The 81st Hunger Games

This Hunger games reaped a male and female tribute of 12-18 years old.This time,the muttation will be more.This kind of games has mixed up to an expert.4 Season,4 Disaster,4 Mutts,Cornucopia Bloodbath,Tick Tock Sector Wave, Final Shock.

Tribute -

D1 Paradise / Elin & D1 Westerd

D2 Zarina & D2 Azizan

D3 Sasha & D3 Hanif

D4 Jillyian & D4 Hunter / Thurayn

D5 Lisa & D5 Ace / Oliver

D6 Libra / Jana  & D6 Sharkawi

D7 Aspen / Steffania & D7 Leemi / Mijan

D8 Macy / Melkorka & D8 Killian

D9 Alva / Nasti & D9 Phill

D10 Carolina & D10 Lane

D11 Ivy & D11 Zaidi

D12 Kaile & D12 Adzmeer

Death Order:Bloodbath

D10 Carolina Killed by D2 Azizan
D11 Zaidi Killed by D6 Sharkawi
D5 Ace Killed by D4 Jillyian
D4 Jillyian Killed by D2 Azizan
D2 Zarina Killed by D5 Lisa
D2 Azizan Killed by D12 Adzmeer
D10 Lane Killed by D1 Paradise​​

Day 2:Season Summer - Sandstorm

D12 Adzmeer Killed by Sandstorm

D12 Kaile Killed by D7 Leemi

Day 3:Season Winter - Frost Ice

D1 Paradise Killed by D5 Lisa

D6 Libra Killed by Frost Ice Disaster

D7 Aspen Killed by D4 Hunter

D4 Hunter Killed by D7 Leemi

Day 4:Season Water - Flood,Tsunami,Tidal Wave , Sea mutts

D11 Ivy Killed in Tidal Wave

D9 Alva Killed by D1 Wessterd

Day 5 - Mutts Canceled (From Now)

None of them died

Day 6 - Tick Tocking Wave Sector

D3 Sasha Killed by D1 Wessterd

D6 Sharkawi Killed by D1 Wessterd

D1 Wessterd Killed by Team District 3,7,8

Day 7 - None Killed

Day 8 - None Killed

Day 9

D3 Hanif Killed by D5 Lisa

D5 Lisa Killed by D7 Leemi

D8 Killian Killed by D9 Phil

D9 Phil Killed by D8 Macy


D7 Leemi

D8 Macy

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