Hi guys and gals, this is Cass and Lauren, and we have been seeing a certain problem on this wiki for a long time. I know this is controverisal to say, but maybe a few other may notice it as well. 


I swear, I will not name names. But I hope that most of you know who you are. People are changing, and this wiki is just becoming ridculous with annoying bitchness that makes no sense. I mean, why does everyone hate on Conner so much. Once when I was on chat,  a few people, you know who you are, literally sat there and bullied him, saying that you are SOO much better than him, which I know most of you probably believe. And I know he has screwed up, who HASN'T, but it just needs to stop. You are no better than anyone else. 

I know this might seem like it came out of the blue, but it didn't. It is just has come to a point where I will be in chat, and I am just wanting some people to leave, or shut up for once. 

"tlking like dis, yolo lol" Does not make you cool. It makes me wanna vomit blood on my computer. 

And this bullying crap needs to stop as well. 

So yeah, it you are wondering.... I am strongly starting to dislike at least 80% of chat right now because it is just so annoying. 

So please, I LOVE YOU ALL, but I hate what some of you are starting to be. 

Oh, and one more thing before I let Lauren say what she wants.

Stop trying to be better than everyone else. Cause you're not. Everyone is beautiful and equal all the same.


This is going to be more or less than the same as what Cass has wrote above, but I also feel the need to write something.

First of all, I deeply wish most of you would stop with all the bullying. The amount of remarks that are aimed at certain users is ridiculous. I recall seeing users harrass a user just because of their hair colour and a lot more than that. What happened you guys?  Just because YOU don't like them doesn't give you the right to make them feel worthless. Keep it to yourself.

Basically, I agree with Cass.

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