Welcome to the 103rd Hunger Games.

This is just a regular Hunger Games, no snazzy effects.

Paste your tributes below. They have to be a pair. After making up names, THEY HAVE TO BE A PAIR.

District Gender Name Age Gender Name Age Sponsor
1 Boy Sterking Silver 18 Girl Arlo Pricens 15 K.E.A.D
2 Boy Wilden Criss 17 Girl Jadynette Olive 16 QuinnQuinn
3 Boy Aiden Addison 16 Girl Sunshine Troy 12 migora4329
4 Boy Finnick Cresta 12 Girl Rainy Tan 17 s.c.k
5 Boy Josh Powers 17 Girl Brunette LaBelle 17 everdeen
6 Boy Ethan Gold 12 Girl Lyra Silver 12 churrobits
7 Boy Mark Axe 15 Girl Mariana Axe 12 genesis100
8 Boy Tepin Maru 15 Girl Snivelle Tama 17 H.G.F
9 Boy Kevin Potter 16 Girl Darleen Jobes 12 ilovepeeta
10 Boy Adam Beirne 17 Girl Taylor Thorn 14 Firecatcher3
11 Boy Sean Maylon 14 Girl Kayla Veriyt 15 Starfighter10
12 Boy Mitchell Abercombie 14 Girl Arlene Chan 14 ArieneLove'sTHG


The remains of Puente Hills Mall in Rowland Heights.


Brunette LaBelle

I got lifted up into my plate. IT'S A MALL? A MALL? OMG I COULD USE SOME SHOPPING HERE!!!!!! No, no, it's the Hunger Games. Stay calm. I noticed all the tributes plates were flipping. I heard two explosions. Just two mines. GONG The gong just sounded. I run towards the Cornucopia. I grab an ax and slice open that guy from 1's head. I run away from the Cornucopia, only to find myself in a Forever 21, with all the clothes and stuff.

Taylor Thorne

I quickly run, only to find a parking lot. An empty parking lot. I look up in the sky. It's night. It's dark. I hear the national anthem playing. There, I see the boy from 1. Awkward. Then the boy from 4. Both of them from 7. The boy from nine. My idiotic District partner, Adam. (Of course he would get himself killed.) The boy from 11. And then the girl from 12. I believe that tomorrow should be a good day.


D1 Boy- Sliced in half by D5 girl.

D4 Boy- Fell off plate before gong sounded.

D7 Boy- Died in bloodbath.

D7 Girl- Died in bloodbath.

D9 Boy- Fell off plate before gong sounded.

D10 Boy- Died in bloodbath.

D12 Girl- Died in bloodbath.


Lyra Silver

I wake up. I'm in the middle of a Macy's, sleeping beneath a drawer. I walk and walk and walk, until I'm suctioned in by this dryer. It spins and spins and spins, and by the time I get out, I'm really dizzy. Suddenly, these walking knives come toward me. Luckily, I outran them. I head up an escalator, and then I find myself on a second floor.

Jadynette Olive

We're right now in this Toy's R Us. There's flying stinky diapers everywhere. We have nose pins, so we are lucky. It suddenly launches at us. We dodge it. Again. Again. Again. We dodge it. We run out of the store as fast as we can. I hear some music.

"Who says, who says you're not perfect,"

I wonder what that would mean.


Taylor Thorne

I find myself with 3 other tributes. We look around, and we find monster trucks speeding towards us. *BOOM* One just died. *BOOM* Another. *BOOM* And the last one dies. I hope I'm not.... *BOOM*

Rainy Tan

The Careers have escaped to Round 1. It's pretty cool in here. Lots of games.......

Lyra Silver

I run to another store, only to find mutant zombie hello kitties after me. I run, and run, and run, but they catch up to me. *BOOM*

Ethan Gold

I'm being pursued by the Careers. They're pretty fast. I run to Macy's where I run past a freezer. Then the freezer GRABS the boy from 2. I run past a washing machine. The washing machine yanks the girl from 4 away. Soon I hear two booming sounds. I escape the Careers..... for now.

Snivelle Tama




3. I'm all alone, cold, freezing, starving.


Yep, I'm all alone starving. I miss District 8. I miss my mom, my dad, my sister, my brother, and my friends. I wish I can win and, and just go home. To live in Victor's Village. To have a nice life. To see my family again. To never have to join THIS STUPID THING AGAIN. Man. am I hungry. I heard so much booming today. Must be a dance party. I LOVE DANCE PARTIES!!!!!!!! Okay, I'm getting too over-reactive. I just cuddle up into a ball, and hope it keeps me warm. So, to make it short.

I. NEED. A. WINTER. COAT. AND. EARMUFFS. AND. A. SCARF. AND. ALSO. SOME MATCHES. Also, I need some muffins, dried oatmeal packets, food, a sniper rifle, some hot chocolate, some ski things, some blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

HEAR MY CRY, SPONSORS! If there are any. If there aren't obviously the Capitol is trying to starve us. If they starve us, we die. This is the real meaning of the Hunger Games. Ok, let me explain. It's like losing a pen.

If you lose a pen....

You can't study

Then, you fail the test.

After that, you get no diploma.

No diploma means no college.

No college means no Bachelor's Degree or whatever that is.

No Degree means no work.

No work means no money.

No money means no food.

No food means starvation.

Starvation means DEATH.

The last two are more in-tact. Whatever that is. Geez what is with all the sciency blah blah blah!!!!

Ethan Gold

There are no more cannons after this. I wonder if I can live. ITS SO COLD................ AND I WANT FOOD. Hey a vending machine! I crash the glass, and then I get everything I can carry. I look at the things I got.

Cracker Jacks.


D11 Bread.


And some Hot Cheetos.

I will manage to survive.... YESH..............

Sunshine Troy

I notice that the vending machine is open, and there is so much food in there. I grab everything that I can and run for it. I find myself in the parking lot. I look up and see all the dead people. SO MANY DEAD.....


D2 Boy- Froze to death.

D3 Boy- Run over by monster truck.

D4 Girl- Spun to death.

D6 Girl- Killed my mutant zombie Hello Kitty.

D8 Boy- Run over by monster truck.

D10 Girl- Run over by monster truck.

Day 3

Darleen Jobes

It's been a while since I ever saw another tribute. I'm in Macy's right now. Hopefully there will be no deaths....... I'm praying right now that there will be no deaths.

Ethan Gold

I see that D9 Girl. Too bad I don't have any weapons, cause I could kill her on the spot. I ask her something. Alliance? She said ok. We find food and go back to that abandoned Costco. We see the remaining Careers, all girls, that D1 Girl, that D2 Girl, that D3 girl, that D5 girl and the girl from D8. They're by that abandoned Olive Garden, and they have a LOT of supplies. I could steal them, but I think they're some catch to the supplies just lying there like that. Suddenly, they get them, and take them into the restaurant. I wonder what will happen next.

Brunette LaBelle

Oh great. That girl from 8 is acting all whiny again. We're eating, and she has a lot of pears, but she's crying. She asks if she'll die. Arlo slaps her and says,"You'll die if you don't shut up. Now shut up and eat your pears." Snivelle stops crying and eats. Let's she who I haven't seen in a while....... that boy from 6, that girl from 10, from 11, and that boy from 12. I wonder where they are. I hope I can kill them all!!!!!

Kayla Veriyt

I'm right now by the bookstore, munching on pretzel sticks. I think I should get a cola........ Hey, buttons! I press all of them ,getting good stuff. I don't press the last button, because one season, a girl pressed the last button and everything disappeared. Now I have a lot of things!

Mitchell Abercombie

I don't know who'll win..... This night, no faces are in the sky. I'm thankful, because at least no deaths today.

No deaths today.


Day 4

Arlo Pricens

It's still dark, and I'm so bored......... I'm on guard duty........ ZZZZZZZ..........

Darleen Jobes

I wake up. Since I don't want to die, I should go ahead and kill Ethan right now. No........ his district partner is dead already, and I wouldn't want to kill him. Besides, 1 against 5 careers? Well, maybe I could kill the D8 girl easily, but no. I won't risk it.

Kayla Veriyt

I hop from rail, to rail, looking for signs of danger. Suddenly that D12 boy appears. At least I can jump from him. I jump and jump and jump, but then I slip, and I'm hanging on for my dear life. The D12 boy gives me a kick, and I find myself falling. I hear a crack, and I black out. *BOOM*

Mitchell Abercombie

I never killed anyone. Well, technically, I could get credited for that D11 girl's death. Oh well. I'm starving and it's dark. I feel faint...... oh wait! There's some crackers....crackers................. I black out before I can reach the cracker pack. *BOOM*

Brunette LaBelle

I wake up, only to find that D1 girl asleep. Why is she asleep? She was supposed to be on guard duty. I pick her up, and she opens her eyes, and I throw her into the supplies. Then I throw a spear at her. Oh no. The other Careers are up, and they saw me. They send Snivelle to kill me, but she's crying and weeping that I give her a painless, fast death. They send Jadynette, and she aims and misses. I prepare to fight her, but Sunshine trips me and she sends a trident through my stomach. I drag myself to the mines.... exploding their supplies before I see white, and disappear.

Sunshine Troy

Great, now Brunette has killed 2 of our Careers and destroyed our supplies. At least she's dead now. But Arlo was a good killer, I wouldn't care about Snivelle, who was a COMPLETE coward. But now it's only me a Jadynette. Who's also alive... Let's see, The boy from 6 and the girl from 9. Looks like one boy and three girls. I think we should kill the other two, hoping that Jadynette gets killed before I can die.

Ethan Gold

4 left. 4. 2 Careers, and 2 others. It's getting really dark. A lot of faces there. The girl from one, the girl from 5, the girl from 9, the girl from 11, and the boy from 12. Leaves the girls from 2 and 3, and Darleen and me. Suddenly I hear a rustling noise. What's happening. Oh no, the Careers. They throw a spear at me, I dodge, and Darleen dodges too. I run quickly, but then Darleen and the girl from 3 spear each other and die. Two cannons. I feel hopeless, because the girl from 2 is closing in. Wait! My token! An MP3 player. Contains Friday and other songs.

Jadynette Olive

Ooh..... One more kill before I become victor......... He runs somewhere... Let him run I sealed the exit, and a few minutes of final living wouldn't hurt.

Ethan Gold

I quickly run, looking for the employee room. I get the door open, and close it. The girl from D2 is not far behind. I quickly type in something I learned, and then I click play.

Jadynette Olive

He's dead meat. I can see the Capitol, I can see Victor's Village, and I can see the.... AUGH!!!!! FRIDAY IS PLAYING. I spear myself.


D1 Girl- Speared by D5 Girl.

D2 Girl- Committed suicide.

D3 Girl- Slashed by D9 Girl.

D5 Girl- Killed by D3 Girl.

D8 Girl- Killed by D5 Girl.

D9 Girl- Slashed by D3 Girl.

D11 Girl- Broke head.

D12 Girl- Starved to death.


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