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  • KyleMoreton

    The title just about says it all. These are my second Games on the Wiki, and I'm really trying to improve on these. Unlike my first Games, these will feature POVs, Purchasable Items, and a new Currency System.

    Lunaii are mandatory.

    No Ridiculous/Troll Tributes.

    No Tributes from my previous Hunger Games.

    • Note: Links from THGRPW are fine by me






    Strengths (3):

    Weaknesses (3):

    Fears (At least 1):


    Any other mentionable details:

    So, the currency in my Games from now on will be Capitol Points (CP). If your tribute kills someone, or does something memorable, you will earn CP. I will have your total CP located right next to your Tribute's info.

    Sword: 10 CP

    Dagger: 5 CP

    Knife: 2 CP

    Kukri: 10 CP

    Katana: 10 CP

    Bolo Knife…

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  • KyleMoreton

    Hey everyone. This is a short story that I'm going to be writing over the coming weeks. Excuse me if I don't update as often as I should, as I do have Finals to study for. Remember that this will only be sucessful with your support, so feel free to comment your likes or dislikes.

    When Lania, a courageous girl from District 6, is crowned the Victor of the 78th Hunger Games, she quickly learns that winning the Games is only half of the battle. By defying the Capitol on multiple occasions, Lania puts herself in the eyes of President Snow, who refuses to let her win. The President comes up with a plan to kill the girl in the Arena before her interview, which takes place 24 hours after the Games officially end. This pits Lania against the Gamema…

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  • KyleMoreton

    Alright, so this is gonna happen. Submit your Tributes. Lunaii are not required.

    No invincible Tributes. No Troll/Ridiculous Tributes. No Super Powers or Abilities. No Flaming.









    Any other mentionable details:

    D1 Male: Cecil L. Gaper - Training Score: 11

    D1 Female: Petitfour Salandra - Training Score: 9

    D2 Male: Hank Aaron - Training Score: 10

    D2 Female: Lulu Cartel - Training Score: 8

    D3 Male: Banette Tsukomogami - Training Score: 7

    D3 Female: Leela Hobart - Training Score: 7

    D4 Male: Shuppet Jorrvaskr - Training Score: 6

    D4 Female: Titania Airel - Training Score: 7

    D5 Male: Jayce Write - Training Score: 8

    D5 Female: Ditzy "Derpy" Hooves - Training Score: 6

    D6 Male: Blake Thiessen - Training…

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