me. A HOT GRILL. The district 8 girl decided to kill the District 1 boy, and he's fired, and the shaft closes. That would be a creepy death. You would be melted. It reminds me of Season's 2 games with the intense heat which killed the girl from 3.

Day 7- Narration: Red Hood

Goldenrod City. It's so modern. I don't know why it's still developing. Oh well. I looked everywhere for the finish line. I ended up getting stuck on the monorail all the way to Saffron. I have to wait 30 minutes for the train to get back. Which is hard, because I am getting the feeling which I might die today. I get on the next monorail and then I'm whisked back to Goldenrod. I check the gym, but nothing there. I spot Vivian Kudo aimlessly trying to get into the flower shop, only to find that it is closed. I keep on running. After 1 full hour, I find myself in last place. Oh great. Im going to die.


I close my eyes, waiting for death. But, the cannon shot Wawa Lake, not me. Thank goodness.


1. Bikini Bottom had a flood.

2. Mt. Blaze erupted, destroying Treasure Town.

3. Osaka and Seoul declared war.

4. Manila is in the middle of typhoon season.

5. Paris exploded.

6. London is currently in ruins.

7. A civil war in Central Otona.

8. Germany is currently ruled by Adolf Hitler's ghost.

9. Jubilife City there were riots everywhere.

10. Shanghai HATED Panem.

I got sent home. :).







Sorry. Due to heavy floods in the Roblox Area, this games has been cancelled. I will enter some tributes in the 103rd Hunger Games. Thank you very much. Please exit using the right way.

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