Ok, nothing is really happening.... So.......

THE 106TH HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!

Please enter your tributes.

District Name Age User Place
D1 Boy Will Pryor 14 Tris Prior 15th
D1 Girl Allie Rose Evans 13 Tris Prior 18th
D2 Boy Wilden Criss 17 QuinnQuinn 19th
D2 Girl Distinique Roochar 18 QuinnQuinn
D3 Boy Adam Marks 15 ArleneLoveTHG 10th
D3 Girl Silver Copley 16 ArleneLoveTHG 14th
D4 Boy Waves Odair 16 Iluvgale 12th
D4 Girl Anneliese Tides 15 Iluvgale
D5 Boy Bolt Wayne 12 H.G.F 7th
D5 Girl Celia Fortech 12 H.G.F 13th
D6 Boy Jason Lin 15 genesis1000
D6 Girl Drenna Adreline 18 genesis1000 17th
D7 Boy Vince Avietr 16 StarFighter10 5th
D7 Girl Calises Eisleve 17 StarFighter10 24th
D8 Boy Winter Snow 14 s.c.k 23rd
D8 Girl Autumn Jong 17 s.c.k 8th
D9 Boy Nathan Shibuya 16 migora4329 18th
D9 Girl Red Hood 12 migora4329
D10 Boy Hansel Oerall 12 churrobits 21st
D10 Girl Gretel Oerall 16 churrobits 16th
D11 Boy October Fest 18 Brony12 6th
D11 Girl Summer Fest 17 Brony12 11th
D12 Boy Archer Shade 17 Clove1999 22nd
D12 Girl Fauna Shade 14 Clove1999 9th



As I file into the square, worms start flowing into my stomach. Why must the Capitol do this? bWhy must they send 24 children to die? The Hunger Games sickens me. The escort comes and says the usual then says the name.

"Allie Rose Evans!"

There goes Ally Cat. Oh well, at least she's gone. Then without thinking, I accidentally say, 'I VOLUNTEER!"

This is why I hate Allie. I often goof up. IN FRONT OF HER. And now I got myself into death. I hope she dies.

D2- Distinique

I've been stalking this guy called Mason Arce for ages. Whenever I look at him, it seems like all of District 2 faces away from me. Should I stop stalking him.... nah. Hope he dies in the reapings. The escort (who seems like a good person to stalk) pulls out a name.

"Distinique Roochar!"

I can actually hear a sigh of relief from the District. The WHOLE district. Either they're relieved that I won't stalk anyone anymore or that their ugly little girlies have been spared for another year. Even though, no one volunteers. The escort pulls out a name from the boy box.

"Wilden Criss!"

Wilden, a boy that I haven't actually thought of stalking, comes up to the stage. Surprisingly, no volunteers.

That's like a slap in my face.

D3- Adam

"Silver Copley!" the escort yells.

It was dead silent. I could actually see Silver blushing. I saw she looked at me with a mean glare. I hear her whisper,

"You better volunteer if you're not reaped."

She reads the name.

"Auto Travis!"

Suddenly, I say,


I see Silver grit her teeth. Not a good start to the day.

D4- Anneliese

"Willow Smith!"

The 12 year old girl was already whipping her hair. As the mayor's daughter, she looked like a HUGE fireball. Even though I saw her at training that she was really good at throwing spears and knives, I didn't want her to die, so guess what I said.

A) 21st Century Girl!!!!!

B) I volunteer!

C) Nothing.

D) All of the above.

If you answered D, you're correct! Anyways, I went up to the stage. Then the boy tribute.

"Jaden Smith!"

The mayor's second kid. Named "Karate Kid". Even though, guess what my boyfriend Swimmy Fish said.

A) You go girl!

B) I'm Jackie Chan!!! I VOLUNTEER

C) Nothing.

D) Hey Willow, wanna go get a drink?

If you answered D, you're correct! OMG I AM SO MAD!!! IF I WIN, I'LL STRANGLE HIM!!! Suddenly the victor's son Waves Odair said, I VOLUNTEER!

He's hot. I scream.

D5- Bolt

My crush was reaped. Oh great. She's talking and talking and talking until our escort says shut up. I volunteer. There.

nothing to say about D6. :)

D7- Vince

"Calises Eisleve!"

She's always sarcastic. She's all cheering and saying hooray.

Like that's true. Then she reads the boy name.

"Vince Avietr!"

That's me. She's all like hooray and I notice little pom pom things on her dress. Hope she dies first.

D8- Autumn

Without thinking, I say,


Oh well, I have no friends or family. Then the crazy escort from the CAPITOL goes to the boy's bowl.

"Winter Snow!"

Now the boy is kind, and then we shake hands.

D9- Nathan

The girl, Red is right now screaming over her basket cause it's considered a weapon. The peacekeepers peek inside. Only some food here and there. Nothing to worry about. Then I get reaped. I say to the crowd,

"솔리 ㅣ 곹 러ㅏ펃! ㅣ'ㄹㄹ ㅢㄴ 폴 수러!"

The crowd is confused. I say it again.


They still don't understand. I say it again.

"Hi! Paenitet got messuerunt! Promitto ego vincere!"

I give up. I always get confused of my languages.

D10- Gretel

I get reaped. My brother and I were about to risk going into the woods until I got reaped. If I win, it will benefit my family. But then my brother gets reaped. Only one can survive. I'll make sure Hansel gets home.

D11- October

"Summer Fest!"

Most of her friends aren't there. They're busy at the harvest. Her friend April is there, and she's crying. She then gets to the boy's bowl.

"October Fest!"

Summer will be victor, no matter what.

D12- Fauna

"Fauna Shade!"

Oh great. I got reaped. At least Archer taught the kids to hunt. Meanwhile some blastin music is I think accidentally played.


Eventually the music stops. But not before the boy is reaped. My brother. I wonder if the little kids will be able to fend for themselves.


District 1

District 1 comes out in kimonos with sparkling jewels on the clothes. Everyone is oohing and gaping. At least it wasn't like last year.

District 2

District 2 comes out in rock outfits. Not exactly pleasing, but still nice. It seems like Wilden is uncomfortable. Maybe because Distinique is stalking him closely from behind, or at least following him.

District 3

District 3 comes out in hamster balls with designs. Looks not that appealing, but kind of pleasing. After all, the Hunger Games is not a beauty contest. Suddenly Silver starts blushing. Everyone is screaming.

District 4

District 4 comes out in see through net costumes. 2 words: Either hot or disgusting. There's only underwear under the nets. Blech. >:P

District 5

District 5 are in power line costumes. Brown. Very very brown. Not very appealing.

District 6

District 6 are in train outfits. They're connected to each other. One is pink and one is blue. Great idea, except Drenna is being practically dragged by Jason. The audience is laughing.

District 7

As District 7 rolls out, the audience groans. Trees. Again. Suddenly, Calises starts saying they're fantastic and starts cheering. Sarcasm. Again.

District 8

District 8 comes in yarn balls. It starts to get boring until they start rolling away. The audience is laughing. The District 8 tributes start rolling around. They knock the District 7 tributes, and they start rolling away. District 6 dodges the yarn balls, but Drenna almost gets knocked down. They trip over. District 5 roll away in their power pole outfits. District 4 jumps over them. District 3 gets knocked down by District 7 and they knock down District 2. District 1's jewels fly off, and they all get into one big ball.

District 9

District 9 looks like they rolled in grain. As they walk, District 3 trips them. And they get stuck to the big pile too.

District 10

District 10 look like cows. They dodge the big dog pile and they still walk. Not very amusing until they get tripped over by District 5.

District 11

District 11 look like apples. Not very amusing until they bounce away and join the big dog pile.

District 12

District 12 are in skimpy coal miner outfits. The audience is about to fall asleep until a video of 4 past victors that made into a dance group.


That was embarrassing.


Will- 11

Allie- 11

Wilden- 9

Distinique- 9

Adam- 3

Silver- 11

Waves- 12

Anneliese- 11

Bolt- 9

Celia- 11

Jason- 4

Drenna- 7

Vince- 5

Calises- 9

Winter- 5

Autumn- 11

Nathan- 9

Red- 8

Hansel- 11

Gretel- 3

October- 11

Summer- 9

Archer- 10

Fauna- 12



Caesar: Welcome! First, let's see our D1 tribute. I wouldn't be surprised if she comes out in glitter!


(Allie walks to the stage.)

"Can't nobody hold us down, nothing cannot break us down, when you think you can stop it, my witness can't stop it tonight........"

Caesar: Hello Allie Rose Evans!

Allie: Hi.

Caesar: So what's your favorite thing about the Capitol?

Allie: Other than watching freaky people dance around, the dresses. I just love them.

Caesar: The Wedding dresses or the flower dresses?

Allie: The wedding dresses.

Caesar: Are you getting married?

Allie: I'm engaged to the arena right now. See these high heels? See it? I'm wearing it to the arena.

Caesar: Sound like a good idea.

Allie: Yep.

Caesar: You have any talents?

Allie: Wanna see my goat imitation?

Caesar: Okay.....

Allie: baaaa baaaaaaaa



Caesar: Now our D1 boy!

(Will walks on stage)

"Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan"

Caesar: Hello Will!

Will: Hi Caesar.

Caesar: So who's family?

Will: Oh, I have 4 sisters and 3 brothers.

Caesar: What's their names?

Will: It's too long.

Caesar: Is it supercalifragilisticexpialadosious?

Will: That's not what I meant.

Caesar: Oh.

Will: Do you like waffles?

Caesar: Why do you ask?


Caesar: What song? OHHHHH

Caesar: Sing along audience!

Will: Do you like waffles?

Caesar and audience: Yea we like waffles

Will: Do you like pancakes?

Caesar and audience: Yea we like pancakes!

Will: Do you like french toast?



Now to our D2 girl!

(Distinique walks on stage)

"You better run, run, run, run, run...........Run devil devil run run"

Caesar: Hello Distinique!

Distinique: (stares off into the distance)

Caesar: Um, we're doing an interview right now?

Distinique: (stares off into the distance)

Caesar: Hello?

Distinique: (stares off into the distance)

Caesar: (waves hand into face)

Distinique: (stares off into the distance)

Caesar: You aren't a talker, are you?

Distinique: (stares off into the distance)

Caesar: Hello? You want to talk?

Distinique: (stares off into the distance)

Caesar: (claps 20 times)

Distinique: (stares off into the distance)

Caesar: HELLO?

Distinique: (stares off into the distance)

Caesar: EXCUSE ME?????

Distinique: (stares off into the distance)


Nothing else happens, it's a normal interview, until during the D12 girl's interview was interrupted by a past victor, Rebecca Black from District 5. Everyone screams and gets out of there.

DAY 1!!!!!!!

Autumn Jong

Could I have a juice drink? The stylist says no and she says you're being lifted up. Oh great. 23 other pampered tributes. I am very bored. I take a look at the arena. A huge taiga. With lots of trees .Why do they have to count down from 60? Why not just 10? Oh well. I notice the girl from 10 throwing bread crumbs at some plates. *BOOM* D7 Girl dead. *BOOM* My district partner dead. *BOOM* The boy from 12 is dead. Before I could react, the girl from 3 throws a ring at the D10 boy. *BOOM* He's dead. Just before I could react, the gong rings. 3 tributes are already at the cornucopia. Except for 2 tributes spearing each other, almost no casualties.

Distinique Roochar

I decide not to join the Careers and just hide in the woods. Other tributes are disappearing into the void behind me. I notice the couple from D5 running away from me. Just before I could react, I run into a swampy area. Yuck. Hmm.... who should I stalk in the arena? I know!

Allie Rose Evans

I feel like I'm being followed. I'm with the Careers, but some kind of dark spirit is following me. Nothing is wrong, nothing. Just then I catch a glimpse of that D2 girl's hair. Black and red. Stalker.

Celia Fortech

I'm talking my head off. Bolt tells me to be quiet. "Do you want to get caught?". I say no. He says stop talking. I put something we found at the cornucopia in my mouth. It's a potholder. Why would they put a potholder in the arena? To prevent burns? This all confuses me.

Will Pryor

I look at the sky. Night. I hear the anthem being played. Then the dead tributes. The boy from 2. Well, at least the girl from 2 is alive. Wait! Was she the one stalking Allie? Er.... no. After that, the girl from 7. The one that said that everything was pretty just before that girl from 10 blasted her to bits with her bread crumbs? Yep, that was her. Then the boy from 8. I saw the girl from 8 with a frying pan earlier. I wonder what she intends to do with it. The boy from 9. His district partner is still alive. I wonder what was in her basket? Food? That was a token? A basket? I was expecting a leaf or a rock, or even better, a necklace. Of all the things that she could have, a wicker basket? That was so weird. Wait! The girl from 9 was fighting with peacekeepers in her reapings over her wicker basket. Was it a weapon? I must be careful with her. I don't know where she was, but it might be bad. The boy from 10. His district partner killed at least 3 people before the gong rang. Then finally, the boy from 12. I don't know much about him. Except he might have been married with that D12 girl. I'm not sure. The sky goes black.

Red Hood

Great! I'm not dead!!!! I might have a chance!!!!!!! BOO-YAH!

Anyways, er......I have my picnic basket. I got some spikes on the back, but it's way too small to see. But it's extra sharp! :)

Anneliese Tides

I'm thankful that Waves is alive. Oh wait I was with him the whole time! He has to go home alive, no matter what.


D2 Boy- Speared by D9 Boy.

D7 Girl- Blasted to bits by D10 girl.

D8 Boy- Blasted to bits by D10 Girl.

D9 Boy- Speared by D2 Boy.

D10 Boy- Blasted to bits by D3 Girl.

D12 Boy- Blasted to bits by D10 girl.

Day 2

Waves Odair

I wake up to the sound of a cannon. I see that D1 girl, lifeless on the ground. The D2 girl runs off into the void, holding a very bloody axe. I hear another scream and another cannon. Must be that D2 girl who killed the person who did the scream.

Summer Fest

I scream as I see the girl from 6's dead body being lifted up. A fair amount of blood is trickling from the sky. i scream and get out of there. Just then I find the D12 girl, hunting. I decide to leave her alone. Meanwhile the girl from 10 is eating bread in the nearby bushes. I see the D12 girl miss her kill and the arrow drove into the girl's throat. *BOOM* That was scary. I get out of there before someone could hurt me.

Anneliese Tides

We were all looking around, when suddenly some mutts appeared. We ran as fast as we possibly could from the area. I scream as a mutt drives into my leg. Quickly, I hit it with a stick. I don't think I could live.... I look at the wound. Only a minor one, it hasn't cut the skin. Just then, I see all the mutts devour the D1 boy, who tripped over a tree stump. Waves and I don't even care, so we just run out of there. Only me and Waves are Careers now. All the other Careers have been killed. Well, maybe the girl from 2 is still alive, but she wouldn't join our troop. The D3 girl, who seems to be pretty resourceful, runs in front of us. What was that?

Autumn Jong

I hear rustling. That D3 girl. I whack her with my frying pan, leaving her unconscious. I wonder how to kill her. Hmmm....... I get the serrated knife out of my pack. A cruel twisted blade. I slit her throat and move on before the cannon rings out. *BOOM* But seriously, why must it be a cannon? Why not fireworks? Or maybe a bell! That would seem more honorable! THAT'S IT! A BELL....hmmm....nah. I move on, hoping to find more victims.

Distinique Roochar

I'm back in the Cornucopia. A lot of supplies are in there. Just then I feel like someone's there. I advance, only to think about if it's a heavily armed person. I think about my odds, and I decide to evade it for now.

Fauna Shade

My first kill....why did she have to get in the way? Oh well, one less tribute to kill before I can go home. Meanwhile, I think about my brothers and sisters. Can they live, knowing that Archer is dead? Or were they taken away to the community home? I hope they managed to fend on.

Red Hood

Phew, that D2 girl gave me the creeps! She's like a creeper! She was like I think, MMM..... FRESH MEAT. I wonder why she decided to move on. Was it because of me? I think of myself as innocent and pure. Why did she run away? Now I think of myself as scary. i practice my monster imitations all day within the shelter of the backpacks. Should I forage into the backpacks? I say yes and look in all of them. There's some pretty neat stuff! Lots of water, lots of food, matches, medicine, guns, bows and arrows, spears, throwing knives, and all sort of that mumble jumble. I decide to stay in the Cornucopia for a while. After all, it seems like a pretty neat thing. But wait! A mirror? A HUGE ONE! I block the exit to the cornucopia, but still leaving air for me to breathe. With no one going to catch me in the comfort in the cuddly backpacks, I drift off.

Adam Marks

I haven't seen a tribute since the bloodbath. Am I in a remote part of the arena? Don't worry about that, just sleep.

Bolt Wayne

After many hours of trying to calm Celia down, the faces finally show. Both from 1. How did they die so fast? The girl from 3. She's not that good, unless you count the part when she destroyed the D10 boy with her ring. Then the girl from 6. I don't know anything about her. After that, the girl from 10. She was very great in the arena, blowing people to bits with bread crumbs. But now let's see..... District 1 and 10 have no hope of having a victor because both of their tributes are dead. So let's see who's alive. The girl from 2, the boy from 3, both from 4, me and Celia, the boy from 6 and 7, the girl from 8 and 9, both from 11, and the girl from 12.


D1 Boy- Chewed apart by mutts.

D1 Girl- Chopped by D2 Girl.

D3 Girl- Killed by D8 girl.

D6 Girl- Killed by D2 girl.

D10 Girl- Shot by D12 girl.

Day 3

Anneliese Tides

I'm awake. I just get up when I see a looming shadow above me. I close my eyes preparing for the worst. Instead, it's just Waves. "You hungry?" he asked. I yell "DON'T SCARE ME LIKE THAT!" Suddenly I see a group of people in the clearing. They call themselves "THE CAREERS". MEAN!!! WE'RE THE CAREERS!!!! Oh well, we'll pick them off later. Let's see, there's the boy from 3, both from 5, the boy from 6, the boy from 7, the girl from 8, and the girl from 9. None of them are from the career districts!!!! I'LL MAKE THEM PAY! Before I can make a move, Waves grabs my shoulder and says, "The odds are against us. Those people know how to handle weapons, so don't attack." What does he mean? The girl from 9 only has a picnic basket! The girl from 8 has a frying pan. What does she do with it? Clonk the person to death? Well, they're the worst Careers ever. Especially that D5 girl talking her head off. How does she kill? Bore people to death? Oh well.

Summer Fest

I haven't seen October for days. Where has he gone? At least he's not dead. Suddenly, a mountain of snow falls from the sky. I run away, but get buried under the snow. Quickly, I dig myself out. Meanwhile, I check my surroundings. A mountain. Oh great. No chance of climbing this.

Distinique Roochar

I just heard a rumbling. Right now I have a bloody gash on my arm. I fixed it with a splint, but it might not work for long. Was that a cannon? Was it? I hope so. Suddenly the famous voice of Claudius Templesmith is booming. Trumpets blare. Did I win? No, he's calling for a.....butterfly picnic? What?


I wake up. It was just a dream.

Waves Odair

No excitement today, the most exciting thing we did was nap. No faces in the sky today. aT LEAST NO ONE DIED :P


Oh wait there were none. Awww........

DAY 4-5



Fauna Shade

It's been a while since I saw another tribute....... am I being followed? No, perish the thought. I am not being stalked. That D2 girl ain't gonna stalk me!

Celia Fortech

We forced the pair from 4 to join our group. Right now the boy from 3 has lightbulbs. We ain't got nothing to worry about. Right now it's night. NO faces in the sky today. I'm guessing that the monsters will appear right now. The boy from 3 throws his lightbulbs on the ground. Suddenly they flash. The last thing I see is Bolt's screaming mouth before everything goes white. *BOOM*

Red Hood

RUN!!!!!! I say. Everyone heads for the lake. That boy from 4 tripped over a log and was swallowed up. I might be next..... I hear another cannon. Someone else must have died from the monsters. We make it to the lake. We jump in. I hear another cannon, and no sign of the D3 boy. Another cannon. Someone else died. It's daylight. We step out of the lake. The coast is clear. I run through my fingers to see who's left. The girl from 4 seems to be missing. The boy from 5 is here, and so is the boy from 6. Also the boy from 7. Finally the girl from 8, and then me.

Anneliese Tides

I can't live without my poor Waves! I have to win. Now it's just not about strangling my boyfriend Swimmy, it's for the sake of Waves. Well, maybe it's more on the strangling part. :P

Autumn Jong

The feast should be around this time. Oh well. Wait! Only eight people remain! But no one from the same district. Let's see..... District 1 has been annihilated, D2 only has that ugly little stalker girl, WAIT! I CREATED A PARODY! A SONG. I can see it now.

Little Stalker Girl by Autumn Jong

I stalk all you girlies....Bum bum bum bum bum.

I am a stalker girl Bum bum bum bum bum.

I have a lot to bring Bum bum bum bum bum. But I just stalk people bum bum bum bum bum, bum bum bum bum, bum bum bum bum.I will stalk you right now see that you die. NO ONE APPRECIATES MY MUSIC? WELL I NEVER!

Bolt Wayne

Celia is dead. :( Even I miss her rantings, even though they're annoying. Well at least she's not as bad as the D8 girl , who is making parodies left and right. All to the tune of Little Drummer Boy. Oh no she's singing it! This time it's about a continental plate! One in the north!

Juan de fuca ca

JUAN DE FUCA!, juan de fuca ca


Real life pause: THIS IS A REAL PLATE!!!


Just then the boy from 6 gets out his knife and points it at Autumn.

"You really want to live? Then stop singing the (bleep) song!"

The girl from 8 cringes. She nods.

Distinique Roochar

The boring boring yaddah yaddah anthem blah blah blah look some ugly boy from 3 another ugly boy from 4, a very ugly girl from 5, (bleep) she ugly. Then another ugly girl from 11 and then the ugly girl from 12. All those dead ugly little girlies. And the boys they ugly.


D3 Boy- Swallowed by mutts.

D4 Boy- Swallowed by mutts.

D5 Girl- Swallowed by mutts.

D11 Girl- Swallowed by mutts.

D12 Girl- Swallowed by mutts.

Day 6

Narrator: Hello tribbies, today is the feasty!

Red Hood

Today is the feasty? FEASTY? Ridiculous name if you ask me. Oh well. It's times for the EPIC careers to head on out! WE GOT THE MOVES LIKE JAGGER!!!!

Meanwhile, the girl from 8 has other things on her minds, like creating more parodies. this game, the cannon will ring!

I.....will be. the victor vicky tor tor!

All you losers out there are going to die!

So give it up now say I hate you all now! Hate you all now! Hate you all now!

The boy from 6 pins her to the tree. The boy from 5 gives the OK sign.


The boy from 6 ends the D8 girl's life with one single knife.

I doubt she will be victor now that's she's dead.

Bolt Wayne

Finally they silenced her! I WAS GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF HER (BLEEP) SONGS! Anyways the feasty is going on, and there's a LOT OF FOOD!!!

Anneliese Tides

Before the girl from 9 can react, I get her picnic basket and hit the D5 boy. He dies. She wants it back. I whack the D11 boy with it too. *BOOM BOOM* Oh she wants it back. WELL TAKE IT! I throw it at the D9 girl, and she catches it. I throw my second throwing knife at the D7 boy before I run.I get as much things as I need, and run.

Distinique Roochar

I heard 4 cannons today. Looks like the players have been cut in half. 1 boy and 3 girls. WOOOO girl power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I look at the sky. Night. The boy from 5. The boy from 7. The girl from 8. And the boy from 11. Goodnight.


D5 Boy- Whacked by D4 girl.

D7 Boy- Whacked by D4 girl.

D8 Girl- Slashed by D6 Boy.

D11 Boy- Whacked by D4 Girl





AGE: 18



AGE: 15



AGE: 15



AGE: 12


Red Hood

OMG I AM IN THE TOP 4!!!!!! YES!!! Just then, a flood comes and I run. I make it to the cornucopia, half drenched. No one else is there. Did they all die? Am I the winner? Suddenly, 3 more shapes are running from the woods. This will be the end...... Just then, the floodwater subsides, only leaving me 100 yards of land between the cornucopia and the floodwaters. The famous words of Claudius Templesmith.


3rd person

The tributes start charging for each other. One throws another into the forcefield, which signifies a cannon. Another grabs a spear and injects it into someone's stomach. *BOOM*. After that, the two tributes left start circling another each other. Just then, the other tribute plunges a throwing knife into the other tribute's leg. The other tribute doesn't hesitate to throw a weapon at the other tribute's arm. Sadly, it wasn't its throwing arm. Two hours later, both tributes are covered in bloody gashes and the floodwaters start to seep in. One final axe kills the other tributes. The trumpets blare and the tributes is picked up and treated.

Final DEATH Count

D2 Girl- Killed by a spear.

D6 Boy- Thrown into forcefield and burnt to a crisp.

D9 Girl- Axed.

The winner was Anneliese Tides.

Anneliese Tides Three days later, I'm already ready for the interview. When I get back to D4, the first thing I'll do is strangle Swimmy, or tell Willow to find another boy.



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