Ok, I'll look for Victors from every game, and enter them in here.

Victor's Village Citizens

House 1: Crystal Glow

House 2: Artemis Elto

House 3: Jay Wayland

House 4: Kathrina Loula

House 5: Ginny Amber

House 6: Derrick Chan

House 7: Troy Bolton

House 8: Yabbah Do

House 9: Evi Tech

House 10: Nylon Demin

House 11: Harriet Peacock

House 12: Shay Flax

House 13: Kajama Odair

Every week, a new victor will come to Victor's Village! I will place a poll here to vote. The vote will start on Monday Night and end Friday night. It will take until night to pick a new citizen.

Day 1- Morning

Artemis Elto

I wake up. Man, I don't know why Apollo always gets his alarm clock in the morning. I quickly rise up and run to his room. I tackle him.

Evi Tech

What's all this noise coming from House 2? I'm guessing Artemis and Apollo got in a fight again. I get my famed stick which I got from that Hunger Games I won, and knock on their door. Hardly.

Derrick Chan

I'm checking Facebook right now. OMG I got a high score in Top Girl!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! (does happy dance) OMG NO CRYSTAL GLOW HAS BEATEN ME!!!!!!!!!!! I need to buy more clothes, hmmm maybe this dress.......

Crystal Glow

I do not know why Derrick gets crazy over Top Girl. HE'S A BOY! WHY DOES HE EVEN PLAY TOP GIRL! Oh, Shay just sent me a friend request. I accept! (click) I now have 2000 friends! YAY!!!!

Shay Flax

YAY I HAVE 1 FRIEND! IM SO POPULAR I HAVE ONE FRIEND! Well, I just moved to Victor's Village, and now IM SO POPULAR, I HAVE ONE FRIEND! Oh wait! I haven't eaten breakfast yet! Oh ok.... (plays the World's Worst Songs)

Kathrina Loula

I wake up. I have earmuffs on. I wear it when I sleep.I take i- FRIDAY, FRIDAY, GOTTA GET- I put them back on. SHAY IS PLAYING HER AWFUL ALBUM AGAIN. I mean, she's a newcomer, but this is too much. At least, her victory tour is coming soon. I CAN'T WAIT TO GET HER OUT FOR SOME TIME WITHOUT EVERY DAY LIKE this. I lift my ear- WE WE WE SO EXCITED, WE SO- I lift them back on. I can't believe she plays them every day. And she actually likes that?

Day 1- After Victory Tour

Troy Bolton

The 107th Hunger Games is going on. I wonder who'll come here this time. I hope it's a boy because this place is overrun with little girls screaming and girls with Bieber fever.

Yabbah Do

I look outside. There's the Capitol bus again. I know that victor. Her name is...." ALL CITIZENS TO THE SQUARE." I run outside and I see the victor. Her name is..... " WELCOME TO THE VICTOR'S CEREMONY." Please you lady escort, be QUIET. Her name is.... "I AM PLEASED TO INITIATE A NEW CITIZEN IN THE VICTOR'S VILLAGE!" OMFG you keep on interrupting me. For the last time, her name is..."THE 107TH HUNGER GAMES LEFT PEOPLE GAPING!" I give up.

Nylon Denim

The lady escort is introducing the victor. "Our new citizen/victor, KAJAMA ODAIR!" Another girl. Oh great. More little girls screaming. It means for more Black fans. More people with Bieber Fever.

Kajama Odair

Wow, 12 people cheering for me. THE 13TH HOUSE IS MINE!!!!!!!!

Day 2

Jay Wayland

It's snowing. It's close to Christmas. Suddenly I hear, "It's the most beautiful time of the year," I feel like throwing up. I grab my pink, fluffy earmuffs which has the earphone ability, and I listen to a better song.

" California Girls, we're undeniable."

Kajama Odair's Christmas Eve............ I wonder what Santa will get us.... if Santa is really real................"WE WE WE WE SO EXCITED" I wish Shay was in my games, so that I CAN KILL HER!!!!``

Harriet Peacock

It's lunch, but right now I'm eating snow after Artemis threw a snowball at me and it landed in MY MOUTH. We ended up in an all out snowball fight.

Team 1: Crystal, Jay, Ginny, Troy, Evi, and I.

Team 2: Artemis, Kathrina, Derrick, Yabbah, Nylon, and Shay.

We ended up losing. :( We had to treat Team Two to lunch.

Derrick Chan

Even though we're rich and victors, we still got to have lunch treated by the other team. At least we all eat, but they had to pay. We made their lose even more painful by ordering all the expensive stuff. Actually, I ordered the most expensive thing in the restaurant, but we're practically made of money, so there. Shay didn't eat that much because she was too busy at that Justin Bieber Concert. He's just a hologram, but they still love him. What made everyone throw up in the restaurant is that Rebecca Black sing. "WE, WE, WE SO EXCITED, WE SO EXCITED,"

Shay Flax

SCREAM!!!!!! JUSTIN BIEBER REBECCA BLACK I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at all this people. They're screaming too. I SHALL SCREAM LOUDER!!!!!!!!!!

Crystal Glow

I think we should end the day before this gets any worse. Hey guys, let go home NOW. I wonder what Kajama is doing.

Day 3

Shay Flax

I have created a new version of Friday!!!!!

7am, gotta go brush my teeth,

gotta be fresh, gotta be neat.

gotta eat chocolate all day


Kicking in the front seat

Kicking in the back seat

Gotta make my mind up,

which seat should I destroy......

It's Friday, Friday, gotta roll down on Friday,

everyone's looking forward to the weekend, weekend.

Artemis Elto

OMG BE QUIET SHAY!!!!!! IT'S NOT EVEN FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! I know! (turns on TV) I love A.N.T Farm. Calling all the monsters, calling all the monsters,

Troy Bolton

I need to gain weight....*sigh* I'm so skinny.......

Kajama Odair

I sooooo love Suite Life on Deck!!!!!!!!!!! Especially when London says, "Find dead rat." LOL I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING........

Derrick Chan

Hey look, 10 updates, hmmmmmmmm Artemis etc. Kajama etc. Crystal etc. Ginny etc. etc.

Day 4

Troy Bolton

A new victor came. I wonder who it is.........

Yabbah Do

It's a girl. AGAIN. Why are there so many girl victors? Her name is......"WELCOME VICTORS!". Again. The escort says blah blah blah and the victor is Spring Howards.

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