This is a beautiful morning, I think to my self. I just love sunny mornings like these. My parents were gone for the day to get some food because of the fact it’s Friday. Sunday we will have a feast! With cake and balloons and most of all sea food. Sea food was so rare in our district, because all of it came from district 4. I have a love hate compassion for the time of the reaping. I feel bad for the kids that have been chosen and I love how we are always feasting after words but it’s never the same.

Screams come from outside and I see Betty Joe rushing into my house. “What is it” I ask her. “The guards have punished two people. She tells me slowly “Your mother and father.” “What did they do to them?” I ask. Betty looks at my face longingly. “They killed them” she replied. I look at her in shock. “Why” I ask her. “They were examples” she told me. I sat down to take in the news and shock that my parents were both dead. Betty Joe says to me “I need to get back home sweetie. Tell me if you need anything”. She opens the door and leaves with no trace of her return.

I think to myself “I got to tell Davet”. I stand up from the chair I was sitting in and reach for the phone ever so slowly. I dial the number I now know by heart and tap my foot quickly until he answers.

“Hello?” Davet says into the phone. At that very moment I lose it, Big time. With tears still running down my face I hear him saying “Its ok everything is going to be fine.” I swear he always says the right thing, at the right moment.

I stop crying just to hear him say “I know they will always be there I promise”. I fall silent and Davet says “So what are we going to name him?” “I don’t know” I say. “How about Daibheid” Davet replies. “That’s perfect” I exclaim. Why I didn’t think of it before is beyond myself. Naming my son dearly loved is all I could ask for.

The only thing I could think about was how I would never really get to see him after this. A fear of terror went through my spine knowing that I was going to hurt my dearly loved by thinking of going to the games and maybe not winning. I was pregnant and really I could not think of the negative. But tomorrow is the moment of truth I thought. The day of the horribly unthinkable, the reaping.

“Good Morning” says the T.V. announcer. “Uhhg” I say putting my pillow on top of my head. I had accidentally turned over onto the remote while sleeping. I realize that I would be in the reaping today. Once the thought registered I sat up in bed and looked at the clock. It was already 12:30. I look at the clock wide eyed and run to pick out my reaping clothes.

A nice purple dress was the best thing in my closest. I take it out and lay it on my bed. Then with no delay I hop in the shower and wash my beautiful long black hair. After the shower I slip into my dress and look in the mirror. I then recite the thing I would say if I got chosen in the games.

“My name is Oamra Ashby, and I am proud to say I am in the 70th Hunger Games”. I then put my hair in a braid and put a little bit of makeup on, just enough to see my bright blue eyes. Being the fact I am from district 2 I really had to train for this and make sure I could not be one of the first ones dead. Well no one told me I had to be in the games but I just had a gut feeling I was going to be called. Really, truly, I hoped I get my named called but seriously why did all of this have to happen. Just because I was married to last year’s winner and I was going to have a son the capital decided to chose me. My husband did not like to talk about the games at all. I guess killing someone really has a toll on your thinking. I hope I don’t end up like him because I really truly couldn’t deal with myself if those thoughts went through my head every single night. My husband is 20 and I am 18, which means this is the last year I can go into the reaping. Thank the capital for putting this on my shoulders.

I look again at the time and end up having to leave my apartment. I look outside the door and see the dusty district which I call home. I walk out slowly but surly to the reaping and hope that those names I have heard so many times before will not include mine this year.

“OAMRA” Caligh yells. “I have something for you!” “Caligh” I yell back “You do not by all means have to scream in my ear.” “Right sorry” she says as she comes racing over to where I am. This is for you a pin I found at the store. “Thanks” I said. The pin was shaped like a triangle and a little rose was inside.

This is the very first time Caligh will be in the reaping and she is quite scared about it. I occanchonally tell her that “The odds will be in your favor I promise” Every time she hears me say that she always smiles and laughs a little bit. Then today she said “But what if there not in yours?” When I heard that I felt my face drop and said back “Don’t worry about me I will survive this time I promise”. I then hug her and we start running to the stage.

I walk with her holding hands and stand in front of many other children that do not want there names called ever more than I do. Some girls behind us are waling and others are just standing there with no expression on there face awaiting the capitols burden. A young strange looking woman walks onto the stage. Her skin is pale blue and her hair is blue/green. No one talks when she says “Welcome to the reaping. May the odds be ever in your favor”. If you really wanted to you could hear a pin drop or the sound from the ocean next to district 4. “Well let’s start with the girls shall we?” She reaches her hand into the huge glass jar which all the names of the girls ages nine thru eighteen. She pulls one of the thin papers out and walks back over to the microphone. “Well, our games tribute is Oamra Ashby”.

I look at her in horror and the protection of my son flashes before my eyes and realize that I really… Guards come and take me to the front before I was able to finish my thought. I heard Davet screaming in the back ground. But my mind kind of blanks out and I really can’t think of what will happen next. I walk up on stage and look out to the audience and see all the faces staring at me. It’s when it hits me. The pain and the agony I will be portraying in the next 2 weeks. I try to scream but nothing comes out of my mouth.

The lady then walks over to the boy’s container and pulls out a paper, comes over to the stand and reads the name aloud. “Hickory Gadfly” she calls. I look at the boy tribute that I will be fighting to save my life. He stands there motionless letting it sink in and then walk towards the front.

He walks on stage shakes my hand and we are sent off to the holding rooms. Davet runs into the room with his face as white as snow. He looks at me then says “Daibheid”. This time I break down crying sobbing and I tell him that if I don’t make it back that you should fine another lover and do not have any hard feelings towards it. The Guards come into the room and take him away. All I do is sit there and think my life cant any worse than this.

I hear a gun shot. “Ahhhh” I realize the scream came from Davet, the man I truly love. I run out of the room to find him dead on the floor. The guards told me that he had a gun in his hands and was making his way back to the room I was in they could tell he was getting ready to kill me. I screamed and this time I knew nothing could be worse than what just happened.

We loaded up in the train and the other tribute; I think his name was Hickory looked like he was going to be sick. I looked at him and said “Hey”. He looked at me for a second, studied my face and replied “Why me of all people have to be hear” he had tried to say it silently but the women had heard him and started scolding him. “Maggi, why are you scolding these two children? They are about to go into a death game don’t say anything else”. I gulped as the women that had said these words stepped out from the corner. “Hello” he said. The woman was light skinned and had dark brown hair with fairly green eyes. “You must be Oamra and Hickory” she said. I nodded my head silently and Hickory did the same.

“My name is Jordyn. I won the games about 16 years ago” she said. “Honnor to meet you”. The thought of winning the hunger games was beyond me. I blurted out “I don’t care if I win. I have nothing to come back to.” The room fell silent as I rethought my words I said “I didn’t mean to say that, you see….” Just then Hickory cut me off. I thought in my mind sarcastically “Wow great first impression. Who knows he could be the first one dead”.

“Oamra Are you going to answer my question?”


“Oamra, Hickory asked u a question” said Jordyn

“Oh sorry, can u repeat that” I said.

“Sure… I said that I heard a gun shot in the back rooms before we left did you know who got shot?”

I started balling. I had totally forgotten about Davet and how he died right before I had left. I gathered my courage and said “My loved one, Davet”

I woke up to the sight of the capital. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was like a dream and I didn’t want the perfect dream to end. My life had been crushed yesterday and I didn’t want it to get any worse. So before I got out of bed I promised my self that I was going to die in the area

Maggi had come in right after and I felt kind of invaded with not having personal space. She came and got me up and helped me put my clothes on... I said I didn’t need help but she just insisted on so, after a while I gave in. she got me dressed in a beautiful green dress and lead me to my stylists room to get me ready for going out in public. I was a doll to them. They had stripped me of my leg hair with the type of glue that stuck to your skin and ripped it off. It hurt like crazy but I was forced to go through the pain anyways. They then got my makeup on and said that I looked beautiful but really all I looked like was a girl with WAY to much makeup on. I had said to them “I do not want that much makeup” did they lission no. In my head I said I wondered if I would still be here if I would have never married Davet. At times I wished I hadn’t but really I loved him and I still do and now I have a son coming soon. I thought that we would be together forever but now look where he’s gotten me I don’t want anything to do with him even if he was still here.

I see my designer. His name is apparently Maxell I can tell he’s a very nice guy. “Hello my name is Oamra” I say trying to act as nice as possible. “Hello” he replies. He told me about what I am going to wear for the opening ceremony and how this was going to work, and that and, lots of other stuff I really didn’t catch. He put me in a bright blue dress that had a bunch of tools all over it. It looked like gears turning back and forth. He said “There is a magic touch”. I looked at him oddly and he pressed a button on the side of the dress and let my eyes behold the gears in the dress started moving. The dress reminded me of home and the beautiful designs of gears. I hugged Maxwell, and he lead me to where Hickory was.

He looked just like me, clothes wise anyways. We stood in awe of Maxwell’s work and he said “There is one more surprise”. The gears moved and made little sparks out of out costumes so they looked just stunning. I giggled with delight and walked into the line which we would be shown to the capital to.

The moment I walk into the crowd I saw these faces that looked almost horrifing to me. It was starnge to see all these people having blue, purple, and sometimes even orange skin standing there cheering for me. Once the women saw my dress they stared screaming at the top of there lungs saying “I LOVE YOUR DRESS”. Personaly it was hard to fight back tears, because I knew that the people behind me the person next to me, were going to be dead very soon.

We make our way to the front where the presidant is. He starts talking but, I start zoning out. I was amaging if I would win the hunger games what would happen to me. Only if…. I was good enough. I then direct my attention to the tributes from distrct 1. The boy was thin, dark brown hair and had a little bit of yellow in his eyes,while the girl had blonde hair,green eyes, and was built strange almost like she was supost to run for miles on end. I then look over to the tributes from 4. The boy was about 13 and had blondish brown hair, with dark blue eyes. The girl was small, with short black hair, and it almost looked like it was died. She looks very intimadating and has the thought of death on her mind. She looks at me suddenly and I react by looking away so fast I almost hit my head on Hickory’s. At that time I glance at the girl from 7 she was not very ready to play these games and had a look in her eye that almost made me sorry for her. She was thin, small, brown hair, and big bright blue eyes. At that moment I hear the presidant say “Let the games begin”.

We walk out and Hickory was pritty sure I wasent paying attention like the whole time. He says to me “Oarma, do you find any of the other tributes intimadating?” I reply as “Yes in fact I do. They all have flaws and I just can’t wait for training because of the fact I can’t fight at all.” “Sure you can. Ive seen you have fights in the school yards when I was younger. I know you can fight, don’t play dumb with me”. I look at him in shock. “You payed attention to me?” I ask. He has a look in his eyes that he knows he gave away one of his secrets. I can sense that he tensed up and wasent very calm anymore. He studderd then said “Umm ya I did… umm its not that hard to miss being the fact you did it like everyday”. At that point he was blushing. I elbowed him and went to the elevader that lead us to the hotel room.

I walked into the room and saw pink and purple sheets and almost threw up. Pink was not my favorite color, if anything it was my enime. I forget that I was debating to sleep in these sheets or not, climb into the bed and fall fast asleep.

“Oarma, Oarma, wake up.” I see Maggi standing on the left side of the bed. “Five more minutes” I say. Maggi takes my arm and tosses me unto the floor. “Oww, That hurt”. I get up, stip and hopp into the shower.

When I am done showering I find a lime green dress on my bed. I put it on and look into the mirror. Wow I look amasing I thought. “Knock, Knock” I hear my door shaking. I open it to find Hickory

He was standing there with a expression of greef on his face. He had just relised what we were gonna go through at the games. I don’t think many people understand about the horrible pain and angush that the tributes have during the games. I am most likely sure that they are all just watching at as a relity show.

My deisiner Maxwell came into my room a few seconds later, and shooed Hickory out. I was almost completely sure that the interviews were just around the corner if he was coming in this early in the morning.

“Good Morning, Miss. Ashby” Maxwell says while lieing the dress onto my pink and purple bed. “Good Morning.” I say back to him. We start having a full on conversation on how I should wear this and what color looks good on me and that sort of stuff as he was getting all of my makeup on. Usely the assistant desingers get makeup and hair ready but because this is the interviews, Maxwell wanted to do it himself.

As im just about done getting ready I heard another knock on the door. It was Jordyn seeing if I was ready to leave. I closed the door on her, graped my bag and a little snack before I left my room. As I walked out I acidently hit her in the head with my door. She held her hand up to the spot that I had hit her, and I aplogsed ever so slighty.

“Sorry,” I just kept on saying on the way to the interviews. I felt so bad hitting her in the head and all. “It is totally fine, besides you have better fish to fry sweet pea”. I smiled and looked down. I thought if I messed up this interview I would not get much of any sponsers.

The next couple of minutes flew by. I waited pationaty after the boy from 1 went. His name was Alex. He had curly dark brown hair and a greenish blue to his eyes. His posture was inpeckable and he looked very, very imtimadating. He had what every one wanted brute streangh.

I was next, I started walking towards the front and got sort of unbalenced. I almost tripp and make a run in my stockings but luckly I caught myself just in time. The interviewer could tell I was beyond nevous, and tried to ask me really simple questions. At sertian times I had stumbled over some, mabye a lot of words. But then he asked me a personal question. He had said “So Oarma, did you have anyone you wanted to say goodbye to”. I stared for a second then said “My family and husband had died the weekend before the reeping I am sorry but I have no one and nothing to say goodbye to”. The crowd felt sorry I could tell by the look on there eyes. Each and everyone of them were feeling bad for me. I could tell I had just gotten me some simpithy cash.

We went back to the hotel after the interviews and I passed out in bed. I dident know what to think of tommorow but all I knew was to expect the unknown and you will expepect the worst.

That night I had the worst nightmares, about the games, about my son, and about Davet. I drempt that my son miscaraged in the area and that I had become the winner of the games.

I woke up the next day and to my surpirse I got up, ate breakfast and went to the hovercraft that toke me to the arena. This lady in a doctors uniform stuck a huge needle into my arm. “The tracking device was set in the inside of your arm” she told me. I toke a good look at my now swollen arm and decide to leave it alone being the fact that it hurt so bad. The craft landed and we walk out into this long hall way.

We walk to the end of the hall where I go to get in the games. I relise this is not a fanisy anymore but a personal life risking stake. I climb into the portal that will take me to the top of the games. I stand there waiting to get the ok to run onto the field. 30-29-28 I hear the count down just as I did at home. And I wait till the portal wall releses me onto the field to run. I look around and see that the arena is filled with sand, dust and looking to the right and left I see no water anywhere. Running is an option but, I really need to stay hidrateed and I have no choice because when I hear the bell ring I am still pondering. It took me about a minatue to relise that 4 people were already killed and I needed to run as fast as I could. So I decided to bolt. The tribute from 5 had a bow and arrow and just about almost hit the side of my temple. I glance at her and give her a dirty look, grap a small pack, hoping there would be water in it and bolt.

I felt the sand under my feet and I notice Hickory was running beside me. I look at him like he was crazy and run faster. He still ended up following me and I found a little place that was sucluded from much else to call “Home”. The cannon sounded. I counted in my head 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Six my lucky number, I thought. Hickory was trying to hide from me behind a rock and I could see him more than clearly than before. “Hickory” I call “You can come out now”. He walks over to me with his hands in the air saying “You found me! You got me”. I laugh at him and he looks at me strange. “I wasent kidding” he said. I start laughing even harder. Just looking at the expression on his face cracked me up. I stoped laughing and appoligised for laughing at him. He took it hard and now is quite eritated at me.

I start looking in the bag I had grabbed on the way in. I found a canteen, I looked at it wide eye and opened it, to find that nothing was in it. I had also found a knife, rope, and a couple other supplies. I heard a cannon in the back ground and decited to keep on moving and Hickory, like normal followed. We found a couple of weird looking animals that came close to me and decided to kill them with my knife. I hit one of them with the first stab and water came gushing out of it. “HICKORY” I scream, “I FOUND WATER”. Before he even got to the sight of it I was drinking it like no tommorow trying not to be to rude. “Water” Hickory says. He then jumps right down into the pool of water and sipping and drinking and splashing his face with it. Before I was able to finish my hand full of water disipered. I look at Hickory and he looked at me. “Oarma” he said “What happened to the water”. “I don’t know” I said. It stunded me that none of it was there anymore.

In the distinse I see the girl from district 7, being followed by Alex one of the tributes from district 4. He had a knife in his had running towards her. I screamed. The pain was way to much to bear. I acidently distracted her and saw him stab her to death. Stab after stab I heared her screams softer and softer. You could tell she was dead, but he kept stabing.Blood was everywhere, and so were my tears. At that moment I noticed that Alex looked right at me and Hickory. He had blood all over his clothes, and his knife and a death look in his eyes. I quickly pulled out the knife I had in my pack and said to Hickory, “Run as fast as you can, do not look back. I will be fine if you do not interfear”. He looked at me and nodded his head. He ran as fast as he could into the desert and I could not see him after a couple of minites. Alex ran at me full drive and toppled me over.

He tried stabing me but he had unsucsfuly because of the fact my knife had gone threw his arm completely. At the fact of that he moned and was uncucesfull at getting me I was shocked. I looked at the knife in horror and saw him flinch. I knew that anything, bones, flesh and his microchip, were broken, along with any other valubles he had in his wrist. No way he could ever get them back. I toke the knife out of his arm and fliped him over and just like he did to the district 7 girl. I was starting to become impulsive and I just stabed and stabed, and stabed until I saw nothing but blood and a lot of tears coming out of his eyes. By the time I was done I don’t even think I saw his body anymore. It was terible, I looked at my hands and saw nothing but blood stains from the boy. I got up looked at him and had a wide eyed expreesion in my face and just couldent look at him anymore so I just ran and ran. Crying as I ran made me thirster and I just couldent move any further. I stopped and ran into a rock. I heard a crack and relised that I had just broken my foot. Squesing my eyes shut I thought of Hickory and where he could be right now. Im still day dreaming when I feel a tap on my sholder. It’s the girl from district 4 I thought. She sat down and looked at my ancle. She apperenty had a kind heart and wrapped my foot with a brace which she had in her pack and gave me a incouraging smile. I smiled back and thought that I was doing pritty good for the first day. She put her finger to her lips and said “shuhhh” I looked at her confused and saw that there was Hickory sitting on the rock, completely exposing him self.

I laugh when I see him and so does the girl. Hickory turns and sees both of us blushes and comes over to the place we were sitting. At this time the sun went black and you could hear 2 cannons meaning that 2 tributes just died most likely because they had fought each other. I look at the girl and ask her “What is your name” she replys and says “Annie”. “Well Annie” I say “ We are being followed this very minite by the biggest cluts in the world. Hickory looks at me and asks “Who”. Annie and I look at each other and laugh so hard. That’s when I heared a russling sound. Annie and I look at each other again and think who on earth is hunting this late at night. We both said at the same time “Laurence”.

Laurence was the boy from district 1 he was hevavy set and you could tell he had been training for months. When I first saw the lookin his eyes it was unbearale. You could tell he was depressed and just really wanted to go home. That is what made him all the more dangerous. He wanted to go home I thought in my head. I wispered to annie and said “Get out of here”. She looked at me confussed. I said it again “Get out of here”. She shoke her head no. I started getting louder and she would not leave me at all. I nodded to Hickory and he dragged her out of the spot I was in. After they were both gone I started seeing my life flashing through my eyes. Davet, my son, Hickory, my parents. Out of nowhere I herd an arrow fly into the rock I was leaning aganst. It was that girl from district 5, the one that tried to kill me in the beginning of the games. She walked into the open with her new friend Lawrence. She appernety thought I could be of some use to her since she dident hit me with the first blow. Slowly she walked up to me grapped my hair and said “You can either join our side or get killed”. I ametley had my thoughts towards Hickory and how he wouldent survive without me so the better chance was that I would go with them. I tried to stand but Laurence had tooken me and threw me over his sholder before I could object. I struggled for a moment, but then I relised they were helping me so I gave in. By the time we had made it to there hideout, they were both trying to find some source of water. Quickly before they had scared the animal off I took my knife and threw it. The animal burst open with water and I could tell I was not leaving there sight anytime soon. The girl from 5 cried out saying “Water water how on earth did you come”. She was apperntly hulsionating from not drinking any so she ran into a rock before reaching it. Laurence swung me back off over his shoulder and ran torwards the source also. I looked at them like they were crazy and dragged myself over to where the water was. I started drinking and slurping like I was a dog. The sand was drinking it also so I wanted to get it before it took all of the find. My second source of water had the same affect as it did last time. After what I would say about 5 minutes all of it was gone. Laurence called out to th girl saying “Penelope I think we have a keeper”. The girl apperntyly named Penelope noded and ask me what my name was. I resonded as “Oarma” She then said welcome to our alinence.

So this is what it felt like to have alies I thought. Someone to care for you look after you and most of all help you winn the games. But I had already agreed to myself I wasent going to win. Well ill try not to the best of my ablity. I rolled over and found a knife and a first aid kit by myside. Apperenty Laurence and Penelope had gone somewhere and dident want me to wakeup without something I needed. I opened the kit and saw some bandages, gase, tape, and feaver reducer medicince. I decided to look at my ancle and see how bad it really was. I took off my shoe and sock and layed them next to each other so I wouldent forget where I put them. I then shut my eyes while the pain shoots up my leg. I look at it and see that it was swelled and had a few cutts in it. So I decided to just let it rest. I wanted to go help with anything I could but you know I can barley move with out closing my eyes in pain. Lifting my leg I put it in some gase, and rapp a bandage around it. It seems surdey enough to stand on so I stand and fall right back to the ground. I start wailing and thinking of how I will never help Hickory again. That’s when I see the little 9 year old girl from 3.

She was suronging around for food and had found a bush nearby the place I killed the animal last night. I looked at her with eyes of shock. She then took out a knife and started walking towards me. Looking at a little girl with a knife scared me quite bad. Without thinking I screamed for Laurence or Penelope and sat there waiting for some reponse. After I relised what I did I covered my mouth in dispelef. I looked at the girl again and she came to me running faster. She was trying to kill me before anyone else came. I looked down at the supplies I had and grapped my knife. I hope that this will work I said sielntly. She comes over toppling over me with her knife trying to get a murder in. I toss and turn and she throws stap after stab at me. Each one was uncusseful. She started aiming for my head and that’s when she hits me. A flow of blood covers my forhead. She chuckles and goes into stabbing me more. I turn and miss almost every hit. It then hits me that I have a wepon to. I threw my knife into her hand that she has holding onto my face. I hear a scream of terror, and relise the scream was not from me. She wasent acpecting that to happen at all. She takes the knife out of her had and delicly holds it like it is a child. I reach over to her and with my knife in my hand and cut the center of her face drawing quite a bit of blood. The girl screams. With the blood flowing into her eye she can’t see much and rolls over in pain. It takes me a second to stand and pull my body so that I can reach over and kill her but as I do I think of Alex and how I did almost the same to him. I reach over her stomach and throw the knife into it with out giving second thought. As im watching this girl die I have tears flow into my eyes. She was inicocent the only thing she wanted to do was get out of here and go home to her family. I don’t have a family anymore so why did I do this to her.

At the thought of this I just wanted to run and hide. Hide all my hurt, hide all my pain. But I had a better idea. Through out all my pain in these games and mabye I could win. “NO I don’t want to win” I thought. Of all the bad things that could happen this could be one of them. Winning is not an option. I can’t win because it will remind me that I will never be the same again. The games are not something to be excited about they are a death game. And it means whoever wins has killed the most people. I look back down at the little girl from 3. She had an opertunity with life and a good chance of survial. Why did I kill her. I never thought that the games could be so mind recking. So terrible on your brain, that all you can think about is killing another person.

I thought of my self runing, prancing in a field of dreams. Waiting for someone to come and find me. Waiting for someone to come and tell me what would happen if I just dropped dead right now. I thought of the other contributes and how I am just as lucky as they are to be still alive. This feeling of discomfort and death was not something I wanted as an indivigual.

Penople and Laurence came rushing back to see if I was dead. They heard the cannon just as I did and ran to myside. The first thing they saw was the girl. She had blood stains all over her and I had a fresh cut on my face. They looked at me then the girl and Laurence said “Even with a broken bone, you still managed to kill her”. Penlope smiled in disbelief. She told me she had never seen a person as capible to kill someone with a broken bone. I chuckled and said “Well, I really didn’t want to but it was me dead or her.” The memories from the last couple minates filled my head. I wanted to wash them away and bring back a peace in my mind.

Laurence says that he killed the district 1 girl with the black curly hair, and got new weapons from her. She ended up having a knife, spear, bow and arrow and a spool of wire. I grap the spool of wire from him saying “I can use this, I can use this”. He looks at me like im crazy but I say again, “ I can sireously use this.” “How?” He said. “I can make a electric trap from whire and other matterials. Some one can get caught in it and it can kill them”. Both of them stared at me in total shock. “I didn’t relise that was at all posible.” Penlople said. “ I’ve only sucussfuly done it once” I tell her. “But I could give it a shot”. Both of them look at me when I start setting up the wire into a smalltrap just enough to kill a lizard. I take the spoll of wire, make a circle with it and place it in front of a very sunny spot.

A lizard ran by and made its way over to the trap. The animal stoped in its tracks and lissioned to the sound of the earth. I to did the same. He then walked step by step to the small trap layed out before him. SNAP. The trap was successful and wasn’t that hard to set up. I rember that it was a lot harder as a child. Penelope and Laurece stared in disbelief as I took the lizard out of the trap. I giggled and stood up. I looked down thinking my leg was supost to be in a lot of pain and walked a few steps towards them. My leg had recovered and we could move again. Laurence took no time in thinking we need to pack up. Penelope was helping me change my bandages on my ancle when Laurence came back with all the supplys. “Ohh boy” I said as we started walking. Penelope giggled a little and started talking to me on the way to our new hidding spot.

Just then we heard the cannon sound. I heard a scream a little ways off and another cannon sounded. “Whats going on” I ask. “Run..” Laurence said with a hushed tone. His voice boomed when he said it again. “RUN”. Penelope and I bolt to the mountains we saw in the distiance. She ran really fast and I could barley keep up, with my leg and all.

I stop and look back at Laurence. He’s fighting so he can save our lifes. The exact opiste that I want him to do. I wanted to die here not be saved.That’s when I see who he’s fighting. The blonde haired boy from district 7 with the amasing strenght. The other boy from three with brown curly hair that’s not anything close to Hickorys hair color. Last but not least the girl from 6 who looks like shes the leader of this small rebal group. Even if I stayed over there to fight I would have had just about no chance. The tributes over there fighting Laurence, were in my opinon were the strongest. I am glad actually Im not the one fighting them.

She yells at Laurence saying “Why did you betray your district, Katrina needed you and you left her.” Laurence’s face turned white with pain as the girl said that. The girl had distracted him long enough. The boy from 3 had taken a spear that was clearly broken and stabbed him in the back with it. I closed my eyes as I heard his screams of pain. The screams didn’t stop so I knew they had left him for dead. Laurence, the poor guy he was so incouraging and helpful. I started crying and decided it was worth it to stay alive, just for now anyways. Laurence scarifised himself for us. Why on earth would he do that?

I look back ahead and I don’t see Penelope anywhere. I had a fear of terror yet again. The rebals were coming after me, I had no help and one, no two wepons. The spoll of wire and the knife. “Oh great”, I thought “Just what I need three people trying to kill me when I have a hurt leg”. Just then I hear the boy from 7 saying “Hey look guys, we got a stragler”. He had a huge smile on his face and was walking over to me already. This time I knew I couldent get out of this one. Ever so slowly I take out the knife I had gotten in my pack. The boy ponuched onto me and before he ever touched me my knife had gone into his stomach. With blood pouring out of him he stands back up and I hit his eye with the tip of my wepon. He stagers back and forth and does not realise the pain at first. He screams out with pain and I take the knife one more time and place it right below his chest. He dies at my finger tips. The whole time I had no expression on my face. I was blank. I think it was because of the fact that he had no right to fight me and how Laurence had just died. The boy from three chared over to where I was. He has the look on his face that it was like he said “Oh my gosh you just killed him”. He raced over to me and had me on the ground in less than about 10 seconds. I struggled underneath of him and I relacsed. In my mind I truly wondered how dieing felt. If it was painful or if it was just care free. My mind raced about how it would effect people if I would not be there. At first I did not think anyone would care or would notice if I was gone. But then I rembered Hickory and how he counted on me to come back and save him. So impulsivly I fliped him over and said “You are lucky that I am killing you fast because you could not stand it if I did it any slower.” At that second I took my knife and slit his throwgt so that he died instintly.

By:Lauryn Wilson


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