Hello and welcome to the 91


My Blog is gone!!!! I have no idea what happened!!!!

I don't know what to do guys! I remember the tributes alive and what they had. I also should be able to remember the dead ones too. Should I finish it out for those who want it? These were the alive tributes:

The Arena is a mountain with four levels. Each level is sepparated by a waterfall. Lawsonn was first to figure out that each level has a different trap on it. The cornucopia starts on level three, and has killer poisonous ants whose bites are so poison filled, Petra Lillyrun from District 6 died two hours after only recieving a few bites, and Claire Sorrel from District 4 was attacked by a swarm, killing her in seconds. Level two has poisonous plants. Everything on it can kill you and nothing is edible. Level one is going to be massive heat. Being down there will kill you. Level four is still unknown. Another catch about the heat on level 1 is that the heat rises. Every day the games go, the heat rises until it's taken over the second level, then the third, and finally driving all of the tributes to the peak.

Rick Mountainier D1 Status: Dead

Lilly Stone D1 Status: Dead

Harley Dane D2 Status: Dead

Thalia Combe D2 Status: Dead

Daniel Knight D4 Status: Dead

Lawsonn Brael D10 Status: Dead

Luna Snare D8 Status: Dead

Steven Huddleston (?) Status: Winner!

Electra Volts D3 Status: Dead

Dani Valtras(?) Status: Dead

Lauren Hill D11 Status: Dead

I won't be able to remake what I already lost, but I should at least be able to finish the games. Who wants me to finish them? I remember what all the tributes were doing and what they had from sponsors. I will only finish the games if that's what all of you want.

This is where all of the tributes were before my blog was wiped out.

DIstricts 1, 2, and 4 were hunting down tributes on level three.

Electra Volts was making her way to the peak with a brand new wire and a knife.

Lawson Brael (Was sent a trident) is stuck with Luna Snare on level two.

Dani Valtras is in a cave behind the waterfall on level three.

Lauren Hill is hiding somewhere on level three.

Steven Huddleston is hiding underneath a rock on level three, still waiting for his leg to heal from Electra Volts.

8:34 AM:

Steven is waking up. His first thought is to look down at his leg. Steven is amused by his newly healed leg. The medicine made a skin-based substance that covered his wound. It isn't skin though, it's much too white. Steven is having no trouble with his leg, nor does it hurt him. Now is the time. Now is when he will get his revenge on District 3.

Dani Valtras has just recently left her cave. It's time to move up to the next level. She's practically rock climbing to make it up.

When Luna Snare wakes up, a layer of sweat covers her whole body. The temperature has dramatically skyrocketed, though neither Luna nor Lawsonn have any idea what is really happening. They both need to get out of there, and quickly.

Lauren Hill is trying to figure out a way to make it down the mountain.

The careers are still searching Level three for the tributes. Little do they know that only two tributes other than themselves actually remain on level two.

9:05 AM:

Lauren Hill has found Lawsonn's old rope. She is climbing down the rope. Once down, Lauren stares in awe at the beautiful plants. To her left is a Berry plant. Lauren picks one off and studies it for a moment before popping it into her mouth. She takes a seat on the ground. Now she's coughing. The Berry she ate was obviously Nightlock. It only takes a few moments before Lauren's body is laying Lifelessly on the ground. The Cannon Fires. Lauren Hill is gone.

1:11 PM:

Luna and Lawsonn rumage through his remaining food. Having no edible fruit on the level they are on, there is no other choice but to finish off the remainder of the food. The heat is becoming unbearably hot Just within the past few hours. Dehidration is kicking in. Lawsonn turns to Luna.

"That's it. We aren't going to live much longer. This is obviously a trick from the Gamemakers! We need to get up the mountain, no matter what it takes."

Using his trident, Lawsonn stabs it into the dirt and grabs Luna's hand. There are very few places that Lawsonn and Luna can put their hands to hold them into the mountain. It's like rock climbing on the hardesr wall. They are making it up, slowly but eventually.

Daniel Knight can hear something scaling it's way up the side of the mountain. He quietly makes his way over to the edge and beckons the other careers. It's the District 10 boy and the District 8 girl, climbing up the mountain. The careers laugh and joke for a minute.

"Need a hand?" Says Thalia.

"It's a long way down! Don't look or you might fall!" Yells Daniel.

"Careful there girls, you don't want to chip a finger nail!" Jokes Lilly.

Thali pulls out her bow.

"Time to end this!" She draws the arrow and fires it. The arrow burries intself into Lawsonn's chest. He lets go of his trident and the mountain and falls. Theres a loud thud.

"No!" Screams Luna. Attempting to get her blowgun, she looses her grip and falls off. Landing feet first, there's a cracking sound indicating she broke something. Luna grabs her leg. The careers are about to fall over they're laughing so hard. When they aren't paying attention, Luna loads her blowgun and fires a dart straight into Lilly's neck. Lilly grabs the dart and pulls it out but seconds later drops dead to the ground. The cannon fires.

Thalia loads her bow again but Harley stops her.

"No, let them suffer. They earned it," Harley spits. Luna crawls over to Lawsonn who's now barely breathing. There is no hope for him. The arrow is deep and there wouldn't be any sense in comforting words like, "It's going to be alright!" When it's clearly not. As Lawsonn takes his last breaths, Luna grips his hand tightly until the cannon fires.

1:59 PM:

Luna is still clutching her leg as the Parachute falls. Inside is medicine. She rubs it on her scraps then rubs it on her leg. Luna isn't sure wether or not it heals broken bones but she has nothing to lose.

The hovercraft has lifted Lawsonn and Lilly.

5:24 PM:

Electra has made it to the peak a few hours ago. It's strange. There's a cave and inside is more like a maze then anything...

Dani has also reached the peak and Steven isn't far behind. The careers have traveled back to the Cornucopia after a failed day of searching for tributes. Luna is desperate to escape the second level...

10:00 PM:

Electra has made camp for the night, along with Steven, Dani, and the careers even though they are all in different parts of the mountain. Luna is beginning to lose her battle against the heat. The Capitol seal comes on in the sky (Sorry I haven't done this yet!).

The Fallen

First is Lauren Hill from District 11.

District 11

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Fate: Deceased

Cause: Nature

Then Lilly Stone.

District 2

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Fate: Deceased

Cause: Luna Snare

And Finally Lawsonn Brael.

District 10

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Fate: Deceased

Cause: Thalia Combe

The anthem ends and the music disapears. Electra has laid the wire out nicely around her so no one will be able to attack her. Dani Valtras is hiding under a shady tree. Steven Huddleston is laid out on a rock and the careers are now on top of the Cornucopia to evade the ants. Luna Snare is running out of time though.

12:02 AM:

Unable to shake her dehyrdration (?), and left by sponsors, Luna Snare has soccumbed to the heat. The plants around her have all died due to the warmth. Luna closes her eyes and thinks of Lawsonn Brael and her home before she gives in. The cannon fires, letting everyone know another tribute has passed. Luna Snare is no longer apart of the 91st annual Hunger Games.

10:27 AM:

Electra is awoken by the sound of footsteps. Not taking any chances, she snatches her things and stands up. Steven Huddleston has come into view, swinging around the spear that Electra placed in his leg. She's amazed how it healed so fast.

"Time for revenge," Steven says angrily. Wasting no time, Electra sprints into the dark cave in front of her. Once she's in she notices torches on the wall. Steven is hot in pursuit. After a moment, Electra has shaken him off and he's no where in sight. Twists and turns are everywhere in the tunnel. Electra has come up to a threeway and picks the first one on the left. So many passages, so many turns. It only takes another second for Electra to realize that this isn't a tunnel. It's a maze.

Steven has totally lost Electra by now.

"Come out and fight you little wimp!" He screams loudly. Littly does he actually know Electra is stuck in the maze. Steven begins a slow jog, still looking for Electra.

Dani Valtras watched the whole situation with Steven and Electra and now a smirk crosses her face. She's still sprawled out underneath the shade tree.

The temperature in level three has risen swiftly, causing the Careers to empty almost all of the water bottles over night. Finally, Harley speaks.

"It's too hot now. I don't think there are anymore tributes on this level. I think we should go," He says. The other tributes agree and pack their bags for the long hike to the peak.

Thalia Combe gets next to Harley.

"There are only 7 of us left and four of that is us careers. I think we should kill the others," Thalia whispers.

Harley nods.

"Okay, but how are we going to do that?"

Thalia smirks.

"Well, we break the alliance and kill Rick. He hasn't been any help. Then once we get to the peak, we kill Daniel."

Harley agrees. Thalia slowly draws back an arrow, as if not to startle the others. In one fell swoop, She points the arrow and fires at Rick. It digs into his head, killing him instantly. The cannon fires and Daniel turns around, sword ready. Feeling betrayed, he swings it at Thalia. Unable to get his sword back fast enough, Daniel catches Harley's eye has he sends Daniel's head rolling. Then another cannon fires. Only two careers remain, bringing the whole number down to five. Thalia and Harley gather up their things and now make their way to the peak.

2:26 PM: Dani Valtras has been forced into the maze after she spotted the careers who succesfully made it to the peak. They didn't spot her. The careers heared noises coming from the maze and have entered it. All of the tributes now are trapped in the maze.

Steven Huddleston has stopped. He hears other enter the maze. From the footsteps it sounds like everyone is here now. Steven crouches. Someone is coming his way. It's too dark to tell but it looks like Electra. Steven throws the spear. The tribute screams and hits the floor. As Steven goes to retrieve the spear he finds it's not Electra Volts. It's Dani Valtras. The cannon fires. Her scream has surely alerted everyone of Steven's presence. He draws the spear from her body and sprints in the other direction. Because of being in a disclosed area, the hovercraft will not be able to retrieve any bodies. Dani Valtras has placed 5th out of 24 in the Hunger Games.

Monday 2:06 PM:

  Electra has been safely hidden for a day now. Her food and water supply has run out. These games have to end. Electra sits down and listens. Someone is close by. Footsteps and talking has alerted her. Electra sprawls out her wire into the direction the enemies were coming from. There's a loud zapping sound and a scream. Harley from district 2 has just run into the wire. It flung him across the room, giving off the aroma of burnt skin and hair. Electra turns and runs now, knowing she won't have a chance against both of them. A sharp object enters her body. Thalia has shot her with an arrow. Electra yelps and drops to the ground, grasping the wound. Another arrow enters her chest.

"Thats for Harely!" Says Thalia. Two cannons fire back to back. Harely Dane and Electra Volts are dead.

Tuesday 10:41 PM:

  Steven has been searching for Thalia for quite a while, but the maze is large. At the last second, Steven is knocked to the ground. He turns over and sees Thalia. She's holding her bow out and ready to fire. Steven kicks it away and gets up to his feet before tackling her. Thalia yelps as they both tumble down. She throws a punch but Steven knocks her arm back down. Thalia forces the weight back onto Steven and rises on top. She reaches for an arrow to stab Steven with but he shoves her off. Steven gets up and throws her against the wall. He slams her head against the wall multiple times before Thalia falls unconsious. Steven continues slamming her head against the wall until the cannon fires. Thalia Combe is dead, and Steven Huddleston has won! Congrats!

Steven has returned home to District 7. His family congratulates him, but Steven's heart still bugs him because of all the people he killed.


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