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Welcome to the First Selection Hunger Games. A different game, where beauty, intelligence and knowledge will count together if you want to survive and conquer the crown of the country. May the odds be ever in your favor.


Oh hey, hello. I don't think any of you even knows me, so let me introduce myself. My name is Siena, and I am from Portugal (so I obviously speak portuguse, and this is why my english sucks). It's my first trial or approach in making blog spots and edits on this wiki, but I have previously been observing some things here so I'm not a complete noobie (at least I think I'm not).

So, probably there aren't many people on here that have read the novel "The Selection" by Kiera Cass and its sucessors, so I'm going to explain that in the rules.


In the novel "The Selection", every time a prince completes nineteen years-old and is considered "prepared" to assume the throne of the country, thirty-five girls from distint provinces are chosen and they later will be selected by the prince and as result, they can be crowned as the new country's queen. All females that are single and ages 16–20 are sent an application to fill out and return to the State Providence Offices along with a photo of herself. Participation isn't mandatory, so the girl does not have to fill it out if she so chooses not to. But in this twist, all of the girls are forced to send their applications in order to participate in this selection. 

Also this year, the rules of the Selection will be different. Instead of conquering the prince with their personality and attitudes, they will have to literally fight, kill and die to the right of getting the crown and marrying with the prince.

Entering The Competitors

As expected, the users of the wiki will be invited to create and enter the thirty-five female competitors of the Selection. Every user will have the right to enter in maximum three girls.

Competitor Template


Age:  16-20

Province: (full list of provinces below on Competitors Table)


Caste 1 - Royalty and religious figures. None of these can compete in the Selection.

Caste 2 - Celebrities. Some jobs include athletes, famous singers, models, actors, politicians, police offers, guards, etc.

Caste 3 - Great minds. Some jobs include inventors, teachers, scientists, doctors, architects, librarians, writers, etc.

Caste 4 - Businessmen. Some jobs include jewelers, head chefs, construction managers, property/business owners, farmers, etc

Caste 5 - Artists and Performers. Some jobs include stage actors, classical musicians, singers, dancers, photographers and circus performers.

Caste 6 - Workers. Some jobs include secretaries, waiters, housekeepers, seamstresses, store clerks, cooks and drivers.

Caste 7 - Manual Laborers. Some jobs include gardeners, construction workers, farm hands, etc.

Caste 8 - The "rest" of the society. Including mentally/physically unwell people, addicts, runaways, illegitimates, and the homeless.



Strenghts: (both personality- and technical-wise)

Weaknesses: (both personality- and technical-wise)

Weapon of Choice: (most girls wouldn't have the chance to use weapons before going to the palace, so the weapon of choice could be one that they will try to learn during the preparation)

Competitors Table

Light blue spots have already been filled, pink spots were filled by myself and non-color spots are free.

Province Name Age Caste User
Allens Evanessa Mirion 18 Three FrostSnake
Angeles Lilith Faith 16 Five Sambaroses
Atlin Lavender Paige 20 Four CTOADURN
Baffin Avana Denise 17 Three Lahey'sTragedy
Bankston Felicity Keeper 18 Two Biel1458
Belcourt Werlia Nasciment 20 Seven Lahey'sTragedy
Bonita Luella Rosa 16 Five Pippycat
Calgary Lacey Beeil 19 Two Joey
Carolina Aurora Briar 16 Six Summer bee 13
Clermont Felicia Newsome 20 Two Summer bee 13
Columbia Amity McCallister 18 Three Summer bee 13
Dakota Cristina Souzha 17 Six Lahey'sTragedy
Denbeigh Naia Rubero 17 Two Lahey'sTragedy
Dominca Willow Sementi 18 Four Lahey'sTragedy
Fennley Acacia Iradessa 20 Three Pippycat
Hansport Harmony Tirane 20 Five Lahey'sTragedy
Honduragua Rina Lisqueter 19 Five Lahey'sTragedy
Hundson Brenna Merlin 18 Two Meoryou
Kent Lucinda Chambler 19 Six Biel1458
Labrador Sonia Beleditche 20 Six Meoryou
Lakedon Victoria Idalia 17 Two Sambaroses
Likely Juliane Rescwork 16 Three Lahey'sTragedy
Midston Herina Taurus 17 Six Lahey'sTragedy
Ottaro Candy Chiu 16 Three Joey
Paloma Blossom Grace 19 Seven Sambaroses
Panama Gabrielle Dinizzi 19 Eight Lahey'sTragedy
Sonage Dominea Astucio 17 Four Lahey'sTragedy
Sota Kim Mialist 17 Two Lahey'sTragedy
St. George Marcelina Cabraccio 16 Seven Lahey'sTragedy
Sumner Fat Raven Hood 17 Eight Joey
Tammins Vestuana Derop 18 Four Lahey'sTragedy
Waverly Artemis Devenni 19 Three CTOADURN
Whites Ponia Blackhood 20 Seven Lahey'sTragedy
Yukon Anneliese D'evereaux 19 Three Biel1458
Zuni Amanuella Lucious 19 Eight Meoryou


Even though just one of the girls will be the ultimate winner, alliances and friendships tend to form during The Selection, especially by people of the same caste. The Selection Hunger Games' alliances are:


Arena: The Palace

A complete description of the palace will be posted up soon.

Arrival & Preparations

Every girl will win a POV of their preparation to the Game.

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