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KM2HG Is Here.

The title just about says it all. These are my second Games on the Wiki, and I'm really trying to improve on these. Unlike my first Games, these will feature POVs, Purchasable Items, and a new Currency System.


Lunaii are mandatory.

No Ridiculous/Troll Tributes.

No Tributes from my previous Hunger Games.

Tribute Template

  • Note: Links from THGRPW are fine by me






Strengths (3):

Weaknesses (3):

Fears (At least 1):


Any other mentionable details:


So, the currency in my Games from now on will be Capitol Points (CP). If your tribute kills someone, or does something memorable, you will earn CP. I will have your total CP located right next to your Tribute's info.

Sword: 10 CP

Dagger: 5 CP

Knife: 2 CP

Kukri: 10 CP

Katana: 10 CP

Bolo Knife: Exclusive to Users who were in my previous Games. FREE

Machete: 5 CP

Shiv: 2 CP

Cutlass: 10 CP

Kama: 5 CP

Warhammer: 15 CP

Wood Axe: 2 CP

Axe: 10 CP

Cleaver: 5 CP

Pickaxe: 5 CP

Battleaxe: 15 CP

Spear: 10 CP

Scepter: 5 CP

Halberd: 10 CP

Jian: 10 CP

Dao: 10 CP

Sabre: 10 CP

Shurikens: 5 CP

Throwing Knives: 5 CP

Hatchet: 2 CP

Longbow: 5 CP

Arrows: 2 CP

Crossbow: 10 CP

Crossbow Bolts: 3 CP

Khanda: 5 CP

Survival Equipment:

Tent: 5 CP

Sleeping Bag: 2 CP

Pillow: 1 CP

Inflatable Mattress: 3 CP

First-Aid Kit: 3 CP

Painkillers: 2 CP

Potassium Cyanide Pill: 1 CP

Gauze: 1 CP

Weak Medicine: 5 CP

Potent Medicine: 20 CP

Vitamins: 1 CP

Über Bundles:

As Seen on TV Bundle - Toastabags, a Snuggie, and a Slap-Chop. Exclusive to Users who were in my previous Games. 3 CP

Assassin Bundle - Leather Armor, a Dao, and a Hood. 20 CP

Archer Bundle - Arrows, a Crossbow, and Crossbow Bolts. 50 CP 50% Off! 25 CP

Bear Grylls Bundle - Bear Pelt, First-Aid Kit, and Urine Filtrator. 30 CP OUT OF STOCK.

I'm Rich Bundle! - Flaming Skull Sword, Demonlord Armor, and a Bugatti Veyron. 50,000,000,000 CP

Juggernaut Bundle - Heavy Armor, a Mace, and a Battleaxe. 55 CP

Loyalty Bundle - Golden Arena Uniform. Exclusive to Users who were in my previous Games. FREE

Medic Bundle - First-Aid Kit, Painkillers, and Gauze. 20 CP


Tribute Table
Name: District: Gender Age: Training Score: CP:
Evaine Mejai 1 Female 18
Mason Cobblerock 1 Male 15
Tarin Brandt 2 Female 16
Vendetta Fawkes 2 Male 16
Misaya Kirisame 3 Female 13
Poppa Rocks 3 Male 15
Katarina Seacrest 4 Female 14
Konami Aretino 4 Male 14
Eleith Lighstorm 5 Female 13
Shade Spectrus 5 Male 15
Lana Khloros 6 Female 16
Albert Brites 6 Male 16
Pilar Seychelles 7 Female 18
Mist Scorchil 7 Male 14
Stacey Ranger 8 Female 17
Wario James 8 Male 16
Willow Windrunner 9 Female 16
Blade Spectrus 9 Male 14
Xenia Bloodhound 10 Female 17
Midareta Riot 10 Male 17
Evelyn Billak 11 Female 12
Decrick Billak 11 Male 17
Yuno Gasai 12 Female 14
Soot Dustcloud 12 Male 16
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Please save the Kittens :3

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 8.29.50 PM

Barack says it's "K".

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Do it for Liam.

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