• Lauren x3

    The Drawing Games 2

    July 31, 2012 by Lauren x3

    Welcome to my second drawing games. The last ones got deleted so you won't be able to look at them :P I prefer it to be on paper as it gives you the edge but it can be done with paint

    Do not post drawings off the internet, last time one user posted someone else's drawings and they found out.

    And thats about it xDD

    These are da teams :P

    Team Foxface Team Clove Team Peenis Team Fannie
    LEADER: Ryan(FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne)
    LEADER: Andy(Mysims)

    LEADER: Blu3 x soldier


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  • Lauren x3

    The Pokemon Games!

    July 29, 2012 by Lauren x3

    Welcome, i promise this will be exactly like Pokemon and The Hunger Games combined!

    To join just fill in the template below! Your only allowed 1 boy and 1 girl from any districts.




    Its that simple!

    District Pokemon Trainer
    District 1(Female) Ninetales Ms.District1
    District 1(Female) Milotic MistyLovesAsh
    District 1(Male) Empoleon Blu3 x soldier
    District 1(Male) Raichu FinnickForever
    District 2(Female) Eevee ~Meatballlover~
    District 2(Female) Growlithe Catnipkatniss
    District 2(Male) Charizard Mysims
    District 2(Male) Mewtwo CallamD97
    District 3(Female) Swampert Readwritelivenikki
    District 3(Female) Espeon Annamisasa
    District 3(Male) Arceus Zakel
    District 3(Male) Zapdos WhyNoRollerCoasterCows?
    District 4(Female) Manaphy Rainfacestar

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  • Lauren x3

    Wecome to The 79th Annual Hunger Games! Please submit a tribute using the template below. Tributes will die randomly using so do not complain if your tribute dies but your tribute can be injured and will die if they don't get the right medicine. You Can sponsor a tribute including Yours.

    NOTE: You don't have to do the interviews and chariot parade costumes. However if you decide to do it you will be able to win something for your tribute in the arena.







    Training session:

    Bloodbath Strategy:

    Chariot Ride outfit:

    Interview Question(s):


    District Name Age Strenghts Weaknesses
    1 (male) Ares West 18 Spears, fast runner, good swimmer, edible items and camoflauge Cockiness
    1 (female) Veronica Kla…

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