Hey everyone. This is a short story that I'm going to be writing over the coming weeks. Excuse me if I don't update as often as I should, as I do have Finals to study for. Remember that this will only be sucessful with your support, so feel free to comment your likes or dislikes.


When Lania, a courageous girl from District 6, is crowned the Victor of the 78th Hunger Games, she quickly learns that winning the Games is only half of the battle. By defying the Capitol on multiple occasions, Lania puts herself in the eyes of President Snow, who refuses to let her win. The President comes up with a plan to kill the girl in the Arena before her interview, which takes place 24 hours after the Games officially end. This pits Lania against the Gamemakers in a fight to survive one final day.

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End

Two tributes run along a cracked, dusty stone floor. "And with that last kill, there are now only two tributes left." Caesar Flickerman roars, his voice full of excitement. Marcie, the girl from 11, dives on Lania, the girl from 6. Lania quickly gains the upper hand, forcing the other girl into submission. With a quick dagger jab to the head, Lania finishes Marcie off, sounding the final cannon. "Ladies and Gentlemen of Panem, let me be the first to present the Victor of the 78th Hunger Games, Lania Barylid!" Caesar announces, and an illuminated image of the girl raising her bloodied dagger appears in the background. Elsewhere, in the President's Palace, Snow watches grimly. "Someone will have to pay for this. She openly supported a second rebellion throughout the Games." The President says, angrily watching the girl celebrate her victory. "Romulus. Alert the Gamemakers." Snow says to one of his servants, running his hand through his ice-white hair. "We cannot let her win like this."

"Good work, everyone. We made this year's Games a notch above the rest." Aurelius Fellswift, the Head Gamemaker says, congratulating everyone on their work. The man closes the door to the Control Room, receiving a call on his SmartWatch. "Hello, Aurelius. It's President Snow." The voice from his watch says. "Ah. How were the Games?" Aurelius asks, reveling in his own glory. "You let Lania win." Snow says, angrily. "Let is a strong word, Mr. President. She won on her own terms." The Gamemaker replies, starting to get worried. "The girl from 11 should have won. You let Lania defy the Capitol publicly. It will be hard to forgive your mistake, Mr. Fellswift." Snow says, his tone changing drastically. "There's nothing more to do, Coriolanus." Aurelis replies, realizing his mistake quickly. "You will call me President Snow, understand? Now, we have 24 hours to be rid of our newest Victor." Snow says, a fiery look in his eyes. "You want me to what? Then there will be no Victor!" The Gamemaker says, taken off guard. "You will do as I order." The President commands. "How am I going to explain that?" Aurelius asks, starting to sweat. "I won't put words in your mouth, Aurelius. You have 24 hours before her interview. Get busy." The President grimly replies, hanging up. Aurelis stares down at his watch, looking at his own pale-faced reflection. He presses his watch a few times, starting a new call. "Hello. Yes, this is Aurelius. Look. I need you to cancel the Hovercraft coming in. Now."

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