Aka, me writing resident evil plot with alternate scenario with people from the chat in it. 'Kay? This is based on the movie cause like, they are easier to stream on internet than the games. So like, I'll randomly pick people that goes on chat. Btw, I'm writing this all based on my (shit) memory.&

"I'm going to spread an amnesia gas through the lab, 'kay? So don't whine like a little bitch if you don't remember what you were supposed to do. I'm doing my job."

A young girl voice resonate through the central wiki office is located. A slight panic spread through the workers, one of thoses being an evil spy who already spread an evil bacterial weapon who causes wiki user to turn into trolls. Slow moving, pretty much the dumbest thing ever, not reacting to much thing and they spread like crazy. Like by biting somebody or something. You know, zombies but on the internet. So, Beckah, the crazed red queen, was casually doing her job. Sealing all the issues so that no evil spy can escape, but it was too late. Several employees were already infected by the virus T, without their knowledge, by being too close to them. Beckah went to casual!queen to murderous!queen, she simply started to flooding labs and spreading a stronger version of the virus.

She failed her job. So she decided to have fun.

The Badass Girl

Dani didn't remembered anything. Just taking the shower and then, it's a complete void. A cute red dress lays on the side of the chair placed strategically beside her shower. Wait, what? She doesn't own a shower, she only has a bath since she hates shower because they are ugly. Mysterious. 

The badass chick stumbled toward the chair, put on the dress and straighten herself up. Where's she? She doesn't remember anything, but random trivial fact about her life. Mostly because this is her life, but nothing else. She heads out of the bathroom and a young man was standing there in the pale moonlight. He looked at her and point his gun toward her head when a strong muscular arm throws him aside. A full comando of at least seven people, but only four will be named because who cares about the others. 

"Oh, look at the cute "couple" ," said the girl with blond hair, "Should we tell them?"

"Rain, it's our job," said the man who threw the other Callam aside, "We need them to reach the central wiki facility"

Callam tried to take his gun when a kick of Rain send it flying through the window, which is pretty badass. A name tag was written on the vest of the man who was pretty badass: Connor. The buffed one. She was about to talk to them when the man opened his mouth,

"We got to tell you something" 

The Manly Spouse

Callam listened to Connor's voice, explainning to them several things about their life. Like the fact that him and Dani were just married as a cover up because they were doing sockpuppetting for the wiki central, and for an unknown reason, the facility was sealed off the world. Callam almost killed his fake spouse, too bad. She was mostly just an emo who wield a cool title. Pretty much the normal wiki user employed by the central.

He discovers their names, but the ones of four of them. Rain, Buffed!Connor,  Eli and Oli. All parts of some weird association of people who kinda dislike each other but stuck to work together. Pretty like any work project at school. They were a commando. Employed by the leader of the central wiki to find out what happened in their facility. And they needed them to find Dani and Callam, two sockpuppeter and Sannse, a leader in their research.

When the trio was found, with Sannse found casually eating all the food of the fake couple, they decided to head toward the facility. Which seems like a normal recluse underground building, but no, it's actually a skyscrapper. Several boring and useless conversation later, which involved them making friends and other bullshit, they arrived at the said location where Beckah waited for them.

The Blond Mod

The second the young mod stepped off the train, something clicked in her brain. The entrance was sealed off, how could she enter it then? And that's where the she comes in play. To enter the building, they needed to pass through a long hallway, also used to reach for the brain of the facility, the Red Queen. The train did the job to pass several level for them, now she needs to do her job to pass through that one door. 

Beside the glass door, there's was a computer. Rain used her magical password to open her account on the wikis. She quickly goes on chat and have a long conversation about how it is fun to crack door opens but she's procrastinates it too much with her internet buddies. She forces herself to delete some random files, to be able to download her favorite movie, which revealed to be the files letting the electric signals to pass by, opening the doors. As she sat down, watching Mean Girls, her fellow red shirts buddies entered the glass hallway. 

They soon struggle to open the second door, which needed Rain to download Legal Blond, but she was either too lazy or too concentrated on her movie. Meanwhile, the Red Queen was pissed. Somebody deleted her files, which she needed to make her computer work. She reinstalled the patch and sealed the doors off. Which lead to a badass scene with lasers that can be seen on youtube.

A Clever Programmer

After a long time moving around the hive and since like this fiction is written only based of my memories of the first movie, I just remember that one scene where Dani pull off some badass fighting moves and beat the shit of troll dogs. But like, since Rain fucked up and didn't download Legal Blonds, she kinda unleashed hell on earth and they are getting chased down by some trolls fucker. And Eli died after a long monologue about how christinanity will save their life or whatever bullshit you can say when you are getting tored apart by a herd of ugly losers.

Oh and by the fucking way, Rain is bitten so like, plot plot plot.

Sannse stumbled around the complex, to find her brother, who worked there for whatever reasons. I don't know if she really has a bro, but who the fuck care. So like, her and Dani walked around the hive to find him.

Until they stumbled on his trollified ass, and that Sannse reMEMEbered that she was an environmental activist and like they were spies. So rad. Then it got fucking confusing in my head so I stopped before writing anymore bullshit about this shit movie.


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