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No invincible Tributes. No Troll/Ridiculous Tributes. No Super Powers or Abilities. No Flaming.

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Any other mentionable details:


D1 Male: Cecil L. Gaper - Training Score: 11

D1 Female: Petitfour Salandra - Training Score: 9

D2 Male: Hank Aaron - Training Score: 10

D2 Female: Lulu Cartel - Training Score: 8

D3 Male: Banette Tsukomogami - Training Score: 7

D3 Female: Leela Hobart - Training Score: 7

D4 Male: Shuppet Jorrvaskr - Training Score: 6

D4 Female: Titania Airel - Training Score: 7

D5 Male: Jayce Write - Training Score: 8

D5 Female: Ditzy "Derpy" Hooves - Training Score: 6

D6 Male: Blake Thiessen - Training Score: 9

D6 Female: Shaquana Yoello - Training Score: 6

D7 Male: Horatio Gomez - Training Score: 2

D7 Female: Katrine Westerlake - Training Score: 8

D8 Male: Patch Reilly - Training Score: 8

D8 Female: Sombra Celesta - Training Score: 7

D9 Male: Metallum Equitis - Training Score: 8

D9 Female: Maxine Doell - Training Score: 5

D10 Male: Kainell Schwarz - Training Score: 7

D10 Female: Bessie Gunder - Training Score: 6

D11 Male: Juliet D. Tyrizzle - Training Score: 9

D11 Female: Nieve Bushells - Training Score: 8

D12 Male: Jason Hammersmithe - Training Score: 6

D12 Female: Sharkeisha Jackson - Training Score: 3

Final Four Tribute Spotlight

Hank Aaron

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 5.07.26 PM

Ever since the beginning, Hank, the boy from 2, has been impressing the Capitol Crowd with his displays of Strength and Bravado. He came out swinging in the Bloodbath, taking the lives of 2 Tributes in the first few minutes of the Games. Hank has been stricken by love and betrayal, and played a helping hand in killing Banette, who had intentionally gotten Sombra killed. His ongoing rivalry with tribute Metallum Equitus has been fierce, with no clear winner yet. However, Hank was badly injured in their first encounter. Finally getting revenge, Hank crippled and killed Blake, Metallum's closest ally. Will Hank's brutality earn him a win in the Hunger Games? 

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 5.09.35 PM

Jayce Write

The unstable boy from Distict 5, Jayce has proven himself to be a serious threat throughout these Hunger Games. Earning the adoration of the Capitol with his non-stop humor and wit, Jayce favors an ancient Japanese weapon, the Katana. He is always on the move, making him extremely slippery and nearly impossible to catch. Early in the Games, Jayce allied with Blake and Metallum, but was seperated from them when they were ambushed by the Careers. Although many lives were lost, Jayce managed to kill Cecil, the strange boy from District 1. This solidified Jayce's presence as a top contender in the Hunger Games. Will Jayce's Insanity lead him to victory?

Leela Hobart

Having not been introduced until later in the Hunger Games, Leela Hobart has given the Capitol an
Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 5.08.35 PM
incredible performance. Leela came into the spotlight when she came face to face with Sombra, the girl from District 8, at the Feast. Using her own knowledge, she gathered enough evidence to prove that Banette was the one truly behind the girl's death. She arrived just in time to expose Banette, and gained the trust and love of Hank Aaron. She got revenge on her District Partner at the battle of the Graveyard, finishing him with a spear to the head, and picking up her first kill. She escaped the Temple explosion, and has a powerful ally, but can Leela's Ferocity lead to another Female Victor?

Metallum Equitis

Slaying nearly every Career, Metallum made an impression that the Capitol will never forget. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 5.10.37 PM

His generousity was remarkable, as he risked his own life to save Katrine, the girl from District 7. At the waterfall, he nearly avenged the death of Maxine when he spared Hank. This proved to be a fatal mistake, as the boy from 2 ripped through the competition, even killing Blake, Metallum's closest friend. Using a highly tactical fighting strategy, can Metallum's Chivalry bring him glory?

The Arena

The Arena is large and circular, with 6 Aztec Temples scattered around. 

Each Temple contains a different horror, with one of them serving as the Cornucopia.

1st Temple:

This Temple has a seemingly never-ending staircase. One fall could send you spiraling for more than 5 minutes before reaching your doom.

2nd Temple:

This Temple has a Aztec Graveyard surrounding it. At night, Tribal Warriors rise from their graves, seeking the flesh of non-suspecting tributes.

3rd Temple:

This Temple contains 2 animalistic demi-god mutts who are able to spit fire. One of these is the Spider God Teotihuacan, who is able to entomb tributes in her thick web. The second of which is Quetzalcoatl, the legendary Feathered Serpent, who has razor sharp fangs that can rip you to shreds.

4th Temple:

Located in the Mountains near the North Edge of the Arena, this Temple is situated on a hill that floods constantly. Though near impossible to ascend, this Temple contains vast rewards for all those that can brave the mighty upstream climb.

5th Temple:

This Temple is located in a dark, grimy cavern directly under the Cornucopia. When there are only 2 Tributes left in the Hunger Games, the Cornucopia collapses, revealing the final battlefield. On top of the temple, there is a sacrifical altar, where the final kill must be made.

6th Temple: The Cornucopia. This Temple is deceiving, as the entrance to the supplies is a long corridor, providing only one way of escape.


The Arena.

Chariot Rides

The Capitol citizens all take a seat, wearing ridiculous-looking jackets that shield them from the biting cold. Suddenly, all of the lights in the Town Square fade to black. "Ladies and Gentlemen of the Capitol, please welcome your Tributes!" A loud voice announces, and the Square is illuminated once again.

District 1:

Cecil and Petitfour come out of the gates, and the Capitol Crowd goes wild. They are both clad in tango outfits, dancing marvelously as their chariot is being pulled by two beautiful white stallions. Petitfour takes a bow, and air cannons fire rose petals into the crowd.

District 2:

Lulu and Hank appear in Peacekeeper Uniforms, minus the helmets. The crowd practically explodes, and the actual Peacekeepers salute them as their midnight-black horses speed by.

District 3:

Leela looks gorgeous in a long, green dress that resembles a standard computer motherboard. The Capitol citizens' looks go from wildly amused to confused when they see Banette's outfit. He's wearing his standard clothes, the zipper cowl still on his face as he stands there, looking blasè. The crowd turns hostile, and starts to boo Banette, who simply raises his middle finger to everyone.

District 4:

The crows roars as the District 4 Tributes appear. Shuppet is wearing a heavy-looking diver suit, mimicking like he's swimming in his chariot. Titania is wearing the same outfit, but with a more feminine touch.

District 5:

Jayce and Derpy are clad in shiny, golden knight armor. Their glorious capes are made of miscellaneous wires, giving a sparkle effect as they pass by. The two are showered with roses as the chariot exits the Square.

District 6:

Blake and Shaquana enter the square to the sound of roaring applause. They are wearing conductor outfits, their faces coated with soot. Blake motions to blow the horn of his "train", and smoke erupts from the chariot.

District 7:

The crowd goes crazy as Horatio and Katrine reveal themselves. They are covered from neck to toe with leaves. One by one, the leaves fall off, revealing brown and green suits that both Tributes are wearing.

District 8:

Sombra and Patch come out of the gate, both wearing two black and purple ribbons that make an X on their chests. The crowd is dazzled, as wool begins to wrap around the Tributes.

District 9:

Metallum and Maxine look fantastic, both wearing white skin-tight suits, that have yellow fur stripes going across them. The Capitol citizens take a flurry of pictures, hoping to add replicas of these costumes to their wardrobes soon.

District 10:

Kainell and Bessie are both wearing leather biker jackets, making them look crude and tough. Their faces are slightly dirty, adding a bit of touch to the biker look.

District 11:

Juliet and Nieve are both wearing a bronze-colored armor, with tree branch-shaped shoulder pads. They look stunning, the constant flashing lights glowing off of the armor.

District 12:

Jason and Sharkeisha come out of the gates, wearing very humble black jumpsuits. Smoke begins to pour out of the suits, and the tributes no longer become visible.

The Games: Day 1

Dust blows through the lush grass as the Tributes are raised into the Arena. Some frantically look around, searching for somewhere to run. Others, including the Careers, look dead ahead. The Cornucopia is a large Aztec temple, with tight, corridor hallways leading to the main chamber, where all the weapons and supplies are stored. The tight, cramped hallways are sure to be coated with blood soon enough. The Tributes look nervous as the countdown hits 10.


Everyone runs in a different direction as the Gong sounds. Maxine (9) is the first to get to the Cornucopia, grabbing a sword as she sprints out of the North exit. Shaquana (6) reaches for a backpack, but she's knocked away by a large, powerful arm. She looks up, seeing Sharkeisha (12) looming over her. Sharkeisha's big fists surround Shaquana's neck, robbing her of every possible breath. Feeling a stroke of mercy. Sharkeisha lets her drop onto the floor, breaking Shaquana's neck with a final kick to the chin. Seeing this, Horatio (7) throws an axe at Sharkeisha, killing her as the axe makes contact with her skull. Horatio attempts to run, but receives an arrow in the neck from Blake (6). Katrine (7) steals a spear from Shuppet (4). Shuppet attempts to chase her down, but he's impaled from behind by Hank (2). As Shuppet's cannon sounds, Katrine uses all of her momentum to toss her spear at Juliet (11). The spear whistles through the air, then comes to a sickening halt, lodged in Juliet's chest. He tumbles down the Temple stairs, leaving a sticky trail of blood as he hits the floor. Patch (8) leans down to grab a sword, but he's decapitated by Hank (2). The rest of the surviving Tributes run away, as the Careers completely ransack the Cornucopia.

Kainell (10) and Bessie (10) reach the Demi-God temple just as the sun sets. "Well. Should we go in?" Kainell asks, eyeing the mouth of the Temple. "Why not?" Bessie says, picking her cleaver off of the ground. The two go into the barely-lit pyramid, the only light eminating from the torches that scatter the walls. Kainell picks up a torch, using it to light the way as the two scavenge the Temple. "Hmm. Nothing." Kainell says, sighing. "Let's head back." Bessie says, barely noticing the spider webs that start to cover the walls. Suddenly, Bessie lets out a feral shreik. "Help! I'm stuck!" She yells, her entire body caught in a thick spider's web. Kainell pulls a handful of throwing stars out of his bag, hurling them at the intricate web. Bessie's jaw drops as she sees the massive spider descending on her from above. "Kainell! Help! Please!" She screams, the spider edging closer. Kainell gasps as the sick beast comes into view. It has 8 hairy, hideous legs, and some sort of ancient shrine mounted on its carapace. Bessie swings her cleaver at the horrid arachnid, spraying dark blue blood all over her face. Kainell uses all of his might, sending throwing star after throwing star into the spider. Bessie cleaves some of the web out of her way, allowing more access. She gasps when she looks below, seeing a bottomless pit under her. The spider advances toward Bessie, but she hacks off one of its legs. The spider recoils, letting out a horrible noise as its leg falls lifelessly into the pit below. "Bessie! Crawl to me!" Kainell says, realizing that the spider is distracted. Bessie cuts more of the spider web, edging her way to safety. "Behind you!" Kainell screams, seeing that the spider is hot on Bessie's trail. The girl chops at the bits of web below her, reducing the spider's room to work. The arachnid falls, but catches itself under the web. Bessie's hand just reaches Kainell's grip, when the horrible beast pokes its legs through the web, grabbing Bessie's back. "Hold... On!" Kainell says, pulling the girl up. At the same time, the spider is pulling her down, a single thread keeping it alive. The beast claws at Bessie, reducing her shirt to scraps. "Run!" Bessie screams to Kainell, who lets go. Bessie, covered in spider blood and completely topless, hacks at the underbelly of the spider. Kainell turns back as Bessie cuts the final thread of the web, sending her and the spider into the abyss underneath them. Kainell breaks into tears, crying and panting, as he sprints down the Temple steps. It's Midnight. Looking up in the air, Kainell sees the familiar faces of the lost tributes, saluting the final portrait of Bessie.

Day 1 Deaths

Shaquana - Neck Broken

Sharkeisha - Axe to the Chest

Horatio - Arrow in the Neck

Shuppet - Impaled from Behind

Juliet - Spear in the Chest

Patch - Decapitated

Bessie - Fell to her death

Day 2

Katrine (7) begins her extreme uphill climb to get to the Flooding Temple. Cold water pours down on her face, making the journey grueling and nearly impossible. She's about a quarter of the way up the hill when she hears a voice. "Hey, 7. Why don't you come on down?" Titania (4) says, standing at the base of the hill with the rest of the Careers. "That's too bad about your District Partner, Shuppet." Katrine says, fighting for her life against the current. "I guess the boy from 2 made the right choice." This angers Titania, who turns to Hank, fuming. "I said I was sorry when it happened. People make mistakes." Hank says, trying to defend himself. "This isn't about Shuppet." Titania mutters, raising her Trident. "Now, it's time for you to die!" With that, Titania lets a Trident fly into the water, a few inches away from Katrine's leg. The girl from 7 begins a frantic climb up the flooding hill, the weight of the water constantly pushing her back. "Damn....It." Katrine groans, nearly at the top. "Screw it. I'll kill her myself." Titania says, trudging up the hill. She's 3 times as fast as Katrine, gaining on her more and more with every step. "Don't just stand there! Come up here!" The girl from 4 yells, nearly caught up with Katrine. The Careers do as she commands, taunting Katrine as they ascend the hill. Finally at the top, Katrine feels a hand grab her shoulder. Titania lunges forward with her Trident, nearly impaling the girl. Katrine falls to the ground as the bloodthirsty girl from 4 raises her weapon, poised to deal Katrine her deathblow. She closes her eyes, ready to meet her fate. Suddenly, she hears a scream. She opens her eyes, seeing Titania with her mouth wide open. Her Trident is on the ground, along with her severed right arm. Katrine looks up, seeing Metallum (9) looming above her. He finishes Titania off with two more sword strikes to the back, solemnly bowing his head when her cannon sounds. Hearing Titania's death shreik, Lulu (2) lets her knife fly at her killer. Metallum ducks, then charges at the girl. The way he fights is mesmerizing, each strike is taken with extreme caution. He slashes Lulu's throat, then runs back to Katrine. "We need to leave! Now!" He says, carrying the exhausted girl on his back.

After a half-hour of sprinting, Metallum reaches the large river near the waterfall, carrying a now-recovered Katrine on his back. There are a handful of large trees sticking out of the river, and fruits hang low from them, nearly touching the river. Metallum climbs one of the trees, spotting his alliance sitting on multiple branches. "I found the girl from 7." He says, talking over the nearby roar of the waterfall. "She's a little shaken up, but she'll be alright." Jayce (5) and Maxine (9) stare blankly at him. "Metallum. Please tell me you found supplies." Blake (6) says, running his hands through his wet hair. "I found nothing. The Careers were chasing us when we left." Metallum sighs. "Wait. The Careers? What happened?" Blake asks, suddenly intrigued. "They were attacking 7. I killed two of them." Metallum says. "So, the Careers are now after us?" Jayce asks, worried. "This is not good. We need to leave quickly." Blake says, grabbing his bow, and slinging his quiver on his back. Jayce picks up his heavy katana, sheathing it. "How about you, Maxine. Are you leaving too?" Metallum asks, seeing that it's her decision now. "Yeah. It's not safe here anymore." The girl says, her finger idly running up and down her sword. "Oh rejects, where are you?" A faint voice hums. Suddenly, everyone is quiet. "The girl from 1. It has to be her." Katrine whispers. Blake mumbles something inaudible, and Metallum turns around. "What?" Metallum whispers, angrily. "I said duck!" Blake yells, letting an arrow fly. Before she can even react, an arrow pierces Petitfour's (1) skull, sounding her cannon before she even hits the ground. A loud roar is heard, and Cecil charges out of the bushes, a whip in his hand. Maxine attempts to run away, but she's struck with Cecil's whip, knocking her into the flowing current below. "Metallum! Blake! Help!" Maxine cries out, quickly traveling downstream towards the waterfall. "We're coming!" Blake yells, trying to grab the girl's hand as she travels dangerously close to the waterfall's edge. Jayce stays behind, fighting Cecil with his katana. The boy from one lashes out, but Jayce cuts his whip into two pieces. Enraged, Cecil delivers a blow to the boy from 5's face, leaving a huge red mark. Jayce falls back on the log, outmatched. Suddenly, the trees shake, having lost their roots. The entire forest begins to hurtle downstream as Jayce battles with Cecil. "Hold on, Maxine. We're trying." Metallum yells, every noise being drowned out by the rushing waterfall. Maxine is nearly pulled out of the water when something sharp touches her arm. Hank's sword cuts clean through Maxine's hand, making her lose her grip and her hand, as she tumbles over the falls to her death. Metallum swings his sword upward, but Hank blocks it perfectly. The two clash swords, the forest moving closer and closer to the edge. Blake recovers, his bow aiming for Hank's heart. Meanwhile, Jayce gains the upper hand, slashing one of Cecil's thighs. He screams, feeling blood start to pour out of his leg. On his knees, Cecil takes one last look behind him as the forest reaches the edge of the waterfall. Everything comes to a sudden halt as the first quarter of the forest is suspended over the falls, a 700-foot drop awaiting anyone who falls off. Cecil tumbles over the last log, letting out a feral screech as he hits the water. His cannon goes off, alarming the others. "I'll deal with Hank. Go find Jayce." Metallum says, fending off Hank's attacks. Blake sets his arrow down, running through the suspending forest, which begins to creak. Blake gasps as he reaches the spot where he last saw Jayce. "He's gone!" Blake yells. Having wounded Hank, Metallum decides to spare him, opting to follow his ally. "He's dead?" Metallum asks. "Not sure. It could have been Cecil." Blake says, eyeing the falls below. "Let's get out of here. We're wasting time." Metallum says, and the two take off towards the East.

It's nearly Midnight, and the Arena has faded into darkness. Hank (2) is passed out on one of the logs near the waterfall, unconscious from the wounds inflicted on him earlier that day. He feels something sharp on his back, waking him up. He looks up, seeing Sombra (8) standing above him, completely naked, yet wielding an axe. "I found him, Banette." She says, taking the cold axe off of Hank's back. "Are you sure it's him?" Banette asks, completely unphased by Sombra's nudity. "Yeah." Sombra replies. "Then let's get him to safety. We're going to need him." Banette says, and the two drag the passed-out body of Hank into the forest.

Day 2 Deaths

Titania - Stabbed by Metallum

Lulu - Throat Slit by Metallum

Petitfour - Shot in the head by Blake

Maxine - Fell over a waterfall

Cecil - Fell over a waterfall

Day 3

Not much happens in the Arena for most of Day 3. Jayce (5) is seperated from Blake (6) and Metallum (9), who have Katrine (7) with them. Banette (3) and Sombra (8) have rescued Hank (2), but there's rising tension between them. At about mid-day, Jayce discovers the Temple with the bottomless staircase. He's nearly on his 3rd minute down the stairs when he hears a noise behind him. Jayce turns around, swinging his katana at a shadowy figure holding a torch. All of his attacks miss, and he realizes that it's Jason (12). The boy from 12 hurls his flaming torch at Jayce, but he reflects it, sending it right back. Jason is ignited, flailing about wildly as the flames cover him. In one last attempt, he throws himself at Jayce, who side-steps at the last second, sending the boy from 12 on a long way down. Jayce opts to walk back up the staircase, hearing Jason's cannon ring an alarming 5 minutes later.

Sombra (8) and Banette (3) have set up a shelter near the Graveyard Temple, and Hank (2) is recovering from his wounds. "All Remaining Tributes! The Feast will be held today." A loud voice rings out through the Arena. "There is a bag waiting at the Cornucopia for each and every Tribute." With this, Sombra gets to her feet, still completely nude. "Will you get my bag for me, Sombra?" Banette asks, stitching up Hank's left arm. "Mine too." Hank says, his voice sounding quite pained. The girl quietly nods her head, picking up a cold, steel axe. Sombra heads towards the Cornucopia, the sun quickly setting behind her. When she finally arrives, the moon is the only thing providing light. She goes from right to left, picking up bags labeled "2 Male" and "3 Male". Her hand reaches for Banette's bag when she feels something sharp on her palm. Her hand recoils, starting to bleed. Leela (3) thrusts her spear at Sombra's hand again, but the girl is ready. She moves out of the way just in time, reaching for her axe. "Where is he, Freak?" Leela demands, her spear ready. "I don't know! Who are you talking about?" Sombra says, as her bleeding palm grips her axe handle. "You know who I'm talking about, bitch. If you didn't, you wouldn't be grabbing his bag. What would you need a bunch of needles for anyway?" Leela asks, briskly. With that, Sombra swings her axe upwards, but the girl from 3 steps out of the way just in time. The axe makes contact with the top of the inner Cornucopia, which sends the weapon clattering uselessly onto the ground. With Leela distracted, Sombra runs across the table, knocking all of the other bags onto the ground. The girl begins searching wildly for her own bag, no doubtedly mixed up with all of the other ones. Leela tosses her spear at Sombra, who defends herself with a Tribute's bag. The bag falls on top of Sombra, who can just make out the text. "5 Female" it reads, as the girl gets to her feet, running to the back end of the Cornucopia. The girl from 3, now unarmed, follows behind her. "Come back here, you nude freak!" Leela screams, out for blood. She tackles Sombra, and her bag rips, letting out an array of supplies. Sombra finds her footing, sprinting away with only one thing in her hand; a blueberry muffin. Looking behind herself, Sombra starts to eat the muffin, when something stops her. She is clotheslined, a sharp sword seperating her head from her body with a single swing. "Nobody. Eats. My F***ing Muffins." Ditzy (5) says, her sword dripping with the girl's blood. Leela falls to her knees, terrified. "D....Don't kill me!" She pleads. "Why should I kill you? You didn't eat any of my muffins... Did you?" Ditzy demands. "N..No!" Leela says, standing up. "Then go. Before something else gets you." Ditzy says, wiping her sword.

Lightning strikes in the Arena, and a shadowy figure stands in front of the Cornucopia. Another bolt of lightning reveals a horrid zipper mask, the gold shimmering. Banette lets something fall out of his hands, an invisible grin spreading across his face. A third bolt of lightning strikes, revealing an extremely faint text on the bag.

"8 Female"

Day 3 Deaths

Jason - Fell to his Death

Sombra - Decapitated

Day 4

It's still dark in the Arena as Banette reaches the Graveyard Temple. He's looking down, when he suddenly meets the gaze of Hank. "She's dead." Banette says, Sombra's bag hidden in the back of his shirt. "I know. I saw her face up in the sky about an hour ago." Hank replies. Banette is somewhat shocked, seeing as Hank seemed legitimitely saddened by the girl's sudden death. "How did it happen?" Hank asks, looking up at Banette. "She couldn't find her bag at the Cornucopia. That insane girl from 5 decapitated her." He says, trying to conceal the whole truth. "It takes an insane person to know one." Hank says, briskly. Banette scowls, and his eyes come ablaze. "I'm not crazy." He states. "We all are." The boy from 2 calmly replies. Banette nods, taking a seat next to Hank on the Temple steps. After a few minutes, the latter breaks the silence. "How many are left?" Hank asks. "You, me, my district partner, both tributes from 5, Metallum and Blake, the girl from 7, the boy from 10, and the girl from 11." Banette responds, taking his time counting each tribute. "And then there were 10." Hank says, admiring his sword. "Wait. The girl from 7 is still alive? I'd thought she had died for sure back near the waterfall." Then it hits him. "The waterfall. Some of them must be still there." Banette stands there, before nodding his head. "Ah. Here's your bag, by the way." He says, handing it to Hank.

"We've literally looked everywhere. How slippery can he be?" Blake says, wiping sweat from his forehead. The sun is up once again, making the arena sizzling hot. "He can't run forever." Metallum says, unsheathing his sword as they arrive at the Temple with the bottomless pit. Blake is the first to step in. "Jayce? Are you in here?" Blake shouts, alarmed by his own echo. He waits a few seconds, hearing nothing. Metallum eyes the stairs, nudging the boy forward. "C'mon. I'll follow you down." He says, as the two begin to descend the staircase. "This heat really isn't helping." Blake complains, fanning himself with his hand. Metallum puts his palms on the back of his neck, helping him get more air. Blake looks backward, slightly confused. "More air goes into the lungs this way. I'm trying not to get too dehydrated." Metallum says, about 2 minutes down the stairs. "Let's face it, Metallum. He's not in here. Does this staircase even end?" Blake wonders. "Only one way to find out. Give me an arrow." The boy from 9 says, holding his hand out. Blake does as he orders, handing him a single arrow. Metallum drops it down the side of the stairs, putting his finger over his mouth, motioning for Blake to be quiet. They both start to worry when they never hear the arrow hit the ground. "Bottomless Staircase. Really?" Blake says, eyeing a camera on the wall. "What a waste of valuable time." Metallum says, and the two proceed to walk back up the stairs.

Banette and Hank reach the Cornucopia, scanning their surroundings as they crouch in the edge of the trees. "Seems like it's safe. Sombra's body is gone." Banette whispers. "No bags left. Seems like everyone has grabbed their own. Or someone else's." Hank says, standing up. "This way. The waterfall is over here." They both walk west, until they spot the dense, multi-colored treeline that marks the start of the river. "Damn. The trees have surely moved a lot since I was here last." Hank says, taking it all in. They edge closer and closer to the waterfall, when they hear a faint scream. "Who do you think that is?" Banette asks, adjusting his zipper mask. "I don't know, but we better find whoever it is soon. The sun is already going down." Hank replies, drawing his sword. The two sprint to where they heard the screams, and they begin to get louder. Finally, they spot Ditzy, the girl from 5, hanging upside down from a thick vine. Banette ducks down behind a tree, and Hank does the same. Seeing Hank's confused expression, Banette opens his palm to Hank, indicating the number five. Banette is about to say something when he hears nearby footsteps. "Well, look what we have here." They hear a female voice say. Hank arches his neck, catching a glimpse of Nieve, the girl from 11. She giggles, approaching the dangling girl. "Who is it, Nieve?" Katrine (7) asks, walking behind her. "It's the little crazy girl from District Five. It's too bad she's gonna die tonight." Nieve says, taunting her with a condescending voice. "How did you manage to catch her?" Katrine asks, clearing her throat. With this, Nieve reaches into her pocket, pulling out a half-eaten blueberry muffin. Ditzy's pupils widen, and she begins screaming and thrashing about violently. "Give me my muffin!" She yells, trying to free her legs. She attempts to punch Katrine, but the girl is quick to move out of the way. "Kill her now. Before she can hurt anyone." She says, startled by Ditzy's sudden attack. "Gladly." Nieve says, pulling out a knife.

"See that girl dangling? She's the one that killed Sombra." Banette says, pointing to Ditzy. Hank gets angry, his sword tightly gripped in his palm. "On my mark." Banette says, counting down from 3 to 1 with his fingers. Hank yells, sprinting out from behind the tree. He grabs Katrine's shoulder, and she begins to shriek. "I should have done this earlier." He says, thrusting his sword through her abdomen from behind. The girl's scream begins to fade, and Hank slams her head into a nearby tree, sounding her cannon. Nieve starts to run away, but the boy from 2 is quick to catch up to her. Using her momentum, he spins the girl around, slashing her body from her left hip to right shoulder. Nieve's eyes roll back, and she falls to the ground, lifeless. "Thank God! I thought I was dead for sure!" Ditzy says, enjoying her muffin from upside down. "You still are." Hank says, turning around. He's about to stab through her when Banette stops him. "I'll take care of this one. I have her right where I want her." Banette reaches into his bag, pulling out a needle and thread. A grin spreads across Hank's face as he realizes Banette's plan. 

Ditzy's screams last throughout the night, and her cannon finally goes off as the sun rises.

Day 4 Deaths

Katrine - Impaled by Hank

Nieve - Body Slashed by Hank

Ditzy - Zipper Face sewn onto

Day 5

Banette works all through the night, never stopping until his work is complete. Ditzy's mouth is sewn shut, with a golden zipper keeping her lips sealed. Her lifeless eyes stare out at you, giving a creepy aura. Hank wakes up from his sleep, yawning audibly. "I never would have thought you to be a late sleeper." Banette says, turning around to face the other boy. "I'm not normally, but being up until the crack of dawn and killing two people kind of does that to a person." Hank replies, stretching out his arms. Banette ignores him, rolling his eyes. "So, do you like it?" Hank pauses, scratching his head. "Well, one thing's for sure. That's one hell of a sight to wake up to." He says, pointing at the girl's hanging corpse. "Get up. It's about time we went back to the Graveyard." Banette says, looking up at the sun. Hank stands up, leaning his sword against a nearby tree. Peering up into the sky, he guesses it's nearly 12:00. "Damn. You were right about me sleeping in." Hank says. Banette stuffs a needle and some thread into his bag, throwing it over his shoulder. Hank clutches his sword tightly, then puts it in a scabbard. The two are just about to leave when something grabs Banette. Leela, his district partner, has the boy in a headlock. Hank raises his sword, poised to kill the girl. "Go ahead. Kill me. I'll make sure he goes down too." Leela says, pointing to Banette with her free hand. The boy tries to yell, but Leela's hand muffles every possible sound. "I'll take your head off before you can kill him." Hank says, seconds away from swinging at her. "Try me." Leela says, tightening her grip on Banette. "You think I'm doing this all just for him? You were at the Cornucopia when Sombra died. As far as I'm concerned, you had a hand in her undoing." Hank says, speaking with a fiery passion. "That's funny. Do you want to know what really got her killed?" Leela asks, sarcastically. With this, her left hand pulls out Sombra's bag from the back of Banette's shirt. "Shocker." She whispers, dropping the bag and putting four fingers over her mouth. "I couldn't find Sombra's bag at the Cornucopia after she died. Trust me, I looked." Leela says, and Banette starts to squirm. "Turns out that this innocent little boy took Sombra's bag before the Feast was even announced. He knew that she'd get killed looking for it." The girl explains. Hank pauses, refusing to accept her answer. "W...Why would he do that?" Hank asks, slightly lowering his sword. "Why don't you take a look behind you?" Hank turns around, eyeing the mutilated corpse of Ditzy. "Think about it. If Ditzy didn't decapitate that freak, would she still be hanging there, dead?" Hank's eyes follow Leela's index finger, which points directly at the golden zipper smile plastered onto the girl's face.

Banette manages to free himself from Leela's grip, following with a right uppercut to her jaw. She falls down, but recovers almost instantly, getting right back on her feet. Seeing his chance, Banette sprints to the West, never looking behind himself. Hank pulls his sword out, as Leela spits blood. "I'm going to rip that little freak's head from his body." She says, grabbing her spear. "I think he's headed for the Graveyard. That's where he suggested we should go to earlier." Hank says. The two start to run after Banette, who is far out of sight now.

The sun goes down quickly, engulfing the Arena in darkness. Jayce is the first one at the Graveyard Temple, holding his Katana to the boy from 10's throat. There are a horde of undead Aztec Soldiers under them, clawing at the wooden poles. "Man. It's been fun, but you gotta go now." Jayce says, the steel of his Katana glowing in the moonlight. "N...No. Please don't!" Kainell (10) pleads, trying to ease the other boy out of it. "I have to tell you, I was really starting to like you until now. Do you know the reason why you're getting on my nerves?" Jayce asks, sounding a little more than Mentally Unstable at this point. "N..N...No." Kainell says, his face completely white. "Kainell, my man. I hate to break it to you, but you're kind of a selfish bastard." Jayce says. "H..How? Kainell asks, the undead creeping closer to his feet. "Well, if you ask me, I don't think it's very fair that we get a Feast and they don't." Jayce says, pointing to the approaching zombies. "Please! Please don't kill me!" Kainell begs. "Hey! You guys! This meal is on me!" Jayce yells, slashing his Katana against Kainell's chest. The boy falls off of the scaffolding and into the pit of undead. He screams, but no one is around to hear it. Jayce steps into the Temple as the zombies devour the boy. Hearing Kainell's screams, Metallum and Blake follow the noises, reaching the Graveyard. Blake throws a stick into the distance, districting the zombies and the two examine what's left of the boy's body. "I'll just turn around before I get sick." Blake says, fanning himself. Metallum looks at Kainell's torso, recognizing the slash mark. "Jayce." He says, standing up. "You think he's here?" Blake asks, turning around. "He can't be far. My guess is that he's up there." Metallum says, pointing to the Temple staircase. 

Jayce is sorting out all of his weapons when he hears footsteps at the mouth of the Temple. He turns around, freezing when he sees Blake and Metallum. "Well, this is awkward. Sorry, I would have cleaned the place up if I knew I was having guests." Jayce says, with his signature style of wit. "Enough running. Time to face your fate." Metallum says, drawing his sword and stepping towards the boy. "Whoa! Easy there, Lancelot. I was just about to leave." Jayce explains, showing no sign of fear. "Time to die, Jayce." Metallum says, ready to kill him. He's about to stab Jayce when a small, dark figure passes him. It's Banette, the boy from 3. He looks absolutely winded, his eyes watering and his nose running. "Banette. What happened?" Metallum asks, stepping away from Jayce. "T..They...They can't be far from here. They're after me." He says, trying to get sufficient air into his lungs. "He's in the Pyramid. I saw him run up there!" They hear a voice say. Hank and Leela climb the steps, sighing once they see everyone inside the Temple. "Great. This is everyone." Leela says, counting each Tribute. "Okay. That's the boy from 2. Who's she?" Blake asks, pointing to Leela. Before she can respond, Jayce interrupts. "Bifur, this is Bofur. Bofur, meet Bifur. I'm Bilbo, and these are my good buddies Legolas and Gandalf. What dragon shall we kill today, great and powerful wizard?" He asks, addressing Metallum. Everyone just stares at Jayce. "Note to self. No one appreciates humor around here." He says.

Day 5 Deaths

Kainell - Devoured by Undead Warriors

Day 6: The Finale

"So, it ends today." Metallum says, eyeing the rising sun. Everyone is frozen in a circle, holding out their weapons. The silence is broken by a booming yell by Hank. He charges at Blake, starting a massive fight. Metallum swings at Jayce, but he ducks and parries off all of his attacks. The two clash swords, and Jayce pushes off Metallum, prompting another swing. Leela cocks her arm back, letting her spear fly. Banette falls forward, the girl's spear protruding from the right side of his chest. Wasting no time, Leela sprints to her fallen enemy, who is now coughing up blood. Leela removes her spear from the boy's body, hoisting it up one last time as she throws it straight down into his skull. As Banette's cannon sounds, Hank throws his sword at Blake, wedging it in his right shin. Blake screams, falling back as blood begins to drip from his leg. "No!" Metallum yells, swinging at Hank. He ducks, and the boy's sword goes right over his head. Seeing his chance, Jayce slashes at Metallum, but he moves out of the way just in time. Jayce's katana cuts a mounted torch in half, sending the top half onto the floor. "Uh-Oh." Jayce says, as the ground beneath him sets fire. He jumps over the flames as Metallum rushes to Blake. "Just a heads up. This Temple may or may not contain copious amounts of gunpowder! This entire place is rigged to blow!" Jayce says, running out of the North exit. Metallum kneels over Blake, who is extremely pale. "C'mon. I'm going to get you out of here!" Metallum says, trying to pick the boy up. "No! Get out of here while you still can. It's either now, or you'll have to kill me later." Blake says, referring to his own death. He points to Hank's sword in his shin. "I'm out."

"Leela! It's turning into an inferno in here! Leela?" Hank yells, his lungs filling with black smoke as the Temple smolders. Realizing that he needs to get out, Hank sprints for the East exit, seperating himself from the girl. On his way out, Hank spots Metallum leaving through the South Exit.

Blake is smiling, laying in a pool of blood, as the Temple walls start to fall around him. "This is it." He says to himself, recognizing his fate.

Hank runs away, catching one last glimpse as the Temple explodes into a fiery ball of charred stone and splintering wood. "Hank!" He hears, his ears ringing from the blast. He turns around, his face black and dusty. "Leela!" He yells, embracing the girl. "I thought you were dead." Leela says, wiping sweat from her forehead. "I thought you were too!" Hank says, laughing. She leans in, kissing Hank briefly on the lips. Before he can say anything, she interrupts. "There's four of us left. Let's go to the Cornucopia."

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