Ok so I'll start reaping tributes for the 105th Hunger Games.

NVM comment.

District Name Age User Place
D1 Boy Brendan Downstreet 18 QuinnQuinn 5th
D1 Girl Cariettum Downstreet 13 QuinnQuinn 11th
D2 Boy Mori Dei 14 H.G.F 14th
D2 Girl Mizuki Dei 12 H.G.F 2nd
D3 Boy Serena Wolf 17 MoonBeam 9th
D3 Girl Ben Fire 12 MoonBeam 6th
D4 Boy Trout Laik 17 K.E.A.P 7th
D4 Girl Sallminn Laik 16 K.E.A.P 17th
D5 Boy Sparks Jones 16 Iluvgale 13th
D5 Girl Rose Jones 17 Iluvgale 10th
D6 Boy Mavin Ross 18 s.c.k 4th
D6 Girl Hayley Finn 14 s.c.k 19th
D7 Boy Wood Green 13 everdeen 16th
D7 Girl Golden Axe 16 everdeen 20th
D8 Boy Aran 15 Mrweare12 15th
D8 Girl Alana Jones 16 genesis100 24th
D9 Boy Thomas Edgewood 12 migora4329 12th
D9 Girl Alexa Colleek 13 BubblestheLlama 23rd
D10 Boy Brom 18 Mrweare12 22nd
D10 Girl Charlotte Russo 12 migora4329 8th
D11 Boy Beaker Panther 14 genesis100 3rd
D11 Girl Kayla Veriyt 15 Starfighter10 18th
D12 Boy Twilight Night 16 Clove1999 VICTOR
D12 Girl Eclipse Night 16 Clove1999 21st


The region of Kanto and Johto in Pokemon.


D1- Cariettum Downstreet

I look up at the stage. The escort isn't here yet. All of District 1 is gathered at the square. The victors are already here, and they look mighty impatient. Suddenly, the escort appears through the stage, and everyone jumps back. She's wearing green everything, and she looks like one of those freaky elves that pop up at the square. Oh well, at least it's better than last year, when she wore a tracker jacker suit. Practically EVERY BEE ran down to the square, and 2 people died. Right now the mayor is blah blah blah blah blah blah. I can't understand a word what he's saying. Oh well, he's better than those District 2 freaks. The escort says, "Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds ever be in your favor." She goes to the girl's bowl, and I quickly protect my sister, who's 12, behind me. She calls out the name.

It's not my sister.

It's me.

I walk up quietly into the stage, and the escort asks for volunteers. Not a word. I'm definitely going in the Hunger Games. The escort walks to the boy's bowl. "Blazer Emetic!" A 12 year old boy walks to the stage, but then my brother says,

"I VOLUNTEER!!!!!!!"

The brother who wants me dead? That's him, Brendan. Another boy volunteers, but he shoves that boy out of the way and goes to me. We shake hands.

D2- Mori Dei

This year, there is a VERY annoying newbie escort. She walks up the platform and starts singing. All of District 2 stares at her in disbelief. She sings Friday. A girl in the crowd says, "GET ON WITH THE FREAKING REAPINGS!" The escort says, "Ok, ok just don't yell......" She flickers her hands against the girl bowl. She takes her time. The girl says, "JUST FREAKING PULL A NAME FROM THE BOWL!" I think it's my sister....

Mizuki Dei!

Mizuki goes up. She pushes the escort aside and gets the boy's bowl. "Oh look, its my brother, come on Mori you blockhead.

I'm guessing this is not one of my better days.

D3- Serena Wolf

My outfit look bland. It's my second to last year for the reapings. I wear a dress to the reapings. The fat escort comes up and says all those yakkity yak yak yak blah blah blah. She finally pulls out a name from the bowl. "Serena Wolf!" I see my parents start to cry. No volunteers. My parents cry even more. Now she's going to the boy's bowl. "Ben Fire!" Oh great, that cute little kid. We shake hands. I pull him into the justice station.

D4- Trout Laik

The sun is glinting in my eyes. It's painful. The escort runs up. Strange. No bowls. Suddenly I realize that it's Rebecca Black, but not before she sings Friday. One by one, I see many of my friends faint. The girls are fainting too. Only two people are left, me and my sister. They carry us off to the train. I squeeze her hand.

D5- Rose Jones

Hmm...... What should I wear.... the pink outfit or the pink outfit? Oh well (takes pink outfit). OMG LOOK at the escort she's wearing....(shudder) GREEN! WHY CAN'T EVERYONE WEAR PINK LIKE ME????? The dumb escort picks a name. Rose Jones! That's me. I run up, saying I like pink, I like pink..... Then she walks up to the boy's bowl. SPARKS JONES! The PINK HATER? My brother???? Gosh everyone hates me....

D6- Mavin Ross

I look at the ground. My feet are trembling. I eat. :)

Chariot Rides

District One

District One comes out with elegant kimonos!!! The crowd is pleased, but not satisfied enough. The crowd looks toward the President, who seems to be bored. Suddenly, the crowd looks toward District 2.

District Two

District Two are dressed up as bunnies. Seems like Mori is VERY embarrassed. Mizuki is hopping about, acting cute for the audience. The crowd is amused but not satisfied. The crowd turns their attention to District 3.

District Three

District 3 is dressed up as TV heads. The crowd is pleased but not satisfied. The President is on the verge on sleeping.

District Four

District 4 ends up wearing beach clothes. Trout is wearing a speedo, with Sallminn is wearing a bikini. They seem like their really cold. The crowd hates it. Everyone starts booing. The rest of the district are very plain. Looks like this year was very drab.

Training Scores

Brendan- 12

Carrie- 9

Mori- 7

Mizuki- 5

Ben- 11

Serena- 2

Trout- 8

Sallminn- 8

Sparks- 5

Rose- 12

Mavin- 2

Hayley- 10

Wood- 9

Golden- 6

Aran- 7

Alana- 1

Thomas- 5

Alexa- 1

Brom- 5

Charlotte- 1

Beaker- 5

Kayla- 10

Twilight- 7

Eclipse- 11

Brendan and Rose get perfect 12's, while Ben and Eclipse manage with 11's. Following is Hayley and Kayla with 10's, and Carrie and Wood end up with 9's. Trout and Sallminn cope with 8's, and Mori, Aran, and Twilight score 7's. Following that is Golden with a 6, and then surprisingly, Mizuki joins ranks with Sparks, Thomas, Brom, and Beaker with 5's. The remaining are Serena and Mavin with 2's, and the worst scorers with a one are Alana, Alexa, and Charlotte. But remember, this doesn't affect their performance in the arena.

Day 1

Thomas Edgewood

I'm lifted up into the arena and then the countdown starts. 60, 59, 58.......... I see the girl from 8 and my district partner are having trouble staying on the plate. 54, 53, 52......... I look around. We're in the middle of a mountain. It's snowing. It's very cold. 48, 47, 46, 45......... Seems like the girl from 8 lost her balance. I heard an explosion. 30, 29, 28, 27..... I look at my district partner.. She fell, and then an explosion occurred. Great. District 9 will not have a victor. I knew it. The gong rings, shaking me out, and quickly, I dash to the cornucopia. It's too late to do anything but snatch up a few supplies and run. I make my way down the mountain, only to be pursued by angry Chihuahuas that are barking at me up a tree. After a few minutes, they got bored and left. I could hear a shriek and angry Chihuahuas and then cannons. 1, 2, 3, 4...... all the way to 9.

Twilight Night

I can't find my district partner. Right now, we're with the idiots from 5 and the so called careers from 1. They decided to not join the careers. We quickly sort through our supplies. Of course, the boy got a blue backpack and the girl got a pink one. Must be with the color of their hair. They're pink and blue all over. I hope someone else kills them before I have to, because right now they're playing target practice with a tree, and they are CRAZY. The boy from..... I think 9 tries to steal our supplies, but the girl from 5 swings the axe around and kills him. She says, "THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR NOT WEARING PINK!"

Mizuki Dei

We have 3 boys and 3 girls in the Career pack. The boys from 2, 3, and 4. And me, the girl from 3, and the girl from 10. I think I should kill someone before someone kills me.....

Charlotte Russo

Angry Chihuahuas are right now chasing us, but they don't have any effect. All they do is bark at you and then if you can go somewhere where they can't reach, they bark at you for a few minutes, get bored, and then leave. They're pretty weird creatures. This kind of world is strange. We hike for a long time until it gets night. The anthem plays and the faces show in the sky. First, there's the girl from 4. Then there's the girl from 6. Both from 7 and 8. The girl from 9. The boy from 10. The girl from 11. And the girl from 12. The anthem plays again and the screen blacks out. It becomes dark again. We find an old ruins. We go in, to find a doorway.

Twilight Night

It wasn't from 9. He was from 8. Mistake.


D4 Girl- Killed in bloodbath.

D6 Girl- Killed in bloodbath.

D7 Boy- Killed in bloodbath.

D7 Girl- Killed in bloodbath.

D8 Boy- Chopped by D5 Girl.

D8 Girl- Fell off plate before game started.

D9 Girl- Fell off plate before game started.

D10 Boy- Killed in bloodbath.

D11 Girl- Killed in bloodbath.

D12 Girl- Killed in bloodbath.

Day 2

Charlotte Russo

I wake up, only to find that all the other Careers asleep. I just sleep more, but when I wake up, angry chihuahuas are on me and all the other careers. We run, but they have grown their claws, so Mori unfortunately got clawed to death. I heard a foghorn, and the chihuahuas all run away, barking and yipping. I see the hovercraft appear, and take what's left of Mori away. 13 people left. 12 more to knock out before I win. I think of killing the Careers, but the thought slips away.

Cariettum Downstreet

I wake up to the sound of what seems to be a foghorn. Like one of those I heard back in the Capitol. Rose and Twilight are already awake, searching for animals to hunt for. I realize that this seems to be a different world. it's hard to breathe. Wait, I just was thirsty. Oh well, I have a water bottle in my pack, so I drink. Ah..... my throat feels refreshed. I wonder if I become the victor..... no, I can't think that, that means I'll never see Brendan again. I wonder what will happen next, because I feel like something is missing from me. A part of me. Then I suddenly remember. I'm not a person. I'm just a piece in this Games, waiting to be eaten. If someone else should win, it should be Brendan.

Beaker Panther

I haven't seen another tribute for a while.... I must be in another section of the arena.. Oh well, I have a lot of supplies, I'm starting to think I might actually win this. I keep on walking, and I find a beach. I look at a sign, and it says Route 3; -----> Olivine C1T7. Wait...... wait a second.... no. Banish the thought, my partner was like dirt. Oh well. I sit on the beach, sorting through my supplies.

Serena Wolf

The boy from 4 and I exchange glances. Lost. In the middle of nowhere. The other Careers are busy sorting through supplies. Everyone is hungry. It's the Hunger Games, right? I better check if I need to do anything. A few hours later, the anthem is playing, and I see the boy from 2. The one that got clawed by Chihuahuas. I can't sleep, since Charlotte and I have to hunt for tributes. No one sleeps tonight. We will go hunting for tributes.


D2 Boy- Clawed to death by Chihuahuas.

Day 3

Serena Wolf

Great. No tributes yet. Even worse, the girl from 10 decided to start singing. "First you get a burger, and then you get a taco. What do you get? Jumbaco! Jumbaco!" Trout shuts her up. "Shut up, I have a knife, and I'm not afraid you use it.". Phew...... Suddenly Mizuki starts singing the nyan cat song. "nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan" Trout says, "Be quiet or say hello to my little friend. That shut her up. We're still hunting, but no tributes.

Thomas Edgewood

I'm right now with Mavin Ross, a guy from 6. His district partner died in the bloodbath. I hope I won't have to kill him in the end. If I die, I hope he will win.

Rose Jones

I wake up.... Oh the sky is pink YAY!!!!!! *happy dance* It turns blue. :(. I just need to keep calm. Ooh a pink flower!!!!

Brendan Downstreet

Oh great. It's raining. I find a cave, and we head in. It's really rocky, and I can barely see. Oh look. Mutts. But they're human but.... OH NO. They're the tributes from past years. How did they do that? They're frozen..... and they're all lying down, but I can notice no victors are there. Must be the dead bodies...... BLECH. Yes, so that's it. When we reach the end, it's night. The anthem is ending, so who died? I find out later no one died they're just playing it for the HECK of it. Suddenly, there's a booming in my ear. I hear Claudius Templesmith. A feast this short? But he's not talking about a feast.

Claudius Templesmith

Greeting tributes! Here's a reminder. Now MUAHAHAHA I just wanted to test. Heehee!




Day 4

Thomas Edgewood

I find myself sneaking against the 3 trio pack. They're all asleep. I quickly slit that blue boy's throat. The cannon wakes them all up. Oh no. They're awake. Without thinking, I throw my spear at that D1 Girl before that D5 Girl starts chasing me.

Brendan Downstreet

CARIETTUM! It's okay, you're going to be okay. Cariettum tells me I have to win now. I look at the wound. The spear is up her stomach. It's way too injured to heal. Cariettum has one last request. Sing for her. I don't know that much songs, but I think I remember one. My Immortal. I quickly clear my throat. I start singing.

"I'm so tired of being here...... suppressed by all my childish thieves."

Cariettum is slightly breathing now.

"If you have to leave, I wish that you would just leave, cause you presence lingers here.. and it won't leave me alone"

Cariettum has shut her eyes now. Her chest is still moving, but slightly.

" These wounds won't seem to heal, this pain is just too real, there's just too much that time cannot erase"

A cannon fires. I look at Cariettum. She's still slightly breathing. Must be for either Rose, that D9 boy, or one of the Careers. I finish my song, even though it hurts.

"When you cried, I wiped away all of your tears, when you screamed, I fought away all of your fears, and I held your hand through all of those years,"

The last line is barely audible.

"But you still have............"

A cannon fires.

"All of me........"

I leave her body. My sister has just died. I have to win now. For my sister. For District 1. A hovercraft appears and lifts my sister up. I wave at the hovercraft. Goodbye...

Rose Jones

THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR NOT WEARING PINK! I yell at that D9 Boy's dead body. PINK IS THE BEST COLOR EVER!!!! YOU DID NOT WEAR PINK! And, er, you murdered my brother BUT I DIDN'T CARE ABOUT HIM! BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mavin Ross

I hear yelling in the distance. Must be that crazy girl from District 5. She's all ranting about pink and how District 9 is like dirt because pink is very "unpopular there". And I'm thinking in my mind: (BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP) I can't stand her rants anymore, so I kill her with the bow. FINALLY SOME PEACE AND QUIET. The hovercraft appears, and two bodies are pulled up. I wonder what will happen next......

Twilight Night

I can't stand it without my sister. I love her so much....why did she have to die on the first day..... the faces are up. Cariettum. The blue and pink stooges from 5. And the boy from 9 which murdered Cariettum and the blue freak from 5.

Day 5

Brendan Downstreet

I plan to avenge my sister's death. I think that boy was from the Careers. I plan to kill all the Careers. I see a tracker jacker nest. I have a big bow and arrow. I aim.....and FIRE!!!!

Mizuki Dei

I wake up to the sound of buzzing. Everyone is yelling TO THE LAKE!!!! I scream and run.

Brendan Downstreet

Only 1 tracker jacker has identified me. I remove the stinger and get the leaves I found earlier. I climb up a tree. i see that girl from 3's dead body. The girl from 10, the boy from 4, and the boy from 3 are staggering off to the distance, though I don't believe they'll survive.The girl from 10 falls and a cannon rings out. The boys from 3 and 4 are walking to the distance, though they look weak. Two more cannons. Suddenly, I feel really drowsy..... the world is turning pink.... zombies are approaching......... these big butterflies are coming and when they come close, they sting....... I fall and everything turns white. The last thought I can figure up is, "I didn't keep Cariettum's promise..." *BOOM*

Mavin Ross

A lot of commotion today, I wonder what happened. Suddenly I see a huge pack of tracker jackers coming for me. I run, and run, and run. I think I lost them. Just then I find myself face to face with a lynx. A mother lynx. I remove my foot on the ground and find that I stepped on a lynx kitten's tail. The mother lynx looks angry, and she leaps towards me. I see lots of blood on my faces until everything vanishes. *BOOM*

Beaker Panther

It's night. A LOT of tributes are on the screen. The boy from 1. Both from 3. The boy from 4. The boy from 6. And the girl from 10. I better get some sleep. Only 3 remain..... let the Hunger Games begin for real......


D1 Boy- Stung by tracker jackers.

D3 Boy- Stung by tracker jackers.

D3 Girl- Stung by tracker jackers.

D4 Boy- Stung by tracker jackers.

D6 Boy- Clawed by lynx.

D10 Girl- Stung by tracker jackers.

Day 6



Mizuki Dei

It's a feast. With only 3 contestants left? I definitely think we'll be fighting over a stale piece of bread. I think I can just defeat them........ cause they're from worthless 11 and 12. I hear the trumpets blaring. No cannons, so this must be the call for the feast. I should keep my eye out and be careful. I start thinking about what happens if I am crowned victor. I get to go home.... without Mori. That is sad for me.... Oh! The food might disappear at the feast! I better get there!

Beaker Panther

I'm running from a huge wall of fire. Fireballs keep on blaring at me. I dodge them with ease, but my hearing is really bad. I don't hear the next hiss, and the last thing I see is a tree getting hit by fire.......*BOOM*

Twilight Night

Two people left. Two. I remember that the girl from 2 is left. She spots me. I run towards a cliff. She throws an axe at me, which misses. The girl from 2 thinks that she can outlast me, since I'm starting to feel weak... Suddenly, the axe comes right back and impales her right in the head. I hear trumpets and blaring.


I never thought I could do it, but I did.

VICTORY TOUR: Twilight Night

District 11

It feels really eerie here and most people are crying and weeping. I see the boy from 11's family crying and weeping. The girl from 11's family is standing there, doing nothing, but I can see some kind of fire in their eyes. Well, i got the tour of the fields which was boring, and then we headed for District 10.

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