Wecome to The 79th Annual Hunger Games! Please submit a tribute using the template below. Tributes will die randomly using so do not complain if your tribute dies but your tribute can be injured and will die if they don't get the right medicine. You Can sponsor a tribute including Yours.

NOTE: You don't have to do the interviews and chariot parade costumes. However if you decide to do it you will be able to win something for your tribute in the arena.








Training session:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Chariot Ride outfit:

Interview Question(s):



District Name Age Strenghts Weaknesses
1 (male) Ares West 18 Spears, fast runner, good swimmer, edible items and camoflauge Cockiness
1 (female) Veronica Klapton 17 Strong, martial arts. Bow and arrows. Spears and swords Madly in love with Ares
2 (male) Gelio Fernandes 16 Smart and strong Scared of Ares
2 (female) Thaila Combe 16 Knife throwing,Archery, Speed Short tempered

3 (male)

Krex Lavermon 16 Quick in a fight, intelligent Climbing
3 (female) Lavendar Gomez 14 Good aim,Fast, Can fit into small places, camoflauge Too fiesty
4 (male) Tyler Yates 15 Spears, Tridents, swords, Hiding and camoflauge Loyalty to others
4 (female) Katrina Piper 17

Quick and stealthy, great with any hand held weapons, knows alot of edible and non- edible plants

Can let emotions get in the way, has a hard time geting people to like her
5 (male) Breg Simmons 17 Quick reflexes, Athletic, hand to hand combat Climbing
5 (female) Patricia Rice 17 Mace, good at healing Hates pain
6 (male) Brian Anglim 14 Bow and arrows, Throwing knives, Hand to hand combat.
6 (female) Tamora Summers 18 Bow and arrows, Knives, Inteligence, sleuth Swimming in currants, watching a death.
7 (male) Daniel Selsvik 12 Throwing knifes, Throwing axes Sarcasim
7 (female) Aurora Wilde 12 Dainty,quick and agile. Blowgun. Has knowledge of medicine and edible items. Quick wit and camoflauge. Frail, Not trusting

8 (male)

Sebastian Klein

13 Blowgun, Throwing Knifes. Afraid of trying new things.
8 (female) Luna Snare 15 Blowgun, Hiding, Killing Trying out new things.
9 (male) Ethan Gray 15 Maths

Sports, unexperienced at smiling

9 (female) Wendy Zirbel 13 Sees the best in people, Has lots of energy, generally pleased. Doesn't follow instructions, Not so good with sports.
10 (male)



16 Every weapon,edible plants and snares. Not trusting
10 (female)

Cassandra Belladonna

16 Intelligent, lieng, Plants, Throwing Knives Can be easily physically dominated
11 (male) Xaiver Carter-Smith 17 Axes, Always confident Isn't stealthy, Bows.
11 (female) Sarah Preston 12 Axe throwing Stupidness
12 (male) Oscar Mortly 16 Strenght, Archery Love for Katelynn Huxley, Freezing when scared.
12 (female) Katelynn Huxley 14 Escaping,Knife throwing Tree climbing


You can sponsor a tribute . You will start off £1000 For all of your tributes.

How to earn money

You will gain a prize for having the best chariot parade costume, Interviews,a kill in the arena, Best training score and being in the top 10,5,3.

Chariot and interview prizes:

1st: Something out of the sponsor gifts for your tribute in the arena.

2nd: £50

3rd: £25

Best Training score:


In the arena:

A kill( this prize will increase after each top 10,5 and 3): £25

Top 10: £50

Top 5: £75

Top 3: £100

Name Tribute No.1 Tribute No.2 Tribute No.3 Money
NerdDFTBA Aurora Wilde Christian Lorne Ares West £1125
Foxface911 Wendy Zirbel Ethan Gray £800
Justafox Luna Snare Sebastian Klein £750
SkyTimeGirl Katelynn Huxley Oscar Mortly £800
Catnipkatniss Thalia Combe £500
2legit2quit Xaiver Carter-Smith Gelio Fernandes £700
CallamD97 Tyler Yates £600
District13_Tribute Daniel Selsvik £295
AshtonMoioLover Tamora Summers £200
Oogaman Krex Lavermon £550
Imortallyrandom Lavendar Gomez £550
Captainsv Breg Simmons Veronica Klapton £750
District4_Tribute Sarah Preston £320
Katnisspeetarue521 Brian Anglim £550
Theworldscolliding Patricia Rice £250
FoxfaceIsAwesome Cassandra Belladonna £500
Epic_Hobo Katrina Piper £500


Bread- £50

Dried Fruit- £25

Dried Meat- £50

Apples( x3) - £20





Thowing knives(x5)-£125





Throwing Axes (x6)- £150

Bow- £125

Arrows Refill (x10)- £25

Trident- £175




Small Rucksack ( Rope,Dried meat,Dried Fruit,Blanket,Water)-$125

Big Rucksack (Bread,Water,Sleeping Bag,Knife,Torch)- £250

Sleeping Bag-£50





Map of Arena-£50


Burn Cream- £75




Cough Medicine-£25


Chariot Rides

District 1

Veronica is wearing a sexy, revealing grey dress with a small golden tiara on her head. The chariot is a huge diamond. The Capitol seems impressed with the chariot but not the outfits.

District 2

Thalia is wearing a long gold dress that is made to look like armour. It shines so brightly that the capitol has to look away.Gelio is wearing a very shiny gold suit and pants, matching his partner. He will also have a gold star on his suit. The chariot is made of gold.

District 3

Lavendar wears a dress that is bright green and transmits many colors. Her ribbon that is on her head is gray. metallic. Her shoes are dark green and has wires that has wires that electricity runs through. Her cuffs are metallic green and are move in a wave like fashion by themselves. Krex wears a bright flashy grey suit with the District 3 logo.

District 4

Tyler is wearing a suit with light blue at the top and its fading down into a darker blue each time. It has sea based items sewn onto the suit. He has a cape made out of seaweed. Katrina is wearing a long dress that is similar to her district partner's suit. The dress is light blue on the top and the shades of blue fade into darker colors of blue the farther down the dress goes. Sea based items are embriodered into it and a seaweed cape, like Tyler. There is a small tiara on her head with pearls and seaweed decoratings it.The chariot is a opened shell. The capitol is screaming DISTRICT FOUR! It is obvious they are favourites so far.

District 5

Breg is wearing a long blue cape that touches the floor of the chariot. He wears golden armour giving him huge pex and abs which he already has and a small crown that glows.Patricia is wearng a dress that is metallic and silver. It reflects light on the audience that changes colours. During the ride Breg tries to win the crowd by Kissing Patricia on the lips. The crowd goes mental.

District 6

Brian is dressed in a costume with a hat at the top that looks like steam and rotates around his head. He looks overall like a train.

District 8

Luna is wearing a black dress with sewing stuff on them. Sebastian is wearing a black suit also with sewing stuff on them. Their Chariot is black while the horses are white. They seem to be waving to the crowd. The capitol seem to be satisfied with this.

District 10

Cassandra is wearing Wearing a cowgirl uniform with shimmering gold accessories. Her hat and boots are sparkling with gold.

District 11

Sarah is wearing blue dress with a cape and saphires in her hair. Xaiver is wearing a blue skin tight suit with a halo of saphires matching Sarah.

District 12

Katelynn is wearing a black skin tight dress top and leggings and a headdress painted to look like coal. Oscar is wearing a black, skin tight top and jeans with a headpiece similar to Katelynn's. their chariot has Piles of coal everywhere and their horse are Black with streaks of grey. They are leaning on each other.

Chariot Ride Winners!




1st 4 A sponsor gift of your choice for each District 4 in the arena.
2nd 5 £50
3rd 3 £25

Training sessions-

District 1

Ares West

Ares doesn't even glance at the gamemakers when he walks in. He reaches down to pick up a spear, and throws it across the room, decapitating a dummy. He runs over to pick it up with suprising agility for someone so bulky, and throws it into the air. he does a few more tricks and decapitates some more dummies when the gamemakers tell him to leave.

Veronica Klepton

Veronica sprints in, shows off her gymnastics through an obstacle course, destroys a dummies head with a mace, Bullseyes with a bow and arrow and then shocks everyone at the climbing station where she flyies through in a record breaking 3 seconds.

District 2

Thalia Combe

Thalia runs into the training centre so fast and quiet the game makers dont notice her. She grabs a pair of sharp knifes on her way past and then she climbs to the top of a ropes course. The game makers start to get angry as they think she hasn't arrived yet. She throw one of the knifes in a target at the other end of the room. It hits the centre so fast the game makers still can't figure out where she is. She climbs across the ceiling and then when she is in the centre, she drops down and land on her feet.

"Thalia Combe district 2" she shouts and smiles. She laughs and then gets the other knife she placed in my boot and does a backwards flip and throws her knife midway. It lands in the centre. she then grabs a bow and arrow and shoots 3 targets, 1 in the head, 1 in the heart and 1 down below.

District 3

Lavendar Gomez

Lavendar runs around the room with a whip and throws it like a boomerang and breaks all the dummies. However, she forgot to get the gamemakers' attention. She retries and gets most of the dummies.

Krex Lavermon

Krex throws knives at all of the dummies, some hitting the heads, others hitting the chest and limbs. He also throws an axe at one of the dummies, decapitating it.

District 4

Katrina Piper

Katrina made an impression. She walked into the middle of a circle of 8 dummies. She used her quickness and a sword to stab, jab, and slash all of the dummies down.

Tyler Yates

Tyler walked into the room confidently with a smile on his face he then picks up 3 spears and throws them down range, the 1st hits dead center of the chest, the 2nd in the head and the third in the neck, He then goes to the sword station and picks up a gladius and swing wildly in arcs severing limbs and heads, when he's finshed all of the targets are cut open or dismembered, Tyler then paints himself into a forest and no-one can see him, after 10 minutes he gets up and walks out.

District 5

Patricia Rice

Patricia walks in and sees the gamemakers laughing at her puny size. She gets angry and throws a mace at the glas booth and smashes the glass. She then leaves.

Breg simmons

Breg shows off his strength using a sword to decapitate a few dummies, he also shows off his athletic abitity by sailing through an obstacle course.

District 6

Brian Anglim

Brian come in and starts by shooting a few arrows. He skewers the dummy twice in the neck and chest, but misses the third time. He then picks up a spear and throws it, but it misses the dummy and sent a chandelier crashing down near the Gamemakers. He then throws knives, hitting 2/3 of the time, until he is dismissed.

District 7

Aurora Wilde

Aurora enters the room, not walking, but flipping. She is doing a series of backflips unti she gets in front of the gamemakers. She smiles because she knows she has their attention now. "Aurora Wilde" she calls out, and she sprints over to the blowgun station. she picks up the darts and brings them to a camoflague station. She mixes up something from the different tools they have at the camoflague station that one of the gamemakers recognizes as poisonous. She dips the darts in in the mixture and then goes back to the blowgun station. She hits a bulls-eye, and then on her next shot she hits a few centimeters away from a bulls-eye. The gamemakers tell her she can go.

Daniel Selsvik

Daniel starts out by throwing some knives at a target hiting the center each time but the Gamemakers arent paying enough attention so he takes an axe and walks to the boxing station and throws it at the punching bag chaing and being from District 7 it slices through the entire bag.

District 8

Luna Snare

Luna shoots some dummies with her blowgun.

Sebastian Klein

Sebastian throws knives.

District 10

Cassandra Belladonna

Cassandra runs an obstical course, while throwing knives at targets. She also tests her knowledge of plants and wildlife.

Christian Lorne

Christian walks in and goes straight to work. he goes to the snares station and after a while sets up an elaborate looking thing that hangs from the ceiling. He goes towards the weightlifting station. He grabs one of the giant metal balls and from almost all of the way across the room, he hurls it at the snare. this display of pure strength doesn't even seem to phase him. The ball lands in the snare trap and is carried up to the ceiling. The gamemakers say he can leave..

District 11

Sarah Preston

The gamemakers laugh at her because of her age, she then picks up an axe and throws it at the gamemakers. They don't seem to notice so she picks up another axe and throws it at a light bulb and breaks it. The room goes pitch black and she runs away.

District 12

Katelynn Huxley

Katelynn throws some knives at dummies then she performs her escape artist tricks.

Oscar Mortly

Oscar shot some arrows at a dummy, then broke one up with his bare hands.

Training Scores-

District Name Score
1 (Female) Veronica Klepton 10
1 (Male)

Ares West

2 (Female) Thalia Combe 10
2 (Male) Gelio Fernandes 4
3 (Female) Lavendar Gomez 6
3 (Male) Krex Lavermon 8
4 (Female) Katrina Piper 7
4 (Male) Tyler Yates 9
5 (Female) Patricia Rice 5
5 (Male) Breg Simmons 6
6 (Female) Tamora Summers 3
6 (Male) Brian Anglim 7
7 (Female) Aurora Wilde 8
7 (Male) Daniel Selsvik 8
8 (Female) Luna Snare 4
8 (Male) Sebastian Klein 7
9 (Female) Wendy Zirbel 3
9 (Male) Ethan Gray 3
10 (Female) Cassandra Belladonna 5
10 (Male) Christian Lorne 8
11 (Female) Sarah Preston 7
11 (Male) Xaiver Carter-Smith 3
12 (Female) Katelynn Huxley 6
12 (Male) Oscar Mortly 6


District 1

Veronica Klepton

Caesar: So, tell me Veronica, do you have any shall we say 'romantic' intrests back home in District 1?

Veronica: Well there is one boy I have my eye on.

Caesar: Tell me the name...

Veronica: Well to tell you the truth, Ares is that guy, I never really noticed him until the reaping, but I can't stop thinking about him.

Caesar: Well I have to say I did not see that coming, well best of luck to you with that,

Veronica: Thank you

Caesar: So, how do you plan on winning these games?

Veronica: Well all I really feel comfortable saying right now is that, my opponents better be ready because I am coming, and I am going to kill you.

'Buzzer sounds'

Caesar: Veronica Klapton everybody

'Crowd roars'

District 2

Thalia Combe

Caesar: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Thalia Combe

Thalia: Hello everyone!

Caesar: Please take a seat!

Thalia: Okay

Caesar:Thalia! Wow, that was quite an outift at the chariots. Everyone loved it!

Thalia:I know! Wasn't it just the most beautiful thing ever?! I'd never drean of wearing anything that beautiful! Its all thanks to my stylists. And lets not forget the capitol!

Caesar:So, you voulnteered for your sister at the reaping didn't you?

Thalia:Yes, Caesar. I did. I volunteered for her, not only as I believe I can win. But because she believed I could win too. She means the world to me, she's only 13. I couldn't think of anything worse than her going in theese games. So, I volunteered, Like anybody else would.

'The audience awwws and some even start to cry.'

Caesar: Thats very touching, Thalia. One last question. You got a score of 10 in your training. Can you give us some ideas on what you might have done?

'The audience stops crying and awing and stops to listen to her reply'

Thalia:Well that would be cheating wouldn't it?

'The audience laughs and claps'

Thalia:Well, All I can say is. If I have either a bow or some knifes in my hand. You better watch out.

'The audience claps and some even stand up and throw roses'

Caesar:Thank you Thalia, It's been an honour!

'The audience are fairly upset that she has to to go, though they are all still standing and cheering'

Thalia:No, thank you Ceaser! It's been a pleaseure!


District 3

Lavendar Gomez

Caesar: Ladies and gentlemen , please welcome, LAVENDAR GOMEZ!

Lavendar: Hello everyone

Caesar: Please take a seat, Lavendar.

Lavendar: I will

Caesar: So Lavendar, what was your childhood like?

Lavendar: My childhood was horrid, my parents abused me and were alchoholics. So i volunteered to get away from them. I hope to win since i will be able to move to the Victor's Village. On the other side, if i die, then i will never have to feel the suffering again.

Caesar: Well, i hope you win. Thats a very bad childhood!

Lavendar: Thank you.

Caesar: So, how would you describe yourself?

Lavendar: I would say I'm nice, but all the abuse made me bipolar. I can never make a choice. Also I'm very Skilled with a whip and can be clumsy at times. I think i can win anyway!

Caesar: Why do you think you can win?

Lavendar: Because I am good at hiding ( due to me always hiding from my parents). I am quick minded and can attack quickly. Also, I have great speed since i ran away from my parents constantly!

Caesar: Well thats all we have time for! Please give it up for Lavendar Gomez from District 3!

District 4:

Katrina Piper

Ceaser: Welcome Katrina! What odds of winning do you think you have against all of the other tributes?

Katrina: Well, I couldn't really say. I like to think I have a good chance of winning, but you never know!

Ceasar: Well what advantages do you think you have over the other tributes?

Katrina: I'm quick, great with a sword, and know how to put up a fight. I'm not going without my attacker down too.

Ceasar: Ah, I see. What do you think of the other tributes this year.

Katrina: They seem like the typical tributes, ony a few really stand out as a threat to me. Guess we'll see in the games though!


Ceasar: That's our three minutes. Give it up for Katrina Piper!

'crowd claps and cheers'

Tyler Yates

Caesar: Ladies and gentlemen, TYLER YATES!

Tyler: Thank you and might i say what a pleasure it is to be in the company of all the amazing people!

Caesar: Haha, so Tyler tell us, What's your plan for the games?

Tyler: Are you allowed to ask that?

   ' Crowd Laughs'

Tyler: Anyway,I'm going to run off and stay that way. I don't want any of these idiots weighing me down!

   'Crowd laughs and the buzzer goes off'

Caesar: Well thats all we have time for, Ladies and gentlemen. TYLER YATES FROM DISTRICT 4!

District 5

Patricia Rice

Caesar: So Patricia, how are you feeling?

Patricia: I'm about to fight to the death in an epic battle Caesar. I might be a little worried.

Caesar: So I take it this is your first time

  • Capitol Laughs*

Caesar: Is there anyone you need to win for?

Patricia: My brother, Tom has a very chronic illness. He copes most days but then there are those bad days. I need to win so I can cure him.But if I die, then he will too.

  • Capitol Sobs*

Caesar: *sniffles* I'm sure the Capitol will help you there. One more hand for Patricia Rice!

Breg Simmons

Caesar: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Breg Simmons!

Breg: Hey everyone

Caesar Please take a seat Breg.


Caesar:So Breg, did your family come and see you after you were reaped?

Breg: Well, the only family I really have is my older brother Jax, my parents died a few years ago.

Caesar: I am sorry to hear that Breg , and what did he have to say to you?

Breg: Well it was pretty emotional for the both of us, but he told me that I had a chance, which was some nice words of encouragement, he told me that I could win.

'Buzzer sounds '

District 6

Brian Anglim

Caesar: Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to Brian Anglim!

Brian: Thanks everyone.

Caesar: Please sit down Brian.

Brian : Alright

Caesar: So how did you get into this?

Brian: My brother

 ' Capitol Laughs'

Caesar: How did your brother get you into this?

Brian: He was reaped then i volunteered.

Caesar: How do you plan to win?

Brian: I have always wanted to beat the odds, which in this case are 1/24 of a certain person winning. I want to hide for as long as possible, and then I'll come out when there are a few left and knife them. If you come near me, prepare for a knife in the back. This is District 6's time to-

' Buzzer sounds'

Caesar: Well, that's all the time we have. Ladies and gentlemen, Brian Anglim!

District 7

Daniel Selsvik

Caesar:Hello Daniel Welcome! Please have a seat!

Daniel:Oh thank you Ceasar im so excited to be here!

Caesar: Im glad now lets start off with how youve been enjoying the Capitol here huh!

Daniel: Oh yeah everyones been super nice and helpful

Caesar: So do you think u can win this thing?

Daniel: oh well i think Johannas taught me a thing or two so i may have a chance..

  • 'audience laughs'
  • 'buzzer'

Caesar: oh well thats all the time we have so give it up for District 7!!!

District 8

Luna Snare

Caeser: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome LUNA SNARE!


Caesar: Take a seat.


Caesar: Luna, Do you think you can win?

Luna:Of course I think I can win.

Caesar:And why do you think that?

Luna:Because you can't find me, but I've already found you.

Caesar:We wish you all the luck, Luna!

Sebastian Klein

Caesar: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome SEBASTIAN KLEIN!

Sebastian: Hi......

Caesar: Please take a seat.

Caesar: Do you like the capitol?

Sebastian:Yes, it's very different than home.

Caesar:In which way?

Sebastian:Well, they've got very other chairs here.

Caesar:Well, good luck, boy!

District 10

Cassandra Belladonna

Caesar: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Cassandra Belladonna!

Cassandra: Hello

Ceasar: So, Cassandra, what advantages do you have in the arena?

Cassandra: I don't really have much of an advantage, I'm not a very fast runner, I'm not very smart, and I'll probably die in the initial bloodbath.

Caesar:Will you make any alliances with other tributes?

Cassandra: I won't make an alliance with anyone. The only exeption would be my District partner.

Caesar: What do you think of your district partner?

Cassandra: In training, he seemed to be very skilled with numerous weapons, and seems like a real threat to other tributes.

Caesar: Well, thats all we have time for, ladies and gentlemen give it up for Cassandra Belladonna!

District 11

Sarah Preston

Caesar: welcome onto the stage, Sarah Preston!!! Take a seat, Sarah

Sarah: I will

Caesar: Sarah, do you think you can win?

Sarah: Probably not

Caesar: Why?

Sarah: I'm 12, the others are like, 18!!!

Caesar: Surley you can do something?

Sarah: Besides die?

' Audience Awwws'


Caesar: That's all we have time for. Everybody give it up for Sarah Preston!!!

'Audience cheers'

District 12:

Katelynn Huxley

Ceaser: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Katelynn Huxley!

      ' Crowd roars'

Katelynn: Hi everyone!

Ceaser: Take a seat.

Katelynn: Okay

Ceaser: So, Katelynn, are you going to win?

Katelynn: Yeah i am.

Ceaser: And why do you think that?

Katelynn: Because i have sat for years in the corner as a sad little no-body. Now it's my turn to surprise everyone. Got a problem with that?

Ceaser: Woah, ladies and gentlemen, we have a toughie! So, What are your weapons and tactics?

Katelynn: I don't wanna give anything away, But i'd just warn you- if you come anywhere near me, You'll find a knife in your back.

Ceaser Well, that's our three minutes, but i have to give a warning to the other tributes. Ladies and gents, Katelynn Huxley!

Oscar Mortly

Ceaser: Everybody welcome Oscor Mortly from Districy 12!

Oscar: Hey Peeps

Ceaser: So Oscar, are you going to win?

Oscar: I'm going to try to, but probably not.Have you seen the size of some of those guys back there!?

Ceaser: Oh come on! Think positive. Whats your strategy then?

Oscar: Well...I...I'm pretty good at archery and I'm really strong, but yeah..., Thats about it.

Ceaser: Your down in the dumps today, lad? Are you alright?

Oscar:I'm about to go into a arena with 23 others and and i have 1% chance of winning! I'm alright!?

Ceaser: Yeah, i suppose that was a stupid question. So, you got a girlfriend?

Oscar: No, but i have my eye on someone.

Ceaser: Who is it?

Oscar: Well..... she...... came-

Ceaser:Sorry mate, but thats our three minutes. Ladies and gents, Oscar Mortly!

Interview Winners!

Place Name Prize
1st Thalia Combe A sponsor gift of your choice for your tribute in the Arena!
2nd Katelynn Huxley £50
3rd Lavendar Gomez! £25

The Arena-

The Cornucopia is placed in a field with Really tall grass for tributes to hide in. Each Tribute's platform is in a circle around the cornucopia in the tall grass.

To the right of the cornucopia is A massive lake which tributes can drink from. There is only 3 trees and 5 bushes with different types of berrys growing on them. However some are poisoness. There will be A special type of mutt so beware.

To the Left of the cornucopia is a rainforest, obviously with many trees and plants. How ever some trees are mutts so they kill you if you climb up one. There is also Loads of Animals to hunt. Tributes will have to sleep in a tree at night. It rains every night.

To the back of the cornucopia is a desert. It is completely bare, no trees,no plants,no lakes, no mutts. However there is a secret to the desert. Far away There is a mountain with a huge cave filled with goods for the entire games.

Near the cornucopia is a door on the floor, if you go in it , you will enter a series of dungeons. There is multiple doors. Some entering rooms which have goods in them, some with mutts.

Please comment where your tribute will go.

The Odds-

These do not matter but Emily ( Catnipkatniss) Asked for them. These are random.

District Name Odds
1 (Female) Veronica Klepton 10:1
1 (Male) Ares West 8:1
2 ( Female) Thalia Combe 9:1
2 (Male) Gelio Fernandes
3 (Female) Lavendar Gomez 15:1
3 (Male) Krex Lavermon 14:1
4 (Female) Katrina Piper 14:1
4 (Male) Tyler Yates 10:1
5 (Female) Patricia Rice 17:1
5 (Male) Breg Simmons 16:1
6 (Female) Tamora Summers
6 (Male) Brian Anglim 14:1
7 (Female) Aurora Wilde 13:1
7 (Male) Daniel Selsvik 12:1
8 (Female) Luna Snare 20:1
8 (Male) Sebastian Klein 18:1
9 (Female) Wendy Zirbel
9 (Male) Ethan Gray
10 (Female) Cassandra Belladonna 17:1
10 (Male) Christian Lorne 11:1
11 (Female) Sarah Preston 16:1
11 (Male) Xaiver Carter-Smith
12 (Female) Katelynn Huxley 17:1
12 (Male) Oscar Mortly 15:1


Your tribute's status
District Name Allies What he/she has In need of 1 (female) Veronica Klapton Berries Water, weapon, warmth
1 (male) Ares West

Thalia Combe, Gelio Fernandes

Water,Food,Spear,Knife, Sleeping bag.

2 (female) Thalia Combe Ares West, Gelio Fernandes Water,Food,Throwing knives(x10),Bow and arrows(x15), Sleeping bag.
2 (male) Gelio Fernandes Ares West,Thalia Combe Water,Food,Sword, Mace,Blanket
3 (female) Lavendar Gomez Water,Food,Weapon,Warmth
3 (male) Krex Lavermon Cough medicine, Plasters Water,Food,Weapon,Warmth
4 (female) Katrina Piper

Tyler Yates, Sebastian Klein, Daniel Selsvik

Food,Water,Warmth, Bow and arrows (x5), 9 fishes.
4 (male) Tyler Yates Katrina Piper, Sebastian Klein, Daniel Selsvik

Food,Water,Warmth,Rope,Trident, 9 fishes.

5 (female) Patricia Rice Luna Snare Apples(x5) 2 flasks of water , Bread,Sword, Slingshot, Rocks (x20),sleeping bag, blanket.
5 (male) Breg Simmons Food, Slingshot, Rocks(x10) Water,Warmth
6 (female) Tamora Summers Food,Water, Bow and arrows(x10), Blanket and Magiheal
6 (male) Brian Anglim Water,Knife Food, Warmth
7 (female) Aurora Wilde Water,Food,Warmth, Axe
7 (male) Daniel Selsvik Tyler Yates, Katrina Piper, Sebastian Klein Water,Food, Warmth, Spear, Map of the Arena,Throwing knives (x10), Axe
8 (female) Luna Snare Patricia Rice Food, Blowgun with Poisoned Darts(x10), Water Warmth
8 (male)

Seb Klein

Tyler Yates, Katrina Piper, Daniel Selsvik Food,Water,Knife,Warmth
9 (female) Wendy Zirbel Torch,Map of the Arena Water,Food,Warmth,Weapon
9 (male) Ethan Gray Blanket Water,Food,Weapon
10 (female)



Christian Lorne Torch, Blowgun and darts,(x5), Water, Food.
10 (male) Christian Lorne Cassandra Belladonna Knife, Sleeping bag, Water Food.
11 (female) Sarah Preston Water, Food,Torch, Rope,Blanket,Throwing axes(x6)
11 (male) Xaiver Carter-Smith Water,food Blanket, Axe
12 (female) Katelynn Huxley Oscar Mortly Food,Water,Knife Warmth
12 (male) Oscar Mortly Katelynn Huxley Food, Water,Knife Warmth

I had to delete this!

Death Chart

Place Name Who By Cause
24th Lavendar Gomez Brian Anglim Knife in the neck
23rd Krex Lavermon Thalia Combe Knife in the back
22nd Veronica Klepton Aurora Wilde Head cut off by axe
21st Breg Simmons Patricia Rice Sword through stomach
20th Brian Anglim Mutt Bleed too much from the neck and leg
19th Oscar Mortly Tyler Yates Trident through the chest
18th Katelynn Huxley Wendy Zirbel Knife in the eye.
17th Thalia Combe _______ Sword
16th Ethan Gray Dyhydration
1st Congratualations to the VICTOR!

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